Do We Have A Voice Inside Of Our Heads?

Welcome to Ear Biscuits, the podcast where to lifelong friends talk about life for a long time I'm Link

And I'm Rhett This week at the Round Table of adequate lighting, we're gonna be talking about a number of things including the witching hour Can we also talk about teleportation? We're gonna be talking about teleportation Okay We're gonna be talking about the difference between being murdered and assassinated

We got lots of good questions from y'all Why are you using that voice though? That's my new thing I'm trying to know, I've been thinking a lot but I got to keep listening Yeah It's easier to do than a monster truck announcer voice

It's easier to do than this at the Dorton Arena Okay, it's easier to do than that Yeah You wouldn't think you could get monster trucks in the Dorton Arena having played there, which if you don't know is the old venue in the middle of the State Fairgrounds in North Carolina that we would always, there'll be concerts during the Fair and then we were one of the concerts and it seems small How could you have, I've never been to a monster truck rally

That voice makes me not want to go but- Really, that makes me wanna go Everything else makes me wanna go I think you want to be in a place that feels too small for monster trucks if you're gonna go watch monster trucks Yeah Because you want the you wanna feel the impending doom like this

If Bigfoot loses control, we could all die Like that's the fun in it Dig your own grave by going and seeing Grave Digger Have you watched? Not in a long time? Okay, you have no idea Go on YouTube and just type in monster truck

I'm gonna see some big truck It's a totally new thing It'd be an elephant, could be a truck, I don't care Monster Truck No type in monster truck highlights

What they're doing in the world of monster trucks is so much crazier than what they were doing the last time you checked in When you checked in last time, it was like Bigfoot was like y'all could crush them cars Now Bigfoot and I don't even know Bigfoot still around Can like balance on the back wheels Do a full flip

What? Link, it's basically like watching an Olympic gymnast It's like Simone Biles But she's driving a truck But she's in a truck, she is the truck Oh, that's good

You have no idea what they're doing in the world of monster trucks and I wanna go As soon as crowds happen again I'm going I think that statement just applies across the board I want to go, I want to do, I want to see You have no idea

Monster trucks sound like the most amazing thing ever because you've got a quarantine goggle I can't believe you don't know this I do remember I think Jenna went to a monster truck rally Jenna didn't you go to a monster truck rally? I've been to a couple

She's been to a couple She's on the video chat Hey, I'm I not right about what they're doing is amazing? She is watching us do this because I mean, what else does she have to do? She's talking, they're amazing right? Balancing on just the back wheels, bouncing on the front wheels Yeah, balancing on the back wheels just the front was a bunch of trickery Have they developed the technology? There was a type of monster truck toy that remote control monster truck as a kid

I don't know why you said remote with an L Did I? When you get at least like I said I say a lot of things wrong man I know but you put out everything the time I say it I say wolves with an L too because it's in there You don't

Wolf man Have they developed the toy that I remember as a child that was a monster truck that whenever it would it would get stuck on something claws would come out Like animal claws would come out of the wheel, of the tires and then it would start climbing over boulders and stuff? What was the name of that thing I had that You had it? Oh yeah I had it In California or something or when I was your friend? When I was a kid I had the monster truck that had the like orange claws that came out

Hands that came out and grip things I bet it was called the claw I don't know, I'm into do Do they do that? I'm sure they doing something like that Jenna you've seen that? No, I haven't seen the claws

He hasn't seen the claws He hasn't seen claws That's advanced technology Well, when that happens, I'm definitely going Okay

I think it's like a fun loving girl venue I mean, Jenna has a fun loving girl I know that memory would go, maybe heart would go to memory ghoster I mean wrestling matches? And putting on her hem It's monster truck, yeah she's living it up She's totally living it up

If I really wanted to have fun, I'd really be friends with her Like active friends Like wait you know, we're passive, digital friends, like if we see each other but I guess that's one of the appeals She's fun love Yeah, well

I don't know what she doing lately That's the thing When you live a life as exciting as memory then when COVID happens, I mean we should check in on her Because she's not going to see wrestling She's not going to see a monster truck

I'm sure it's not the same when you watch it on television I mean have you watched wrestling, I watch I watched some of the highlights on Dorton Mania and there's no crowd of course I mean, sports without crowd is already crazy, already sort of weird Wrestling without crowds, I mean, it's almost embarrassing

Yeah Like when the guy hits the lands on the mat and you can really hear it and nothing else So they're not adding crowd noise NBA games? They have a crowded digital crowd They have a digital crowd but they add crowd noise at certain parks

Yeah, they do And it's fine The NBA games are still fun to watch I don't think they had crowd noise the whole time They heard crowd noise at the beginning

It's a transitional voice Transitional moments or whatever But then you get into the game and I don't think there's crowd noise But you see the people on the screens, are they live? Like, are they video conferencing inn or are they just sitting in footage of themselves as being live? Oh, it's live So how do you get to be one of them? I don't know, me and Lark I've had this discussion

I was like figure out how you become one of those people who's watching And I gave him an assignment He didn't do it But I did find out, I heard somebody talking on Twitter about because I was wondering, like people on video chats, their decorum is a lot different than somebody in the real world right? The chances of you literally whipping it out on a video chat, as a joke are way higher than in real life You know what I'm saying? Oh, you talking about the twig and berries Yeah And you just know that somebody's like, I'm gonna get on there and whip it out

Yeah because now what are they gonna do? Come to your house and- I don't know what they're gonna do But I do know there's two things that happen The first thing that happens is, if somebody whips it out or makes an obscene gesture I think with it we could expand what the different is You immediately kick them off the stream and ban them right? But then the second thing is there is a slight delay because one of the things you'll notice if you watch the NBA games right now, is there are these very long, sometimes like seven to nine seconds long where you don't hear anything except the announcers because they're bleeping out the profanity of the players that you typically do not hear because of the crowd And these dudes are constantly cursing

They're cursing a whole lot less because they know they're being listened to We just watched one of the NBA games and they will just, oh dope somebody cursing, somebody cursing back All the audio drops out of the court So there's a delay, I don't know what the delay is seven seconds or whatever, just in time for somebody to be like, "Oh, they cursed I'm gonna" So if you show a twig berries in the field, they can probably automatically not show it

There's some technology, you know So does that, have you just talked yourself out of pursuing, being in the virtual state The way that I know that is live is because if again, I watched a lot of NBA And what's happening now is like when people like I saw the other day like Paul Pierce was watching a Celtics game And he was in the crowd watching a Celtics game

And like they were showing his reactions to things that were happening and he was like They'll show people like somebody misses a free throw and you'll watch all the people behind the goal like go And also when people are shooting free throws, they put the opposing teams feed Or maybe it just happened to be that And everybody's on their screens trying to get the guy to miss Okay

So you're saying they have a separate fee than like the average viewer, than the broadcast viewer because theirs is actually live Well, but you Oh And then the thing that brought seven seconds wouldn't work for us Well, it wouldn't work for them You would look like everybody was just very slow and reacting to everything

Probably, do have a real feed of the game that is no delay for the special people And how did you get to be one of those people? I know you probably go to nbacom is turning into an ad Yeah It's probably been a

com slash IR and it will redirect you to a site that actually exists Now, I was watching a WNBA game the other day, they do not do the crowd They have no video crowd And I was like, why don't they get a video crowd? They don't get a video crowd? What's up with that? Give the women a video crowd It's the same court right? It's not the same court

It's a court that looks the same The setup is similar It's a lot of screens, double the screens What are you trying to say? That's probably their justification I'm not saying I agree with that

Well, I know that there's a lot less money in the WNBA than in the NBA and maybe they just don't have money for screens But it immediately hit me that like, y'all need to do the screens for the women as well Because it's this really obvious difference Yeah I mean, how would you rate yourself? I mean, we're talking quarantine

Okay, on a scale of one to 10 years in general Oh, you mean just how I feel right now? Yeah I mean let's just have a quick quarantine update, just on a scale of one to 10 Okay, coming back from vacation I had some low points

Oh, yeah Yeah, just, I don't know I just you know, something I told you about the disappointing thing that happened on vacation would hurt myself or whatever But actually I had a moment of like a very specific moment during meditation last week, where it was like, things sort of shifted for me Ego death

It was anything that substantial but it was just one of those things that was like, well, no it was just sort of a realignment of my expectations I saw a lowering of expectations Well, that would be a negative way to put it But I do think that there is a, we were talking about this this morning, as a family we were talking about this But like, I think one of the things that happens when you are stuck and you're not able to travel and you're not able to experience life in the way that you used to

If you're being a responsible person That is I mean, if you're not being a responsible person, you're just going on about your business, then hey screw you and be you You won't be able to relate to what I'm about to say But if you're being a responsible citizen in the midst of this pandemic and so you're limiting yourself from the things that you would typically experience, you can in depending on your personality, you can have a tendency to begin to, you know, it's just depressing, right? It's depressing It's the same thing over and over again

And I was thinking about traveling and I was thinking about all the things that I want to experience and I was listening to a guided meditation And the woman doing the guided meditation- Monster truck guided meditation There's an idea Write that down But now her voice was very, very peaceful, very peaceful, and very soothing

And she was basically talking about your inner landscape, as opposed to the world's landscape, right? And just this realization, that sort of the work that you do on yourself by being introspective, figuring yourself out and sort of getting lost in your own inner landscape And I don't mean that in like a super self absorbed way I mean that in like becoming who you are, becoming the process of becoming who you're becoming, is something that if you are truly engaged in it, it stands to be substantially more fulfilling than the idea of just exploring the external world, right? Because we tend to, we were programmed in a way to think that the external is where happiness is, is something outside of you It's a new house, it's a new car, it's a new jobs, it's a new relationship And everyone falls for this lie, right? That if you get the circumstances, the external circumstances in your life right, you will be happy

But every single person who has ever gotten the external circumstances completely right, says this ain't it y'all This ain't it right? Perfect example of that from, if you relate to our background, King Solomon, right? Yeah The whole Ecclesiastes, the whole book is about how I had everything anything that I wanted, any pleasure that I wanted and it's all vanity right? It's all, there's nothing new under the sun it's not And so for me and I have to come to this multiple times, so I was thinking about my vacation how it didn't go how I wanted it to Another thing again, these are super first world problems, very privileged problems

I get back from a vacation and my fricking pool area still not done right? Like they still got multiple things to do The pool has no water in it, et cetera These things that most people don't have, period in the world or even in the United States And I'm complaining because mine's not done yet, you know? But then I was like but why am I placing so much expectation and why I'm I relating my happiness to the impending completion of this project because I already know what's gonna happen The project is going to get done, I'm going to have a pool and a hot tub that are exactly the way me and my wife want

I'm gonna get in there I'm gonna listen to the music from the speakers that we've installed And I'm going to be happy about that for about four hours Now, we're gonna enjoy as a family, I'm gonna to try not to take it for granted But everyone adjusts your barometer, your thermostat changes it adjust to whatever you're in

And so there was just this moment where I was like, what about right now? What about the moment right now? What about what's happening right now? Find the joy and what's happening right now Find the joy in figuring out who you are and dealing with your own bullshit Did that happen? Yeah, it did And I feel like I've been able to tap into that for about a week So I feel good right now

I'm sure it will wear off and then I'll have to go to a monster truck rally I was just asking for a number? Nine Wow, okay That's a powerful nine coming from everything you've been thinking about What about you? Yeah, I think, I mean the vacation was really helpful I mean if you're you know like giving advice but I know everyone can go on a vacation or but there's just finding something to look forward to even if it's something small

I got a wreck at the end It will make you happy? I don't know, make some people happy, made my family happy Yeah, I'm thinking about a good solid eight right now That's a B+ in my book Oh, yeah that's I mean 'cause vacation was a good experience

I think I was rejuvenated by that and I had given myself a little more leeway to not put so much pressure on myself and try and beat myself up for what we're not able to do or what what I'm not able to accomplish or whatever but it fluctuates very drastically Yeah And it's a couple of days at a time and then you move to you know, it's like you might move to a more depressive zone it just it hardly happens but there's finding something to do to to get out of it Like Christie's got, you know not that we need more plants, Oh, you always need more No, she's like, I'm getting more plants

I'm getting my hands dirty It's like these type of things hell She's getting her hands dirty? Like she's digging into the dirt Yeah Wow, like a farmer

She is a farmer She's a farmer Does she have fruits? We have lemons, that's a fruit It is a fruit We have pomegranates

You have limes? No You should have limes because I was making guacamole the other night And you have avocados, you have avocado tree? I have a grocery store Okay, yeah But what we didn't have and this is every

okay what is the key ingredient besides avocados? Now I probably have already given it away Onions So I mean a classic guacamole is avocado, onions, salt and lime

Right you can put some peppers in there if you want Some people put tomatoes I know you don't like to do that I don't even put tomatoes in my guacamole because it makes it too runny unless it's a really good tomato But if you use the lime juice that's in the plastic lime and that sucker is older than a week or so The tongue is gone and we had so many avocados because Jesse does something where there's like some local farm who brings produce or whatever, you know

And we had like 12 avocados because we had a batch that came in and we didn't touch them And then we had a new batch come in, I have a baby we got to have guacamole We gotta have guacamole multiple nights in a row And so I was like, I'm going for a full avocado bowl right now Which is a lot of guacamole

Get the chips to support that Not really, man I was really loading up the chips because I didn't have the ratio right for that either There's some toast too I was also putting it on a Quesadilla

Oh, that's good I'm using that guy fee Eddie, guy fee Eddie, guy fee Eddie is what I say now Salsa that we we had on the show and boy that sauce is good man You like it? Yeah, that's smoking pepper Smokey

But anyway What are we talking about? The tongue of the guacamole is the key and I didn't have the tang, I just felt like a fool With this really dull lime juice is like no matter how much I put in there from that dull dead lime juice, plastic green lime thing So in other words you should have a lime tree I'll come get some when I'm making guacamole Lando and I are gonna remove the rocks from the rock tumbler

That's happening tonight How long has that been going? Since before vacation Constantly moving? Yeah, we went really overboard on the polish stage There's three different phases, three different grits Yeah, but like we did an experiment where we left the Polish stage on there for like a week longer than we should

But what can hurt? What can hurt? You're gonna break the rocks? Exactly, so now we're excited We're gonna open that thing up tonight Send me some pictures That's what I'm looking forward to Oh, I will take them, I'll take pictures

I take progress photos of the rocks before and after every state Oh, when you put this on your Instagram? This is exciting content You get a lot of followers doing that Yeah, it is It could just be only a rock tumbler site

Alright, let's get into some questions So we're doing good Let's ride that way, join us You know, if you don't, if you're a four if you're a three if you're a one right now, it's okay I'll be there next week again probably and just make up your mind to tumble some rocks figuratively

And just let let the process work Yes, okay We're gonna get into the questions But first, we're gonna remind you that you can go to our little website that we put together on mythicalcom

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We're not gonna bombard you Who knows what we're gonna say You'll just know when we're back Okay Tavin Mascari asks, at what time of night do you consider to be the cutoff of late night and early morning? So you go downstairs and your kid is up at 3 am do you say, what are you doing up so late? Or what are you doing up so early? #EarBiscuits 3 am and I'm not even gonna go into any sort of, I'm not gonna ask myself why I think this but just 3 am middle of the night, late night That's, the middle of the night is not

I mean, yeah technically midnight We all know that let's just set the baseline at 12 it's am, the the middle of the night is the first of the next day Can we agree on that? Yeah, that's not the question at hand but yes I don't consider that would be the middle of night but 3 am is kind of late like the middle of the night No, that's not the question

Do you Consider the middle of night that we're not finding the middle of the night You just said you considered 3 am the middle of the night Right but what I meant was- That's a little late It's three I'm okay, forget middle of the night, it's the night

Like, if you're up at 3 am, you're up late For me, if you're up at 4 am, you're up early That's the cut off That's how, in my brain without thinking about it If I wake up at 4:30, I think to myself, damn, I wake up so early

If I wake up at 3:30 I think why I'm I waking up in the middle of night? Now that's a good test because his example is not helpful because I think if you haven't gone to sleep, then it's still the night You can't have a morning until you go to sleep unless the sun comes up So as long as the sun's not up and you haven't gone to sleep, it is still night I don't disagree with you, but that is I do not believe that is Tavans question The implication is that you've gone to sleep

If Tavan has gone to sleep to sleep and he wakes up, but if I go downstairs at 2 am, the kids might still be awake I've never done three Sometimes I've stayed up till two but if I've woken up, I understand but they haven't gone to sleep I would not ask them why are you up so early? Because they haven't gotten up? But also it's 2 am, forget the kid No, I'm saying his example doesn't work for me either way

Okay, what about this example? But you wake up at night, you look at the clock It says 3:30 do you think, damn what I'm I waking up in the middle of the night for? I'm using I understand To me, I think it's later I think it's, I would say- What do you wake up at 4:30? You wake up at five o'clock More of 5:30 Okay, so for somebody who wakes up at 5:30 and I used to pre COVID I woke up at 5:50 now I wake up at 630

So I think to me it would be 4:30 So 4:20 is- Is still night Is that really night? That's morning for me, because I can think of many different times when they're like, I gotta go on a trip We'll be going to the airport, we got to get up at four o'clock And when I think then I'm like, damn that's gonna be early morning but if I had to get up at three o'clock I'm like, I'm not going to sleep

Yeah, for me, it's that the four to five Okay, well where I was trying to get to this I was hoping that you would agree with a three to four because I think that there is a subconscious connection to what is known as the witching hour, which is traditionally understood to be 3 am to 3:59am I did not know that So that's what the witching hour is Now people kind of disagree and first of all, is the witching hour even a thing but most people agree that, that is the hour that has the highest supernatural activity, right? Okay

People who believe in supernatural paranormal things tend to think, that's what they call the witching hour Three o'clock to 3:59 I didn't do much reading about this other than to establish that I didn't like find out like what's that about? But I just found an interesting that that hour is where there's the most extreme activity and for me is that in my mind is the hour in which the transition between night and day is actually happening, which is weird Based on what, just your gut? Yes based on my gut, yeah, like I said, if it's four o'clock, I feel like why I'm I up early? If it's 3:30 I'm like, why I'm I up late? Again, I'm not analyzing it I'm just saying from the gut, that's what it feels like

But again, I like to entertain the possibility of sort of weird believing weird things It's been proven in my life, to be fun to believe weird things And I think it's been proven throughout history that it's fun and attractive to believe were things It's fun to believe conspiracy theories It's fun to believe in supernatural things

It makes life more interesting, whether it's true or not I think it's fun to read about it and other people who believe it but I don't have to go so far to say it's fun to actually believe it, might be sad Well, it depends on what the implicate what the affecting your personal life is, I guess But what I'm saying and maybe it's scary At that time at night

That's an interesting moment I mean, there's you can, it's a sneaky time It's the least active time, you can get away with the most but there's the least amount to do Unless you're gonna I guess what, witch? Well I think, here's the scientific And again when I say scientific it's in quotes and has an asteroid next to it because it's coming from me and so it's not qualified

But it could sound qualified to maybe a person who's not that smart I think that while again, it's fun to believe that there's actual paranormal things happening If I'm putting on my rational hat, I think nah doesn't really happen It's perception and it's based on people's patterns, and what state your brain in the world is at that time And I just happen to believe that and again I have no science to back this up

There's something about your susceptibility to seeing things and misinterpreting things at that hour, based on just our circadian rhythms, right? Because you've been asleep I was gonna say just based on darkness and tiredness Well, darkness is a huge part of it and yeah I mean that's another way of saying the same thing If you get up, if you've gone to sleep, right? If you stay up to the witching hour, I don't know if they're going to have the same effect I mean, you'll be getting sleepy and maybe your perception will be- I think it might be worse, you're prone to hallucination perhaps

You're a person who you've never had the opportunity to see this but Link is a very deep sleeper and he is a very like he will be very disoriented upon waking right? I'm a light sleeper and if you wake me up, I might as well be ready to take the SAT like I am full I go straight to 100, I'm fully aware I'm not groggy, I'm talking normal I'm not happy about it I wish I slept deeper and it would be probably more enjoyable But Link there is at least two to three minute stupor that you have Have to kind of get past before you're fully there, right? Well, especially if it's at that time of night

Yeah and I'm saying that for me that time of night, it might as well be the morning I might be like, why I'm I awake? But I'm also like, give me a cognitive test right now No, that's an elephant But I think that most people are in like a hindered state of awareness You're also like coming out of a dream, your minds in a weird place You're gonna see and hear and experience things

And like you said, it's dark And so your mind is gonna play tricks on you You're gonna see things in the dark, no one else is there to confirm or deny the things that you see, of course you're gonna have a bunch of weird stories from that hour And then over the years is gonna develop Well, that's the witching hour

That's where the paranormal activity is the highest That's my theory So back to back to the question I mean, we've already answered the question We're only off by an hour by the way

Yeah, but I think it's a pretty significant hour And I was missing the witching hour And I would think the interesting thing is you go to bed so early and you get up so early It's weird to me that your perception of the morning is all the way into four o'clock That's strange to me

You go to bed at 9:30 because it's a minimal impact to me to get up at 4:30 an hour earlier but if you're buying plane tickets back when that happened, and you're like, "Okay, I got it "yet I got to work backwards from arriving" That means we got to wake up at 4 am versus, I mean, psychologically waking up at 5 am versus four anything is a lot worse But three, like I'll buy a plane ticket if- And I would have never bought a plane ticket to get up at three Precisely that you're confirming my argument Or four Okay, I've done that

I've plenty of times We've had a flight where if you got a flight at seven o'clock at LAX you gotta get up at four something to get there You can't get up at five And I'm like you know what? I'm not getting up before five, I just can't do that Okay, that's fine

But what I'm saying is, most early morning flights are in the seven something And given how long it takes to get to LAX and how busy it is You got the family You got to get the family up You got to get up at four something

But I never have gotten the family up at three something We will not do that in our household Because that's the witching hour, you might see a ghost Oh, that's why? Julia 483 asks, if teleportation was possible, how would it work? How would we be able to do that on our own or would we need some devices? How expensive would it be? And how would they stop people from teleporting to places that they should not teleport to? Lots of questions about teleportation Julia, you thinking a lot about this? So this is a deep constitution of your molecules and then a skipping through space and time So impossible

And then a reconstitution of molecules We're talking tricky in situation here I have a more formative question about this That makes makes the the thought exercise that Julia is inviting us to partake in even more complicated because teleportation is my superpower of choice because I believe that it is basically equivalent to flight regardless of the nature of it, because if I could choose between flight or teleportation, I would choose teleportation Because I could basically just teleport like an infinite number of times and that's my flight or I could just be the guy who like teleports 100 yards and then falls in like a wing squirrel suit and then teleports again and spoil some more and then teleports a little bit higher, you know like I'm constantly flying

It's like I just doing it in like the stratosphere Yes But here's the thing And this is the question- Aerial teleporting This is the question for time travel to and I don't know when this first hit me and I know that people will probably discuss it

This is not a novel thing But how do you, what is the point of reference in terms of your locality? When you're teleporting or time traveling, right? So how okay, let's just take back to the future, right? So we forget when we think about time travel and we think okay well, Marty McFly has got to go back to this exact place in this exact time and he's still going to be in the town that he was in Okay, literally, he's driving down the road in the middle of the town And then when he travels in time, he's driving down the same road in the same town And that's because in our world, our point of reference is the world but the world we are on a sphere

If you believe that and we are traveling, not only are we spinning but we're traveling around the sun, which is also moving through in our galaxy What is the point of reference for time travel or teleportation? Everything's moving so quickly How did Doc Brown figure out how to have the car come back The points of reference, the Earth would be in a completely different place in 1985 than it wasn't 1955 like not, there would be so it would be so far from where it was So did his machine have a way to like, locate where the Earth would be? Sure it was relative

I mean, I think he wrote it It's not possible It's relative to the center of the Earth So I think he wrote it all on a chalkboard But okay, so in reality like I don't know

This as easy as writing a script by the way They said, they being some people on the news who talk about what scientists come up with, they set some particle back in time, like last year or something, right? How? Like they, I don't know No, they didn't Yeah, they did but not like way back in time They made a particle slip off of the timeline a little bit

I'm using non scientific terms for what actually happened Okay But it that's a particle moving a very, very very small amount of time, right? I don't even really understand the nature of it I'll be getting this wrong But like, let's say a human moved a year, you got to be in fricking space man like if you move at four and at least you're gonna to be in a different country

And also not on the surface, you're gonna be in the Earth's crust, you're gonna be in the center of the earth, you're gonna be on the top of a mountain, you're gonna be way high you but most likely, you're gonna be outside of the paper thin atmosphere of the Earth and no longer present You're gonna be in the middle of space, if you time travel, unless they have a point of reference for being in that exact locality But what is the point of reference if the universe is constantly expanding? And depending on where you're, well, no matter where you are in the universe, you will seem like you're in the center of the universe That's one of the understandings of the way that space and time is expanding is that you can go anywhere you want to in the universe and you always perceived to be in the middle of it So there's no point of reference

It's all relative You talked me out of wanting to do it So the first guy who's gonna be like, I'm doing it I'm time traveling Hopefully they're like, hold on a second

You're not gonna end up here again dude, you're gonna die so don't do it And the same is true with teleportation Unless it's like the kind of teleportation where you're oh, you can only teleport where you can see, which I think is, there was some movie where that was the case And I don't know why that was the rule But you could only teleport where you could see

Sounds safer And then that point, you'd have to worry about if you're moving instantly and you move into a place you can see so I think that you need like, it's not gonna be a problem But anyway, that's something that complicates the question for me Too complicated for me, Julia I got nothing

Josh West asks how important do I have to be to be assassinated and not murdered? First of all Josh, I want to just send my condolences for your untimely demise But I have to point out that it probably has something to do with your Twitter handle, with a handle like at start of the West He's trying to be important Yeah, I think you're trying a bit too hard and it is gonna backfire with probably some form of a murder So watch out for yourself

Take self defense class He might be the start of the West I mean do you know, do you think you are the start of the west? I just think that- I've never heard of her And I haven't heard of Josh and I think If either one existed, well, I think Josh exists But if Kyle existed I think I would have heard of Josh

There's a lot of things that exist that are at least, going by what my oldest son says to me That are really important and really popular that I don't know about So start of the West may be one of the things that is a big deal in the West What if it is, then he's got the Twitter handle But I think the distinction between assassination and murdering is simply political

Think of the most popular non political person on Earth right now Some pop star or some athlete, right? Yeah If LeBron James and again, not speaking anything into existence here If LeBron James were killed, you wouldn't say LeBron James is assassinated because he's Had a political figure I think that they refer to john Lennon's assassination

Well, that shrink I'm gonna throw out a couple of things here That's strange to me, is that true? I think just google john Lennon's, well, first of all bias Google john Lennon's assassination and just see if it's a thing Because to me the factors are, if you're killed for an ideological reason or to prevent you from accomplishing something on some on some scale, then I think we might be in assassination territory Well

Or if it's done by, I was gonna say if it's done by professional but a hit on somebody is not an assassination Well, the wiki entry is the murder of John Lennon, Does it say assassination? Did you Google what I asked you? I did, I said John Lennon assassination and the thing that was suggested was John Lennon assassin, so that the person who committed it, this okay someone who kills a public figure If an assassin is an assassin you were assassinated I actually think there's a distinction So what's an assassin is someone who- Kills a public figure

A public figure? Somebody who kills a public figure in like a calculated way Not like somebody who kills a public figure in like a fight So an assassin can murder somebody or assassinate somebody But he's called a perpetrator on Wiki and again, Wiki is the source for all truth Murder, resuscitation attempt

Oh, this is this is- 1980 Again, I just think you have to be a political figure So obviously, like if the CIA goes to a foreign land and kills a leader of a country, that's an assassination If somebody kills a political leader of any kind, that's an assassination Now, if you're like a city councilman

Google define assassination Well, let's figure it out first Because I think that like that probably If you're like the president of the PTA That's a murder

You know, if you're like the head of the school board, even in a big city, what is the cutoff? If you're a mayor, that's an assassination unless you're like a Mayor School board is elected So as an elected official, I think if an elected official is killed and there's an ideological reason or to prevent them from doing something it's a low scale assassination If who does what? I think if you- Assassination is the act of assassinating someone Okay, we got it

I think Josh if you want to be assassinated and not murdered you just need to join the school board Things get heated Well in Okay, this is not You need to be a political figure is I think what we're arriving at This is diff sense

com I don't know where that is When used as nouns assassination means the murder of a person especially for political reasons or for personal gain So if you like killed someone to get an insurance policy, no, that's not assassination whereas murder means inactive deliberate killing of another being especially How important do you have to be? You have to be an elected official

It says assassination is the act of deliberately killing a prominent person such as a head of state or head of government and assassination may be prompted by political and military motives But give me an example We need an example Of just like an athlete being assassinated Was Martin Luther King Junior assassinated? Definitely, 100% that's assassination? I know it was because he's a leader

He was the leader of a political movement Yeah He's a leader of a political movement He wasn't an elected official but it was a political Yeah

It could be described as a political move Yeah So I come up with another example then If an athlete or a pop star is doing something, if they're killing it Ideological Bill Gates, that's what he did

So he's a philanthropist I don't know if that would be an assassination though He's doing he's doing all this He's doing all this work unless you believe the conspiracies He's doing all this work

He's doing all this work to give everybody the mark of the beast through the vaccination, that's what he is doing because it's fun to believe that To help people So if he's murdered in order to prevent that, then that's an assassination But again that's socio political It's a social thing

Yeah Now the state of the West again- Congratulations on the title Let me discover things about this stud implies prominence importance, coolness, probably good lookingness West implies West implies a region to the left of the Rockies Yeah, By the left of the Mississippi Mississippi because I mean east of the Rockies is still technically the West, yeah But the West implies a geopolitical in my mind, when you say the West I think he's talking about the American West

So this is a geopolitical title The stud of the West is like the best looking coolest, most athletic dude in this geopolitical region and as you know- What is he doing? If you're good looking, if you're a good athlete, the chances of becoming a prominent politician, leading a political movement go way up So I would say, yeah Josh if you're killed, it will be clearly an assassination Just by virtue of your Twitter handle At lexer, Hello Alexandra

Oh, what are the chances that this was not planned? I'm wearing the pin that Alexandra made for me of Barbara's face This is how you wear that a lot I haven't worn on the podcast in a long time and we're taking whatever questions Does everyone have a voice inside their head when they're writing or reading? Is that what my voice actually sound? Is that what my voice actually sounds like? Or is this what I think my voice sounds like? Is it even my voice? I don't know if if I relate to this because I do not have a voice that I'm hearing when I'm reading I just feel like I'm taking the words directly to the language center of my brain

And I don't feel like I'm translating them into a voice unless I'm reading a fictional book, at which point the character may adopt some sort of voice image in my mind but if I'm just reading words like reading this Or an autobiography, you hear the person who's reading it like when I was talking about the flee autobiography, I hear him Of course Especially because of his writing style But yeah, right

But if you're just reading like an email An email? Do you hear the person? well see this is it Well he's asking if you hear yourself reading it out loud to yourself? Because he's like, is that my voice? Is this what my voice sounds like or do I have a special inside my head voice? Let me just read some stuff here silently As well, now that you're thinking about it now it's impossible Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm hearing my voice

Yeah, reading it to me Yeah, because you're manifesting that But if you if you hadn't been, it just like don't think of a pink elephant What do you think of? A suitcase You thought of a pink elephant? So you can't do this

You can't say what I thought of You're telling me you didn't just picture a pink elephant I deliberately didn't But you'd ride behind that suitcase was a pink elephant If flash for a second and I put it in a suitcase

Right, which is the same thing that's happened in here I can safely say that just normal reading of words And also, I mean let's just translate this just to thoughts in general Like when you're thinking through something, are you like you know, your brain is processing information most of the time and you're making a decision whether or not you're translating that into the English language, right? Because the English language is just a proxy for some things that are happening in the world, right? It's just an interpretation but it isn't It doesn't actually mean anything directly

It just represents meaning Well, definitely when I'm to take one step back When I'm writing something I mean, definitely an email when I'll write an email I'll write it like I'm saying it, for the most part but I think that's a, it's a style choice

Not everybody does that Some people, you know you can hear some people more than others in their emails Okay Because some people just they have a writing style I'm not much of a writer

So I think that's what really come why I do that, I'm more of a verbal processor So when I write something down to communicate it, I write down what I would say, that we're there and then if I get in my head I'll like edit it like crazy But when you think But when I think Are you like because to me if I'm really thinking hard

I'm not hearing a voice in my head no There are times because I feel like most people are thinking about multiple things at once And then if you like really focus, you might be able, I can generate an actual sort of like, this is the voice saying the thing like you should do this, almost I'm saying or whatever But and this is why it's gonna be really difficult to ever invent the like mind reading device Think about all the things that have to happen

Like you have to find a way to interpret someone's thoughts and then translate them into a coherent speech but that's not even happening in their brain So how it how's that going to happen outside of their brain? I'm sure there's studies where you can monitor the language center of the brain when somebody is reading and I bet you there's plenty of people right now who are listening to thinking I definitely hear a voice when I read and when I mean, I've said that I hear my voice when I write, more often But I guess that you don't know No, I'm saying I can activate that like now that I'm thinking about it

Like if you're writing an email versus a script, when you write the email, do you do you hear yourself? Not until I read it back When you read it back? But now when you're writing it Now when I'm evaluating, How does this come across? At that point, I might hear a voice But I do think that's interesting because I think that regardless of how Elon Musk's neural link, what is that going to do? I think at best, we're gonna be able to sort of generate interpretations of emotions like this person is angry This person is lying, this person is turned on right now

But this person is thinking this specifically, no way But you but you could probably have, in addition to the the way that the brain centers are being highlighted, some sort of AI that gives a pretty predictable interpretation of what somebody is thinking But it won't be like and here's the Senate's related to it But you'll be but you'll just know, based on the question that you're asking or the interpretation that the conversation they're having What they would be saying and maybe there's some robot that could like put it into almost words

digestbpsorguk says, the websites that we pull up Well when you Google it is you know, it's the first thing that comes up a new paper published in psychosis I love that magazine

Suggest Most people do hear an internal voice when they're reading For those who heard different inner voices, these tended to vary based on the voice of the character who was speaking in a story Or if it was a text message or email on the voice of the sender And like I said I relate to that Hearing voices in your head more than 80% of readers have inner voice but not everyone shares the same narrator

While silently reading a book text message or this article to yourself, a voice may emerge from the back of your mind to narrate the sentences 80% Okay, I'm not saying I don't believe that But I have to believe that this slows you down Like taking the time to turn it into a voice Doesn't that make it? Like what about people who speed read? No, I don't do that

But there's people who like you can't, you know what I'm saying that you gotta let go of the voice I think You gotta let go of the voice? Find a way just to read just to let it go directly to your brain I'm not convinced I mean, you don't think you do but maybe you do 80% I said I do when I'm reading something where it's like a character voice or whatever, you know? Or it might be, but it's not but maybe I'm misinterpreting this

Are you saying that it's like the entire thing is being spoken by somebody that you're hearing in your head? Or is it just like oh, I got an email from Link I'm loosely associating the words that I'm reading on this page with the way that he would say them But it's not a process that so fine tune that like, he might as well be inside my head speaking Like that has not happened to me Yeah, I'm kind of twisted 'cause every single time I get an email, like if I don't know the person I've got an email from or if I'm reading an article, I think I only hear a voice when I know who it is

Exactly and even then what I'm saying is that it's like a touch and go kind of thing I get lost in it and eventually move beyond the person's voice just to the content See, I'm reading this freaking article right now and I'm hearing myself read it to myself I gotta go back to that Yeah, I can turn it off

It's very comforting What does the person sound like? Me? You really stumped us here, Alexandra Well, we've been stumped left and right here today but it's been fun It's kinda like indulging in a conspiracy theory And I wonder if listening to all audiobooks, which I do more and more makes this more likely or less likely

You would think that it has to make it more likely You know, you just get into this place where I'm just taking in books as people's voices only It seems like the easy study is somebody, you hook somebody's brain up and you let them read and then you let them listen to somebody talk and see if the same part of the brain lights up You know it's within the language center, I don't know Let's do that

Thanks for making us think about this stuff What, I'm exhausted You know sometimes that's all you can do is just think You know, you're stuck at home You're not going out to the restaurants

You're not hugging people, hadn't seen your parents Just trying to go within yourself and discover something Just listen to that little voice that you hear constantly while you're reading Or go outside and play with something you bought Wreck time

Wreck baby, wreck baby, one, two, three, four When we were at the beach, I was reminded of this thing this game that exists, that I'd forgotten about that I knew about Spike Ball It's beaver popular now, everybody's playing it So you saying this isn't much of a wreck? No, no, I'm just saying it is the game of choice on the beaches now Yeah it's the new corn hole for the beach

Is that the name of it? I didn't know the name of it Spike Ball Spike Ball? So it's like a hula hoop with a net stretched, reasonably taut over it and then it's got four legs and you got this little ball and you just bend it down Like serve it, bounce it off and then you can- Volleyball rules Yeah, volleyball

Then you can hit it twice to yourself and then hit it back over If you're just playing against somebody at least that's how we're doing it at our house Oh, you have done the four way game? I have not mobilized four people in my family to all participate at once I watched a four way game at the beach on vacation That seems the most fun

And I surmised it was, you could not touch it twice yourself That was like volleyball, you had to hit it to your partner I mean, it's Lincoln and Lando play You know, even with the age discrepancy, they have a good time playing it So it's better than tetherball? Yeah, it's better than tetherball

If you're thinking about getting a tetherball, don't Okay? It needs to die Tetherball needs to go We have one Yeah and have you used it? Well, there was a poll that we would walk to and hook it up Yeah, and was last time you did that? I can't even remember

Tetherball only exists as a joke We stopped when it jammed the crap out of my finger Tetherball is just accident waiting Spike ball, you can get one on Amazon for less than 30 bucks a whole set That's a pretty good deal

You know if you play five times you pay for the thing Why? "cause you charge $6 every time? Yeah Oh, thought you said $15 or $30, you said $30 $30 Okay, yeah six, I was right the first time

Yeah So hey, try it out, even with just two people is still fun And then it's lightweight, you can take it to the beach It can't fit I don't think maybe if it's in a carrier, I don't know

But it does fit in a carrier because I was on a beach that you had to like walk down the steps to get to it I don't know, I think my $30 one does have And the guy had it in like a backpack and he broke it out and I was like Well, okay here we go Try out Spike ball If you get someone who likes to knock balls with you

It seems to be much more enjoyable when you're intoxicated just based on my experience watching the game It's also harder when you're holding a beer in one hand I think my kids would concur Okay, Spike ball, Spike it up Yeah, look at that

Social distance Anything to get these kids doing something outside for a few minutes? Hell, you can do that inside Oh, you could do it inside yeah It gets kind of out of control I wouldn't do that

Don't do it outside Don't do it inside for me Do it outside Just Just let me finish That's it, do it outside

Okay As long as you're not alone Let us know what you thought about the discussion this week #EarBiscuits you probably know something we don't 'cause you're just really Give us the real science, give us the real science on Twitter, the source of all truth I wanna know if you hear a voice

Let's talk about that specifically, that's an interesting one #EarBiscuits talk at you next week To watch more Ear Biscuits click on the playlist on the right To watch the previous episode of Ear Biscuits, click on the playlist to the left And don't forget to click on the circular icon to subscribe

If you prefer to listen to this podcast, it's available on all your favorite podcast platforms Thanks for being your mythical best

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