DIY Wedgie Machine Build

– Ahhh! (machine clicking) – Ahhh! Wait I'm ripping – We got rippage

– Ow (clinking) (rock music) (crinkling) (drilling) – Trying to think if I built anything specifically to like just inflict pain and I feel like the answer has to be yes Just like market directly to high school bull- (laughs) Like, are you tired of using your hands for wedgies? Order the Wedgie Max 5000 – I've been given one that went like straight up over my head At least two other guys kinda grabbed me and lifted me up off the ground and as I was tipping forward I heard the rip

(drilling) – Get your nerd to help – To assemble it? (laughs) – I was bullied, but I was bullied by girls so it was much more psychological – I haven't felt this short since my brother's wedding photos came back – Let's do this – Ah now I'm feeling it It feels pretty strong

This whole build has become about our sagas and insecurity (laughs) Alright so yesterday we got this all built Today we're gonna do some tests – I've got two pairs of underwear on, underneath that is a jock strap, there's a cup, and I have a big piece of foam crammed in my butt (creaking) It's like that sound on a roller coaster when you're going up

– You know something bad is coming (laughs) – Oh something's ripping (clicking) Is it weird that I kind of like it? (grunts) (laughs) – God it hurts in so many places more than just the crack (tearing) Oh that's not good (tearing) – Nice – I gotta get this cup out of my crotch man it's really hurtin'

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