Cool Ranch Chicken Wings Recipe

– You want to use a tool that, You're gonna whisk up your chicken wings (upbeat music) Welcome to Mythical Kitchen, where dreams become food

Now, you know how much I love ranch dressing I have drank it straight from the bottle on camera Nicole has poured it straight into my mouth on camera I do not need to prove my allegiance to ranch dressing to you, but today I will do it because we're gonna infuse chicken wings with three different layers of ranch to make our Doritos Cool Ranch, Supreme Doritos Locos Dennis Ramen Where'd that come from? Chicken wings

If you're following along at home, you can snag the time codes right there Let's get cooking (upbeat music) I mentioned earlier that we're gonna try and infuse as much ranch as possible into these wings And so I'm gonna start with a ranch brine A ranch brine is not a thing that exists

It's something I decided exists right now We're gonna see what happens I'm gonna take a whole bottle of ranch I'll wait first That's pure

You want to make sure your ranch isn't cut with any blue cheese 'cause that happens sometimes It's a way to make it cheaper on the streets So my thinking here, anytime you brine My thinking here, anytime you brine a chicken wing, all you're doing is infusing the flavors of that brine all throughout the meat and then you're actually also tenderizing it too Buttermilk is a common way to brine things

There's buttermilk in ranch dressing Ispo facto, We're gonna soak a bunch of chicken wings in ranch, and then deep fry 'em We got the whole bottle of ranch in there and we're just gonna cut it with some water That's gonna give it some more water That's gonna allow it to actually coat the chicken and penetrate it

And then we're adding, what's the black it's kind of black? It's like salt – Pepper – Pepper We're adding pepper to the brine And then we're also adding salt because the salt is actually gonna soak all through the chicken And then we're just gonna stir that up

The chicken is gonna sit in that for 12 hours or up to one hour Now we have chicken So, most of the time when you buy wings at the store, they are called party wings, which like I'm a party guy You're a party guy We all love to party with wings, am I right? That means that they're connected at the joint right there, but when you buy a chicken wing at a restaurant, most of the time that joint is not connected

So you have to be your own best butcher today So what you're gonna do is you're gonna take your knife and you're just gonna run it down the joint and then cut it all the way to the bone And then this is my favorite part of butchering chicken wings You just get to go and expose that bone right there And then he's gonna run your knife at the bottom of that little mini drumette

And if you think this is gruesome, you should do what my dad did and take me to a slaughterhouse to teach me about the birds and the bees when I was a kid No, that's not what they do They take kids to farms to teach them about that, not a slaughterhouse (frame beeps) I've already done these I got it in my signature chicken wing mug

So we're just gonna dump the chicken wings out of the mug, into the brine You want to use a tool to You're gonna whisk up your chicken wings We're gonna let all that tasty ranch flavor soak into the wings Honestly, you can do this for like a minimum of one hour

You can not do this at all, but I'm gonna brine these chicken wings Now we are actually gonna make a sort of ranch season powder So we're taking all the flavors of ranch dressing and all you gotta do is read the back of the Hidden Valley Ranch bottle They are the authority in ranch dressing I think other than me, I wonder if I've consumed more Hidden Valley Ranch than any other person Is there like a Guinness world record for lifetime ranch consumption? – [Voice] There is one for baby food

– There is one for baby food I don't know if you know this, but Guinness officially ratified my world record for most baby food eaten in one minute – That's just like a man in a Sahara finding an oasis – We took the belt back from the Germans It's back in America, but now we're gunning for the lifetime ranch dressing record and also the snowboarding land speed record

It's like 109 miles per hour I think I can get to 115 But right now we have to make a ranch seasoning powder So we're just gonna take a little bit of sugar And we take salt

And then herbs Herbs are also a big part of ranch So one thing you probably tasting in ranch is a little bit of dill So you're gonna add that And whenever I'm adding dried herbs to something like a seasoning blend, I like to just take it in my hand and kind of give it a little smush

A little, There we go, spill a lot of it on the table And then we're also gonna take parsley That's just 'cause green cause ranch has little bits of green in it And that's what people like about it And also the fact that it's mostly mayonnaise

If you say you hate mayonnaise, but you love ranch dressing, you are living a lie and you need to atone for your sins We all do in the end And now we're gonna take paprika Paprika is red That's mostly what it tastes like

And then we got some garlic powder, some onion powder and a little bit of white pepper White pepper is one of those things that is found in a lot of like consumer packaged goods So we're just gonna add that there and just give it a little whisky whisky So Cool Ranch Doritos are like one of my absolute favorites If you are a nacho cheese person over cool ranch person know that I am judging you for being basic

This has a lot of similarities to that cool ranch seasoning, but we're trying to make this accessible for the home cook So these are things that are gonna get you 78% of the way there, give or take three percentage points Let's give it a little taste It really does taste like ranch It's that simple combination of like salt, sugar, onion, garlic, and herbs that really get you there

And so we're gonna take all that ranch powder and we're gonna dump it into flour so this is gonna season our flour before we fry the chicken wings So we've got the ranch dressing infused in the chicken wings We're gonna get the ranch dressing infused into the coating And then we're gonna fry them and dip them in ranch dressing And then we're gonna take a blood infusion of ranch dressing to finally reach our form, like the Stay Puft marshmallow in "Ghostbusters

" I will turn into a sentient bottle of ranch dressing and I will burst through your walls in your home Like the Kool-Aid man and go, oh ranch! Let's fry some chicken wings We're gonna whisk together all of our ranch-seasoned flour And now we're just gonna drop our chicken wings in there You could rinse the brine off and you could dry the chicken

But for me, I like when a little bit of that moisture gives the flour more to stick to I don't know So we're gonna use tongs Why would I feel the need to, You know why I feel the need to explain that we're gonna use tongs? 'Cause most of the time I would have just grabbed it with my hands And Nicole is like, Josh, you should use tongs

And now I am It feels terrible All right, so we're just gonna drop our chicken wings into the flour and then we're gonna give him a nice coat and you really want to pack them in there with your hands to make sure all the coating sticks on I feel like I'm always the one talking What if, what do you want to talk about? No way

She said that? That's crazy There's just some people that, you know, they're just like that And you know, all you can do is control, you know, your reaction to the situation Yeah, I mean, of course her mom would, but like, who cares what her mom thinks, you know? No, I know All right, chicken ready, oil's hot

So we're gonna drop the chicken into the oil You want to fry this at about 325 degrees A lot of people say higher, 350 I don't like that And I'm kind of the opinion that it's really hard to over cook a chicken wing

I want it crispy at all costs So we're just gonna drop this in there and then we're gonna fry them for about 12 or 13 minutes (upbeat music) All right, so chicken wings have been frying for about 13 minutes Look at that That is some fried chicken

I don't want to say porn We need a better word for something that looks good that isn't porn What I'm saying is the chicken looks good We're gonna let some of that rest We're gonna take about half of them just 'cause you gotta work with the size of this bowl

I'm gonna put them right into the bowl A little, little bit of oil drain I like using just a slotted spoon for this And then we're gonna toss it fresh in some of that ranch seasoning, and then we're just gonna get it fresh on the wings So you're getting it in the chicken

You're getting it on the chicken and then you're getting it a top the chicken That's a lot And just give them a nice toss And then we got our seasoned wings Those look fantastic, but we have one more thing

So you've got the ranch inside the wings, we've got the ranch inside our body We've got the ranch on the wings We got the ranch on top of the wings We got the ranch on top of ourselves I just smeared it all over my lips this morning

It's like adding coconut oil, it's a natural lip balm Try it Like when Gwyneth Paltrow told people to gargle with olive oil, I do that with ranch dressing So what we're gonna do is we're actually gonna make our own ranch dressing from scratch I know what you're saying, Josh, you just had a bottle of ranch dressing

Why not use that? Ah Let's make some ranch from scratch So we're gonna start by getting our herbs A green onion might be an herb It's not an herb

It's used as an herb So we're gonna take mostly the tops of our green onions I like the kind of darker green, more verdant flavor of them I got the Cliff Bar burps I just ate Cliff Bar

You didn't see it That's what I was doing when we cut Movie magic (woman laughs) So we're gonna mince this as fine as possible and then to that, we're also gonna add parsley

Parsley adds a lovely greenness That's what parsley tastes like Paprika is red Turmeric is yellow Parsley is green

Those are the flavors of all of them And purple is only a Jolly Rancher flavor in my book So we're just gonna go ahead and we're gonna mince up our green How much quantity is this? Yep All right, so we're gonna go ahead and just gonna add some of those chopped herbs

We're gonna add buttermilk to that and we're gonna add our mayonnaise Like I said earlier, if you don't like mayonnaise, but you like ranch, you're just lying to yourself And we're gonna also use the whisk to put in sour cream We have red wine vinegar here This is gonna add that nice little acidic punch that you want with your ranch

'Cause we've got all these fatty chicken wings and we want to add the acid to it Gonna drop in a little bit of salt and then Worcestershire's gonna add a little bit of depth and complexity And then black pepper is another thing that is commonly found in ranch You got the little speckles in ranch It's pepper, pepper speckles

And we're just gonna whisk this up One more ingredient, I really like to take a clove of raw garlic and just grate it right in there You can use garlic powder, but for me, you got this like fresh little piquant punch When you great fresh garlic in there Palm heel strike

Absolutely obliterate your clove of garlic You're gonna get another clove of garlic I want the clove of garlic intact, but I really hate peeling garlic that you haven't punched to smithereens So I'm just gonna go ahead and claw at this with my fingernails that I just whittled down every night, staring at the wall and give me about 10 minutes to get this garlic clove peeled (timer rings) Another 10 minutes on this garlic clove, guys

Fast forward 15 minutes and you have a single garlic clove peeled And we're just gonna grate that Oh my God Oh (people laughing) Wow and all that's left to do is eat the chicken wings

My fingers are slippery from the ranch The old ranch lube There we go And then you're gonna take this and you're just, there it is Now we're just gonna whisk that garlic in there

Let's give it a taste You really taste the garlic You get that slight bit of vinegar The buttermilk adds a nice little tanginess More than anything, this is a great vehicle to get a bunch of mayonnaise in your body and justify putting it on fried foods

This is the perfect ranch recipe Only thing left to do is to plate it up And then we're gonna get to inexplicably eating chicken wings with a spork (upbeat music) Wow These ranch wings look fantastic

We got the ranch infused in literally every single layer of them They're super golden brown It's a nice light coating on them The ranch is absolutely perfect I cannot wait to feed them to my friend, Nicole

Nicole? – Yes? – Can I feed you a wing? – [Nicole] Yeah! – All right, so we love feeding our friends here, but we also love staying socially distant That's why we are using the patented Mythical spork harpoon Great for illegal whale hunting and also feeding Nicole – Can you first dip it in the ranch? Yeah – Yeah, yeah, yeah

Do you want me to drizzle it on the wings? – [Nicole] No no no, Yeah, actually That's a great idea – I'll coat the wing and then we're just gonna go ahead and spork, hold on I got it in the joint – Oh my gosh

Great, okay – There it is, there it is Do you want me to shove it? – No, stay there – But that's how the spork-poon works – Josh, I'm gonna take it off with my mouth

– [Josh] I'm just gonna hold there – Okay, good – Let the whale come to the harpoon You got it, you got it – Yeah, I got it

Mm – How is it? – Wow – Wow – Ranchy – I accept that I love ranch more than other people sometimes, but we don't have to always like the same thing, but I am offended when you don't like my music choice

– Josh, this tastes like there's a lot of MSG in it, but there isn't, huh? – There's no MSG That's the crazy We didn't use any crutches in this – This is delicious I don't know why people haven't done this before

Have they done this before? – Not that I know of – Josh, you're a genius – And you just got spork-pooned Thank you so much for liking commenting and subscribing We got new recipe videos out every week

We got new episodes of our podcast, A Hot Dog is a Sandwich out every Wednesday Hit us up on Instagram @Mythicalkitchen with pictures of your mythical dishes under #dreamsbecomefood We'll see you next time You can cook up your own feast while wearing the Mythical Kitchen apron Available now at mythical


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