Cooking Mac and Cheese with Upside Down Goggles

– Today we're cooking macaroni and cheese – With these goggles that turn everything upside down

(electronic music) – We're going to open our eyes for the first time Lizzy, you ready? – Yeah, let's do it in three, two, one Oh no – What the heck (laughing) – [Lizzy] I don't know how we're going to do this – So, let's just find the ingredients There you go

(laughing) That's funny – [Lizzy] Oh, how you like me now? It's backwards! Are you kidding me? Boil six cups water – Where's the other box? Where are the, I'm going to get sick – [Lizzy] Yep – Okay, the first step is: Boil six cups water – I'd like to point out that I told you that already

– Yeah – Do you see water? Ooh This is absolutely horrible – [John] That's an empty bucket Where is my hand? I'm touching something, okay here we go

(Lizzy giggling) Okay, I'm going to flip it – [Lizzy] Wait, what are you? Oh – Did I do it? Okay – [Lizzy] Yeah – Oh

I got it Oh no! (giggling) – [John] No, no, no, no, no (hysterical laughing) – [Lizzy] So, put this in the pot – Okay – Yeah

(Lizzy giggling) – Where the heck is it? Do you just want to do it in that white cup? – [Lizzy] Yeah, I'm going to do it right here – [John] Yeah, we don't need this – Question, do you feel like you're going to throw up? Because I do – I do – I think you're over it

– Okay – Yeah, do it – Three, two, one (splash) Aww, no! No! – Give me that thing back – You said I was over it – I lied

Give me that cup – [John] I trusted you – Give me the cup – Yeah, you're right over it – Shut up

– You can just flip it now – Just shut up A quarter cup of water in the pot! – Yay! I think we're ready to move on Where's your hand? That's good – Um, I realize we've only done one step

– Okay, we're going to be here a while (laughing) Stir in rice pasta Lizzy, I need you to guide me – Um No, this is a nightmare

– So this is down, okay – So, yeah – Oh, oh, am I doing it? – Nope, nope – Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope – Okay, I got some of them in, yeah

– That's good enough Stir please – Okay – [Lizzy] Cook for, Oh boy – Woo! – Are part of these directions in a different language? Egg

– Egg? – Oh, it could be "add" Add one fourth cup milk – Okay – [Lizzy] What is that word? (mumbling) – That's one cup, is that okay? – Sure – Two tablespoons butter, I'm doing it

It is unpleasantly soft Ugh – Just putting it in the milk, okay – Is that not what I was supposed to do? – I think you're supposed to do that, yeah (giggling) – Pasta appears to be pretty much done

– Yup – And then, I have a bucket with a colander in it at my feet – Don't worry, trust me, I've got this – Oh, John – [John] Woo! Alright, here we go

I've found the handle to a boiling pot of water – [Lizzy] Are you okay? – Just getting acquainted – Okay, okay – [John] Okay, that's, don't worry, we got this – And tip it in

– [John] Okay (water splashing) – Go for it – I'm doing it – Go for it – Uh, good job

Let's poor that milk and stuff into the pan – Yup, you got that cheese packet handy? – Just accidentally touched it – [Lizzy] There we go (electronic noise) – Oh, you turned it on (laughing) – Okay, that's fine, it needs to be on anyway, right? – [John] Oh

Yeah – [Lizzy] Right there? – Yeah, you mean, yeah Just be real calm There you go, you're doing it! All the way, get that butter out of there Yup

– Did I do it? – You did it Do you want another high five? – Yes, yes! – Hey! Alright – Alright, cheese packet and stir, John – You got it – Where are you? – [John] It just looks so – [Lizzy] Am I really close to you? – [John] Yeah, yeah

– [Lizzy] You're doing it! – I did it! – [Lizzy] Alright, you do that I'm going to pull out the pasta Alright, I have a colander in my hands – Yeah, are you doing it? – I'm doing it – [John] You're doing it! (laughing) – Did I do it right? It's not coming out

– Oh, no – Give me a spoon – Okay, okay, okay, I think we got it – [Lizzy] Is it happening? – [John] Yeah, it is – [Lizzy] Am I doing it? – [John] Yup, you're doing it

Look at that, I see ripples! – Alright – So, there's nothing in there (sighing) – [John] Good job – Good enough – Great job

So, here's the finished product – Yeah, I don't think we did this right – [John] Looks like a soup – [Lizzy] Sure does – Let's dig in

– [Lizzy] Okay Oh, oh, okay – Yeah – Yup – [John] Just going to get a couple of these

– [Lizzy] Just going to – [John] Just going to lift up – [Lizzy] Yup – [John] Oh, man, what is this? – [Lizzy] Where is my spoon? – Hot steamy mac and cheese (bubbly music) I'm guessing (smacking lips) – I think it's watery and weird but I've had worse things

– Yeah, it's not that, I mean I would eat it – [Lizzy] Yeah – Wonderful Let's– (smacking hands) – Okay, that's it for us Let us know what you want to see us cook next time and what kind of obstacle you want to see us overcome

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