Cooking Enchiladas With Power Tools

– Today, we're gonna cook enchiladas – With power tools

(metal banging) (hard rock music) – Alright, so what's going on here, Micah? – Well, everybody knows that the thing that makes an enchilada and enchilada is what? The sauce And there's a bunch of different kinds of enchilada sauce There's red, there's green, there's mole et cetera My favorite is green, so let's make some green sauce – Alright, what's first? – First, we gotta chop up an onion and some garlic

– Okay (loud banging) – We can put it in our paint pan for now to get it out of the way – Great Alright, so how many of these garlics do you need? – Four cloves (loud banging) – Okay, okay well we lost all of them so let's do two more

(both laugh) We're gonna saute in this guy and this is also gonna be our baking pan – Alright – Alright, so I'm just gonna add a little bit of olive oil, about a tablespoon (whirring air) So I never tried sauteing with these before I wonder how it's gonna work

– Ah, I think it should be alright Should we go ahead and grab another one Yeah, it's right down there for you, buddy I'm dying a thousand deaths from these onions right now – Really? – Yeah, this is worse than all the times I've like burnt and cut myself on this show

– (laughs) Really? I'm having so much less fun right now – So just a normal cooking thing that happens everyday? – Yes – Gonna add some hot chilis – Oo, do you want to kick it up a notch? – Oo, there we go, alright We don't want it to taste too burnt

– [Both] Whoo – Okay, so now we got to grind all this up with some other ingredients – You know how we do things – Alright, get it in there, buddy – Dump all this in there

– Oh my god, it smells so good – It smells delicious – Two cans of tomatillos (splashing liquid) Two tablespoons cumin I've got about one tablespoon of chili powder

You can do more if you like it spicy and then one tablespoon of Mexican oregano Got that, we got three cups of broth So this is veggie broth for you – I love that, aw – Oh, there's a fly in there, so that'll add a little bit of protein

Got to grind it up That things terrifies – Number one sauce making tool – Oh boy, how do you think we are? – [Colin] Oh, look at that – That looks like enchilada sauce

– Whoo – I think we're good – Aw, it smells so good, too Alright, so we just set that aside for now, cool – Yes, now we got to make the tortillas

– What's that? – This is masa So basically, all we need to do is grab a little ball of this and smoosh it into a tortilla – Okay – Whoo, there's a smoosher – That's a dirt smoosher

– I've never made tortillas before so I'm assuming that this little ball will become pretty big We want these to be kind of big – Alright, we're ready? – Yep (loud bang) – [Colin] Look at that – Alright, so let's get cooking

These are going pretty good – Oh yeah, look at that It's got to cook a lot more I think – It's still good, yeah – These are cooking up pretty well

– Yeah, these look great Now we got to cut and roast up some vegetables to put in these babies Here we go, so we got a couple corns, we got a zucchini And we need to roast this and de-cob it – Alright, why don't you grab the fire

I'll get this ready to go (high pitched whirring) Rotate it, there you go (both laugh) – Go for it, oh, okay, it's got a natural – It's got a natural spin to it – You're getting a lot of the cob there

– That's okay (loud banging) – Okay, I think we're good – Alright (loud bang) – Alright, let's move on to the cheese Bam, the best part of everything

This is Oaxaca cheese which will go inside It's kind of like mozzarella and then this is Cotija cheese which will go on the top, it's very crumbly We've got to shred these babies – Okay, well Micah, I've made you something specifically for this (whirring metal) You like that, man? I was thinking about you the whole time I made it

– (laughs) I'm flattered Alright, I think that's about enough – Like that? – Alright, now we got to do the Cotija That's good – I'll get this

– I think we can forget the table cheese – I don't think we should forget the table cheese Table cheese – Let's put it all together Maybe three or four zucchinis, that's good right there

And a bunch of cheese – A bunch of cheese, okay Oh, not bad, okay – I'm gonna place it upside down – [Colin] Awesome

– [Micah] That goes there – Oo, pretty nice – Get a little bit of that Let's not waste the rest of this cheese – Why not, man? What else needs to go on there? – The enchilada sauce that we made at the beginning

Remember that? – Do I ever? – Oh, yeah – Look at that – Oh, it smells so good – [Colin] It's a little less green, a little more orange – That's fine, now all that's left to do is bake it

– I got another surprise for you – Uh oh (laughs) (loud, echoing bang) – So remember how much fun we had building our last toolbox oven? I almost lost a finger but it worked really well so I thought let's upgrade a little bit (both applaud) Cool, okay, in here, alright (whirring wind) – I think they're ready to come out

Oh man, these look so good So we just got to finish them off with a little sprinkle of Cotija (smacking hands) That's it – [Colin] I want this one – I'm just gonna dig it out

(Colin laughs) – Mm, that's really good dude – Oh man – That sauce – The sauce is great, it's like sour – And the corn is sweet

– Clink, good job, man – Thanks, dude Click on the left to watch another Mythicalicious video – [Micah] Click on the right to watch a This is Mythical video – [Colin] And click the circular channel icon to subscribe

(rock snare drum)

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