Cooking A Pizza With Power Tools

– Hey everybody, I'm Micah – I'm Colin

– And today we're going to cook pizza – With power tools (upbeat music) – Obviously, the first thing we need to make a pizza is the dough So we've got a bunch of ingredients here Usually you would mix dough with like a dough hook and a stand mixer, so we need something like that

– [Colin] Something like this? – Yeah – Okay – That's kind of like it This is three and a half cups of flour, a teaspoon of sugar, two teaspoons kosher salt, and a packet of yeast What's wrong with that? – No, that was good

– All right, let's mix it with that thing – Okay, I've just got this paint and mud stirrer – It's looking good man – It looks like it's coming together in a ball there – [Micah] Yeah

– There you go – This is going to take about an hour to rise, it'll double in size – What do we do with it until then? – Just put it back in the bucket there – Okay – Yeah, there you go

Sauce time! – Sauce time – It's sauce time baby! Okay, so we've got canned tomatoes here, some spices, we've got oregano, we've got some fresh basil, we've got garlic – All right, you put this whole thing in there? – Kind of, you have to take the skin off – You just peel it? – Yeah, I usually smash it with the side of a knife – Oh! Cool

Dude look, I noticed this It's a food grade container I buy this for paint and stuff but I've been using it wrong this whole time apparently – So has there been paint in there? – In this one? – Yeah – Yeah

This stuff smells so good – Will this all pulverize with that weed whacker do you think? – Well, we're about to find out Look at that! – [Micah] That weed whacker is covered in sauce – Yeah, I borrowed it from my neighbor so it's okay – Oh, he'll probably be fine with that

– Yeah, I'll just toss it back in his yard – We've got this big huge block of cheese Usually I'll just buy it shredded but – Yeah – This is what we've got

– Okay, that's no problem – So we need a – [Colin] This thing's harmless man Don't worry about that – I'm scared of everything we've used today

– Okay, let's see how this goes Yeah! There we go! Is that enough for a pizza? – [Micah] I like sawdust on my cheese – [Colin] Yeah, it's good It's just another topping right? – So I like a nice salami here – Okay, I like green peppers

– So how do we cut this? – With a miter saw, man – And what is that? – That's that guy right next to you – I'm going to put this on I just want to be extra safe here – Now in what world does that stop you from chopping your fingers off? – I don't know, Colin! I don't know, I'm just scared of the saw, okay? – You said you're a vegetarian? – Yeah

– Okay, we might have wanted to cut the veggies first 'cause there is just meat everywhere – Now, let's see how the peppers do – Okay, I made it through that harrowing experience alive so let's assemble our pizza, yeah? – Yeah – I'm excited for this – I think this is like the one part of the process that we don't really have a power tool for

(upbeat music) – [Colin] I cannot wait to eat this thing – Yeah but we've got to cook it first so how are we going to do that? This is insane What is this thing? – This is a forced air heater It's going to shoot hot air at the pizza Get it on nice and good

– Okay, we're spinning The basil is flying (upbeat music) – That's a freaking pizza! – That looks amazing! All right, let's eat – [Micah] Yeah dude – Oh, that's good man

– That's really good I think we nailed it I think this is a legitimately good pizza – But also probably don't try this at home – Probably don't try this at home

– If you guys want to see us cook more food with power tools, hit the like button below – Yeah and let us know in the comments what kind of thing you'd like to see us cook – Yeah – [Voice Over] Click on the left for another Mythicalicious video Click on the right for to watch a This is Mythical video and click the circular channel icon to subscribe

(upbeat music)

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