Cooking A Burger With Power Tools

– Today we're gonna cook a cheeseburger – With power tools

(rock music) – All right so the first thing we need to do is get our mise en place You know that word mise en place? – It means toppings I assume from context clues – Not exactly It means cutting up all your veggies and stuff that you need for the rest of the meal You got lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles, cheddar cheese

– Pop it right in here – Right I'm letting you take the wheel on this one – You know very few people have ever hurt themselves on a miter saw I'm sure I made that stat up Nothing we do is advice

– Don't do anything that we're doing (saw blade whirring) – [Man In Hat] There we go – [Man With Beard] Great – Got some burger lettuce right there Guide it in with that so I got a little more clearance for my fingers

So that's perfect All right, there you go Plenty of pickles for you – These are not very good – [Man In Hat] They're not? – [An With Beard] This I'm legitimately concerned about

– [Man In Hat] We'll go ahead and use the guide then – I'm most concerned about it hitting that blade and the blade shooting out into my neck and then me dying – Oh sure, but your eyes are protected We've got that much covered at least – Just do this

(saw blade whirring) – [Man In Hat] All right that's enough – That is a picture perfect slice right there – I don't think you can ask for a better tomato slice than that – That's great Last and best

– [Man In Hat] Yes – Those are some thick slices – [Man With Beard] We got the makings of a good burger going – Yeah so far but there's one more thing we need – Yeah, the meat

– It's like the thing that people like on burgers – All right we got here a big old slab of chuck What do you got to grind it with? – I got us this consumer grade wood chipper and mulcher (laughing) The only thing is that steak's a little bigger than your average tree branch – It is yeah

– So I think we might want to pop that baby into the miter saw as well – Oh God – [Man In Hat] Ha (laughing) – Jeez You enjoy that don't you? – I do but not in like a way that the FBI needs to be informed about it

(laughing) Here we go Nice, drop it in Oh yeah It's almost as if it was made to do this Simple American chuck beef burger

I mean is there anything we need to add to that? – [Man With Beard] We're just gonna add salt and pepper All right let's form up some patties We want to make sure that we don't overwork the meat at all so just real simple That's about 1/3 pound – Kinda crumbly, buttery, gooey, fatty beef in your mouth

– Yes, beef in your mouth This is a lot of meat for a vegetarian – It's, yeah, it's fine – [Man With Beard] Here, well you can have this little baby one – No I'm not gonna have any

– Oh okay So we got a grill pan here – Got this guy, our trusty little blowtorch Get that up to heat and then also below there see we got some heat guns – So this is a 1500 watt heat gun and this will actually get up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit

Whoo, yes It is searing – You can hear it searing – [Man With Beard] That's great – All right how do you take your burger? – I like it medium rare but considering it's been on the floor and stuff I might go medium, medium well

– So you're gonna sacrifice flavor for the sake of your health? – Yes – Okay I mean that's not how I would live my life, but- – [Man With Beard] Wow, look at that fat just melting All right we should flip these things – [Man In Hat] Yeah, yeah

This like if it were Spackle You really get rough with it – [Man With Beard] Well that's a sloppy Joe now – No it's a burger, it's a burger Look I'm reforming it to it's original glory

– There it is – [Man In Hat] Oh my God look at that – [Man With Beard] That is beautiful – That's perfect I think this is the best way anyone has ever cooked a burger beginning to end

– [Man With Beard] This might turn you back into a meat eater – It's not gonna turn me back into a meat eater but I remember the days – All right let's assemble these – [Man In Hat] This was almost too easy – If I had a burger restaurant I would use that to grind my beef

– Yeah – And I would use blow torches and heat guns to grill my burgers – If I also had a burger restaurant that's how I would do it – All right, let's assemble these – And my burger restaurant would blow yours out of the water

– [Man With Beard] Uh, that is false because I know way more about food than you do – [Man In Hat] All the kids would want to come to play the arcade games – [Man With Beard] Oh you have arcade games? – Oh of course I have arcade games – But you don't have pinball like I do – [Man In Hat] I mean no one really- I like pinball but generally- – It's an American classic

– If you go to an arcade people don't like the pinball – All right, well, while we were arguing I put some condiments on the buns And then the way I like to assemble a burger, I don't know if you're the same You take your lettuce, put your onion, your tomato and then you kind of wrap it up in the lettuce like that – [Man In Hat] Uh-huh

– And then you put the patty on – [Man In Hat] Oh wow, look at that ooey gooey – [Man With Beard] Oh my God Then you want to top with your pickles – All right and that looks really good like that

– Close it up Look at that burger – [Man In Hat] That's amazing – All right I'm gonna taste it – Yeah, yeah

– You're gonna look at me in jealousy – Okay Oh my gosh How's the cook? How's the cook? – [Man With Beard] It's perfect – [Man In Hat] Oh yeah

– I wanted medium cause it was on the floor – Yeah – That grinder got us like a really, really course grind – [Man In Hat] Yeah I could see like just the way in crumbles- – [Man With Beard] Yeah it's like- – [Man In Hat] And chunks off of there- – It's like pieces of brisket almost – [Man In Hat] Yeah man

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