Cinnamon Toast Crunch Kit Kat: Should This Snack Exist?

– Now what this is gonna do, it's gonna create a nice, even coating on the bottom and then we can add our wafers to it – Do you– – Davin, just stop for a second

We're gonna top it (upbeat music) What up, it's your boy, Josh aka the Cinnamon Toast Criminal, a

ka break me off a piece of that pull-up bar, aka

it's chicken, I like fried chicken and it's that time again Time to take two iconic snacks, smash them together and see what kind of beautiful food baby we can create Now we asked you what two snacks you wanted to see smashed together and you said Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Kit-Kat – Will this new snack be a smash? Find out 'cause this is Snack Smash, Davin Edition (Josh impersonating air horn) (smashing) So how much do you know about cooking? – Very little – Davin's coming in here soft He works in the producer's tent, whatever they're doing but no, no, in the kitchen, we're hardcore

I wanna teach him some real life lessons So Cinnamon Toast Crunch is basically just like a bunch of flour and sugar, so I figured that would work really well into some sort of crispy dough to create the wafers – Fun – Right, does that sound good to you? – Yeah, yeah, yeah – Okay, how do you feel about feuilletine? – What? You've gotta first blend all of the Cinnamon Toast cereals into a French term that Josh just said that I can't say

– The French term is feuilletine – Lafayette? I don't think that's it I think that's a character from Hamilton – So we're just gonna blend this up, we've just gotta let it run for a while We couldn't afford Cinnamon Toast Crunch when I was a kid, so we would have like, Cinnamon Square Toasty Bites

It like, tastes the same until you actually have Cinnamon Toast Crunch and then you're like, "Oh, Toasty Bites don't cut it no more" Do you like Cinnamon Toast Crunch? – I don't think I've ever had Cinnamon Toast Crunch – What, Davin? – [Davin] I'm not a big fan of cereals – Davin, eat it – I will say it has to rank pretty high in the charts of cereals

– Cinnamon Toast Crunch is number three cereal Number one cereal is Captain Crunch because he holds military rank Number two is Count Chocula because he holds feudal rank – That is not healthy! – What do you mean it's not healthy? Number three is Cinnamon Toast Crunch because it's delicious Dude, check this out, you've got vitamins and calcium carbonate

(Davin laughing) – Josh is a good teacher – Vitamin C, that prevents any disease from entering your body – But he goes on a lot of tangents – You've got lecithin, Trevor loves lecithin, it's great, it's fantastic I like cooking with Davin because he's kind of impressed with everything I do because he knows so little about it

And I'm just gonna sift this with my hands The reason you want to sift Cinnamon Toast Crunch with your hands is what? – You wanna feel how crunchy it is? – And I am feeling the crunch So we're just gonna add all the Cinnamon Toast Crunch flour, we're not just adding Cinnamon to it, even though that is the main flavor, 'cause there's more than cinnamon in Cinnamon Toast Crunch, right? – Oh yeah – It's cinnamon and chemicals – Cinnamon, toast, crunch

– Lecithin – Don't forget all the vitamins in there – All the vitamins, so many vitamins to trick parents into thinking it's healthy for kids I'm gonna dump in a ton of powdered sugar Now for the butter, we're gonna spin this up, see where it's at

We want it kind of like flimsy-ish dough We're just mixing all that up in a food processor, should be super simple and nothing should go wrong, nothing ever goes wrong All right, nope – He's used it a million times before and I don't know why he couldn't put that in – There's like a

This has to lock in with this – [Davin] Right – If someone's like fit this square into this hole, I just turn it around for a half an hour until I just fall asleep like one of those goats who stare at the sun and faint

Ah-tah! Ah-tah! – I think you have it backwards Now the tricky thing about this blender is that it goes both ways apparently, you can put it in the front and the back but if you put it in the front, it won't work We're making dough! – We're making dough! – We're making dough! – Why, this thing– – I told you the top's backwards, man – It wasn't on, it wasn't on! – I told you the top's backwards! – What do you mean the top's backwards? Whenever I'm cooking, I have it facing me but no, now it's facing you No, the top's not

Okay wait, I think it was backwards – It's such a simple process, once you put it once, you know how to do it (blender whirring) – I knew it, I knew it

– So we're gonna go ahead and make a We're gonna turn this into a thing All right, so now we're slowly gonna stream in some water, just to really bring this all together

Oh there's water here I thought this was empty 'cause water's clear sometimes (laughing) All right, so we're gonna (blender whirring) So we've got a really wet dough You might be thinking this dough's wet – It looks like the dough I baked in the morning – What? (Josh laughing) Davin made a poop joke! Oh it's good stuff – You've seen the show

– One of my friend's basketball teammates pooped his pants and I had to guard him the entire practice – Oh no! – Pooped his pants, he was like, "I don't wanna tell coach," in you know, basketball like, your hand is pressed up on me and I'm like, guarding him here and I'm just like (Josh sniffing) ugh

– Cooking with Josh is a wild ride, man He will tell you stories that you'd never tell before and you think that it's a fake story but it's actually a real story that happened to him You know that's gonna be a GIF forever, right? – Yeah well I was trying to explain a pertinent story about poop hands It's very tricky 'cause you have two competing objectives No one wants poo on you but no one wants to get scored on

All right, let's lift this up, see where we're at Yeah, look at that! – [Davin] Oh is that what you want? – This is actually what I wanted, yeah, yeah shockingly If you really think about a Kit-Kat, someone throw me a Kit-Kat – Whoa, my god! – Break me off a piece of that, that's their slogan So if you really think about a Kit-Kat, right? You think you know how thin the wafers are until you really break it open and you know that these are leavened, which means that they're gonna rise even more

They're good – I want one that you haven't touched – I get distracted So we've got this, we're gonna roll out another one, get it in the oven, about 400 degrees and then Snack Smash, Davin! – Josh! – Kit-Kats – Cinnamon Toast Crunch

– Uh, man, woman, camera, TV (sci-fi whizzing) What else is in a Kit-Kat? – Chocolate? – That's right, so we're doing that! To make the white chocolate filling, we're gonna melt down candy melts, which are a very highly processed form of chocolate and then we're gonna mix in some of that actual Cinnamon Toast Crunch flour, to give it almost a fudgy consistency Are you excited? – I'm kind of lost but yes! – What do you mean you're lost? This is so easy to follow! – [Davin] You know, I'm just gonna watch you and then– – You gotta stir, you gotta stir – I'm sure things will go fine – We're gonna add a little bit of supplemental cinnamon to it 'cause we really want this to like come through

A little dash, very cinnamon forward, just like Cinnamon Toast Crunch 'cause you got cinnamon, toast and the crunch and the lecithin Speaking of lecithin, we're just gonna add a nice little hefty– – Shall I mix it in? – Oh, woo! – [Davin] Yeah? (slapping face) – Smacks you in the face with cinnamon flavor, Davin And then we're gonna get our wafer – Wow it just magically appeared (beep) – So we're gonna cut this layer in half and then you're gonna pour it on that

Yeah it's scalding hot Do it, Davin, just stay calm Lower your heart rate And what we're gonna do is we're just gonna paint on a very thin layer here and we need to work with this while it's still nice and warm 'cause we need to get three layers – Three layers? – Dude, that's what's in a Kit-Kat, man

We're trying to copy this exactly They have a whole factory to do this but today we are the factory – We're artistes, as they say – We are artistes, just like in factories, you know, the people that work there are called artists Like Subway, it's a sandwich artist

I'm just gonna lay our second wafer layer on there Pour some of that on there and start spreading around Why am I running back and forth like the kid with the Naruto headband in high school? Everyone knew him, everyone knew him – He's Naruto! – Do you say Naruto? – Isn't it? – Pablo Naruto? (Davin laughing) – Who thought you'd come to Mythical Kitchen and get a Pablo Neruda and Naruto reference in one? That's what we do baby, multi faceted! That looks really good, Davin It doesn't matter if it's uneven right now because we're gonna cut it with a knife

– Okay, good – Square it off What do you mean good? Like you're worried about the evenness? No, no, no, no! – [Davin] Oh no, no, no, no! – We made our lasagna, we made our lasagna – Oh yeah, you're right, two layers, yeah, yeah, yeah – Is Kit-Kat a lasagna? Listen to our latest episode of A Hot Dog is a Sandwich, Is Kit-Kat a Lasagna? We have to do it now, we said it

Lucas made us some awesome Kit-Kat molds, so what we're gonna do is we're gonna fill that with melted chocolate, then we need to cut these into squares, set them in there and I hope it's a Kit-Kat at that point – It looks like a Kit-Kat to me now – This is what a Kit-Kat looks like to you? – [Davin] You know, like when it's flattened out and there's no marking on it That's how I picture Kit-Kat would be – What? – That's how my brain works, you got how your brain works, you know? – You know I still don't know how to get to work from my home without a GPS? – Oh really? – Still don't know how to do it

(sci-fi whizzing) We need to start filling our lovely Kit-Kat molds, you see they even say Kit-Kat on them Lucas, wow, what an artist He made a beautiful Kit-Kat mold by what I believe is just shoving a Kit-Kat into a piece of soft dental gum material Chocolate is traditionally solid – True

– Yeah, science You know liquid fills the shape of its container? – Yeah – More science So what we want to do is get this chocolate extra liquidy, so that it's really going to get that Kit-Kat in there from the mold I'm adding some coconut oil to it, which melts really fine, so that way it's going to adhere to the mold even better and it should slip out nice and easily

Coconut oil will lube up anything Anything You've gotta be confident with your cuts – Okay – Not nearly confident enough

You were like 80% confident, you need to go 100% Quick, quick strokes! Quick strokes! Ah, too quick, we'll switch, switch, switch, switch – Okay, thank you (Davin laughing) – Okay, keep stirring that up I'm gonna add a lot of cinnamon to this 'cause we want to get a lot of spice in this

So just keep stirring it as fast as you can Remember limp wrist, tight shoulders, swirl the hips – Swirl the hips? – Swirl the hips! All power in cooking comes from the hips – Okay – There, this is perfect

We got these cuts perfect, let's switch back I'm gonna start filling the molds What we wanna do is we just wanna get a nice even coating – [Davin] Okay – There it is, this is what we do

We wanna get an even coating, this is a chocolate slick, we're just gonna, Davin just open your mouth – I trust you – I don't have anywhere to drain it, I would only do this over a trash can Yeah, yeah – Okay

– No, Davin, do it, get it– – I'm gonna close my eyes 'cause I don't wanna get chocolate in my eyes – [Josh] Yeah there it is There we go, okay (Davin laughing) – Wow – Now what this is gonna do, it's gonna create a nice even coating on the bottom and then we can add our wafers to it

– Do you– – Okay Davin, just stop for a second – You know having that white chocolate sauce on your face that's like, really warm and thick, like really tastes, it actually really tastes good in your mouth – And we're gonna top it and then we're gonna set it in the fridge, it's gonna be nice and perfect – You didn't stop, man I just wish that Josh stopped a bit earlier 'cause I was getting choked up with it

That must have looked terrible! – I think it looked great! It made me feel strange Davin, you're killing it man, you're excellent Not in a bad way but just in a way How'd that taste? – That taste really good – It's good, right? – It's really good

– Yeah, yeah, whenever we make it– – That was probably the best way to eat that too – I think so, maybe we should just make Kit-Kat smoothies But you see how this is gonna come together, right? We have the little wafers in there, we're gonna cover it in the chocolate and it's gonna be perfect You want like, a towel or something? – Nah – Okay, you're fine

Just before this, Ryan was just like, "Our aprons are always dirty," and I'm just like, "I wonder why that could be!" I feel confident about this, the chocolate layer is gonna hide everything Okay, so now I got this and then we're just gonna take this and we're just gonna scrape it off the top and then we're gonna set this in the fridge and then it's gonna turn into a Kit-Kat bar – Magic – Magic! – Magic (sci-fi whizzing) Davin, we have a Kit-Kat I think

So we have it set in the mold that's just sat in the fridge for about an hour and I guess, now we just have to see if it comes out of this thing I'm most hopeful about the actual flavor of this 'cause you're gonna get all that cerealness from the Cinnamon Toast Crunch and then all that nice spicy cinnamonness, a lot of nesses going on, think it's gonna be good You gotta jiggle it, give it a good luck jiggle There it is, there it is, there it is Oh my god! – That looks pretty

The Kit-Kats look amazing Out of the mold, it looks exactly like a Kit-Kat bar – It's got like, the beautiful cinnamon hue on it, the chocolate's turned out really well I think the coconut oil actually helped it and it freaking says Kit-Kat on it I am super impressed with our work, this is incredible but a snack is not a snack without the packaging in which that snack comes

– That's right, shall we cut to it? – I think we shall (upbeat electronic music) This looks incredible in the package, it looks like something that would actually be on a store shelf – It looks amazing, yeah – All right, let's unsheathe our Kit-Kats Looks pretty incredible, if you look at a normal Kit-Kat

(puffing air) I mean, it's the same exact dimensions, looks exactly like it There's showed up a little bit cleaner but I'm not worried about that Let's eat it Okay, came apart a little, hold on, hold on – Mine came off clean

– Why'd yours work so well? Well I'm not worried about that, I'm worried about the taste (Davin laughing) – You're a single Kit-Kat guy? I always go double – You go double? – I go double – Whoa! Too crazy for me, man That's is incredible, this actually has a little more– – This is really good! – It doesn't just taste like cinnamon and white chocolate either

Like this has all the cereal flavor, it's like when you steep cereal in milk, you get all of that kind of grain filled rush Like you're getting the grain flavor, that's the toast! On three, we're gonna decide whether or not we think that Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Kit-Kat should actually fuse and make this a thing Pick up your paddle We're gonna go on three Three, two, one

– There we go (Davin laughing) – It's gotta be a smash, this is– – It's a smash, yeah – This is, to me, an easy decision Like, it's the perfect marriage of the two and Kit-Kat makes so many different things – This could actually be one of their actual flavors out there

– This is a money maker for them – Yep – Thank you so much for joining us in Mythical Kitchen We've got new recipes out every week and a new episode of A Hot Dog is a Sandwich every Wednesday, wherever you get your podcasts Hit us up on Instagram @MythicalKitchen with pictures of your mythical dishes under hashtag #DreamsBecomeFood

See you all next time Rock it with a spork in your pocket, get the spork tee now at Mythicalcom

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