Chicken Wing Fashion Show

– This is the first time we've seen each other's outfits – Oh my gosh

– What? (laughing) – (laughing) – I wanna be ten feet tall (laughing) – Do you remember that chicken wing party we had yesterday? – Yes I do, it's one of the best days of the week – Did you enjoy yourself? – Yeah, why do you think I ordered so many wings? – Well, the reason I thought it was quite nice, is 'cause I like the look of the bones – I see what you're getting at – You enjoy the look as well? – Like seeing stuff getting peeled off of 'em

– Well it's not the process as much as just the actual – Yeah me either – Shape of the bones themselves, okay

(laughing) – Shape of the bones, the look of 'em, the feel of 'em – The feel of the bones, yeah I think, if the bones are still there, we could do something nice with them – Oh God Seems like we have some left over meat here

– Yep, that's bones – Eck! (coughing) – (laughing) You found 'em – It's just concerning, seeing them all in one like that They're a bit moist – The aesthetics are there, everything we need to do something great is here

– Just reminds me of those hats that kids used to wear with feathers on 'em, dead birds feathers on 'em – Yeah, people put dead birds on all kinds of things and make 'em look nicer – Somehow that really elevates it to a new class I'm not sure what it does, but it does – We could take something that's already classy, a gentleman's suit, we could add a bunch of dead bird parts to it, and I think everyone would go wild

– Alex seems very interested in the women's suits today – (laughs) Oh these are the women's suits – So into the women's suits I'm hoping that we can find a good, I'd prefer a boys suit Just how, I like the cut, and I like that it shows off the wrists and the ankles

– A boys suit Corduroy, oh that's nice Ohhh Oh, this is hideous (laughing) I look like, like one of the Kings of Comedy

They just wear those huge suits (laughing) DL Hughes (laughs) – Okay, so the plan is, these wings are far too wet I wanna bake 'em for awhile

– I would as well – Just incinerate 'em a little bit, get the meat off if we can, at least dry it out – Oh God They are wet – They are really wet

This feels like such a nice This would be such a nice, like lunch line Come in and we just give you a handful of these

– (laughs) – Careful now – That'll do – Alright, that's it, now we wait for – Approximately however long we decide – For 12 hours The smell is not bad honestly, it smells like we've made something else – It doesn't smell like chicken wings though – That's looking good, incinerated, the meat has been incinerated

– We're done? They look pretty good I don't know why I didn't think they'd burn like this, but they did huh? Certainly did (laughs) – There goes there's all the meat, we got bones – I'm gonna go over there and make my suit, you stay over here and make your suit I also think we should have a little contest to see who makes the best suit – Alright, let's get started now So what I wanna do is, harken back to you know prom king days, I was never prom king

A lot of guys with letterman jackets were often the winners of prom king, so I wanna go back to a letterman jacket style suit – You know what this kind of looks like? Little bit of a, little bit of a military jacket Kind of a little vibe, so I'm gonna get those, I'm gonna put those things on the shoulders like the dictators have – Rich Always wanted to be a "Rich"

And then maybe I'd be rich, 'cause my name would be Rich I wouldn't necessarily have a lot of money, but I could – Best way to check to see if something's hot, you just, you just poke on it a little People know at this point that I'm not artistically inclined, you know I feel like most people know that, that's not my strength, but you know what I do have? Vision

– This actually looks kind of nice, this is a good color contrast I think Ultra-wide "H" to finish it off – A blind man can have vision, but he can't see (laughs) Oopsie poopsies That's not good

– Suppose you need a number now Ah, so can you guess what number this is? "F" for freaky first – I feel like fashion people always say they have like weird inspiration, like, this year's runway inspiration was cheetahs that are slow, so that's kind of what I was going for So that's kind of what I have in mind, just the most outlandish symbolism you can think of – I know Alex will do the front, do some nonsense, but I do want to do something with the sleeves

Hot glue is known to be, you know, it's a mess Don't worry if you get it everywhere – Secret weapon, when I turn around, circle of power Everyday bro with my chicken suit flow – A lot of these bones left, geez

Give ourselves a little, lapel here Is that what it's called? I don't think that is what it's called I think I wanna do a belt because I like the look of a belt, but I don't like wearing a belt – So I have no game plan at all for these pants, but this just ended up here so I think that'll do it

(laughs) – Ahh, this is the last one And that looks pretty good Okay everybody, thank you for coming here, we have a great show, we have two beautiful models coming today – [Together] It's us – It's us

– Yeah, we're gonna put on a show for you guys We've designed our own outfits, it's a passion that we have, and we hope you really enjoy it – We'd like for you guys to maybe pick which outfit you enjoy best – These don't fit – (laughs) – Oh my gosh

– Hey, what, what? – [Together] (laughing) What? – That are you serious? (laughing) – This is the first time we've seen each other's outfits and so far I'm unimpressed – I am so shocked

– (laughing) – I'm so surprised – About what? – I just didn't know you had that in you – (laughing) Thank you guys so much for your patience Does this say "Rich F" on the back? (laughs) You ready? – Who wants to go first? – You are Up first we have a piece by Michael, here he is

(upbeat music) (laughing) – Aww (laughing) – Up next we have Alex Punch (techno music) (audience laughing) – K, thank you guys so much, I think we're gonna go through individually and get some thoughts from everyone Let's start over here – Overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time

– K – I'm gonna have to go with Alex Got a little something special there, goin' – I think generally, um It's gonna be a no from me dog – So it's a no for me? – It's a no for me – Alex I feel bad, you've put a lot of hard work into it, and you did great, but, the outfit is falling apart in the back – So that's two for Mike and one for me

Okay Nicki – This is a hard one for me, because you look kind of like an anime vampire – Thank you – And you look kind of like a guy that plays mandolin on a college campus There's a bit of nostalgia there for me, so I'm gonna go with Alex

– That's two and two, Michael – Damon – Alex, I just don't get the shapes on your suit man – I was thinking the same thing – Like, there's so many shapes

– I can walk you through it if you'd like – An, nah, so I'm gonna like have to go with Michael – K, June Why don't you walk towards whoever you like the best Oh, she's busy, okay I guess we'll just move on

Becca – Alex, I'm liking, you kind of feel like an overactive Play Station controller, but this Chicken Little action downstairs – (laughs) – It was unexpected, it was a bold choice, it was ultimately, just deeply disturbing

Mikey boy you've got my vote – Oh my God – Where does that put us at? – What is that, four to two? – Did I only get two? – That Alex – That's upsetting – [Alex] If you click over on the left you can watch more Ten Feet Tall

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