Cheez-It Ravioli Recipe

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Today, we are making Cheez-It ravioli, we're gonna take all of that toasty, nosty flavor of a Cheez-It and we're gonna pack it into fresh pasta, roll it out, get some cheddar in there It's gonna be all of the cheesy flavors that you know and love in a pasta pocket that I'm forcing you to eat If you wanna snag the time codes, they're gonna be right there And you can make the Cheez-It raviolis too (upbeat funky music) I'm gonna start by making our Cheez-It ravioli a fresh pasta, and there are two types of people in this world: People who prefer Cheez-Its to Cheese Nips and uncultured idiots who don't deserve fresh, toasty cheesy snack cracker flavor

Hot take! So, you might be asking, why? Why any of this? I don't know, but you're gonna ahead and take two cups of Cheez-Its, just measure it out loosely And you're gonna dump that in a blender And then we're gonna take two cups of flour and put it in there So, the way you typically make fresh pasta dough is you are just taking flour and you are blending that eggs, maybe a little bit of water, maybe some sort of olive oil We're not doin' that! We are going to do a something to something ratio of flour to Cheez-Its

The reason we're cutting our flour is because in Cheez-Its, the gluten has already expanded and become solidified, so we need the gluten from the fresh flour That's why we're gonna process it in a Vitamix If you don't have a Vitamix, you can use a food processor or just bash the crap out of 'em But you might need to sift it because you're not gonna get as clean of a blend in the Vitamix This is gonna turn it into a real fine powder and it's gonna turn into a pasta dough that's perfectly pasta dough

Bluh, pasta dough a bowl (humming) So you're gonna blend this up and you can use the tamper to tamp down the Cheez-Its The flour is actually helping bind all this together and it's also helping absorb the fat from the Cheez-Its, so when you add your eggs to it, you're not gonna have like oil separation 'cause you've just created one big ol' mass of cheesy cracker flour that's gonna get all that toasty nostiness right into your pasta Look it Look at it, it looks like I'm– (warm elevator music) Let's see if this works

Hey now And then you're gonna create a well in the middle of your flour, this is a traditional Italian pasta-making technique, including the Cheez-Its Italian people, come for me in the comments We're gonna crack four eggs into this dough Some people would not put shells in their pasta dough

Me? Boy, do I love the crunch Just wakes you up in the middle of the day Fork And you just start mixing the pasta dough by hand This is a very traditional Italian technique, some people would use a fork to mix it together, but I don't like that

I like to really feel my dough come together Start whisking in the middle and then gradually add in some of that Cheez-It flour Trying to make sure that the walls of the levee don't break And eventually, this is going to form a shaggy dough There we go

– [Producer] Josh, there's a fork next to the blender – [Josh] Where? – [Producer] On your right side – No way, there was a fork there the whole time? – [Producer] Yeah – I was just trying to just like be a good TV chef guy and like roll with the punches Yeah, no, don't finger your dough, probably use a fork

Well, we're here, so, whatever It's all the same, it comes together You can do this in a food processor, you can do it with your hands Everyone's been like, oh, Josh, during COVID, this must be terrible 'cause you're such like a gross piece of (bleep) when you cook (laughing) No, it's great 'cause now I don't have anyone complaining about it because no one wants to eat anything that anyone else has touched

So if you see, our dough is starting to come together It's gonna be a little bit shaggy when you actually ball it up and put it in plastic wrap and get it in the fridge because then all of the oil from the Cheez-Its and all of the liquid from the eggs are going to hydrate that flour And it's gonna become nice and pliable And so, you're just gonna mash it a little bit Now it's lookin' like a pasta! Just like a nona used to make! And we're just gonna tear this into two and then we're gonna form it into little discs

I always like to put my pasta into discs instead of balls And this makes it easier to roll out, right? When you're gonna take the pasta dough of the fridge, you're gonna start rolling it with a rolling pin and it just makes it easier 'cause you're already halfway there Get some plastic wrap (beep) So you're gonna take your plastic wrap And then you're gonna– I tore it, I tore the plastic wrap

(beep) Now you're gonna get your pasta dough resting in the plastic wrap, and that's gonna create a nice air-tight seal, and that means none of the moisture's gonna evaporate, so it's gonna become nice (smacking) and pliable in the fridge I really, oh, I really screwed this plastic wrap up, Nicole This whole thing's done for All right, and these gonna go in the fridge and then just gonna take 'em out and then we get to makin' our pasta (upbeat funky music) We're making the cheesy ravioli filling and my thought process behind this is I wanna take the flavor of Cheez-Its, right? So that like real bold cheddar flavor

And so I'm gonna go, oh, no, not again I'm gonna take extra sharp cheddar that's shredded, and I'm gonna mix that with ricotta, so like, ricotta, Parmesan, parsley, garlic are really common flavors in a ravioli filling But there is no common flavor for a Cheez-It ravioli filling 'cause it's just something I said in like a Slack thread So we're just gonna crack an egg into the ricotta as well, the egg is just to help bind everything And so we're gonna take a little pinch of salt, and then we're gonna put in about a quarter teaspoon of black pepper

And then about a teaspoon of chives Chives and cheddar cheese is one my favorite combinations of all time You just get like that little oniony pop, for me, it adds a lot more than parsley in a dish like this And then we're simply gonna whisk it up And then all we gotta do is roll out our pasta and we're gonna fill it with this delicious cheddary mixture

We're gonna boil it and we're gonna sauce it and we're gonna saute it, and we're gonna fill it– (bellows) We have our Cheez-It pasta dough Oh, it smells like Cheez-Its, Cheez-Its has such a distinct smell Like how I describe Cheez-Its like it's a beautiful cote d'rone It's like, oh, a beautiful barnyard bouquet, it just really transforms you It's a pastoral France

So we have our pasta dough and we're just gonna start rolling it out If you have a pasta maker, you could absolutely do this, but me, I am my own pasta maker And so, I'm just gonna roll it out Ravioli, since it's a filled pasta, you're doubling up on the layers at the edges, so it has to be extra thin I've had so many homemade ravioli that are super thick, so I'm gonna go extra thin until I lose interest in this and I just give up and make it thick

So, keep rollin' it out, ain't nothing to it but to do, you now? Ugh, I'm all sweaty at the haunches now I'm gonna hike up them pants real quick Don't short the work here, you know, you really wanna put it in to make these bad boys extra thin Can I take off my shirt? No? Okay Here we go, there we go, come on! Come on now, pasta! Come on, work with me here! We have our– Well, we got one sheet done, but the best part about ravioli is there's two sheets of pasta that go on it by necessity

You're gonna unwrap your second with dough of dough And then you're gonna start rollin' that out But in a few easy steps, it should look like that (ticking) (ringing) Well, after long last, we have both of our sheets of pasta, and so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna trim this up to roughly be a square Or as some people in the math world would like to call it, a rectangle

And so, I'm gonna cut this into a rectangle just so all the edges line up when we do eventually punch out our ravioli in 35 to 60 years, when this is all done And then you take the pasta scraps and you just, you put it in this for snacking So we have our two sheets of pasta dough right here So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to egg wash the bottom sheet, this is a great tip for ravioli The egg wash is really gonna help your ravioli stick together when you cut it out 'cause you never want your edges to burst while you're boilin'

We washed our pasta with our eggs We have a stamp, so you're gonna roughly estimate the size of your stamp and then put a dollop of filling in there So, I have this super power where I can measure things with my eyeballs And so, all I'm gonna do is take a little dollop of filling and put that where our squares would be We're going to do four on each

Three and four We'll do that all the way across the board, we'll see if we can get 12 out of this So, just little dollops of filling to fill out our ravioli Hey, did you know that one ravioli's called a raviolo? And do you know that anyone that says that to you when you say a ravioli is a huge (bleep)? Dollop, dollop, dollop, do a dollop a daisy And now, this is the most important part, have fun

No, that's not it, the most important part is to lay your second sheet of dough on top And then what you wanna do is take your fingers and try and press all the air out around your filling 'cause otherwise you're going to have air in there, that's gonna cause steam, that's gonna cause your ravioli to inflate and it runs the risk of rupturing No one wants a ruptured ravioli, my uncle died of a ruptured ravioli back in World War II Oh, no, that was a parachuting accident We're gettin' a little cheese seepage on the sides, but cheese seepage never killed anyone except my other uncle

So you're gonna take our stamp and all you're gonna do is stamp it Again, what a simple home recipe for anyone who can make home recipes But it's gonna be very rewarding, I'll tell you that So you're gonna stamp it out and then you get, look at this Nicole, gimme Cheez-Its

Look at this! What do we have here? This is a big ol' Cheez-It So now, I'm gonna do this like 12 more times And just keep, yeah, I'm just gonna go fast, 'cause there ain't nothing to it but to do it We're gonna get there, but the end product is gonna be so worth it (laughing) And so, we have some of them

And now all we have to do, we're gonna make a really beautiful garlic butter sauce that we're gonna hit with some chives, get it a little bit of freshness I'm gonna get at least two to three tablespoons of sweat in there, which is but a drop in the bucket of what is currently opening in my grundal area right now The pasta's boilin' away, that's not true, I put none of it in there, I just threw scraps in there We gotta boil our pasta, we're gonna get it nice and sauced, and now! (upbeat funky music) We have all our ravioli made, they look beautiful, they mostly look like Cheez-Its They're gonna taste really delicious

We're just going to heftily salt our pasta water and since we're gonna be using part of that pasta water in the sauce, we have the raviolis with some flour on top We're just gonna slide 'em all in there The flour in the water is gonna help the sauce So, we also have a pan that is hot and we're gonna add butter to it What sauce do you put on a Cheez-It ravioli? No, I'm actually asking, that's not a rhetorical question

What would you do? I'm gonna melt butter, and I'm going to saute it, lots of garlic and I had six cloves in there Way too much garlic But garlic, cheese, chives, all really good flavor combinations to me So, I'm just gonna melt the garlic down with the butter, and then as the butter starts to foam, all that beautiful garlic flavor is gonna infuse into the butter All the little flour particulates, the starch that's in the water right now is going to help to bind water and fat, which are two things that are not supposed to combine, and that is what emulsification means

So, one guy in the comments who says, Josh, you don't know what emulsify means, yeah, I googled it at least 15 minutes ago Got 'em You just want your ravioli in there for about four minutes Honestly, fresh made pasta, people are always like, you only wanna boil it for about a minute and a half, two minutes When it's really thick, I think it can handle a longer boil

Just gonna get some of that butter doing the flippy thing, so Morgan get it on his camera It does nothing from a cookery perspective Got you, Morgan! All that garlic sitting in that butter, that's looking lovely We're going to take about a half cup of this pasta water, you see it's all kinda nice and murky lookin', that is what we want Little more than a half cup apparently, and then we're gonna let this cook for a couple seconds

Ah, let's just get the ravioli in there What, none of these raviolis burst, which I am very happy with When you finish a pasta in the sauce like this, all that's gonna do is infuse the flavor of the sauce into the actual pasta And also the starch in the pasta is going to help bind the sauce, so it's gonna become nice and thick I do this with all my pastas, I do it with my spaghetti, hell, I even do it with my ramen noodles

I even do it with Kraft mac and cheese Honestly, I cook Kraft mac and cheese risotto style, which is like among the bougiest things that I do And take about a quarter teaspoon of salt in there Salt that pasta water, now the pasta water's super salty Well, you know, it'll probably taste good

So, you can see the sauce is looking almost creamy, right? But there's no actual cream in there That is just the butter and the pasta water emulsifying together Let's take a spoon, taste it, see where we're at Mm, that's tasting good Just needs another couple minutes to really reduce down

Then we're gonna hit it with some fresh chives and plate it up, and it's gonna be real nice and Cheez-Ity (upbeat funky music) All right, so the Cheez-It sauce has reduced nicely You can see it's gettin' real thick and creamy in there And so we're gonna take about a tablespoon of chives and we're gonna toss it in there I like to add fresh herbs into my pasta right at the end

I do a similar thing with parsley And then I'm just gonna give it a nice little toss like that And there we have our saucily cheddared– Saucily, it sounds like an app Write that down! Here we have our saucy cheddar Cheez-It ravioli We're just gonna dump that into our plate right there

That is lookin' gorgeous, get some of that delicious garlicky sauce all over it Beautiful! Now, as the final garnish for our Cheez-It ravioli, (laughs) I'm gonna zest a Cheez-It We're gonna take our zester, that's gorgeous, just get some of those beautiful Cheez-It zest crumbs right on top Take a little bit of extra Cheez-It dust, get that right top and then that is a beautiful plate of food right there! (upbeat funky music) And this is how devoted we at Mythical Kitchen are to your experience We're gonna get you as close to my mouth as possible while I'm all wet

And we're gonna spork myself 'cause you can't spork anyone else So, welcome to spork cam, we're live here at the Mythical Kitchen And we're just gonna spork up a raviole and then get that right– How am I gonna eat? I'm gonna straight for the center Most people would try and attack a corner, but I'm gonna go– Uh-oh Uh-uh, I don't like that

I'm like drowning in that again How am I supposed to get this big ravioli into my mouth without getting it on myself? I'm gonna try to do– – [Producer] Hold up, hold on You need to start that over 'cause you had stuff all over your face – No, no, no, I'll get stuff on my face again (laughing) We good? Very hard to eat on a spork, if you're eating this at home because you've made it and it's very simple, I understand that you probably aren't gonna be sporking yourself with a GoPro attached to it

And I don't even know what I look like right now I feel real greasy It's actually really delicious The first thing that hits you is that immediate punch of like roasty, toasty, nosty cheesy flavor And that's out so you have the little bit of crunch from the Cheez-Its on top

Oh, God, I'm so disgusting! There's that beautiful freshness The garlic just really comes comes through with that perfuminess It's actually very, very well balanced Maybe it could use a squeeze of lemon But next time we'll do that

Thank you guys for stopping by the Mythical Kitchen I hope me eating that did not completely sicken you because we got new episodes of Hot Dog's a Sandwich out of every Wednesday And new cooking videos every week Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing Hit us on Instagram @MythicalKitchen with hashtag #DreamsBecomeFood

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