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– What were you just doing? You trying to kiss me? – What, no Oh my god

Oh, if I tried to kiss you, you'd know, fella (upbeat music) Welcome to Mythical Kitchen, where dreams become, Brad Leone – Yeah, dreams become Brad Leone – You've become my dreams a lot lately They're actually stress dreams where all my teeth fall out

I don't know what to read into that – Yeah, that's not weird or anything But, we'll roll with it – Well, we are making Doritos cured salmon, which is great, because if your teeth fall out, you can kind of just gum it down You'll probably get even more Dorito flavor

(Brad laughs) – What's the plan with that? You just kind of take some Doritos, turn them into powder and pack it onto a fish? – So that was the first idea, but then we figured we'd get a little weird, kind of deconstruct it down So we're gonna take Nacho Cheese Doritos, Cool Ranch Doritos, the top two Doritos flavors in the entire Dorito cannon And we're actually gonna reverse engineer their seasonings and then use that as a curing mixture – Oh okay, so we're gonna steal the profile– – Yeah – And make it into a curing rub

Yeah, that sounds delicious – It's gonna get a little weird – Let's do it (upbeat music) – All right, we gotta make our Dorito curing mixture right now – Okay

– If you wanna do a little spice roulette, and taste some of these, and see if you know what they are Like, that one's a fun guy – Yeah, I mean, that doesn't look like something you would just taste though, right? – No, no, no, but do it – Oh, you went for it No, I'll do that

– Oh, I thought you were gonna do it to me – No, we just met each other for God's sakes What is that? – That's buttermilk powder – Oh – So right now we're making a base curing mixture on the ingredients that both Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch both share, so it could be– – Oh, so all of this stuff is in both? – Yeah, if you got plain Dorito, it would just be this

So we got buttermilk, we got garlic – [Brad] A little lactic-y, kind of nice – I mean, curing fish, right, you can probably speak to more than I can, but it's getting the moisture out essentially, right? – Sure, sure, getting the moisture out and getting the salt in, right? – Yeah All right, so we got salt, sugar, MSG, tomato powder, onion, garlic, and buttermilk – A little tomato powder

– A little tomato powder in there – What was that, salt? – That was just salt, yeah And then we also have a fair amount of MSG So we do like a three to one, salt to MSG ratio – Okay

– And then we're just gonna buzz this up, just to make sure– – And that was you, or that was Doritos? – That was Doritos So like, I always go through the ingredients list and try and go through by weight 'Cause everything's listed from weight down So yeah, the salt, cheddar cheese, whey, monosodium glutamate, buttermilk, Romano cheese, all that – All right

– So this is the last thing, this is disodium inosinate, and disodium guanylate This is a really heavy chemical mixture, that you're not supposed to use more than 3% by weight So of course, we would naturally measure it out – Yeah, that seems right

– That seems right – That seems right – And then we're just gonna buzz this up Spin it up a little bit – Where the hell did you get this from? – Cheddar cheese powder, that's fun

Anything you can get on Amazon We actually just hit up Bezos specifically – Yeah, Jeff's all right You know, he's getting a little– – Blow on that for good luck – Blow? Then it's gonna go in my eyes

(Brad blows) – Nailed it – [Brad] It's pretty glow in the dark – It's pretty glow in the dark, I think it's gonna give it a really great color Because I mean, if you look at Doritos, like– – They're kind of glowing in the dark a little – [Josh] They're kind of glowing in the dark, so you can see where that color is coming from

– Yeah, that's it That with the tomato powder, I think you're gonna get it to a– – I mean, cheddar cheese is naturally dyed anyways – Yeah, with annatto – Annatto, a paprika extractive So I figure all we're doing is, you know, taking a natural product and elevating it

– Yeah, it's nice – Speaking of which, Romano cheese, we're also doing that Letting our nacho cheese do this – Little of that rain in there Oh, oh

– Dang it, sorry, man I freak out, I shouldn't, you're here – No, it's fine, bud Here, no, but look, get all that in, come on – Thanks, thank you

– We don't cut corners on this show – Do you want a Dorito? – No – Okay Okay, okay, okay, we're gonna blend this up We're gonna blend this up, and then we're gonna mix it with half of the spice mixture

– Yeah – We're gonna measure it super– – You said that extremely fast – Thank you – People have a hard time understanding me and it seems to be working – Yeah

I gotta say though, I grew up, my dad said, water, 'cause he's from Philadelphia – Oh, yeah, that makes sense – Yeah, I felt kind of like you were my da No, so we're gonna go ahead and mix this Dorito powder – It's fine You know, I don't know how old you are, but you know, it's fine – Me neither, man – [Brad] All right, so mix that bad boy up

– Mix that bad boy up Cool Ranch, I feel like we gotta move So this is dehydrated bell pepper – We gotta move? – No, no, no, you're fine Brad, you're fine, you're perfect

How's that taste? – Yeah – Yeah, is it? – Uh, no Hold on, don't do that Pretty Dorito-y – Also you see that Cool Ranch, right

Got all the green and red specks? – Yeah, what's that all about? – Boom, green and red bell pepper – Oh, you like bell peppers? – I'm a fan – You like green ones? – Uh, yeah, why do you ask? – Me too, I love them – You love them, people hate them – People hate them

– They're one of the top three most maligned bell peppers – They're so good – They're so good – When you get them nice, if you like, grow them, ripe off the plant, not just like, some BS ones from the super market – Yeah

– Eat it like an apple, man – Great, yeah All right, so we got dill, parsley, bell pepper in there A little bit of black pepper – [Brad] What's that? – Dill

I already said dill, I lied – What's this, sugar? Or is it like umami enhancer? – Oh, (honk) Taste it – Vinegar powder? – It's just straight citric acid, actually – Oh, delicious

– Yeah It's nice – Throw it in – All right Bust this up

– Yeah, give it a little wack – Thank you (Josh coughing) Sorry – (coughs) Yeah, that's a little tough – What is that, is that bell pepper is the lungs? – No, that's that citric acid

– It's the citric acid We've only had to use the fumigation a couple times – Couple times? – You taste it – All right – In a kitchen– – Yeah

– Yeah Am I allowed to lick my finger and stick it in there, and then lick it? – Yeah, dude, whatever you're into – That's Cool Ranch-y, right? – That's Cool Ranch-y – Should we start playing with some fish? – Yes, get the fish – Thanks, man

We're gonna get the fish (upbeat music) All right, so we got our beautiful, thin-boned, wild Alaskan salmon – Beautiful – Thank you We actually got this from our fishmonger named Jeff Bezos

– Jeff! – Jeff! – He delivered it nice – He's out that Oh, man, he looks like Vladimir Putin shirtless, grabbing salmon out of the waters of Can– – With his hands, like a grizzly bear with his mouth – You can probably exclaim why wild Alaskan salmon is the best thing, because the reason I got it is because of you – Oh, cool, man

– I like it, I think it's What is this, like coho or something? – Yeah – It's got a lower kind of

I like ones that have a lower fat content, for curing I just kind of like how it's like a dense kind of texture – All right, so we're just gonna trim this up a little bit

Did a decent job, I just kind of wanna get in– – What are you cutting off? – Well, I was gonna cut that off and that off – What are you gonna do that for? – Well, I wanna make soup later – Oh, all right, I get that I see how your brain's working – [Josh] Yeah, do you wanna do the next one? – No, you got it

– Have you ever used a knife? – Not before – All right – [Brad] But I like it I mean, those are nice little chunks for soup – Yeah, it's good, right? – You a big soup guy? – Big soup guy

– Big soup guy, here – My favorite soup is cereal – What? – Cereal – That's not soup – Like, a bowl of– – You getting cute? – [Josh] All right, should we cure the salmon? – Yeah, yeah, I'm a little (honk) up from your soup, cereal thing

– Man, dude, just let it happen – Yeah, I mean, we're making Dorito cured salmon, so nothing surprises me – What? – That's the plan, here – Dorito cured That's crazy, man You're crazy – Yeah – [Josh] So we're just gonna dust this very liberally

– [Brad] You wanna use all of it, right? – [Josh] I was thinking we'd save some for dusting later – [Brad] I think this is gonna work great – I'm gonna do this one – That's nice, okay – [Josh] Yeah, we really wanna cake the cheese on though

I got drafted once – What? – MLB draft, 16th round – Really? – Turned to cooking instead, you know? – Really? – No, that was a lie, I'm sorry I don't know why I lie for attention – Then don't say nothing

I don't know, I guess we all do it sometimes, right? A little fib What were you just doing, were you trying to kiss me? – What, no Oh my god Oh, if I tried to kiss you, you'd know, fella All right, so we're gonna

You wanna pick that up? – Yeah Put it down – [Josh] Yeah, put it on, and then we'll just do that

– Nice little foldy folds Then you're prick some holes in it, here look – Here prick some holes in it – I got you a little skewer I'm excited the color on this, I think it might be a little bit of a happy accident

Maybe you're gonna see this on menus all over – You sound like my parents now And then all right, now we need to weigh it down So we got all the heaviest things in our kitchen – [Brad] Skin down? – Yeah, I go skin side down, and then we're not gonna flip it

All right, so we're just gonna put this in the fridge for three days? – Three days sounds good – And then do think in that three days we can work how awkward I am? – No, I don't think that time frame's gonna work out – It's gonna be a minute (upbeat music) It's been three days and I think I've become a lot more confident in myself – Yeah, I can tell

– Yeah, that you so much So we're gonna go ahead and take – Here, here, let me help you

– Do it, do it, do it You got it, all right – [Brad] Whoa, look at that color, bud – [Josh] We haven't gotten a lot of moisture loss The cheese is gumming it all up

– The cheese sponged it up We went big time orange there – Big time orange – Like raw turmeric orange – Yeah

– I dig it I kind of dig the color – Do you wanna do the honor of unwrapping that? – Yeah, I'll do that – I think you should Now typically, you'd rinse off the salmon

– [Brad] Oh, look at that guy Yeah, that's something – All right, so you typically wash off the fish, like rinse it off – Yeah, here, let me slide right down – Slide right down

How does it feel compared to a non-Dorito cured salmon? – [Brad] It feels pretty good – Yeah? – Yeah Where we going with this? Right on the towel? – Pop it right there, pop it right on the Mythical Kitchen towel – That's a nice towel, bud – This looks nice, this looks like a cured salmon

And you feel, it didn't seem like it seized up from the citric acid – No, it seems nice Here, let me get rid of this, all right? – Thanks, man – Yeah, let me do that – I'm gonna use that for my soup

It's a crudo salmon stock – You're a sick boy A real suck puppy, pal – A little bit Do you wanna take a knife off the wall? – Yeah, maybe this

So you can get like a nice – Yeah, I think I'm kind of– – Yeah, give it a shot – Are the hips part of it? – Yeah, the hips are definitely part of it, bud

– [Josh] So you wanna get a lot of movement on the blade – Why use just a two inch edge, when you have 10 inches, and you can slice? – [Josh] That's a good point – And you get a cleaner cut Just like a mush hack – Mush hack was my nickname in high school

– Right, that felt good? – That did feel good – Right, look at you, bud Yeah, that worked out good – All right, do you wanna try it? – You can – Here let's cut it in half

– No, I'll try it, of course – All right, all right – Yeah – I mean– – It's not lacking flavor – It's certainly not lacking flavor

How do you feel about it? Like, instinctual, like turn your brain off Don't think about the cured salmon that you've had in the past Just think about your pure animalistic lizard brain This is the caveman Like, does your body crave this? – I think it really depends, you know, on, um (light music) – Let's try the Cool Ranch

– This thing is wild, bro – You gotta crouch down here It's pretty sweet – Get the hips involved – Get the hips involved

Do you think this is gonna be better or worse? The texture on it's really interesting – Yeah I like that one a little better – Yeah – This was the Cool Ranch, the last one, yeah

– This was the Cool Ranch, yeah So you're actually like, getting some herbs on there – That one's kind of nice – It's the bell peppers – It's the damn green bell peppers

– The green bell peppers – Those are tasty, man – Yeah, you wanna make a bagel and eat this? – Yeah, a little bagel – I'd like to Can we get some bagels in here? – A little creamed cheese

Fly in the bagels – Fly in the bagels (upbeat music) All right, man, so we got the whole spread out here We got you a sesame bagel, I'm an everything man I like the breath to just be stanking throughout the entire day

– Yeah, you got it – It's a power move around the office – I like a sesame bagel, you know? I'm glad you got the block cream cheese, you got the block over the whipped – I hate the whipped – I'm not a whipped cream cheese guy

– I want the denseness – Yeah, it's nice – I'll whip it in my mouth while I'm chewing it, that's what I always say – Yeah But you don't have a hole, that's kind of nice though

– That's kind of nice Bagels don't need the holes – Well – [Josh] All right, are you gonna go Cool Ranch or are you gonna go Nacho Cheese? – I'm gonna go Cool Ranch – Yeah? – Yeah, you go Nacho

– Do it All right, I'll go Nacho I'm just gonna grab it with my hands – Yeah, yeah, what are doing? This looks pretty good, bud – It does, thanks

When the cameras were rolling and I was slicing fish up by myself, I feel like I really hit a rhythm – Yeah, you got into it? – Yeah, yeah, yeah – [Brad] That's got some nice color – Yeah I'm really proud of how this turns out

And I'm really thankful for you being here and like teaching me – Thank you for having me I didn't teach you much, but we had a lot of fun together, we learned a little bit I'm gonna not do tomato – You don't have to do tomato, I'm not gonna do tomato either

– I'm gonna do a little caper That looks nice – [Josh] I like that – A little olive oil? That's not olive, that's grapeseed oil – That's grapeseed oil

– Yeah, who you fooling, bud? Get out of here It's fine, it's gonna be fine – Do you want some honey? I thought I had olive oil there – It's probably corn syrup, this is fine – Oh, crap

I keep fudging this up – Yeah, you fudged it – All right, man, we doing this? – Yeah, get in there, bud – Let's do it Well, we gotta do a little– – A little cheers? – A little cross contamination, just in case

– Yeah, bud Pretty good – I'm happy – I've paid for worse – Yeah, oh, me too

– It's good – [Josh] I love the color that's going on – Love the color – Love the color I'm gonna do a little extra

– The buttermilk powder is kind of cool What are you doing now, bud? You're making a mess – No, no, no, it's fine That's my mess, I'll use those for soup (Brad laughs) – Hey, that's probably pretty good though

– You want some? – No But it's probably pretty good I like it, man – The buttermilk and the cheese powder cakes it up, gums it up, sponges it a little bit Overall you get like a pretty solid cure on it

– I'm genuinely surprised how well it turned out – That is the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me – Really? – Yeah, really – All right – That's the nicest thing you've said to me

– (laughs) I believe that – How likely are you to bring this technique back to the BA test kitchen? (Brad chuckles) Are you gonna tell them about me? – No – Okay, that's cool, me neither (laughter) – I'll definitely share what we've experienced here together – Thank you

Well, we're not done yet We got one more thing We gotta actually take our spork cam, and we gotta feed someone, to try and get like, their reaction to it – Their what? Your what? – Their opinions – What's a spork cam? – Well, we attached a GoPro to a spork

Sorry, I forgot spork cam is not a real word (upbeat music) All right, Brad, so we're gonna take the spork cam – Spork cam, flying it in Look at that bad boy – That's for you, you're gonna load up a bite on that, and then we're gonna feed Nicole, 'cause we're kind of pressed for time right now and we're not gonna leave the kitchen

Nicole, you hungry? – Uh, sure? – [Brad] Here we go, spork cam – Hi Okay – Gentle – Here you go

– Gently – Oh, that was good That was nice – Which one is this? – That was Cool Ranch, can you not tell? – No, I can tell now That's really good

Oh, I can taste the– – Care to try the Nacho Cheese? – [Nicole] Yeah – Sorry, I gotta put it on the spork, sorry – Oh, here we go, big bite Go ahead, we'll let you finish Give her a little water, would you, bud? – [Josh] Guys, we need water

– Oh, that's crazy – Lot of flavor going on – Oh my gosh, I can taste the MSG

– Yeah, you can – Like, that's the really strong thing that I'm tasting – You might wanna chug like, a liter of water after this – Yeah, yeah – It's really, really delicious though

The Cool Ranch comes through like, at the end And I really like the cheesiness of the Nacho Cheese It is very cheesy I'm a big fan, guys You guys did a good job

– Oh, success We did it – You guys did a good job – All right, Nicole, thank you Thank you, Brad, so much for stopping by

– Thank you, bud I really like your spork cam – Yeah, I had a fun time And thank you guys so much for subscribing to Mythical Kitchen Like, comment, subscribe, we got recipes out every week

– [Brad] Yeah – We got something coming out next week – Do it – And also we got more things like, all the time Wow, so crazy

Check our Brad's show, "It's Alive", on the Bon Appetit YouTube channel I'll see you next time, thanks so much – [Brad] Yeah – [Josh] You can cook up your own feast while wearing the Mythical Kitchen apron Available now at Mythical


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