Binging with Babish Freaks out Eating Pork Blood

– [Josh] Yup Oh, he knows what's coming

Oh, when you see the fear – Oh, I know what it is strike in their eyes Yup (beep) (upbeat music) Welcome to "Food Fears", where I make something you hate taste great Today's guest is a two time cook book author, one of the most extraordinary food-tubers on the internet, and the man of my dreams

One of the best torsos I've ever seen Andrew Rea, from "Binging with Babish" Andrew, welcome – Thank you, man Coming from from the best torso in the biz here

– I think we have equally good torso's, and I– – I'm lookin' at ya, and I'm telling ya, definitively, that you're built, you're cut from a different cloth – That is very nice of you to say Thank you so much – I'ma go hit the gym after this, real quick – One of the things I was most fascinated, that you said in your interview, is that if you could go back, you would change the name of "Binging with Babish", 'cause, a lot of people just call you Babish

– Most people think that's my actual name I named my my channel after my Reddit handle Which I had named as a joke So really, it's joke named after another joke – Have you cleaned up your Reddit history since? – I had nothing to clean up

– Okay no, I wasn't implying anything – Truly, and honestly My Shadow account on the other hand, we don't want to take a look at that, do we folks? – Alright, so your channel has obviously enjoyed a lot of success In the show, "Food Fears", and your show, are actually nominated for the same award, in "The Streamys" – Yes they are

– I would like to issue a proposal to you Since you've now been on this show, I've never been on your show The only way for both of us to win, is if "Food Fears" wins You're following the logic there, right? – I'm trying (both laugh) – So, if you would campaign for "Food Fears" to win, technically, you and I can share the stage together

And, I think that'd be a really nice treat for both of us – That sounds fair – Thank you – Yeah (laughs) So, you know what? You know never mind

I'll see you at "The Streamys" bud Can we vote for Rosanna Pansino honestly? – Yeah Do what ya want Gordon Ramsay he really needs the you know some, he needs the spotlight – Yeah All right I asked you that before we reveled what was under the cloche because I feel like you may not like me as much

– What are you about to do to me? – Okay, so we have to today is actually something you've experienced before, yup Oh he know what's– – Oh I know what it is – coming, oh, when you see the fear strike in their eyes You said on this show? – Yup (beep) So we have pork blood, but one thing you've never had, you've only had the solid coagulated version, but you've never just straight drank straight pasteurized pork blood

Which I see you know, you don't seem happy about it right now, but I think your mind's gonna be changed when you feel the cold refreshing blood rush down your throat with the chewy curd – I have to go on stage in like two hours man – You're gonna do great You're a natural performer – I'm not performing right now

This is blood – Yeah – [Andrew] That that I am about to have to consume – So what you gonna do, I washed my hands – Dude I'm not going to be able to put away all this

What do what I do? – Yeah, you can just eat– – I'm seriously not going to be able to do it I think you can just eat the blood that's soaked It's kinda falling, uh oh Oh no I got blood on the table cloth I'm sorry guys

– oh my god – Yeah you can kinda grab it outta there Just get it like nice and wet with the blood – All right here we go – All right so – I can't eat the whole thing

– Just take as much as you can – What are you doing? Are you doing the whole thing? Yeah I'm gonna do the whole thing to knock back the shot – Starting to regret this – All right so its go ahead and we're just kinda get them There we go, and then just down the hatch

(in foreign lanugage) As they say in Italian You like pasta? Just- – Having trouble – Yeah just once ya, once you get it in it'll go down I'm do a half bit here we go – Want a sip? (clank) – (in foreign language) (bangs) (clank) That is so awful

– But like in a good way? – Yeah no, in a great way – Okay – How did you do that? – I think it's good man I eat a lot of coagulated pork blood, but you don't seem to feel the same way as I do – Oh god no

I would spit that up all over your face so now that my mouth taste like you know iron and platelets – [Josh] Yes – What are you gonna do to make this you know something that I actually want to eat? – I have a rough plan in mind and I think it's gonna be something that you really, really like So if you just go entertain yourself for a bit, come back, I'm gonna have a dish that I know can make you fall in love with pork blood

– But here's the thing I've seen your show before I know you work magic So I trust you and I also know that you're way better at you job then I am, 'cause there's no way I can make anything good out of this (laughs) – Trusting me was your first mistake (Andrew laughs) (upbeat music) To make the blood ganache first you have to pasteurize your blood

Which means we're gonna go ahead and get it to about 140 degrees I shouldn't say about when we're working with like something that could maybe kill you we're gonna get it exactly 140 degrees or more Pork blood, honestly like one of my favorite things that I cook with A lot of people seem to leave in the comments, that they think I'm a sociopath

And, suppose this isn't gonna help that I know I'm not a sociopath because I care about many things and I like to think that I show empathy and emotion Expect for people who beat me in Scrabble because they'll get what coming to them Welcome back to Jeffrey Dahmer in the kitchen You're cam see the blood start to curdle just a little bit

That's fine just keep whisking through it We're gonna go ahead and make our chocolate starfish in hot dog flavored water (clunk) Just gonna put the chocolate in there It's not Limp Bizkit's best album, I'm a "Three Dollar Bill Y'all" fan, but it still holds up Go give it a listen

Also I met Fred Durst at a magic club once Then we're actually gonna add coconut milk to it Coconut milk holds heat really well And I don't know, you know you're supposed to limit your dairy consumption So when you're adding pork blood to a ganache might as well use coconut milk

Why not? It's healthy And once that blood's pasteurized, you put some of that in there Get it right in the ganache and you can see it's gonna create a beautiful rosy texture and just get that swirling and look at that (laughs) Gross I think Babish is gonna like- you think he's gonna like this? – [Nicole] I hope so

– He's gonna like it And he's gonna be like wow that cheeky and fun and not like horribly grotesque and I don't respect you and your career or anything that you do ever again Find out! You're gonna place that in a silicone cylinder mold and then pop that in a freezer to set Testing to make sure it's pure Well yeah that's pork blood

All right cool, we're gonna put this in the freezer for a couple hours until it's all set up Then we're gonna pop that into our cakes For the blood meringue you're gonna add your pig's blood to a stand mixer and then your gonna add in granulated sugar, powdered sugar and salt And the proteins and the blood, similar to egg whites are actually going to combine, whip up, aerate Then we're gonna bake it into a nice crispy sheet

Then you're going to spend that really thin out onto a silicone mat on a sheet tray If they would have doused Carrie in pig blood meringue, that movie would had such a happy ending, 'cause this is delicious You can see the color has completely changed Just gonna to spread it a little bit thin I'm just going to take this, pop in the oven 375 for about 20 minutes

Oh hey there I'm sorry to interrupt the most amazing food show that's ever exist on the internet Expect for "Hot Ones" But, if you want to see more food shows starring yours truly, please subscribe to the Mythical YouTube channel If enough people subscribe I'll get to make more shows

Make sure to click that little bell to get notifications because you'll never know what I'll be up to next But that little bell knows, it knows everything "Food Fears" To make the blood cakes, you're gonna start with a double boiler you're gonna melt down chocolate with butter And then we're going to start by taking some chocolate and putting it in this, psych that's a big ole

That's a big ole brick of coagulated pig's blood And then we're just gonna cube it up Blood's just food It's really good actually I don't know why people are afraid of this

And while that's melting, in a stand mixer you're gonna add blood, egg yokes and sugar We're already covering ourselves in pig's blood What's a little egg whites gonna give ya It'll be fine! once that's nice incorporated, you take the chocolate and butter and stream that in Go ahead and pull this out

(metal clanging) (metal clanging) Not again! And you're going to fold in flour and some chopped up solid blood cubes I'm just going to take a handful of blood, doesn't matter Pop it in there, be nice and delicate with it You don't want to break up the blood curds That's what my grandma told me when she made this recipe

Oh, my grandma has taught me tons of blood recipes That's why I'm not allowed to go into the fridge in the basement AlL right and so now, we're gonna go ahead and were gonna dress our ramekins And we're gonna the batter in there Put in the silicone

– [Nicole] Cylinder – Cylinder, that's word I was looking for Okay, back to you Chris You're gonna take you ramekins You're coat those butter and Demerara sugar

Sometimes I just brush myself down with butter m'kay There are so many benefits to brushing yourself down with butter It's like the Bulletproof Coffee movement, where like the fat does something or CrossFit Keto I don't care, it just feels good And now we're gonna take our bloody cake mixture

We're going to fill it about halfway up Take a cylinder of frozen ganache, place that right in the center, and then just enough cake batter to cover it See they just pop out nice and easy and then this is actually going to be the molten filling A lot of people just think you undercooked the cake to make it molten That's not true

As seen in the movie Chef Oh got got snagged on a blood cube Okay Now we're just going to take a small layer of filling right on top Now you just gotta place that in the oven and bake till it's cake

Bake well gross cakes And then now we're gonna start working on our garnishes For the blood whip cream we're gonna do this by hand I don't want to do it but Nicole said I should and my forearm's gonna start cramping in about three minutes So lets start

– [Nicole] It builds character Josh (Josh laughs) So I'm gonna to start whisking it until it starts to thicken up a little bit "Food Fears" All right Then you're going to add half your sugar

So we're gonna get a little stiffer than normal That's what nothing (Nicole laughs) I didn't say it Keep whisking it until soft peaks form at the other half of the sugar and then just enough blood to give it a beautiful rosy complexion And this is pasteurized blood so it's- pasteurized or unpasteurized? – [Nicole] This is pasteurized

– Oh thank god This is pasteurized blood (upbeat music) Oh the blood comes through, but just a little bit Just enough to give you that like kind of a sickening edge, but I think in a good way For our blood macerated berries we're gonna take some fresh strawberries and blueberries

You want to do this very carefully, you also want to say that word very carefully Yes macerate not to be confused with the other word, masticate Just gonna go ahead and pour some of that pasteurized pork blood in there You though I was gonna say Then you're gonna get some sugar

The sugar's actually gonna draw the moisture out of the berries Then a little bit of bourbon Then you're actually gonna get in there and really mash it with your hands a little bit Just to get the juices flowing and then just start punching it, (thud) and it actually should create a nice little sauce You're gonna to take one of those cakes out of the oven and gingerly remove it by placing a plate on top of the cake and then flipping it over, and we're going to get this on the plate

(spits) Now we gotta invert it Flip the plate upside down You gotta go- and that is how it unsheathes perfectly Beautiful Then you're gonna put a dollop of berries straight on top of that

Maceration in the cake hole and flick some of the macerating juices all over the plate Got to give it a little A little flick A few shards of meringue on top Some nice thin shards that you can put in the cream

Really tell a story A story of a horrible double murder, and then you're going to dust the meringue Right on top as if it were powdered sugar and that's your pork blood chocolate lava cake (energetic techno music) Andrew welcome back, how are you recovering? – I Yeah

I'm picking bits blood out of my teeth and I'm shuddering every like 30 seconds thinking about it (shudders) When you get the thought (shudders) For you, you're just like you know oh that was tasty – Yeah, every shot of pig's blood I take I get stronger – That's your secret

– [Josh] That really is the secret – I mean look at the veins folks – All right, so you're ready to see what's under the cloche? What I've made for you Very ready I've loved to get that blood out of my mouth and get some other blood that tastes better

Into my what? Yeah yes I'm ready – Yep (laugh) All right, so you really have been a huge influence to me and I know there have been some big influences on you So we've actually made a pork blood chocolate lava cake – Oh my god – Inspired by your recipe, which was inspired by the movie "Chef"

So we've done is infuse a lot of liquid pork blood into the actual cake With some of pork blood the solids There's pork blood in the ganache We've done a pork blood meringue, which actually just whipped pork blood and sugar – Wow – and a pork blood whip cream, and then we've macerated berries and blood and a little bit of bourbon as well

– That's very interesting First off I wish Jon were hear to try this, sure he'd love it And second off, so does blood go very well with chocolate or is this just an attempt to mask the blood – No, blood actually does go really well with chocolate In fact there's a Filipino stew called Dinuguan

That a lot parents will trick their children into eating by calling it chocolate stew – Interesting – [Josh] So, There is a precedent for it – I also just want to say that blood goes very well with chocolate sounds like some kind of indie film that like one of, – Yeah – it's sort of a fringe

– Blood is the warmest color – Yeah exactly – Uh huh (laughs) Go ahead and dig in, we gotta test this out – Now first things first we got to see if it's molten

– We got to see it it's molten – [Andrew] That's molten, look at that – It's molten – It's (beep) molten – It's (beep) molten, but does it taste good? Please grab a bite

I'll get right there with you at some the blood cream – I want to try each element by itself – Yeah – to see what's going on Really try to focus on the blood flavor 'Cause you notice, you see these whole blood cubes in there

We wanted that for a texture – There's the metallic taste with the blood and I am getting that its also like- as if you had added lemon zest or something, – Yeah – a bit of– – Well actually the reason Dutch process cocoa exists is to get the metallic taste of chocolate already – Well howdy – Yeah

– Yeah So you just went and brought it back in? Doubled down, tripled down in fact – All right, well now I'm gonna try some of this blood cream That taste a little bit more like blood – Uh huh, yeah

– Than anything else, but its not bad It taste a little porky I will say It's not as dessert oriented as I would like it to be But, let me try the – Just to cut the richness a little bit of berries, little bit of bourbon

– You know this is something I could see eating the entirety of honestly I think you've really outdone yourself – Yeah, we'll get you some fresh blood on the side, if you want to eat with that as well – Yeah please – By all means

– You've done it – What just made me literally recoil and I can see the whole chunks of blood in there It's a really conceptual thing Blood doesn't taste that bad – No

– It's fact that you're eating this coagulated blood and that you feel this- you taste the metallic as if you just licked a cut on your hand It's so off-putting, but in this context this is really quite good – And honestly that's a thesis behind the show right This is all just food I grew up eating a lot of pork blood

So to me it's just food, and then when you can re-contextualize in someone's mind It becomes a beautiful thing – Mission accomplished dude – Well – Good job

Thank you so much for joining me This is a huge honor to have you compliment my food and I actually have one more parting gift for you Jon Favreau gave you the fork that you have tattooed on your arm I would like to give you the spork that I have tattooed– – Oh hey – on my arm

It's not special, it wasn't in the movie – This is very special Should I get this tattooed? Should I get a matching one? – I would love that I'll just get your face tattooed on my back if it would make you happy – It would make me happy

Can I hold you to that? Whoever loses "The Streamys" has to get the other's face tattooed on their back What did I just do? Oh I just – This is– (both laugh) – This is a deal Andrew thank you so much for joining me

Everyone go buy his cookbook "Binging with Babish" Check out his channel He's honestly a huge hero of mine Thank you so much for coming You're a huge hero of mine, this is amazing, thank you so much for having me – Food Fears! Sorry if we do that I just scream food fears and it kinda wraps everything up

You see how everyone just stop now – Jesus Christ – Thank you so much for watching If you want to keep watching food content like this subscribe to the Mythical YouTube channel let me know in the comments what your food fears are

See ya next time (upbeat music)

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