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– Oh, Trevor's squeakin'! (Trevor squeaks) Trevor, pull it together, we're making a serious cooking show here (upbeat music) Welcome to Mythical Kitchen where I roll your dreams up like a burrito

Today we're making a Ben & Jerry's ice cream burrito We've broken the recipe down into four easy steps, and you can find the time codes right there Also want to let you know that we have a new podcast out today, it's called A Hot Dog is a Sandwich, where me and Nicole take on the biggest internet food debates It's gonna be a lot of controversial stuff Check it out wherever you find your podcasts

I know what you're asking yourself, ice cream burrito, did you hear that right? Yes you did We've all heard of the Choco Taco, why no Choco Burrito? That's what we're doing today, taking Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream, rolling that up into a cherry crepe, easily deliverable ice cream mouth, in your mouth (upbeat music) All right so we're making our crepes now, which is gonna act as our tortilla for these ice cream burritos So that's starting with eggs, and fun fact, I've made hundreds upon hundreds of crepes in my life because we needed to make them for my French class extra credit in high school, and people would do my homework in exchange for me making their dozen crepes for 10 extra credit points So that is how I got through school

Just gonna go ahead and whisk those eggs up, and then you're gonna add some milk in there To me, crepes are supposed to be nice and flat, and so the way we're gonna make our crepes different is we're gonna add some maraschino cherry juice So we got, (lid clatters) nah, I'm gonna guess We're gonna use a quart cup of that maraschino cherry juice, it's gonna add some sugar in there and it's also gonna add some nice sweetness and a nice little red color that's gonna match our Cherry Garcia ice cream, give it a little flavor flash All right, so now we're gonna go ahead and add our flour and whisk that in

You want to keep continuously whisking, otherwise you're gonna have lumpy crepes (yells) I'm alive! Okay, and now melted butter is gonna be your friend in this, that's gonna give it a nice, beautiful, slightly lacy texture and just kinda keep everything moving A nice little shot of melted butter in the morning keeps everything moving for you too, if you know what I'm saying All right, now uh, salt Salt is what we need

You want a little bit of flavor on that crepe, otherwise it's gonna be all kind of flat flour, flat flour and a little bit of maraschino cherry juice We got that going, now over to the pan I'm using a gas burner here because we only have electric in the kitchen and especially for crepes, I want to see just exactly how hot that flame is We have a nice, big nonstick pan We're gonna take a half cup of our crepe batter and we're gonna pour it on the north end of the pan, and then we're quickly gonna pick the pan up, away from the cameras so they can't see anything

Here we go, here we go, here we go, make it all the way across the pan, it's like a race against the clock now And boom, I'm proud of that, that's awesome Is that an ant? Now we're gonna put that back on there You want your pan to stick at about medium heat You really need to control your heat well when you're making crepes

I honestly think that might be a bug – Can I look at it? No – Nicole says it's not a bug – [Nicole] It's not a bug – So what I like to do is take your– (crepe flops) That's how you flip a crepe

Or you can take your spatula underneath and gently drape it over it and then flip it All right, so we got one burrito tortilla down, and we gotta work fast against the clock Ah, this crepe's not working out as well as I wanted it to (giggles) – [Nicole] Straight disrespectful – [Josh] It's how you make crepes

– [Nicole] You're disrespectful – To what? – [Nicole] To the art of crepe-making – Oh, I'm not trying to like set up shop on a Parisian street corner being like I make better crepe than you, no, no, no Anyone out there who needs extra credit in any French class, this recipe will absolutely get you there Ain't apologizing for nothin'

– [Nicole] Say some words in French (speaking in foreign language) What does that mean? – That means what do you think you're doing? I'm not only robot on this corner (Nicole giggles) All right, got enough crepes to fold, now we need to make our cherry compote that's gonna go on top of our wet burrito, or in French (speaking in foreign language) (upbeat music) Now we're making our Chipotle cherry compote So we're my thought Burrito, spicy, comes from the region of Mexico

Chipotle gonna taste really good with cherries You'll have like Chipotle duck or something or other, so that's why we're doing Chipotle cherry compote One of the most important kitchen gadgets you can have, a boba straw, not just great for sucking down any amount of thick balls in liquid, you can take it and shove it right through a cherry and actually pit them, and then you go (spits) (glass shatters) So now we're gonna do that to all of our cherries, right through the nipple It's more of a bellybutton, why do we call it, why do we call it a nipple? I'm not only one that's ever called that a nipple on a cherry, why am I putting other people in my own problems? And you're gonna cut them in half

We could go even smaller and make it like a jam, but I want to keep some nice whole fruit chunks in there to give it some texture Can I have the bowl of cherries that we already did? I'm bored, and you're gonna have Nicole come and give you a bowl of cherries that were already done, thanks Nicole – [Nicole] You're welcome – All right, so we're gonna put water in the pan and then we're gonna add sugar to that This is gonna form the base of our compote, and then the cherries are actually gonna release a lot of juice as well, and then we're gonna dump all of our cherries

All right so we're gonna take a little bit of salt in there and then we're gonna add cinnamon, so that's a nice, warm spice It's actually gonna tie together the Chipotle with everything so it's gonna make a little bit more sense, and then we're gonna add Chipotle in there Just a little bit, you don't want this to be super spicy, but you want like a little bit of that bitterness to cut all the sweetness, because remember, you're eating a big old ice cream burrito Okay so we're gonna let this come to a boil and then we're just gonna simmer it down We're gonna add a little bit of corn starch so it's nice and thick, and then it's ready to (slaps) slap on top of our 'ritos

(upbeat music) (muffled mumbling) Sorry, forgot that was there All right so now we're gonna make our rice crispy treats that's gonna go in there, because a burrito has rice in it, right? At least in my opinion Wait, do you think that rice belongs in a burrito? – [Nicole] No – What, why? – [Nicole] No, I don't like carbs on carbs on carbs – No, no, no, the rice acts as a blanket to soak up all the sauces in your burrito

– [Nicole] The tortilla is the blanket – No, no, the more– – [Nicole] The tortilla is the blanket! – The more rice you add, the more sauce you can add, because that way the rice is absorbing all the sauce, so you can get like an exponential amount of sauce in there, and to me, a burrito is a vehicle for sauce If you want to listen to more discussions like this, please check out The Hot Dog is a Sandwich podcast available wherever you get your podcasts Okay, so we're gonna melt butter in the pan and then we're gonna add our marshmallows to that, and then that's gonna make – [Nicole] What are you doing? – Sorry, it feels really good right now I get a lot of comments from people just asking simply are you okay? And I think now I understand why So you're gonna go ahead and you're gonna add your marshmallows to the butter and then you're gonna get that nice and melty So we're gonna take our cereal and put that in with a nice hefty scoop of this hot fudge that shall remain nameless

Now we're gonna just go ahead and stir this together, take it off the heat You want to add your cereal gradually so as to not have too much cereal It really does smell great, you get all that chocolate, that lovely toasty marshmallow, and then continue to stir (laughing) And it's almost the thing (pan clatters) (Nicole laughs) (squeaking) Oh Trevor, oh Trevor's squeakin'! (squeaking) Trevor, hold it together, we're making a serious cooking show here

(relaxed music) So we have our rice crispy treats that are just set in the pan, and oh my gosh, I wish you had smellovision That's a portmanteau of smell and television, ya morons All right, so we're gonna take the rice crispy treats and we're just gonna put that in a pan It's looking nice and chocolatey, got all the marshmallow and butter in there, and we're gonna go ahead and throw this in the fridge for about 20 minutes just until it sets up, we're gonna chop it up, put that in our rice God, I have so much stuff on my hands, put it in the burritos

(upbeat music) All right so now we have to finish actually assembling these burritos We have our delicious maraschino cherry crepe right there and we're gonna take a little bit of hot fudge spread, just lay down a base This is like spreading refried beans on the bottom of a tortilla to kind of keep everything in place So we got that and now we're gonna take our rice crispy treats and we're just gonna cut out a little layer of that and then yeah, that's kinda a perfect size, I think I have a problem, I have a serial problem, I am a serial over-burrito-stuffer, no, forge on, this is what you do

If you overstuff a burrito, all you can do is push through your own mistakes All right, now we're gonna take our ice cream You want to get nice, uniform scoopage That's some solid scoopage, I'll take that scoopage I also have a thing where I accidentally crush the pints of ice cream as I scoop them and then the lid won't fit back on

Got our third scoop on there, I'm getting excited (giggles) – Nobody saw that – You guys saw that? No one saw it, okay So now we're gonna fold the edges in, and then you're just gonna simply roll that over, and then you want to use your hands to kind of massage and tuck, and then you're just gonna fold it again, and then you have your ice cream burrito, but wait! There's more! And then you're gonna take your cherry compote and you're just gonna drizzle that all on top Oh yeah, now whipped cream, how should I do it? Yeah, I know what I'm gonna do

Okay, get some whipped cream on there Final move, we're gonna take some chocolate and just shave that right on top Oh! There is your Ben & Jerry's ice cream burrito I don't know that I've been more excited to taste anything in my entire life, except for every Hometown Buffet that I go to They make it look so appetizing

All right, I'm gonna cut into this because I want to see what's on, oh, that's such a satisfying, wow Oh, you see all the rice crispy and the ice cream right in there You know what, I'm just gonna dollop some fresh cherry compote on top It's like adding hot sauce to every bite of a burrito Ooh, ooh! Ooh, oh my, okay, that is ridiculous

You get all the ice cream just gush in your mouth, but the craziest thing that hits you is the Chipotle and the cherry, and it actually works It's like a tiny, tiny bit of heat, but it totally makes sense and it also makes it read as a burrito Like you smell the chilies and then you instantly think of a burrito, this is stupid good I'm ready to find out if someone else thinks this is as stupid good as I am But I also don't want to leave this, I can't stop eating it

(upbeat music) Bethany, how the heck are ya? I feel like I never see you anymore – I know, what's happened there? – [Josh] Not much, well I made an ice cream burrito, do you want to eat it? – Okay – So this is Ben & Jerry's ice cream burrito We have Cherry Garcia ice cream in it, there's a hot fudge rice crispy treat, and then a lot of Chipotle cherry compote – This is a really big bite

– I'm sorry, I meant to cut it smaller, but it is as big of a bite as I would have wanted – I can't – I know, I'm sorry, he just, no, uh-oh Here, at least spork it out of your mouth, just get it, there we go Okay but now focus on the flavors, how is it? Do you have sensitive teeth? – It's actually really good

– [Josh] Right? Oh sorry, I'm dripping ice cream on your chair – [Bethany] I'm so embarrassed – [Josh] You're doing awesome – Oh, sorry Ben I don't even know what to say to that

– [Josh] Do you like it? What kind of flavors are you tasting? – I do, I really like it a lot, peanut butter? – [Josh] Do you pick up the Chipotle? No, there's no peanut butter in there – Okay – Thank you so much for watching Mythical Kitchen Make sure to check out our new podcast, A Hot Dog is a Sandwich If you do make this dish, hit us up @MythicalKitchen on Instagram with #DreamsBecomeFood

See ya next time This was in your mouth, I don't want to do that – [Bethany] How rude – No, it's anyone's mouth, not your mouth – [Nicole] Ketchup is a smoothie

– [Josh] Yeah, I put ice in my cereal, so what? – [Nicole] That makes no sense – [Josh] A hot dog is a sandwich – [Nicole] A hot dog is a sandwich (they both laugh) – [Josh] What?

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