BBQ Pork Twinkies Recipe

– You can see the color's really intensified, it's got a- (screams) (upbeat music) – Welcome to Mythical Kitchen, where dreams become food? Sorry someone put a question mark on the teleprompter, is it supposed to be there? – Yes – Today we are making pulled pork stuffed Twinkies, it was inspired by the GMM episode 'Regional Fair Foods Across America'

There's something called a Twinkie at the State Fair of Texas, right, they take a cornbread Twinkie-shaped thing, and they stuff it with chicken chili I thought I could do them one better though, because that's a great idea, like a savory Twinkie stuffed with meats I'm gonna do it with pulled pork, I think the honey and the barbecue sauce is all gonna tie together and frankly there need to be more meat-stuffed cakes If you're following along at home you can snag the time-codes right there They have all the times plus the codes

Let's get cooking? Guys we gotta solve the question mark thing, it's not working for me (upbeat music) We're making pulled pork right now, and making pulled pork at home is super simple It's just like you're not ever gonna get the actual effect of a real smoker, but you can get some fantastically spiced wet pork in your life, and that's what we're going for at home It's really delicious So we're gonna start with a little dry rub, we got a fair amount of kosher salt that we're gonna add brown sugar to

And then you start adding your spices I don't like to get too complicated with it, a lot of the best barbecues just salt and pepper, but like we're not trying to make the best barbecue We're trying to make some wet shredded pork to shove into a Twinkie So I'm gonna add black pepper to that, really coarse ground, you will see there's a lot of whole peppercorns in that Didn't mean to do that but we're rolling with it, it's fine

Then we're gonna take some onion powder, I'm actually omitting garlic from this, because I don't really like garlic with the brown sugar And so I'm gonna do some mustard powder and then (tastes spice) (laughs) we got paprika going in there, this is smoked sweet paprika (tastes spice) Oh yeah, that's cayenne And then cayenne going in there I forget what choices I make at some points and then have to put it in my mouth

There's a metaphor in there, if you don't know what something is in life, you're confused about any situation, put it in your mouth So we got all that salt, sugar and spices that we're just gonna dust up here Why am I doing this with a spoon, I wanna do it with my hands It's easy, the brown sugar clumps up, use your hands, get in there, get dirty, get intimate with your food, you know, that's what this is about Intimacy

I wouldn't know anything about that So we're gonna take all the spices and we're gonna save a fair amount of this because we're gonna add it to a barbecue sauce later, but you wanna dust it I'm taking- This is just a- This is pig meat, is what we're working with We're using a boneless pork butt, which is the shoulder of the pig and that is what most pulled pork is going to come from It's got a really lovely little fat cap on there that we're gonna get all the spices into

All the fat is gonna melt downward because of Newton's Law- Apples falling or something And so we're gonna take- (groans) We're gonna get this completely covered in that dry rub This is gonna really mimic that barbecue flavor, especially with the smoked paprika in there So now you're gonna take your foil and we're covering this because we want to get some kind of like steam action in there that's gonna lock in- (groans) That's gonna lock in a lot of those juices So we're gonna cook this for about four hours at 325, covered with tin foil, that's gonna make it super super tender, all that intramuscular fat is gonna break down

You're just gonna get nice, shreddable, wet pig meat to put in your Twinkies And then we're actually gonna take the cover off and then we're gonna blast it like 450 degrees for about ten minutes to kind of crisp up that fat cap, get a little bit of texture on there And I'll see you guys in four hours, let's watch the director's cut of 'Return of the King' (does impression of Gollum) (timer ringing) So I'm gonna get this onto my board, look how much wet came out of that That's what I said earlier about this being a delicious wet pork

You can tell it's super tender, get it onto the board Yeah, the fat is just like super gelatinous and kind of fudgy (laughs) I use fudgy as a descriptor too much, I feel like people know what that means Well, I was gonna pull the pork with those forks but then that fell into the pork wet so give me a sec I actually prefer chopped pork to pulled pork because there's like two schools of thought in barbecue

Some people go in there and they pull the pork, I like to chop it so I'm just gonna go to town (cleaver hitting chopping board) Give it a turn (cleaver hitting chopping board) And let's give it a taste, let's get a little nugget in there Ooh, that is fantastic It's so tender- (talks with food in mouth) The best bite on it is when you get that like small amount of bark that's on the fat, where all the fat is crisped up from the heat that we blasted on the oven, and then all the spices really like come together inside of that

This is really good, I'm gonna keep chopping it, (cleaver hitting chopping board) but we gotta make some barbecue sauce (cleaver hitting chopping board rhythmically) That was I Dream of Jeannie I've never seen the show (groovy music) Making your own barbecue sauce from scratch, especially if you don't have any on hand, you can generally make it with stuff that you probably have in your pantry This happened to me once, the barbecue restaurant we get catering from forgot to bring barbecue sauce so I was a hero and I made barbecue sauce, and the entire office- You're welcome! So I'm just starting with a large brick of brown sugar that is clearly congealed together

That's fine, we're gonna melt it into a bunch of liquid Barbecue sauce obviously very sweet, so we start with brown sugar Barbecue sauce is also very tart, so we're gonna throw in some apple cider vinegar It's my favorite vinegar to use So we got the sweet, we got the tart

I like to just go with the kind of general hybridized style So we're throwing in tomato paste because that is like an ingredient in ketchup, which a lot of barbecue sauces are made from And then also a lot of yellow mustard This is commonly used in like a, I think it's Western Carolina-style barbecue sauce So we got like the vinegary, we got the sweet, we got that little bit of like ketchup-y tomato-y-ness

And then we're gonna add in a little bit of spice, we got a lot of black pepper going in And then we're gonna use that same dry rub that we made from the pork We're gonna do about tablespoon and a half of that And then alls you gotta do is stir it up, and then it's barbecue sauce Ah, I should stir this better

You're not supposed to use a whisk on pans like this, right? Like on a non-stick? But I wanna All right, so the barbecue sauce is bubbling away we're gonna let that reduce for about ten minutes All the sugars are gonna nice and tighten in the Twinkie tight tightened up the- Tighten it up (chokes)(laughs) Oh crap, it went in my nose

(coughs) You ever breathe in boiling vinegar? (coughs violently) God! You can see the color's really intensified, it's got a- (screams) We're gonna take all our pulled pork, I'm like legit crying right now Not pulled pork, we're taking all of our machete-hacked pork and we're gonna put it in the bowl right there Well, maybe not all of it because the bowl's too small We'll figure that out We're gonna take a lot of our pork

And gonna get a lot of it on the table Scooby snacks! (does impression of Scooby Doo) That was more Tim Allen from Home Improvement (laughs) And then we're gonna pour a lot of that delicious barbecue sauce right on there Since we're gonna take all this pork and stuff it into the Twinkie batter as it bakes, I wanna give the pork a chance to like really set up with the sauce And then when we bake it, all that's gonna perfume through this kind of like honey cornbread cake, but it's gonna be in the shape of a Twinkie

All the best foods are shaped for like perfect insertion right into the mouth, you know, like popsicles, hot dogs, really thin burritos, Twinkies And so I think this is gonna be really fantastic Let's give the pork a try That's one of the wettest porks I've ever had Let's make some Twinkies

(high intensity techno music) So what we're gonna do is combine the dry ingredients We got normal white flour and then we got our yellow cornmeal going in there That's what makes it cornbread Why did I have to ex- I don't have to explain that Then we're gonna take a little bit of baking powder, then we're gonna add in sugar, little pinch of salt

I was gonna Salt Bae it and then I was like, what is this, nine months ago? No No one cares about that guy anymore, he's doing fine So we're just gonna whisk together our dry ingredients and then we're gonna get our wet ingredients together So we're gonna go three eggs, you'll notice that I'm using- Ah God

(jazzy music) Crack three eggs in there, and then we're gonna drop in a cup of milk A lot of people use buttermilk when it comes to cornbread, I couldn't find any And then you're gonna use the same whisk that you whisked your dry ingredients with Also if you don't have a Twinkie pan to make the pulled pork Twinkies, use a muffin tin, like some savory, pulled pork-filled corn muffins are gonna be really delicious And now we're gonna dump in butter, give that a little whisk, and then while you're whisking the butter, pour in about a quarter cup of honey

You gotta be extremely athletic to do this I don't know if you guys know this, but I was JV basketball Most Improved Player 2008, so Shout out Coach Ennis Augustus, you got me there man (groans) Cornbread batter is done Now we have our Twinkie pan right here that I'm just gonna go ahead and grease up with Pam a

ka food lube Get some in the hair And now we are going to take just a smidgen, if you are doing pulled pork muffins, same rule applies

You wanna get just a thin layer of batter and then you're gonna tuck the pork into that thin layer of batter, and then you're gonna put a thick layer of batter over top before you bake it Because even if you fill it up halfway, all that batter is gonna expand and rise, and it's gonna push your pork to the top the way a breached porpoise pushes to the top of its mother's womb I keep bringing up breached porpoise birthing because I think it's a universal reference that everyone gets All right, so we're getting a thin layer of batter in each one of these And then we're just gonna tuck in nice thick chunks of pork

Yeah, nice thick pork chunks You want it to stay in roughly the center and tuck it in the batter, and keep it away from the sides because we want full Twinkie coverage in there So we're just gonna tuck nice pork meats- (laughs) I have a fork in there like I'm gonna use it Nah And remember that this is gonna rise a lot so you only wanna fill this about three quarters of the way

All right, so we got the pork filled up, and now we're gonna drizzle a fair amount of batter over the top of that We wanna fill this about two-thirds of the way up because it's gonna rise, and then we're probably gonna have to shave it down regardless to give it its signature Twinkie shape Ah, we made a little bit of a mess, just use your fingers to kind of- There we go You're gonna put an oven at 375 degrees, if what that says is true, for about 20 to 25 minutes And then it should be Twinkies

(timer ringing) These are looking gorgeous, some nice steaminess there, a golden brown Now all we gotta do- How do I get them out? You just- Ow You just grab them? Ow Okay, I'm just gonna do this On three

One, two, how do you do? Aah All right, so we got Twinkies Now you'll notice they're a little misshapen We got like a little curve on the bottom so I'm gonna trim that off a little bit I really want them to like sit nice and tight like Twinkies, but if you got muffins, like that's a perfect little muffin top

(mumbles) good cornbread It's not that dry Because I have dry mouth When we're filming, I don't like to inconvenience people and go to the bathroom, so I don't drink anything throughout the whole day It puts your body on notice and gives you an adrenaline rush because it's like water levels depleting, you've eaten a lot of salt

I'm just gonna trim off the caps and then I'm gonna eat each and every one When you got these leftovers, you could add them to a soup My dog loves eating cornbread It's what Rachael Ray would do any time there's a silence and she would stop chopping onion She'd just be like, my dog loves eating people food

Oh my God, he is just so intuitive, he can open doors, my dog learned how to wipe himself I just love him so much You can fill up an entire episode of a Food Network show just talking about your dog And now, Rachael Ray makes dog food I've tasted it, it tastes nothing like dog

(laughs) Sorry I don't care, I'm just gonna break it open Look at that, when's the last time you broke open a Twinkie and you got a big old chunk of pig meat, huh? It's happened to me a couple times, I threatened to sue hostess (funky music) All right, and now to give you the most intimate experience in my mouth possible Spork cam

(laughs) So we're just gonna dive right into this Twinkie Let's spork her open There's a nice chunk of meat, get it on there, and then we're just gonna take a little bath in the sauce (laughs) Get it nice and covered And now- (laughs) Choo choo train's coming in

The first thing that you get is that barbecue sauce which is so heavily spiced There's so much black pepper in there, which is fantastic, because the corn cake is very very sweet, the pork is very fatty This is honestly really fantastic, it almost eats like a Chinese dimsum dumpling except you get all the flavors of pulled pork and cornbread It's a fantastic idea and an easily insertable shape This is really fantastic, the recipe is killer, you're the best

Thank you so much for watching Mythical Kitchen, leave a comment with what mythical dishes you wanna see us cook next Hit us up on Instagram @mythicalkitchen with #dreamsbecomefood pictures of your dishes We got new videos out every week, thank you for your liking, commenting and subscribing I'll see you later Get as messy as you want in your own kitchen when you have the Mythical Kitchen towel, available now at mythical


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