Baking Pancake Cupcakes With Lily Neal

– It's Will it time, yet again, and today we are gonna be willing cupcakes So we thought who better to have with us to help us make cupcakes, Link's daughter, Lily

– The idea we have behind these cupcakes is we wanna do like, a short stack, like a little pancake, a little silver dollar pancake, then like a layer of jelly or we have all these like, jams and stuff – Just so you know, I'm in charge of this thing This is called a what? – It's called a hand mixer – Hand mixer Let me know what to do, Lily, I'll be right here

This is flour, yes? – Pancake mix – Right, same thing right – Yeah, basically So now, we need milk – This is like the foundation for every great bake, right? – Yup

– How much experience does your dad have at baking? – None He can make cereal and he can grill chicken wings, that's it – We're gonna get all the dirt out on Link by the end of this – Do you want the mixer? – Oh yeah, I'm gonna mix Whoops

Oh, sorry about that – It's okay – Not sure you knew what you signed up for today, when you came This isn't gonna be your normal bake, Lily – Nope

– Do we have to grease this pan? – You seem like you've greased pan before, I'm gonna let you do it You know how to check how a pan's hot Put your hand over like that, right there Hey look at that, there's already a pancake cooking in there Look at that, get a shot of that, Karen

– Do we need to flip it? – Yeah, we do need to flip it Oh, I made a second one Sorry about that, Karen Oh that's perfect First batch is burning

Colin, Colin, hurry – Yeah, oh no – Oh no, disaster's happening, Colin, hurry Con, we can't use a spoon to flip it Oh, you can

– I look right on time – Oh, they're a little bit brown – I blame Colin solely for the burning of these first batch Okay, now what? – Now, we should probably have some, you can probably put them in there Or, nice

– Jesus, Kevin – Nice catch Now what? – We do more – We're just gonna do like a layer of jam, like kinda like a mortar or a frosting to hold all the pancakes together – Yeah, piece of cake

– Yeah, nice, that's going to be good – You can put like a little one there, to make the center bigger and then you can – Oh, nice – It's kind of a dome shape, kind of looks like a puppy – Yeah, I like that

– That looks like a cupcake to me – Yeah it does – Last thing we need to do is the frosting – Oh, that's right, this is where the maple comes in – Yeah

– Yeah, Kevin – Nice – Think that should be good So now, I'm gonna put the frosting and the pancake cupcakes in the fridge so, everything will set and not fall apart – Awesome

– Okay – You think it's ready? – Yup, looks like it Then, the frosting, it's good – Oh yeah, it looks nice Oh yeah, that looks really good

Did your mom teach you this, how to bake? – No – You taught yourself? – Yup – Is this your favorite part, by the way? – Yes, I like this part – I don't bake but, if I did, this would be my favorite part – Yeah, this is the best

– You twist the bag at the end, so it doesn't come out and kind of hold it like this And then – Oh, that's nice

– Oh my god – Your turn – I'll do, this will be mine here

Got a little extra on top – Let me try one – Wow, look at you, you did good too – Yours looks better than mine, dang Oh yeah, that looks good

– That looks so good – Wow, that's cool I've never seen a cupcake like that before Alright, who wants first dips? Lily, why don't you do the honors Since you've done most of the work

– Oh, it's so good – It's really good – Man – Oh my god – This is really good

– I think we like, invented something legit here – It's a breakfast cupcake, essentially – Yeah – Alright you guys, I think we nailed this – Yeah

– Pancake cupcake, has been done – Yup – Thanks for all the help, Lily – You're welcome – We couldn't done it without you

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