Baking Cookies With A Shake Weight

– Today I'm gonna bake cookies using only this shake weight in a segment I like to call Shake Weight and Bake (upbeat music) Alright, let's get to cooking and baking and shaking

So I need butter Oh! I need a cup of sugar but I only have this shake weight to measure with Wow, baking is fun with a shake weight Next I need some pure vanilla (loud pounding) It's so easy

Let's get this open Oh gosh It should be about two hits of the shake weight Smells delightful That's it, we got it

I need some salt (loud pounding) I got it open We need a half a teaspoon That looks about right Cookies aren't cookies without lots of sugar, right? (loud pounding) Okay, I've got it open

I need a cup of white sugar Oh Got it Every good cookie needs a good egg, right? Got him Alright, now I need some flour

Let's get this open (loud pounding) Almost there (loud pounding) Got it Three cups of flour I'm gonna say that's one, two, three

Next up, we need baking soda, it's soda for baking One teaspoon Got 'em Shake that off right there (laughing) And now we need some walnuts

(loud pounding) I like mine crushed (pounding and clanging) That's fine We need about that many That looks delightful Finally, we need some chocolate chips

That's not working (chips clattering) Well, I've got all my ingredients in the bowl Let's stir it all up You got to get real into it, you know? It's also really good for the bicep, tricep, quadriceps It really works

Shakin' and bakin' Want to get those edges, it's a real workout Alright, I think we're about mixed up This looks like it's almost pretty much ready to go Let's bake some cookies now, yeah? Alright, I got my pan here

Got him Portion out these cookies using my trusty shake weight That's one, that's two and that's three and that's enough for me 'cause I'm on a diet Ow Let's get these in the oven

Oh Got it Alright, we're gonna let those cookies bake at 375 for 10 minutes And I'm gonna work it out while they're baking (upbeat music) Boy, what a work out

Big old arms now (oven beeping) Oh, I think the cookies are ready The cookies are ready and they look like dodo bird turds and I've got two shake weighters who wanna come and test my baking Come and test my cookies – Hey man

– I got some cookies here Let me get 'em off the pan for you – Quite large – Wow These are pretty

– Just go at it? Whatever I want off the table? – Yeah, have some of that cookie Shake weight and eat Okay You want some help putting it on your? – Yeah, please – [Eddie] Let me get you a cookie

There's a little extra flour in there It's fine – That's what I like cookies like mmm – Ha! – Hot, just like grandma used to make 'em How do you like my cookies, guys? – Well, bit of a metallic flavor that I don't really care for – Floury but cookie – Well this was Shake Weight and Bake Thanks for watching

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(upbeat music)

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