Baking A Chocolate Lava Cake With Power Tools

– Today we're gonna make chocolate peanut butter lava cake – With power tools

(rock music) – Okay, what's the most important part of chocolate lava cake, do you think? – Chocolate – Yeah – [Man On Right] How much of this do we need? – [Man On Left] Just a quarter of it, so two of those chunks – Okay – So now we need to melt these two things together

– We have the heat gun I have some jars I keep, just like, rigging equipment and stuff in – We could just use this jar to keep our chocolate in – It does look kind of nice Alright, well I'm gonna bump the heat up a little bit

– [Man On Left] If this chocolate burns, I'm leaving the whole show – It's a risk I'm willing to take (man on left laughs) – [Man On Left] Whoo, it's getting pretty hot on my piggies – [Man On Right] Oh, looks good Here, – Okay – [Man On Right] Safety first

Or second or third, in my case – Yeah (laughs) They look like falconer gloves Fishburn! If I have a falcon I would name it Fishburn – You would name it Fishburn? Control over the animals, definitely up there for, like, dope powers – [Man On Left] That looks great

– [Man On Right] I would seriously just drink that – Now we gotta beat some sugar with some eggs (loud clanging) We've got a 1/4 cup of sugar here And we need three eggs – Okay

– [Man On Left] I'm gonna crack these guys – Sweet, sounds good – You could just crack 'em – We could be doin' a lot of stuff that we do – That's true In an easier – And simpler way, Micah

– Alright, let's see if this works (Micah laughs) – [Man On Right] Another hole over here – [Micah] Yep, there you go – We got this guy, the trusty old paint and mud stirrer – [Micah] That's a perfect egg beater

– [Man On Right] Dude, it's a perfect everything – Now all the minuscule bits of glass that are chipping off right now- – Mm-hmm – It's all incidental – [Man On Right] That's like a flavor-town – While you're doing that I'm gonna slowly add a 1/4 cup of flour

– [Man On Right] This is like professional – What, adding flour to eggs and sugar? – Yeah, but like, with it spinning Should I be less impressed with that? Alright, add that chocolate in – [Micah] That looks beautiful, huh – Here we go, now we're lickin' beaters

That's good – Next we've got to make the peanut butter cream (loud clanging) We've got a 1/4 cup of peanut butter With one tablespoon of powdered sugar Oh-oh, k

– [Man On Right] Ah-ah-ya, alright Didn't see that comin'! What about this guy? – [Micah] I've seen that before! – [Man On Right] Micah, this is from your side of the track! – That's my world! (drilling on glass sound) Oh, it's great – [Man On Right] Ooh, it's so creamy That's really good Are these paint cans? – These are little mini paint cans

Now we need to brush some butter on the perimeter So we've got about two tablespoons of flour, and about two tablespoons of cocoa powder – Micah, I have a drill bit for that – [Micah] It's not doing anything (laughing) – [Man On Right] What are you talking about, it's not doing anything? That's so perfectly blended – It was already perfectly blended

– Shut up! What are you doing, Micah? – [Micah] I was just gonna pour it all in, and then kinda tap it around So the inside of that can- – [Man On Right] All coated – All coated and brushed So we want to fill this up about one third of the way with batter – Need a little dollop of peanut butter from me? – Yeah

– [Micah] I wouldn't probably recommend scooping with a whisk, I guess – [Man On Right] What are you talking about? You wouldn't recommend that? – Now we gotta top it off – [Man On Right] I would drink this I think we gotta build an oven An oven is essentially a metal box with a heat source

This is a heat source Do you have that cool laser thermometer, so we can monitor our temperature? – Does this answer your question? 987 – So we know that I'm healthy as hell I'm gonna use this, which is a hole saw It's probably a good idea to throw on some goggles

(loud metal drilling sound) Ow! – You okay? – [Man On Right] Nope (bleep) So we're almost through, almost have our hole – Almost the hole in here, but we did get a hole – Got a really good hole in my finger – That's why I do things like hold the toolbox, kinda stand over here while Colin does everything

– Yeah, yeah The show must go on, man I want those, I want those cakes so bad (loud drilling sound) – Get a little piece here, it's hot and sharp Grab it with your bare hands

Learn no lessons! What I wanna do, 'cause that box is gonna get red fiery hot, is I got a little piece of a shelving unit Now our work bench won't get too hot Let's heat it up for a while, and see what happens – What it does – There you go

That's really good – Fishburn! (falcon screeches) – We're right about there – [Colin] Let's put'em in So we're putting them in the far end, away from the heat source, yeah? – Now we wait for 15 minutes (clock ticking) – Oh my god! – What's That looks so good

Can I eat this now? – Ah, not quite yet, we gotta dust it with some powdered sugar – I got an idea for that So, you know, your shop vac? They're reversible Fill it on up, yeah Ya ready? – Yup

(vacuum sound) – [Colin] That's beautiful – [Micah] Here we go (laughs) – I'm so excited- – I am so excited to eat – about this, man – We got here? (laughter) – With power tools

– I sense peanut butter Oh, I know what you do – Yeah, you go! – [Man In Green T-Shirt] Oh my goodness – [Micah] Oh, look at the peanut butter melting – [Colin] That's so gooey

– [Micah] It's like hot lava – Do you hear me breathin hard? (laughter) – That means you liked it – Woo-hoo-hoo! Alright, let'em know in the comments what you want them to cook with power tools next! – Yeah – And don't forget to subscribe to This is Mythical – And like the video below

– You know what time it is (laughter) – No, we don't say that! – I don't know what else to say – We don't say that! – That's all I know how to say! – [Colin] Click on the left to watch another Mythical-icious video – [Micah] Click on the right to watch a This is Mythical video – [Colin] And click the circular channel icon to subscribe

(rock music)

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