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– Boneless wings, poultry innovation or marketing fraud? Today we ask the question, are boneless wings really wings? This is A Hot Dog is a Sandwich – [Nicole] Ketchup is a smoothie

– [Josh] Yeah I put ice in my cereal, so what? – [Nicole] That makes no sense – [Josh] A hot dog is a sandwich – [Nicole] A hot dog is a sandwich (both laughing) – What? Welcome to our brand new podcast, A Hot Dog is a Sandwich, where we break down the internet's biggest food debates I'm sure host Josh Scherer, and I've eaten too much fish and cheese this morning

– I'm Nicole Hendizadeh, and I made Rainn Wilson throw up one time by drinking one of my milkshakes – He's a member of the Baha'i faith – He is, I think, isn't his whole podcast about that? – Yeah, it comes up You made a man of the cloth vomit – I sure did

– Good for you All right, so today we are taking on the question, are boneless wings really wings? Nicole, what is your stance? – My stance is, I think boneless wings are just glorified popcorn chicken That's how I feel about it I don't think they're wings – That's a hot take

Obviously there's no actual wing meat in boneless wings, let's get that out of the way, but to me, that does not mean that they're not wings I think boneless wings are wings and deserve to be called wings, despite containing no wing meat whatsoever – How are we spelling the word wing? – That is a very interesting point I think they deserve to spell it W I N G S So I know what you're talking about, DiGiorno came out with a product that was pizza and wyngz– – Wyngz

– Is how we're pronouncing, because it's spelled W Y N G Z So it's boneless buffalo wings and pizza in the same box, you can just pop in the oven, what an idea – I mean innovation as its finest – I put them on top of the pizza Slather it in hot sauce

– So much innovation in this statement – Anyways, the government decided that they had to spell the word wings W Y N G Z and state very clearly that there is no actual wing meat in their boneless wings, to avoid some sort of false advertising situation – Sure – But I think the term wings doesn't mean what we think it means So to really discuss this, we have to get down to what is a wing

If I say "Nicole, what's a chicken wing?" what do you think? – It's a wing of a chicken I mean that's– – False! – That's what it is – Wrong No it is not, and I mean this Okay, so if I were to go up to you and say hey, the game's on

Let's go out, I thought we were just doing this – (laughs) This is the wing of a chicken, and this is the chicken wing – [Josh] But what's that then? Is that also the wing? – Yes – The whole thing's a wing? – This is the wing, this is the tip that no one likes to eat, and then I think this is the drum – I just eat the tip

That's where the phrase comes from, just the tip– – That's what it's from? – You just eat the chicken ends, it's a lot cheaper – No man, this is all one wing, but you can segment it into different parts – So for you, the wing is the flat, the drumette and the tip, and then when you portion them down, those are just their individual parts, but it is still the whole wing – Absolutely – So no matter what, the entire chicken wing, that's just what it is

– It is what it is – It's an anatomical term solely – It is what it is – I believe that the term wings is more of a cultural term I think it has specific meaning

I'm dead serious, I thought about this late at night at bed – [Nicole] I'm sure you did – I was laying down, I was drinking a Diet Coke in bed – Tossing and turning (laughing) – Tossing and turning about this

If I were to tell you, Nicole, the game's on this Sunday, let's go get some wings, and if we went there and you got a bowl of soup with some chicken wings that had been braised in it, that's not going out for wings – I agree – You know what I'm saying? You're specifically referring to a fried chicken wing tossed in some sort of sauce, and there's a cultural meaning behind that – Sure – [Josh] You know? So for me– – Cultural, it's like a social, yeah, yeah

– Yeah it's a big social thing You're probably drinking beer– – Watching the game – You're there with your buddies, you're watching the game – I'm not watching the game I'm on my phone while everyone else is watching

– Just guys being dudes, and Nicole on her phone scrolling through Instagram – Yeah liking everything in my path – Everything Nicole follows every single person that I follow on Instagram, because every time I scroll through, it is always liked by Nicole Hendizadeh, liked by Nicole Hendizadeh – But this was before we even found out that I follow the same people as you

– That's how I knew this was meant to be – It's just by, yeah, this was just by chance You were like hey, do you follow blah blah blah, and I'm like yeah, I've been following them for months, and you're like oh my gosh, you like every picture, I'm like yeah, that's kind of the thing I do (laughing) – And then you also like pictures of hot girls that you hate – I love all, what do you mean? I don't hate them, I love them, I want to be them

– I see it in your eyes – I want to be them – Me too Okay, so for me, the boneless wing, right, it's roughly the shape of a wing, ish It is about the same size

It's like a two biter A good chicken wing is a two biter Take a flat of a wing, right? – [Nicole] Sure – Everyone should be using this method to eat the flat of a wing You nibble off the outside, and then you break off the smaller of the bones, and then you're left with just one clean like (slurps)

– [Nicole] Yes – Then you finish it That's a good two biter – Yeah, that's the way it should be done – To me, what separates popcorn chicken from a boneless wing is the amount of bites

So popcorn chicken, you should be able to throw two or three pieces in your mouth in one bite – How big is your mouth? Do you not fear chocking? – Ah! (both laughing) Oh no, someone's getting sick Front row Wash your hands everybody No but if you think about popcorn chicken from KFC

– Okay yeah – But there's also Taiwanese popcorn chicken, that's also delicious Popcorn chicken from KFC, you can take just a whole handful and cram it in your mouth, but the boneless wing, a good boneless wing should be a two biter, because then you get to double dip in the sauce, and you've gotta – Yeah, so it's just an extra large popcorn chicken – Which to me does not make it popcorn chicken at all, because if you take that too far, if you go an extra, extra large, you end up with a chicken strip

– Or a cutlet – Or a cutlet – Depending on the large – Schnitzel – Schnitzel

– Schnitzel – Yeah, love me some schnitzel – So to me, the boneless wing, it's two bites, it's fried chicken, it's slathered in some sort of sauce or seasoning after the fact – Okay – And you're typically, the place that you go out to eat those, you're probably drinking beer, you're probably having a good time just guys being dudes out there

You're like oh, the ref, I can't believe he missed that goal, because we're all from some part of Jersey that doesn't exist but that accent – That was an interesting accent – And so to me, it satisfies my cultural definition of what a wing is And when you say boneless wing, you're implying that there is something different about it – Yes, but my issue is it's the actual cleaning of the bone is what makes it a wing, for me

That's the whole concept of eating a wing is the act of cleaning the bone And you know, people comment about how clean you suck off the bone meat – So you think part of the ritual around eating a chicken wing has to be the bone – 100% – So once you put the word boneless in there, it no longer becomes a wing

– Absolutely, it's just a piece of chicken breast, that's it – I'm all about efficiency though I do not order a bone, I order boneless wings probably one in every five times that I'm going out for wings, because sometimes it's fun You don't want the hassle, you can just shove them in your face, you don't got to clean the bones, you know? And so for me, I understand– – I eat the bones (laughing) – Oh God, I ate the bones

(Nicole laughing) I used to feed by cat chicken bones Is that a thing? I think I read somewhere that you're supposed to do that, but then, that's not, I don't abuse, I'm a good cat parent – You can't feed your dog chicken bones because they get stuck in their GI tract and it can scar up their GI tract I don't know about kitty cats though, I'm not a kitty cat girl, so I can't really comment on that – Cats love boneless wings

(both laughing) I do get the confusion though, if you were to think that a boneless wing would be a chicken wing that has been de-boned – Or lolly popped – Or lolly popped, yeah You take a knife, you scrape down the bone– – I love a good lolly popped wing – So my thing, when people are talking about boneless chicken wing, if you were to de-bone a chicken wing and then serve that at your restaurant, that would be okay but– – Who does that? – No one, and you know why? – Is it just the quality of the meat can't sustain being off the bone? – Just hard

– Yeah, yeah I guess – [Josh] There's a labor cost involved – Oh yeah, absolutely – So if you want to eat de-boned boneless chicken wings, that is not just a little breast nugget If you don't want to go through the hassle of cleaning bones, which I understand, again, I love a good bone in wing, I love getting dirty with it

I like just shoving the whole thing in my mouth – Bone in wing (laughing) – Bone in wings Let's go bone in some wings – What's it called when it's like two words but you don't need to say the other word, because you already said it? You know what I mean? You know what I mean? – What? – You know whenever you say a word that's not necessary, like extra large jumbo, like you don't need the jumbo part

– Redundancy – Yes, bone in wing is redundant – Ah, that makes sense (Nicole laughing) I don't think it as, oh no, oh guys, what's the word? Neologism – What did you call me? – A neologism

Okay, so there's certain things, like electric guitar, right? Every guitar, or sorry, acoustic guitar is the example Every guitar up until like 40 years ago, is that math right? Every guitar up until 60 years ago, to be safe, was an acoustic guitar So there's no need to every say the word acoustic guitar – Yeah – But with the invention of the electric guitar, a huge innovation, made great music

– I see what you're getting at – Jimi Hendrix, oh my God – I see what you're getting at – [Josh] Let me play that, let me play it – Go for it

– Jimi Hendrix, oh my God, playing the upside down guitar at Woodstock I almost said Coachella then, that was weird – Oh my goodness – At Woodstock doing the national anthem, playing Voodoo Child (Josh singing) Come on

– Wow that was good – And so you know, that neologism of the electric guitar gave us so much innovation in music, in the same way that the neologism of boneless wing and bone in wing has given us a beautiful innovation of the two bite, delicious, chicken breast, wing not including wing, actual meat product, W Y N G Z – Do we know the first time that boneless wings were featured on a menu? Are you aware of when that happened? Because maybe in the future, it might be a thing where it's likely that boneless wings are a thing, but right now, I don't think we're at that point in history – But we're hurtling towards it – Hurtling? – And there's a lot of reasons why boneless wings are blowing up so much

So Buffalo Wild Wings, I believe, I mean they're the ones that are pressing this super, super hard, and wing chains are faster growing than even frozen yogurt chains were in the early 2000s, which is wild And so Buffalo Wild Wings has had the boneless wings since 2003, but chicken wing prices are actually sky rocketing – Yeah, I remember reading an NPR article about how expensive they are – We read NPR articles, we're very smart here – I don't listen to NPR, but I read it, because I have the app on my phone

(laughing) – I listen to it on my way to work, and I just get depressed every day – No, no, no, I can't listen to it – [Josh] Oh no, it's great – Yeah, I can't – Yeah, okay so boneless wings, chicken breast, which is what boneless wings are made from

– Yes – Is now cheaper than wings, because they're literally breeding chickens to have these giant engorged breasts – Boobies (laughing) – Giant chicken boobies Their boobies are so big that their heads drag on the ground because– – That's so sad

– It is really sad, but it's the reality We're not talking about what should and shouldn't exist, we're talking about what does exist So right now– – Get a breast reduction chickens (laughing) – You can literally make boneless wings so much cheaper than bone in wings, and with the restaurant industry, and we know how hard it is, the labor involved – Absolutely

– And people, if they feel they're being over charged, they're tipping less And so the cost of boneless wings to produce compared to bone in wings, to me, that's leading to better labor conditions for restaurant workers (Nicole laughing) Boom Nicole, oh I'm sorry, you want to see people go hungry? – To be honest Josh, I just think it's total and complete false advertising to tell people that they're eating boneless wings, but in reality, it's just cut up chicken breast It's wrong to lie to the general public I'm not saying that the general public does not distinguish the fact that boneless wings equal chicken breast

I just think it's way to sell more chicken to more people, the breast specifically I just think it's whack – Is that such a crime? To want people to eat– – I just think it's whack – [Josh] More chicken, Nicole – [Nicole] I mean that's fine– – Big titty birds

– I think you should just sell them as chicken bites, popcorn chicken I think the name can change to what it is Super small schnitzel bites I don't know It's plausible for the actual product to change its name but still maintain its integrity

You know I think calling it boneless wings just absolutely depletes it of any sort of integrity Not to say I won't eat one happily – [Josh] Of course – Tossed in some mango chili sauce, hell yeah But I just think it's disrespectful to lie to the general public just to make more money for a cheaper cut

– I can see that, but I think the way that language evolves, I think that one day the public will be, again Nicole, I hear your argument, I'm not a bad guy – You're not a bad guy – I'm reasonable – Whoever said you were a bad guy? I enjoy sitting across from you, most of the time – This is pretty fun

– Yeah (laughing) – There's a lot of gasses that escape my body sometimes But other than that, so I mean, the same argument can be made with veggie burger though – Yeah – And there's a lot of people who say you shouldn't call it a burger unless it contains meat

You should call it a flat sandwich disk made from hemoglobin and soy protein – Heme – Heme! – We talk about heme a lot – Heme is the ingredient in Impossible Burgers that make the Impossible Burger, and it's just called heme – It makes it bleed

– And that was their marketing strategy, like we'll give it a cool, I forgot the name of it, but they're like we'll give it a cool name like heme Heme! – Heme! – Heme! (both laughing) – Sorry Nick – All right so, I don't think it's false advertising, I think there are ways around it, like almond milk is another great example A lot of people say that almond milk is false advertising, because they think that the term milk exclusively means dairy milk Dairy milk, another one of those– – Wasn't that a lobbyist thing that they were fighting about? – It was a huge lobbying thing, yeah

– Same with the chicken wings, right? That's a whole lobbyist thing too in Washington – But also the chicken lobby is trying to get them to be able to be called wings, because of how, so it benefits the chicken lobby to have these giant bezomboed chickens that are dropping the price of chicken breasts, therefore boneless wings, because all you can get are two wings per chicken – Yeah, I understand that, but do you really want the government in your food like that, Josh? – The government's been in our food regardless – But like that much? – I'm fine with it – Sticking your fingers in my chicken– – Oh God

– Boneless fingers, I'm sorry man – We're going to start talking about the Patriot Act, no – [Nicole] No, no, no – No but I mean literally, the government has been defining what foods are and aren't for so long – [Nicole] Sure

– My favorite is the Miracle Whip and mayonnaise thing – Yeah, that's a fantastic little food tidbit, if you want to talk about it – Yeah, Miracle Whip, it's essentially mayonnaise Anyone who eats it, they use it exactly like they do mayonnaise, but at some point the big mayonnaise companies sued saying that they were watering it down too much – Instead of big pharma, big mayo

(laughing) – Big mayo's coming for us all They've had the cure for– – Mayonnaise– – Russian dressing disease (Nicole laughing) But they literally forced a judge to step in and say okay, okay, mayonnaise officially includes egg yolks, and 65% oil by weight– – I think so, yeah – Or something – Yes

– Yeah, and they found out that Miracle Whip was adding too much water, making it a little bit cheaper, and so now they have to call it sandwich spread And so that's kind of like a funny little story, but then that stuff does get a little bit insidious when there was the company Just Mayo, which was making a vegan eggless mayonnaise, so better for the plant I guess, I don't know Not using eggs and healthier a little bit, no cholesterol and all that And then mayo stepped in and sued them, saying you can't call yourself mayo, even though it was better than a lot of non-vegan mayos, and they stepped in and sued them and said there's no egg in it, it can't legally be considered mayo So the government, they're going to be in your food regardless

– But I don't want them in my wings and telling me what wings are and aren't You can have mayo, the government can have mayo, I don't care, doesn't matter to me, but calling chicken breast a wing is unfair It's just not right It's not correct – You want like a chicken doctor to come in and define it anatomically

Just being like if it's not– – Chicken doctor? – You want the surgeon general – Do you mean a veterinarian, Josh? – I don't know – Chicken doctor's a vet (laughing) – I don't know, I'm just saying But you think it should be a pure anatomical definition

– Absolutely, yeah I do – I can see that point So let's talk about, we talk about what we think boneless things are, let's talk about what they aren't, because there's a lot of people, this is a phrase that's been going around the internet, boneless wings are just nuggets – No, I disagree with that – We both agree that we disagree on that

– I agree, I think a chicken nugget is a mashed up chicken plus some other ingredients to make a patty of sorts, that you cut into cute little dinosaurs and shapes, and you fry it, that's what a nugget is I don't think a boneless wing is a nugget at all, it's just a piece of actual breast that you're frying – It's nuggetesque – Sure, in shape, size – In shape

– Density – But it's not a nugget A nugget has to be processed in some way – Yeah, for sure – Yeah, God I want some dino nuggets right now

– Dude, me too Do you remember the names of the McDonald's shapes? It's a boot, it's a bell, it's a ball and a bite Bazunga! (both laughing) – McDonald's bazonga shaped chicken nuggets Burger King used to have the shaped chicken nuggets, they were like– – They did? – Lightening bolts and stars – So I remember the stars

I for sure remember the stars – We may never come to terms on whether or not boneless wings are really wings, but we do know fun shaped chicken nuggets, wow, great – They were hundo– – Bring them back – Bring them back – Sizzler buffet, I used to just load up a base of the dino nuggets, and then I would put gravy and macaroni cheese on, when I was a small child

– When my parents came to America, they used to go to Sizzler a lot, this was before I was born They used to go on dates to Sizzler, the one in K-Town, actually They would drive up to the K-Town one – The Sizzler in K-Town is like the most important– – Sizzler of all time – To the American experience

– Is it still there? – I think it might be shutting down – Oh my gosh– – And only you can save it (Nicole laughing) – Is it the last Sizzler ever? – Might be All the ones in Burbank, Sizzler, they had a great buffet – [Nicole] That sucks

– Their steaks, were they great, no My nana loved them For 999 you get a sirloin – They were steaks

– [Josh] They were steaks – Edible – They were edible steaks – You went and ham on some dino nuggets – It was fine, I love the Sizzler

They got the coldest Diet Coke in the game (Nicole laughing) Okay, so boneless wings are not nuggets, nuggets need to be processed We agree with that I think the national chicken council also agrees on that – God bless the national chicken council

– [Josh] God bless the national chicken council – God bless 'em (laughing) – All right, so chicken tenders and strips, because there's a chicken hierarchy to me To me it goes popcorn chicken is the smallest, then you got boneless wings next You got nuggets that are kind of over here on a different branch that are processed, then you got chicken tenders which also could have an anatomical definition, because the tenderloin on a chicken is a specific cut

– Yes, but the likelihood of people making chicken tenders out of the tenders is slim to none– – Pretty low – Because who's gonna take off the actual tender I understand your point when it comes to that – Right, wait you understand my point on that but not with the wings? – It's because it's still attached to the breast So it's still a part of the breast

– But you're not saying chicken breast strips, you're saying these are chicken tenders – [Nicole] Yes – Short for tenderloin – Yes I think that it's just, since it's a part of the actual breast, it's like behind the breast, it still is a part of that part of the chicken

– The wing's attached to the breast too, Nicole – But there's bones – But there's boneses – But there's the boneses that make it different It's the importance of the bones that really matter

We also didn't talk about what our favorite chicken wing is – Oh my God, Wing Stop, Cajun Wing Stop, Cajun – Oh my gosh – Because they put the buffalo sauce on it, but then dust it with the spices

– Yes, I'm a big buffalo wing fan, just I love buffalo wings, just Frank's red hot butter Love that stuff – I'm all about it – Are you drums? – No, flats – [Nicole] Flats

– Yeah, drums– – You need to date someone who only eats flats, I mean only eats drums, so you can have all the flats, you know? – Because here's the thing, most restaurants, which I find funny, and I think this is a key part of it too I don't consider drums to be part of the wing, which is strange, I know I get it, it's the whole shoulder– – Sorry buddy – And the forearm – Don't agree with you on that one

– But to me the chicken wing is the flat I think drums are as much of an imposter of a chicken wing as boneless wings are – If someone asks you what's your favorite part of the wing, they ask you drums and flats, they never ask you drum, flats or boneless Bye (laughing) – Okay, shut up, no

(both laughing) – You just got– – You shut your mouth You shut your mouth The big bazonga chicken – You just got nay-nay'd, Josh (both laughing) – But my problem with the drums is that you could get, it's essentially the leg, right? It's an arm, like here's the thing– – Is it? (laughing) – Most animals, I'm about to expose– – Guys, Josh just said it's an arm leg

(laughing) – I'm about to expose how ignorant I am Humans, let's look at our anatomy, shall we? We gots arms, the top ones We gots legs, thems is the bottom ones – Sorry (both laughing) – Messing up the sound

– I broke it – But animals, lots of them, they don't gots arms and legs, right? Their legs is very similar You look at a cheetah, this is going somewhere, hold on You look at a cheetah, its top legs and its back legs are roughly the same They're mostly legs

Hold on, birds What are they? How do they fly? No one knows, chickens can't fly– – Arms – They have those big old bazongas – Wings are arms – They're just legs, they're mini legs

If you cut me up to eat me, Nicole, if you butchered me down and you took my shoulder and my hip, essentially the same relationship of a drumette and a drum – You're talking about ball and socket joints right now? (laughing) – A little bit – Oh my (laughing) – What I'm saying is a tiny chicken leg could pose as a drumette, and I have a problem with that You're eating tiny chicken legs, and to me, that's not a wing

That is as much not a wing as a boneless wing Why am I gripping the table? It's like I'm ready to lunge – You're very impassioned right now, and I'm so sorry, I appreciate you trying to get me to understand that, but I really wasn't having it Calling it arm legs and leg arms, cheetahs, you lost me at cheetah, I'm gonna be completely honest – Do you think you could beat a cheetah in one on one combat? Not out in the field, hold on, hold on, not out in the field, not out in the field but in the Octagon

– Absolutely not, but wow does I love MMA fighting – Oh yeah, you're a big MMA fan – [Nicole] Oh my gosh, I just got– – Who's your favorite fighter? – I don't know, I just like watching two men attack each other – Because here's the thing, cheetahs are a lot smaller than you think I'm not saying I would fight a cheetah

– I'm saying, I think it's the teeth that scare me I think the teeth would scare the crap out of me – You've gotta worry about the claws more than the teeth – And you know their projection, how they can climb things They climb trees you know

Cheetahs climb trees – But they're more straight land speed– – Are those leopards or jaguars? – You put them in an Octagon– – But they'll climb on top of the Octagon – But I'm saying man is a lot more cunning than a cheetah – Have you ever seen– – They're like 60 pounds – [Nicole] Have you ever seen– – I'm a 205 pound

I've done cross fit for a couple months, and I think I could beat a cheetah in one on one combat – Have you ever seen a national geography fricking book? When they creep up behind the antelope – Yes, and what I've learned is that cheetahs are cowards, because they hunt in packs Get one alone in the Octagon, put some gloves on it, and I'm taking that cheetah down – What does this have to do with chicken? What does this have to do with– – Well you're the one who brought up cheetah legs

All right, speaking of wing classifications We have these little fact sheets here that we almost never use, but I love that we have them But there's a really interesting thing here USDA classifications, wings shall include the entire wing, consisting of three segments, with all muscle and skin tissue in tact, except that the wing tip may be removed, which is the third segment They use a moyle, I believe, to remove the wing tip

– Muzzle – Marvelous Mrs Muzzle – Wing drumette consists of the humerus, the first segment of a poultry wing with adhering skin and meat attached This is the interesting part, because we always call them drumettes and flats, those are the two parts of the wings

– Drums No one's saying the ette part – [Josh] Drumette, it sounds sexy to me – Yeah, mm! – Drumette, it's French – Sexy little chicken

– It's from France, I say France The wing portion, which is what they consider the flat, the USDA, consists of a poultry wing with adhering skin and meat attached, except that the drumette has been removed So the portion may consist of the second segment only, or the second and third segment So to me, if you're calling one a wing drumette, right – Sure

– You're giving it another name, you're calling it a drumette It's like you're shoving it off to the slide And then you're calling the other one just the wing portion, to me it sounds like the USDA believes that wings are only flats, and that drumettes are not, they're kind of a false wing in the same way that legs are just butt arms – I think you– – Arms that come out of your butt – I think you don't know what you're talking about, butt arms

No one wants to put the word portion on their menu, it sounds medical and weird and sterile I think that's why no one's going to put wing portion on their menu, and I think that's that (laughing) – That makes sense To go back, I think we can solve this by just doing your fix You mentioned earlier, I didn't get to comment, was it super small schnitzel bites? – Super small schnitzel bites

– Sammy's super small schnitzel bite shack, serving super small schnitzel bites, formally known as boneless wings – With Sally by the seashore (laughing) – Or as Jimmy L Yang, friend of the show calls them, little white meat lies Jimmy, that's unfair

– I agree Jimmy – All right, so to wrap this all up, what do you believe? Are you changed at all after this experience? – Right now I'm kind of, I'm standing where I stand They're not wings, I'm sorry – Wings is a purely anatomical term to you? – Absolutely – [Josh] You need a chicken doctor to tell you that

It's fine – It's a veterinarian – I still believe that the term wings denotes more than just the actual anatomy of the chicken I think it is a cultural ritual that we do, and I think boneless wings are actual wings, in the sense they are two bited, fried chicken pieces that you get drunk and eat with your hands To me, that is a wing

– You want to go to Buffalo Wild Wings after this? – Yes sir! – Okay – Be dub dubs (Nicole laughing) Well we've got a date with some wings over at the be dubs If you want to weigh in one the debate about whether or not boneless wings are really wings, drop a comment down below, and share the podcast with your opinionated friends Drag them in here

Drag them to be dubs with us – And remember, you can only listen to our next segment, Opinions are like Casseroles, in the audio only version, wherever you get the podcasts – Opinions are like Casseroles, everyone's got one, and they make your apartment smell weird when it gets hot Join us next week when we discuss is cereal soup – See you next time, bye

– [Man] It's our classiest design yet The GMM heritage long sleeve is available now at mythicalcom

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