AMA | Our Worst GMM Experience | Ear Biscuits Ep. 136

(upbeat music) – Welcome to Ear Biscuits I'm Link

– And I'm Rhett – Link – And Rhett This week at the Round Table of Dim Lighting, you've asked us anything and everything And we will answer anything and everything

At least, the questions that we specifically chose from the questions that you asked So it's not really ask us anything It's ask us anything, and we'll answer some things But probably shouldn't sell it short because now it doesn't seem as epic as it could – The answers we're gonna give, they're gonna be– – Could go anywhere

– They could go anywhere You've asked us anything, and now we can answer anywhere And let me say, man – Say it, man – We've been shooting some stuff today

– Oh, what a day – We've got some Mythical Morning under our belt – Oh gosh – I went to the bathroom in the middle of something that, I guess we were eating something We're always eating something

– While we were eating, you were crapping your pants? (laughing) You should, I mean, this is the kind of thing, this is the kind of thing you gotta tell a brother – No, there was a stop-down, as we call it There was like a pause in the filming And I went to the restroom to get something out of my teeth, out of the very back – Understood

– I was just curious, whenever you floss your teeth what percentage of the time, I'm gonna ask you anything, is it– – That's not how this works I'll answer, though – Do you floss all of your teeth? Because you just went in to floss one tooth crevice and then you're like, well, since I'm here, I'm gonna hit this one and then I'm gonna hit this one Because that's what I did in the bathroom There was something, I felt something in the back, like in a molar and I got that out

And then I was like I'm gonna keep going Before I knew it I was flossing every single tooth crevasse – I'd say 37% of the time I do that – And all of you guys were out there waiting It was kind of a power play on my part

Oh, I've got to floss my teeth – No one knew you were missing So I don't think it worked (laughing) But– – That ain't true – I would say that the minority of times of the time I do that

I'm not a good flosser, though I'm kind of ashamed You know what changed my flossing habits? – What? – I was good at flossing because I was going to a dentist who was telling me that I needed to floss And then I read an article It's funny how just a little study in a journalist who kind of turns it a little bit

– They baited you, click-baited you? – No, they said, yeah, I was click-baited, flossing– – To realize why you should never floss again – Flossing not as important as once thought – Click! – And I clicked on it And I was like, all right And then my flossing frequency severely dropped

And I don't even know if it was real I mean, it said it was a study but it was probably one study – Fake news, man – All I know is that now when I floss my gums bleed Which is a really bad sign

– You know, I'm such a creature of habit but I have not incorporated flossing into my routine – You can over-floss – Except the day before, the morning that I'm going to the dentist and then like every other day for the two weeks after I have exited the dentist and the hygienist has given me the speech – And you're trying to maintain that clean feeling – And then when I get something caught in my teeth

So you said 30% That means that you have stuff caught in your teeth that you just floss out, but you don't even use that as an occasion to floss all your teeth You should at least do that I do that and 80% of the time that I have flossed between every tooth is because I started out just trying to get something out of one place So you need to take advantage of that

– Okay, I'll, note taken – Forget about that article So, and when I do floss, it just gives me, it boosts my esteem for at least six more hours I feel like I'm on the tail end of a just-flossing fresh esteem boost and I'm gonna ride it right through this Ear Biscuit – So you just, this is like, we're talking like within an hour– – Six hours, six hours ago

– You're still riding the floss wave six hours later? – It's a six hour wave for me, yeah – Wow, you should do that more often – It's like it– – If it does that for you – And it doesn't hit me immediately It's like, yeah, I'm flossing

Yeah, I'm spitting Yeah, there's some blood in it Yeah, I'm going back to my job but then like within the hour, I'm like you know what, I flossed And then within two hours, it's like, it's really humming – It sounds like you might be a little prideful

(laughing) – And you know– – It's called floss pride A lot of people suffer from it – Well, this Ear Biscuit I feel like is really gonna benefit from it and I didn't wanna take full credit I don't wanna be prideful I wanna give floss the credit it's due

– Now, growing up, we were taught that pride was a bad thing, right? – Sure – And it is a bad thing – It cometh before a fall – But you can be proud And I remember we'd be playing like a school or I'd see somebody and their mascot was The Pride

– Of lions? – Yeah, I guess it was But it would be like the Pocachani Pride or something – Pocachani? – I'm making things up Like I'd see it in a movie I don't think we played anybody that was called The Pride

And I was like, that's so arrogant that they're called The Pride – I bet they flossed every morning – But it was because they were lions And it never crossed my mind – I'm also excited– (soft sneezing) – Bless you

– Bless you, Jacob Bless you, Jacob – Bless you, Jacob – You have no pride – In all your endeavors from here on out

– I can tell you, you flossed recently That smile on your face – My teeth don't show, that's why I don't floss – I'm riding the floss wave right into, I'm gearing up for this vacation And you know, we talked about it today

We're taking like a mini kid vacation – Listen, don't undersell your vacation – Kids' spring break – My vacation is a mini vacation You, my friend, are going big and going hard

– Oh gosh And with not enough time – I am almost scared I'm scared for you, because– – Well, I was excited And I told you, who was it? It was you and Darren and was Stevie there? – Mm-hmm

– Steve And I was like, yeah, I'm pretty excited He's like, where you going? It's like, we're going to the Grand Canyon on an RV It's like, we're renting an RV And then their faces, and your face was like, oh gosh

It's like I told you my diagnosis or something And I'm like– – Well, you've told me how your family interacts – My kids wanna go in an RV Especially Lando I just mispronounced his name

– Especially Lando, he wants to go – The RV And Lando wants to go on the RV – Listen, let me tell you, I think it's a great idea Every family should try it

I'm glad you're going before me – We have five days including travel So it's very aggressive – You got five people, too, I mean – It's one of those, have you seen these RVs that like on the side of it, it's like painted with a billboard that says– – Cruise America

– Cruise America – Oh yeah, I'm, listen– – I'm pretty sure that, that's what I'm getting I'm getting a driving billboard – Yeah, it's an advertisement How could you miss Cruise America? – Well how could it cost as much as I'm paying? – Because it's a big truck, man

It is your home You're sleeping in it, right? – Yes, of course, I'm not buying, what's the point of an RV if you're not gonna sleep in it That's the cool part, man – But you do know you cannot crap in it You know that's the RV rule

That's the bus rule and the RV rule Nobody craps in it You, listen– – Where are we gonna, I mean, it's six days – You crap in bathrooms Somebody unloads in that thing, and you will be hating yourself

Because the guys who gives it to you will be like, oh sure, it works It never works Any time I've ever been in a bus or an RV where somebody has dropped a deuce, it has soiled the experience until somebody has to come and pump it out We gotta get somebody to come pump it out Think about it

You remember what happened on the set of Buddy System in the trailers that we were in – In your trailer – Yeah, so the security guard, (laughing) it was after hours, and something was wrong with the bathroom that he was supposed to go in So he just picked a random trailer and he picked my specific trailer – I think he knew, he was targeting your trailer

– And just to put things into perspective here, when I say trailer, don't picture like what Robert Downey Jr is in on the set of Iron Man No, we have, basically it's not quite, it's basically a series of like closets on a trailer That, you know, you do have a little sink And you've got a little place you can lay down

Well, I can't lay down And then you've got a bathroom for yourself and that's what our trailer was Ours were right next to each other – Well, they were both in the same trailer They subdivided the one trailer

– We had a shared wall But different toilet – I did not smell through the wall But it was horrible, you said – It was absolutely horrible

– You're right, I can't do that – I couldn't make eye contact with that guy the rest of the time that he was guarding us because of what he did He soiled my place – I don't trust my middle child with this – Is it Pepper? – I might not be able to bring him

– Get him diapers You should have a set of adult diapers I'm not joking – Because what's gonna happen is, when you get out, listen, just stick with me for a second – I'm not gonna crap in my pants

– When you get out there in the desert and you're not familiar with the landscape, you don't necessarily know where the bathrooms are Somebody's like dad, I just gotta do it There's a toilet What's gonna happen is there's gonna be a moment of weakness and you're gonna be like well I mean, this is a modern, this is a modern piece of equipment There is a bathroom

Rhett's probably wrong about this I'm just gonna let 'em crap in there If it gets to that point, you say son, I have a diaper for you – Well if we're out in the desert, son, I have a shovel for you Just go dig a hole behind the RV

– Well the diaper was not really to be used It was a tactic, it was a mind control tactic Once a 12 year old or 13 year old begins to think about crapping in a diaper they become super self conscious and they pucker up and they hold it til you get to a real bathroom – Not you, though – You talking about, what are you talking about? – You'd go right in that diaper, wouldn't you? – I've never crapped in a diaper but I did shart on the way to Dollywood once

(laughing) – I've heard the story but the way, you delivered it with such gusto in that moment It's like wow, good times Wow – Put that on a t-shirt – So I'm going to the Grand Canyon

I plan on giving you, loyal listener, a report You know, maybe you're right I'll let you know if it comes down to this I'll be thinking about you I wanted to ride a mule down into the bottom of the Grand Canyon with all of my family

– Another weird idea Actually, it's a great idea – I came home, I was like guys, you know we're going to the Grand Canyon You know we're going on an RV but did you know that when we get there we are getting on a caravan of mules and we're riding to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, one of the seven wonders of the world, is it not? – It should be if it's not – It's one of the natural wonders of the American world and immediately, it was just like people, it was like bailing out of a sinking ship

Christie was like, gave me a are you nuts? Like I'm afraid of heights You wanna put me on top of an animal teetering on the edge of switchbacks which it is, and then Lincoln's like I'm afraid of horses – Uh-oh, that's a bigger problem – I'm like well it's a mule, it's not a horse – It's sterile

– It's so sure footed And then Lando's too young So I mean we were leaving him behind in the thicket anyway somehow with Jade Jade's coming too, in the RV – You're serious? – I'm serious

– And how were you gonna mule this? – It's my idea – There's no way, I think taking– – Well they abandoned me so I'm like Lily, please come with me to ride on the mules and she's like no, I don't want to dad – Go by yourself – I'm like you'll love it You'll absolutely love it

It'll just be me and you and the mules – I think it's a great idea The reason I said it's a weird idea is because I knew that your family would not be into it but if you wanna take a mule with me one day– – Would you ride the mule? – Heck yeah I'd do that – 'Cause I'm not, you'd better believe I'm not hiking up from the bottom of the Grand Canyon with my family You can't do it

It's the only way to see and I really wanna ride a horse too – I don't necessarily know if your first horseback riding experience should be A, on a mule and B, at the Grand Canyon 'cause that's kind of a different experience – Yeah, it's a different thing It's like riding the monorail at Disney World versus getting on a Space X rocket It's a different thing

– I will be, incidentally at the same time that you're in your RV, I will be on horseback – What? – Yeah, that's one of the days I have planned on my vacation which is less ambitious I'm just going to Palm Springs – You get to ride on a horse? – There's an excursion, I'm going to this– – Is your family coming with you? – All four of us get our own horse – This hurts, man

– And you know what? For just a little bit extra they said, for a little bit extra per person it'll be just us with no strangers, no randos – No cowboy taking you around? – No, no, we've got a qualified person but no other tourists Just the McLaughlins and someone who knows what they're doing – We're gonna do what they call a Jeep tour Like a sunset tour and that's gonna be just us 'cause I don't like to go on tours with other people

They slow you down, they get injured, they're liability – And also, you never know what you're gonna get You're just taking a random sample of people If you just throw a dart at the human population, the chances that you hit somebody you wanna hang out with, pretty slim Especially when you're a jerk like me

– Remember the prideful thing you said earlier? – Yeah, yeah – So we'll give you updates on that but we gotta get into some questions from you guys – Yes we do, but first We wanna let you know that you can have the shirts that we're wearing Not the exact shirts that we're wearing but you can have shirts that are exactly like the shirts we're wearing if you go to mythical

store You can get this amazing Mythical sweatshirt You can't tell by looking at this right now but Link, tell me about the material of this thing because I'm fascinated with the material of your shirt – It's a long sleeved sweatshirt cut but the material is astonishingly breathable and thin – It's almost like a t-shirt meets a sweatshirt

It's like a t-shirt was a horse and a sweatshirt was a donkey and then they mated and they made a sterile shirt that's a mule and it's incidentally the same color as a mule – Some mules – Some mules – You wear this Mythical long sleeved sweatshirt thingie, you have no risk of creating more shirts – That shirt with that mate is capable of reproducing other shirts

– Tell 'em about your shirt, Rhett – Well my shirt is, there's nothing exciting about the material, it's just a black t-shirt but there's something very exciting about what it says and that is "not a sponsor" – Well don't cover it up with your microphone Not a sponsor, trademark, Mythical logo (clicking tongue) We say that at times

– Whenever we talk about a product, 98% of the time we say not a sponsor because 98% of the time it's not a sponsor when we talk about the product Now you too can have no sponsors – Or you can wear the shirt and take a stance as not being a sponsor – True I don't sponsor anything

– Beautiful shirt, it has two meanings It's open to interpretation Thank you for supporting entertainment, go to mythicalstore and stock up Alright, here we go

Okay, right off the bat here's an interesting question from Beth Anne McGraw Smith Dang girl, choose How many names you gotta glom on? – I don't know That's quite a few – Who is the most surprising contact in your phone? Beth, we liked your question

Nothing immediately came to mind I literally pulled out my phone and I started scrolling and I found someone that surprised me that I think will surprise you You wrote some down, did you scroll your phone? – Yeah The first thing that came up that was surprising– – To you – Was Bill Leslie

– Bill Leslie – Anchor, news anchor at WRAL, is that– – Yeah, absolutely WRAL, morning news And lunch time too I think – In Raleigh, North Carolina

– He's a ginger – And he is like, he's the man there at the local news situation in the triangle – He's also a folk artist – Yeah, he's a bluegrass man – I think he's a bluegrass man and we met him in full redneck, we were guests on WRLA and we met him because he invited us to come on the news program, like the noon news in order to sing, I think it was the barbecue song

– It was the barbecue song We basically went on as Rabbit Lightning for all intents and purposes It was before Rabbit Lightning was Rabbit Lightning – So it was just like two rednecks, like I wore a tank top and cut off jean shorts and he met us and took us around the news studio The North Carolina news is like some of the most high quality, award winning news outfits in the country

I'm not just bragging It's kind of a weird phenomenon that North Carolina has really good, high production quality news and weather Industry standard, that's a fact – 'Cause when you go other places you're like ah, this news sucks – And he took us around and introduced us to everyone, like people in cubicles and like production people

– We were in character the whole time – And we never, I don't know, because we were in our costumes we just never broke character – And then we did the news segment – And he never acknowledge it – Because he's Bill Leslie

– 'Cause he's cool man – He is a professional – He's so cool – You're gonna think I'm name dropping, I got Post Malone in my phone and that rhymes – Post Malone in my phone

– Because as Post Malone– – Did you ask him for his number or? – We follow each other on Twitter and he sent me his phone number – That's kind of him Let's call him – Austin is his name, he's a genuine dude Now we already knew this because Mike and Alex knew him

– Yeah – But he's just a genuinely good guy Good hearted guy and legitimate fan – I would call him a sweetheart – I would go as far as to say he's a sweetheart

– Like you say he's good versus bad and I don't like calling people good or bad but he's very sweet – What I said, goodhearted – It seems now I'm implying that he's bad – Well he might be a little bit of a bad boy but like a bad boy good way – But he's a sweetheart

– He's a sweetheart bad boy – Good taste in comedy – Yeah and you want me to continue to name drop? – I can see that you've got more written I only have one – Redfoo, I have Redfoo in my phone and Mr

Tony Hale, good friend Tony Hale As far as my name drops, I've dropped all the names that I can possible drop in my phone – Well I'm about to drop a big name on you I found in my address book Mr Fred Vanore

Don't look at my notes You remember him? – You mean the Snuggie guy? – Yes, the guy, the commercial producer of the Snuggie commercials as well as a lot of famous infomercials We, I can't remember how this happened but we were, including like OxyClean, he shot the last commercials with Billy Mays like days before he died and the, yeah, Snuggie and he's still doing it Like Blue Moon Studios or something but we had a conversation with him, I think it was because we made the Shamwow song, that's what it was – We made the Shamwow song

– We made just a, we took the Shamwow song and we took the Shamwow commercial and we took the words verbatim that Vince said and we wrote it into a song You can search it on YouTube It's not as great as we thought it was at the time probably now Doesn't hold up that well but we sang, we musicified it and then we got an email and ultimately a conference call with the producer of the Snuggie commercials and they were making, Fred was making a new Snuggie commercial and he wanted us to– – Make a song – Make a song for it

That would be part of the actual commercial that went out like on cable, that everyone would see – And he told us a lot of cool stuff, that there was a warehouse in like New Jersey where they made all these commercials It was almost like a place like Willy Wonka's factory where you could go and you would see all the commercials being made for all the crazy infomercial products and we were so excited about going– – People lounging in Snuggies – And then we were thinking about what song we were gonna write and then like a week later he calls and he's like guys, turns out that Weezer has decided to do a music video about, and they're gonna be wearing Snuggies– – They're parodying the Snuggie infomercial as the new single music video – And it's actually, it was a partnership, an official partnership with Snuggie and he's like, you know, because we've got that going on, it doesn't really make sense to have you guys who are not Weezer and that's actually the second time– – Got thwarted by Weezer

– We got Weezer beef, we got beef with Weezer Beef number one with Weezer is when we won the key of awesome– – May they rest in peace – Music video contest back in the day, they're not dead, they just aren't making music videos anymore Key of awesome, and the award was to be able to make a music video with Weezer – We got to appear, go to the set and appear in a music video by Weezer

– And then we turned it into, we said actually, we don't wanna just make a cameo, we wanna make you a music video – We wanna direct a Weezer music video, that was our retort – We pitched two ideas, I remember one of them One of the ideas was we were gonna take large helium balloons, like weather ballon style, the kind of balloons that people tie to lawn chairs and then float themselves up, and we were going to float the entire band in the air tethered to the ground but floating in the air and then we were gonna do the same thing– – To perform their song – And they were gonna do the whole music video floating in the air

We thought it was a great idea – We talked, we were on the phone with Weezer's manager like pitching all this stuff And we also pitched an idea where Weezer would be in different rooms performing the song and we would shoot it, we would shoot the song, we would shoot the performance on a set and they would be like kitschy kind of, like this is an emergency room set but Weezer's playing all the different, the doctors and the person getting operated on and then it wouldn't be a different set and a different set and then we would change things on these sets and then get them to perform the song identically again and then we would run it split screen beside each other and you would spot the differences in the two Weezer musical performances and they loved the idea, or the manager did, and we pitched it to 'em and then they got cold feet and they backed out on the whole thing and then we said well, we're gonna take that idea and then we– – We made our video – When a sponsor, the right sponsor came along, we pitched it and then they were able to fund– – Yeah, that was our spot the differences music video Big fans of Weezer, always have been but we got a little Weezer beef because we had two really good ideas they didn't like and then they took our Snuggie song that we could have made and they came in and they– – I thought there was one more thing with Weezer beef

– Yeah, let's come, I don't know, let's make it up Let's start a Weezer beef Let's start like a Weezer Twitter beef – Well I think who benefits more from that? – At this point? – Oh! Ouch Hey, we said we had a beef

– You just really, really– – No, you said it – You really just stepped in it – So we didn't get to the Snuggie, freaking Snuggie commercial – But that is a good contact – Fred Vanore, I still have your number, man

Call me That's not how it works, is it? I have your number, call me I'll know it's you when you call – Jennifer Peden asks if you could change one thing about yourselves, what would it be? Cuts right to the heart, doesn't it, Jennifer? – I would be able to release all of my pent up frustration that I've been channeling towards Weezer all these years No, okay, let's really think this out

I'll let you go first What would you change about yourself? Mr McLaughlin – Well you know There is a series of superficials things that immediately come to mind like I would give myself an actual chin, you know what I'm saying, so I could occasionally shave my beard and not be embarrassed

– You don't like being locked into the beard – But I think that the actual deeper answer is to not care about, I would change, I would lose the desire to want to change anything about myself I would want to get to a place of emotional maturity where I know longer cared about the things that I wanted to change Obviously there are certain things like character things, like I wish I had more patience or I wish I was more selfless I wish that I wasn't, you know, I'm selfish, everybody's selfish, I kind of feel like I'm probably on the, you know, if you divided everybody in the world into who's more selfish I think I would be on the upper end of the spectrum of selfish people

I'd wanna change those things but I think most of all, just thinking about the, just the fact that there's these things that come to mind and a lot of it has to do with wanting to change the way that you're perceived by people I think I would want to not have that To actually be completely content with who I am That is the serious, deep Ear Biscuit answer – You want to desire to not change anything about yourself

– That's not what I said So I would want to lose the desire to change the superficial things about myself In other words, no longer care what anybody thinks – That's a beautiful answer, Rhett – Oh, thank you

– You wanna be free – I gave you the answer so you'd like me more Again, that's one of my problems – This is tough, I don't know For me I think about, I just, you know, I just find myself with levels of anxiety that I just don't think are justified so I would like to, and I am thinking more about this and trying to tackle it but, so I guess that's what I'm working on changing about myself, that's one of the things is coming to grips with what's behind this illogical anxiety that just kind of wells up

A fear of the bottom falling out of my life in one way or another You know, I wish I didn't have that I am working on that You know, I think, I'm hesitant to say I would, but even that, as long as you're engaged, I feel like as I'm engaged in the process of like getting to the bottom of that it's a rewarding experience I mean we're tremendously blessed that there's not something that comes to our minds that's like I've got this nagging problem or issue that it's like oh, I'd just like to remove this thing

Like something physical, you know? So I won't acknowledge that but I could be more thankful too – It's difficult to change one thing It's difficult to pick one thing That's why I kind of tried to pick something that would take care of a lot of things – I mean 'cause I think about, you know, I love my kids and I think about the things that I hope changes in them

Okay, you know, they've got symptoms of, okay, just as an example, like selfishness or something that you talked about that most everybody I think deals with if they're honest with themselves Developing the ability to put other people's needs before your own Would I snap my fingers and take that for my kids to just be there? It's like well, there's something, the cliche of it's about the journey not the destination Maybe it's because I know this isn't possible to just snap your fingers and change something, that's just a rationalization but I do think there's a beauty in the fact that you can't do that, that you kind of gotta live, you gotta live through things and hopefully you're making positive changes Ultimately, I'm a verbal processor so now I've landed in my answer

– Oh good – I wish I was a little more tenacious in tackling the things that I wanted to improve about myself, about the way that I think, they way that I, my heart, those type of things, like the deepest things that I wanna improve on I'm just, I too easily just escape to like I'm just gonna take 'em out – Well you know the interesting thing– – I would like to change that I'd like to be more tenacious at, what's the word? – Wrestling? You wanna be a more tenacious wrestler? – Yeah, like a self wrestler

– Wrestling with yourself – Yeah, I feel like I can make more progress if it wasn't like I finally get around to thinking about levels of introspection and I don't like to use the word self improvement but I just did it You see what I'm saying though Wish I was a little more dedicated to becoming a better person at a faster rate – One of the things that's kind of interesting about this that I think applies to both of us personally is that I think given the way that our wives kind of interact with self improvement and given the way that the friends that have become our better friends in the past couple of years are very in tune with self improvement and I don't, self improvement may be the wrong word and it may conjure up things in your mind that turn you off but people who are really concerned about continuing to not be stagnant in the way that they think and the way they approach things and continuing to change for the better and it's like I kind of feel like that's been a huge benefit to both of us in the past couple years because I think that there's this, I think that you tend to naturally think that okay, I just turned 40, I'm kind of who I'm gonna be and I think one of the things that I've realized in the past two years is that I really hope that I'm not who I'm gonna be because I don't, because I want to continue to change and actually in light of the kind of quality of the people that have become good friends– – I would say grow, not just change but like change is just– – Yeah, grow, personal growth

– It's a little limiting of a term – Even in the past six months, there have been, and I'm not gonna share like very specific things because I'm still like processing so many of these things but– – And there's not a sponsor attached to it – Right and when I get a sponsor I will talk about this freely but there are very specific things I've learned about myself just in the past six months that I was like man, I could have gone the rest of my life not knowing that about myself and now that I do know that about myself a certain kind of work is beginning that I think there's, personal growth that I did not know was possible that I had no way of anticipating and that's, I've been thinking about that lately because I do feel like it is a, it's kind of been a revelation It's kind of like man, I've got so much more work to do on myself than I ever even realized because I kind of just thought I was pretty cool I kind of just thought everything was pretty good and everything is pretty good in one sense, it's like I don't have a lot to complain about, been incredibly blessed in a lot of different ways, #blessed, which I never use on my Twitter account which is @rhettmc

Haven't plugged myself in a while so I figured I would do that Can't get too real – You were making such a– – I've gotta, you know I've gotta deflect 'cause I was getting too real and I've gotta make a self deprecating, self promoting joke all at the same time Sorry, this is the kind of work that I need to do but anyway, I'm actually more excited about my 40's I told Jesse this the other day

I was like I'm super excited about my 40's and like so many different ways Personally, professionally, am I making you cry? – I took my glasses off – I mean don't know if I'm making you cry – No, I'm not crying – I would love to make you cry right now

Can I make you cry? – Well if I rub my eyes hard enough they'll probably start crying – I am super excited about my 40's in a way that I think that I could have just as easily gotten to my 40's and I do, I have questions all the time like is our best work behind us? You're tempted to think is the bottom gonna drop out of whatever it is that we're doing but I actually feel from a personal standpoint and even from a professional standpoint I'm more excited about the future than I have been in a while Wow, Jennifer, you really opened a can of honesty You never know what's just gonna happen on an Ear Biscuit – I wish you weren't so vague

We gotta get a sponsor Next question Catherine Abel asks what songs are on your guilty pleasures playlist? I like this question – Very good question – I really enjoy hip hop

This morning I was making my smoothie to some J Cole That's good But I'm not guilty about that – Yeah, that's something to be proud of

That means your cool – One of my favorite bands– – (mumbling) North Carolina – Lord Huron has a new single came out which tells me I haven't, I keep forgetting to search but I assume that means an album is coming out – You never know with those guys – I love

They may be my favorite band – But that's not a guilty pleasure – I don't feel guilty about that but– – Guilty pleasure is like Dixie Chicks which I still listen to that Dixie Chicks album, boy Good gracious– – Is that it? Okay, so my guilty pleasure is I don't know why I started thinking about this guy and his songs but for the past two weeks I've been obsessed, I just can't, it's made me so happy and a little guilty how much I love Steve Winwood (laughing) – Okay, give me a Steve Winwood song

♪ Back on the high life again ♪ (mumbling) ♪ The smile'll take me in ♪ Does he play– ♪ 'Cause I'm back in the high life ♪ – You know that song? – Yeah, definitely But do they play a lot of woodwinds? – They? No, he doesn't – Because, you know what I'm getting at? It seems like Winwood, it just seems like it's an opportunity for a lot of woodwinds to be playing – There's other songs Like that's the main one that I keep going back to and I swear that James Taylor is singing backup

– James Taylor found his way into so many albums in the 70's and 80's You'll be listening to a George Jones song and all of a sudden that's James Taylor doing the backup – Bartender's Blues ♪ Bring me a higher love ♪ ♪ Bring me a higher love ♪ And then you got Back In The High Life Again, and then ♪ Roll with it baby ♪ I'm singing 'em all in the same key They're not

And then isn't Mandolin Rain? – Mandolin Rain? – Isn't Mandolin Rain, isn't that Steve Winwood? No ♪ Listen to the mandolin rain ♪ No, that's Bruce Hornsby Alright, that's my guilty, guilty pleasure – Bruce Hornsby? Does he play horns? – You got Steven Winwood playing woodwinds and you got Bruce Hornsby playing horns – Who have instruments in their last names? – So that's mine

– So Dixie Chicks, I can't remember the last time I listened to 'em but I'm talking about that, you know, the Dixie Chicks album before they like said the wrong thing about Bush and everybody started hating 'em, I'm talking about that album, but– Okay, I'm not sure you can do that – That's a little mandolin rain – So what I found when I started going into my phone trying to look at my playlist and my recently added, it's like do I have– ♪ Listen to the mandolin rain ♪ Yeah, okay, keep that short There's legal repercussions Okay, alright, I think you officially– – Gotta get to the right part

– You've officially gone over the number of seconds that we can legally play – But you know what? – Yeah, that's it I think we all know – The new me doesn't care – The new you will care when we have to take this podcast down

– I feel so guilty See, you're trying to make me guilty – Now what I found and this is gonna make you happy, I've made so many people happy with this I don't even remember how I, oh, I remember how I found it How I found Ariel Camacho

– That's not a guilty pleasure, that's a hidden gem Don't tell 'em – Oh no, I'm gonna tell 'em They already know maybe So I was driving along

I had to talk about this because as I was looking for my guilty pleasure I looked at my recently added and I saw from last year how I added this album – Yes – I was flipping through the FM radio channels of Los Angeles which is not something I do often because I'm usually listening to a podcast or you know, my own songs Not like Rhett and Link songs, you know what I mean Like my iTunes

And about 30 to 40% of the stations that are on FM radio in Los Angeles it seems like are Spanish music and this song starts playing, Te Metiste, and it was this incredible music that sounded like, you know, I don't even know necessarily the right name for this, a little bit of mariachi-ish sound – Who is it? – Ariel Camacho, and it is absolutely amazing because there's not a bass guitar There's a dude playing a freaking tuba and he's playing the tuba and almost, it sounds like he has literally been gifted his tuba playing ability by like an alien force (Ariel Camacho music) – Okay Now that– – And then sometimes he'll go (mimicking tuba noise)

And this is the bass tuba The tuba is the bass – And so one night we're hanging out (Link mimicking tuba noise) we're hanging out with one of our friends and I had listened to this and thought this is some of the best music I've ever listened to I absolutely loved it and I got the album and I just started listening to it and I thought I had just found this little thing that would be this little treasure that I could share with people from time to time and then we're hanging out at my house with a friend and I bring it up and we were just like I wonder if there are music videos for this? Like what are the music videos? And we look up Ariel Camacho and that's when we realize the music videos have like hundreds of millions of views It's absolutely huge, it's a phenomenon– – You've discovered nothing, Jon Snow

– It is a phenomenon in Mexico especially but also in America and I just didn't know about it and it turns out that like the original dude who was the lead singer was killed and then they replaced him with a new dude and the band is still intact The tuba player's still the same guy I think – We've gotta get 'em on the show – But it's some of the best music you'll ever hear, Ariel Camacho, and I don't know, was Ariel Camacho the first guy that died and they still call it that? – I don't know, it's so tuba forward It'll just rock your world

– You never thought you needed tuba forward music but you do ♪ Bring me a higher love ♪ ♪ Bring me a higher love ♪ – Sounds more like Michael McDonald but you get the idea Where do you wanna go now? Let's just keep going Katie Bolling You all have amassed a pretty large following over the years

I was wondering how you honestly feel about fans coming up to you in public? Where do you draw the line as to when it's okay for someone to approach you or when it's inappropriate? I'm very grateful that we're successful enough that every time we go out, if we go out together somewhere in public, somebody's gonna recognize us I kind of just mosey around until it happens 'cause I need that validation – Yeah, you need it for your self esteem – So once it happens I can be like check, now I can go home and sit on my butt and feel good about myself Maybe I'll need to floss

It's like one or the other I'm either gonna floss or get recognized – Ride that wave – I don't know which, both a six hour wave but my answer is there's a time when it's inappropriate and it's when you're, I think maybe I've told this story, it's when you're in Amsterdam with your family and your business partner and his family– – That's me – And you've been riding bicycles around the city and you've nearly gotten hit by a car, another car, a train, and many angry pedestrians and it's bringing your wife to tears

Like literally she's crying because it's just, it was an overwhelmingly traumatic experience watching our children almost get hit by a train – And meanwhile, my wife is also crying and mad at me and not speaking to me – So we're out in public – We even separated to make it easier – But it was, I mean I was talking to her and it was like, you could, you've seen couples in like heated situations in public and if you recognize one of them as an Internet-tainer, that's not a good time to come up to him and ask for a photo

– Yeah, what'd you do? – I was like oh, my wife can take the photo No – Take it, baby – No, I did not say that but– – You say this is not a good time or did you– – No, I took the photo – Oh, you did

– But nobody would, I'm sure it wasn't a great photo and you know who you are if you've got it – Yeah, and I think I told this story before about the time I was in the airport and I was, this was when we had missed our flight or we were about to miss our flight, I don't remember – I wasn't there was I? – No and I was with my family and I was panicking and first of all, you may consider yourself the more anxious one and you are in general but when it comes to airport travel– – But that's 'cause you also have strategic thinking which sometimes leads to anxiety – I am incredibly anxious and my wife and my kids have these, they have running jokes about me in the way that I, we get to the airport– – You get really worked up – 14 hours before the flight

– You get frantic and if I'm a fan and from 50 yards away I can tell that's frantic Rhett That's not the Rhett that I know on the internet – But I was in the middle of a heated exchange about how we had to get going or whatever and somebody came up and wanted a picture and I'm sure that I was not nice I think I might have said this is not a good time I can't remember

I told the story when it was fresher, when I had closer access to the memory and I think I told it accurately but– – The point is there's a time and a place and that's not it Last night we were together We were in Hollywood You know how we just go and hang out in Hollywood looking to be recognized – Just walk around Hollywood because– – Did you notice what happened? We didn't talk about it

We were coming off that escalator at Hollywood and Highland and somebody, well the guy like kind of grabbed my arm and turned me around and then was like Rhett and Link, I'm a big fan Can I get a photo? And then he did a selfie and he did some sign with his hand and he was like trying to be really cool – But no, he also asked the same question twice I think he was, he may have been– – Under the influence of something The other thing that I would ask that people not do to people that they recognize– – I didn't know he grabbed you though

When somebody grabs you, you gotta go into a martial arts situation – He took the back of his hand just above my elbow and he turned me towards him – You can't let that kind of thing happen Somebody begins to turn you, you go into 'em and you shove their nasal cavity right into their brain You gotta just turn around and just like a movie

Somebody touches you, you gotta kill 'em – Gah (laughing) The dude just wanted a selfie, man – I'm sorry, maybe I'm overreacting but personal space is incredibly important to me Okay, don't kill anybody 'cause they touch you

I'm sorry, it was horrible advice – If we're both there, you know which one of us to touch Alright, we can move on to another question I feel good about now, in kind of a roundabout way, acknowledging how popular we are Let's move on

– Pete Machalek asks have any of your gastro-intestinal adventures landed you in front of a doctor? What is the worst thing you have experienced as a result of consuming something on GMM? – Looking down at our round table under the dim lighting and we had all of the guests from the first two seasons of Ear Biscuits sign it, when we had guests I see Smosh right there which reminds me, I mean it goes without saying all the hot pepper stuff we've eaten has been very difficult We never went to the doctor for it We've never been to the doctor for anything related specifically to the show unless sitting so long gave me hemorrhoids and then I can, maybe I should have filed workers comp for that visit

But we had, duo or don't-o and one of the things was they decided not to drink a liter of vinegar I think is how it went so we each had to– – I don't know if it was a liter but it was– – We had to drink a pint, not a liter – It was a lot, a pint sounds more like it – I think they call it a liter but like a pint of red vinegar, red apple cider vinegar and we chugged it and I felt horrible at first Then we kept playing the game and then– – Actually, I get almost a vomitous feeling just thinking about it The way that I felt after drinking that, oh gosh, it makes me wanna vomit right now thinking about it

Oh gosh – And then we kept playing the game and I was like oh man, I do not feel good I started sweating And I said keep the cameras rolling because if I vomit I want you to film it – It's all for the clicks

– And then I sat there and then we were done and we like, Anthony and Ian, this was way back when they were together, you know – Way back in the day when Smosh was Smosh – When Smosh was Smosh Smosh is just something, it's something now, it's just something different – That's right, it's bigger

– We hugged 'em goodbye, gave 'em the friendlies, and then I was like keep filming me 'cause I'ma vomit and then like 20 minutes later I was just sitting there alone in the studio with a camera on me and then I gave up and the moment I stood up after sitting there for that long I was like oh my gosh, you had gone You'd gone somewhere else in the studio I went to the bathroom and I threw up all that vinegar Of course I immediately felt better and I was so grateful – But I went home because I am not one to vomit in general

I've talked about it before The McLaughlin streak We had like 30 to 40 years between me and my brother and my dad of not vomiting I have broken that a couple of times but there is a great hesitancy to vomit even when your body is telling you to do it We have all kinds of techniques of heavy breathing and shifting the body that keeps it from coming up

– It's kind of like an esophageal chastity belt – Yeah, exactly, and I went home that night, it was a Friday night because I remember it's Saturday, waking up and– – Well that night I went out, we were meeting some friends for dinner at this burger place and they're like ordering these huge burgers and I'm like I can't eat anything I just felt so gastro-intestinally traumatized So I sat there and watched 'em eat these huge burgers and I'm getting texts, I start getting texts from Rhett He's like dude, I'm not doing good

– And I was actually, not only was I not doing well, I was doing what I often do which is I was going on the internet and asking the internet questions about the way I was feeling – Given what you had done – And what I learned is that there are documented cases of people dying from vinegar overdoses and I was like I don't know how much you can take but I drank a whole lot and people were like this is definitely not a good thing – No, but you weren't, were you typing your personal case into a forum? – No, I never do that I look at other people's answers because typing your case into a forum when you've got a very temporary problem, by the time somebody answers it it's over

– Yeah, why help anybody else? – But what I learned is that it's not– – So selfish, man, you give You take but you don't give – It's not a good thing to drink a large amount of vinegar A lot of people will drink apple cider vinegar therapeutically or gargle with it or whatever and I think that drinking small amounts is a super healthy thing – Yeah

– But drinking the amount that we did is not good for you and so I was in this, had this dull ache to my stomach that I couldn't get rid of and then I wake up in the morning on Saturday and it's still there and I had trouble sleeping It was like Saturday night by the time it went away – You never threw up? – No, I was scared to I can't make myself throw up Sometimes people, you can– – Did you pee vinegar? Isn't that a saying? Like pissing vinegar? – It is now

– It is a saying – It might be but I mean yeah, I think technically I was but it wasn't straight vinegar and I did not taste it to confirm if it was still vinegar 'cause I have hated vinegar so much at the time I got it out of my system eventually and we, I think as the show has gotten older and we've gotten more people involved in the show we have– – They're more rigorous – Right now it's rigorous, they're saying, oh, it's piss and vinegar, a phrase used to express an attitude of somebody that is full of energy, vigor, perhaps rowdiness or excitedness Piss and vinegar, he's full of piss and vinegar

– That is not what you were, you were full of both of those things but it did not make you that description – But things like almost overdosing on vinegar or almost blowing ourselves up by mixing two substances that should not be mixed, those things don't happen anymore because we have that many more people who check and make sure that we're gonna be okay so the whole save GMM hashtag that came up like a couple years ago when people were like Rhett and Link are gonna die because they're pushing themselves so far – That's not gonna happen Now of course I talked about the peanut butter thing and then that came out and you guys who listened to my story here, then there was a lot of concern in the comment section of that I don't know, I didn't feel great about making you guys so worried about it

– What about this question from Macy who asks how late is too late to wish someone a happy birthday? – That day I mean the next day is not their birthday The next day you say happy belated birthday, right? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah But what is your opinion about that because I have in the not too distant past with two different friends because again we've established I'm pretty selfish I'm not a very good friend

I'm not a very good friend long distance like via text so if you're on the other side of the country or whatever So I found it's somebody's birthday and I'm gonna text him and then I don't and then the next day I'm like, I should, and so I don't know how many days I've gone but what is, I always say happy late birthday but what is too late? When is it too late to still say happy late 'cause we're definitely saying happy late birthday or happy belated, however you wanna phrase it How long can that last? – I mean I don't know if 48 hours – Oh, really? I was thinking a week – A week? – You could add qualifiers to it

Happy super belated birthday a week ago – I think you gotta start getting into apology letter territory at this point – Hey man, sorry about this but I wanted to wish you a happy super belated birthday Feel bad even talking to you now that I've waited so long but I really hope you had a great birthday and you know what? Happy really super, super early birthday for next year just in case I forget again That's a good text

You could just take that and cut and paste I'll take credit for it – I think because I'm, I hope I'm not lying to myself when I say this I think because I'm so prone to forget birth dates that I don't, it doesn't hurt my feelings when people don't call me on my birthday, like loved ones Like if my dad were to call me the day after I'd be like I understand

You know, there's a three hour time difference Surprisingly it does make a huge difference in wishing somebody a happy birthday when there's a three hour time difference if you're like working all day and you can't just stop what you're doing You're such a compartmentalized thinker – We often miss things because all our people are on the east coast – My dad didn't do that but even somebody as close as my dad, I don't think I would care but there might be other psychology involved in that

It's like I hate making people feel like they need to apologize – Well I'm, you know me – And I'm so prone to it, to forget – I am so, I might be pretty negligent when it comes to a lot of things but the one thing you'll never get from me is you will never feel judged because you didn't get something for me or you didn't tell me happy birthday or you didn't include me or you didn't invite me and again, it's probably because I'm a people pleaser and so I don't want people to be upset with me or think that I'm upset with them so at least I got that 'cause I think the worst combination would be if you were like really bad at keeping up with things like that and being a good friend but you were also hypersensitive to when people didn't give it to you – Don't dish it out if you can't take it

– I just don't take it and I don't dish it out – Lexi Woodriff asks what do animals think cars are? We're getting philosophical here How do animals view technology? This is interesting because I was bringing Jade in a couple weeks ago into work and she sits in the passenger seat I do not let her sit in my lap though she wants to when I'm driving – Do you put the seat belt on her? – No

– A lot of people would hate you for that Lot of people think you gotta strap a dog in If you strap a kid in why wouldn't you strap a dog in? – You know what, I agree with that and I should get one – You're seriously gonna get one? – Well what if I was in an accident and something happened to her? It would be horrible That would be horrible

So I couldn't bare it – But then in order to be ready for that you have to be the guy that straps his dog in to the seat – Nobody has to see it What I am really against is the people who let their dog sit on their left arm that's on the steering wheel and then drape over on the window Like that's not safe

That's not safe for anybody – It's not quite texting while driving but it is, especially the dog's– – Like a dog in your lap while you're, that's my opinion, I could be wrong – I had Barbara come from the back, go under the front seat and come out in the floor board one time like when she was small – Well Jade did that last weekend when we were parked at the grocery store parking lot – Talk about a panicky situation

– Well she's down there with the pedals, man – What's she gonna do? She doesn't know which pedal does what – She's gonna floor it – Yeah, could set the emergency brake off, she could pop the hood All kinds of things could happen down there

– So Jade was in the other seat curled up like a donut sleeping and I looked over at her and I was like that dog has no clue where we're going That dog doesn't have a clue That clue doesn't have a dog You know it's like, man, I don't know what she thinks of the vehicle She knows that it's a transport device, that I leave in that thing and so if I let her out the front door when I leave and I get in the transport device she tries to get in with me so she can come with me

So she knows that it's a, it's what I leave in but I don't think her view of it as technology goes much beyond that She likes to look out the window sometimes so she knows it's moving but it's like wow, I actually don't think she puts much thought into it – Does she recognize when you get close to your house on the way back? Like when do you think that Jade knows you're getting home because I've got some theories about when Barbara knows – When I turn on the final street but here's my point, I was looking down at her and I was like she has no clue where we're going It could be anywhere and she's just living in the moment

It's one of the things that I love about having a dog now that this whole world of being a dog person has opened up to me finally and I'm wrapped around her paw, I just try to find different ways for psychologically it to improve my life and the way that I discovered right then was you know what? Every time I hang out with Jade I'm gonna appreciate how she's able to live in the moment She doesn't know where she's going in life or in this car and she's just you know what, I'm here for it, I'm here for it So I try to live like a dog A dirty dog – The only issue with that is that she's not processing any of that in the way that you would if all of a sudden you were inhabiting her body

If all of a sudden your brain was inside her body you wouldn't be able to embody it in the way that she does – That would be frustrating – Because in order to get to the place where you're just always living in the moment you gotta be as dumb as a dog – Exactly I guess I don't wanna be that dumb

What do you think? When does Barbara knows when she's getting home? Pretty close? – I think she knows when I'm on the road that goes up the hill to my house – So the elevation change or something – My theory is she smells home Not home, she doesn't smell my home but she smells our neighborhood Jesse got that book about all the stuff that dogs can do and it's like, I don't know what it's called

Something about your amazing dog or something like that It's probably not called that It's got a better title than that 'cause it was like a New York Times bestseller but it goes through all these amazing examples of how well a dog's nose works Did you know that dogs that track individuals who are running from them and have been trained to do this– – Talking like an escaped convict type situation – Yeah, like Harrison Ford in Fugitive which what was his name? Richard

What's that guy's name in the movie Fugitive? – Does it matter? – Doesn't matter at all but it's just one of those things that I wanna know now that I've thought about it Richard Kimble Is that it? – Dave Kimble – Richard Kimble Dang, where was that? Why was that in my brain? See, that's amazing, the way the brain works

That information was in there I would have never thought of that again – Richard Kimble came out – Until they come up with a next Fugitive That dog can actually get to a place where there is a footprint and while you as a human can look at the footprint and know– – Forensically

– Which direction the foot was going based on the way the foot looks and the way the foot is oriented A dog actually can analyze which direction that was going in based on the way the front of the foot and the back of the foot smells The footprint, and basically the fact that there is a difference in time of when the front and the back were on the ground and they can actually smell the freaking difference in time – They smell in vectors? – And then there's all this crazy stuff about how the size of the room that you can be in with a dog and introduce like one molecule of stink of something, the smell of something and the dog knows that it's there Absolutely phenomenal and they also have the ability to decipher it and categorize it in ways that we never do

It's basically like, you know, you talk about when a dog's walking around and peeing on things and smelling things, it's like they're getting their email, they're reading their email The level of complexity in information that comes to you in an email, it's like a dog walking around smelling so there's no doubt in my mind that when we get to the restaurant that we pass as we're getting to our house, I think the sequence of smells begins to come to Barbara in the same pattern 'cause what happens is she all of a sudden, she's not like looking up and seeing a tree that she recognizes All of a sudden we get to this place and she gets up and she starts looking around and she hasn't done that the whole time and I think it's the sequence, it's like a code of smells that is coming into her brain and she's like I'm coming home, there it is, smelling that house and this house ♪ Back in the high life again ♪ Exactly Dogs are amazing

– It's a localized marker – Now you show me a cat that can do that (laughing) That'll change my world view – They're afraid of cucumbers – Cats can't even take cucumbers

– Now, man, your whole speech has really got me thinking – About dogs? – I feel tremendously guilty Jade sleeps under the covers and I fart – Oh, she probably likes it They like trash

They like the smell of trash – What are you saying? – I'm saying that when you fart, Jade is like my owner has just given me a gift from himself in a way that only he can – A smell pie – She knows exactly who you are She probably knows how your day went and what you had for dinner based on your farts

– It's like how was your day? It's like (mimicking a fart) Okay, I learned all I need to know but I will say that when I do that she quickly scurries out from under the– – You kidding? Man, yours can be really intense sometimes That is true – She scurries out from under the comforter She gets up next to my head after that

– I've never smelled that smell come from this end (laughing) – Oh gosh, I feel horrible about it – Is that a great place to end this podcast? Probably not but we should anyway – We should end it? – Yeah, we should But hey, listen– – Gotta gear up, I gotta get that RV, start putting stuff in it

– I gotta start packing Thank you for all your questions Thank you for asking us anything We tried to answer as many as we could We didn't get to as many as we wanted to but you know what, we're gonna do this again

Let us know, how are you processing Ear Biscuits right now? What are you thinking about Ear Biscuits? Let us know on the different social medias with #earbiscuits – Let your voice be heard – Yeah – We'll speak at you next week – [Rhett] To hear this Ear Biscuit in its entirety and make sure you don't miss an episode follow the links in the description to subscribe on Apple Podcasts or anywhere else podcasts are available

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