$420 Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza | Fancy Fast Food | Mythical Kitchen

– Oh, that's dirty – Wow! – Whoa

– You're a dirty girl (upbeat music) – Hey man – What'd you get, man? How'd you get in my car? – Uh, well, we started in here So, this is Pizza Hut, Stuffed Crust pizza This is what we're gonna make fancy

Look at that, it's ooey gooey – Yeah, I was gonna ask, why is it called Stuffed Crust? – So they stuffed the crust with cheese, giving you an incentive to eat the crust because a lot of people throw the crust away – So, do I bite it first? – Yeah, yeah

You gotta go from the back (music) – All right So, right off the bat, it tastes a lot like the cheese on the pizza – It is the cheese on the pizza – But, slow down 'cause it's in the pizza

– It is also in the pizza But now you gotta grab, while it's still in your mouth, you gotta grab another bite – So, Josh, this isn't fast food, you went and ordered it, you didn't drive through – We're eating a pizza, in my car, that each of us are paying less than $7 for, and it's gonna make us feel like total garbage afterwards To me, that's fast food

– To me that's food – That's how you eat all your meals – That's all food – All right So, we gotta figure out a way to make this fancy

We need cheese Do you agree? – I'm looking at this right now, the one thing that I can see, because of my color blindness, is the cheese – You're actually color blind? – Very – You're in the art department – Don't tell anyone that

(laughs) – So, we're gonna go to Di Stefano Premium Italian cheeses, out in Pomona, cows are local, milk is local, best product around We're gonna go learn how to make some cheese, throw that on our pie – I want the best cheese, and I want good cheese, and I want it to be the best cheese ♪ Wanna be the best ♪ – Remember? No songs – No songs, demonetized

(music) – Hi, Mimmo Nice to meet you – Mimmo – Lucas – Nice to meet you – We've heard you have the best cheese and we need the best cheese possible to make the fanciest, Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza, possible What makes your cheese the best cheese? – Well, 1 We are local, basically

We produce everyday, fresh, and our milk is right here, about 15 minutes away The cows, they got milked last night Then, we get the milk, right over here, you cannot get fresher than that And then, with more than 40 years of experience, making fresh mozzarella – 40 years of experience, that's incredible So, how old were you when you started making cheese? – I was 12 years old, when I start making cheese – When I was 12, I worked at a liquor store – Whoa, that's danger

(laughs) – Yeah, well, ya know? – You were with the uncle, while I was with milk See that? – Yeah – Nice – And now I'm like this and you're like this – Yeah (laughs) – We have 2 ways We can go imported from Italy, that might be fancier and more expensive But, I, kind of, like going with the local product

'Cause you're imported from Italy and I think that's the important part, – Exactly – Personally – When you say made in Italy, there it is (laughs) I'm made in Italy – That's it

– I mean and then when you talk about fresh products, fresh Mozzarella, you want it as fresh as you can get Do you really wanna get a product that's been traveling on an airplane, left on the pallet on the airport? My personal opinion is this is California, to me, I would prefer to use as much local product as possible because we got good products – All right So, I see a lot of people, they're stretching, they're pulling Can we get our hands on that? – Yeah, lets go

Lets go for a walk We gotta give you a tour and let you make some cheese I gotta put you to work today – Lets do it (upbeat music) – So right here

After expression (cheers in awe) Mozzarella comes from the word mozzare Mozzare means break apart – Oh, nice Mozzare, so you take it like that? – No, no From the bottom

From the bottom – Ah, from the bottom – We can do some more over there – I'll get better I'll get better

I'm a quick learner – Like that, Josh That's perfect – There you go He's from New York

He knows (laughs) – This is freakin delicious though – Yeah, this is amazing – It's incredible – When I was growing up, right? So, this is how we used to do it

The old cheese maker, they used to do it like this, watch – Whoa – What? – And you put cream in there

– And you pour it right in there – Now, imagine all the cheese I was a little kid, all the cheese makers, they were smoking

(laughs) Listen, that's why they say it doesn't taste the same anymore – Right – They say, "It was better back then

" (laughs) Do you want to make some cheese by hand? – Yes! – Yes, I do! – Forever – Let's go do it (upbeat music) Okay So, the other way to do it is like this (factory working sounds) – Oh, that's dirty You're a dirty girl

– That makes me so excited – Ha! Ha! Ha! Yeah – You want to try? – Yes Oh yeah, folding it, folding it– – Fold – It's really hot! You didn't say that, that was hot

We're like twins right now I'm knocking it out of the park Okay I got that – No

– No? – Look, you make the perfect ball, then you turn it, stick your thumb in there, you make a pocket, then you put cream in it, push it in – All right I got it

Let me try it again – Rip it Now turn it – Turn it – Now bop it – Thumb in, making the cup, let's get the cream in Cream in, this is really hot, you guys – Ah, bellissimo

– Ow! – Madonna – Marona Perfect Italian Burrata – How do you feel about Pizza hut's Stuffed Crust pizza? – I love it – Yeah? – I love it – That's great! – What type of cheese would you recommend stuffing in the crust? – Ricotta

– Ricotta? Ricotta in the crust and then fresh Burrata on top? – Yeah That for later? – Yeah – Wanna get out of here? – That's for later Let's go – Okay

So, we're making this fancy Stuffed Crust, Pizza Hut pizza, and we're doing the Supreme, right? – Uh-huh – That's what we ate in my car That's what we know and love – I remember – So, this is some Wild Boar

This is just shaved straight off of the legs So, we're gonna grind that up into some Italian Sausage You ever made sausage before? – No, that's a Boar? – Yeah, that was a Boar I caught it myself – I wanna see that video

– That is 2 year raw-milk Parmesan We also need pepperoni So, we got this Wagyu Beef pepperoni, right there – Wagyu Beef? – Oh, Wagyu, it's the Japanese word for cow – I'll probably keep calling it Wagyu

– Yeah, keep calling it Wagyu And then of course, we have our Di Stefano Mozzarella We hung out with Mimmo And then, we need some olives We have Castelvetranos, these are my favorite, imported from Italy

Also imported from Italy, we got these Calabrian Chili peppers It's gonna give us a nice spice to our sausage – Mimmo wouldn't hate to hear you say imported from Italy – But he was imported from Italy – Yeah, which was ironic

– Then, we got some Truffle salt Truffle is real ice and fancy, kind of smells like death, a little bit But in a good way – Pigs find them – So, this is the Antimo Caputo 00

It means it's a very fine ground There's gonna be a lot of gluten to be extracted from that Then, for a tomato sauce, we're gonna be using some of this beautiful Barolo And then we have this Olive Oil, imported from Tuscany Again, Mimmo would hate it

I hope he doesn't watch this The (speaks in Italian) which means – A piece of something cool

– That is right! We have these – Wow! – Beautiful truffles We have a Black Winter Truffle and then we have this White Alba Truffle, that's gonna be shaved fresh over-top, and then we're gonna infuse some olive oil with it – That's what a truffle looks like – That's what a truffle looks like – That's gonna take me a while to get over

– Ready to get started? – Yeah – All right! Lets do it – Cool – All right We need to get our truffle infused into this olive oil

– Ah, I was gonna say that – So, take this whole bottle and pour it into that – Whole one? – Yeah, most of it I'm just gonna start shaving this truffle– – Into the truffle – Into the oil So, that's gonna infuse all that oil with nice truffle Wait, put out your hand Eat some of that

– That tastes a lot like a mushroom – Yeah! So it is, kind of, a mushroom, right? Keep your finger in there And when you think it's 140 degrees, then you can stop

– Okay Oh, it's getting hot I don't wanna touch this anymore – All right So, we got yeast

Yeast, is a living organism – Hello – This is our pet, so they can hear you

– Does it feel fear? – Does yeast feel fear? – Yeah – I don't think so – Could we make that into a t-shirt? – Now we're just gonna go ahead and dissolve the yeast in sugar – If I was the yeast, I would not like this part Except, I know hat they like sugar

So, I would be like, "I'm not into this" And then I'd, "Oh, is that sugar?" And I'd, kind of, get hyped – And then Lucas, just, kind of, put your fingers in and jimmy it – Nah, I'm good – Okay

(mumbles in different language) – You want me to? – Yeah Try it It's fun It's fun It's fun

It's for fun – My mom always said – We're gonna put a little bit of salt in it – I could always say, no If I didn't want to do something – She seems like a nice lady

Did I meet her? – She's not that nice – And then, I'm just gonna go ahead So, this oil, at about to 148

Now, we're just gonna go ahead and– – Are you gonna pour that on my hand? – Uh-oh Uh, yeah just jimmy– (screams) Okay and we're good – If I eat this, like, what level of Salmonella am I gonna get? – Try it – I'm a level two – Good, and now we're just gonna put this in here with the dough hook attachment, and then that's gonna knead it for us

Unless you wanna kneed it yourself? – Nah, I don't need it yet We're gonna put– – No, do you want to, kneading is a cooking action – All right Well, we're just gonna go ahead and knead this for about five minutes What that's gonna do is it's actually gonna extend the gluten networks

You keep eating the dough You said you don't like it – It's bad It doesn't taste good – You keep eating the dough

Which makes me confused – I heard that you can eat dough like this – And then we're just gonna go ahead and we're gonna put a little bit of this truffle oil right in there – Not too much – There we go

– That was great – Now, it's gonna lube up the dough, and then we're gonna put that in a bowl What are you looking at? – It looks different in here

– Oh, it's a whole new kitchen We used to be in a kitchen, over there You ready to move on, buddy? – To what? – Okay Back to you guys Okay

Well, you're gonna go ahead and open this bottle of wine – Cool – I got a wine bottle opener Don't smash it I'm gonna go ahead and add a large sprig of Oregano to a pot, and then a couple leaves of Basil

– What we're gonna do is we're gonna take that wine and we're gonna reduce it– – And then– – What's that mean? – So, you're gonna go ahead and pour wine into a pot, and as it boils away, the water escapes through steam– – But, its wine – There's water in wine In the way that– – I don't think so

Don't think so, Josh (laughs) (wine cork pops) Okay – There you go All right

And then just take a little sippy How's it? – It's bad – Oh, god That is a really good bottle – Really? – Oh, that is lovely

– The bottle is nice But, the wine was bad – Okay (laughs) You can have the bottle, I'll take the wine – I'd love the bottle – You're gonna go ahead

– Okay – You brought your own You brought a knife to a knife fight, I guess So, you're just gonna run it in and you're gonna rotate the tomato (laughs) What are you Stop! We need those tomato – I got it out

– You ruined it for for the sake– – Nah, it doesn't have the core anymore – Just watch what I do – That's where the core's at – You know what we need, someone to do? We need someone to look at the wine – Somebody look at the wine

– No, I need you to just go ahead and stare at the wine and make sure it's not burning – So to concasse a tomato is, basically, you get the skin and the seeds out, 'cause the seeds are hard to digest and the skin can be a little bit bitter Do you think you can do one? 'Cause this is ruined now

– For what? – Well, we have For the concasse, for the sauce– – I could eat that It's fine

– Eat the tomato – I can make it caprese the tomato – In my stomach

There's so much Mozzarella in me This is like a, you know when you make cereal in your mouth? – Yeah Make it caprese in your mouth Get a little seasoning – Yeah, I'm having a good time – A little seasoning inn there

I'm laughing too hard I'm gonna spill it – There's a lot of people in here You think they want any caprese? – We can make them caprese in their mouths We have these tomatoes, they're cored and they're scored, right? – Okay

– And so we're gonna put those in there and we're gonna wait about 10 seconds until you see the skin start to peel off Then we're gonna shock them in the ice bath Look, you can actually see the skin peeling back That's why we do this So, check this out

So, watch, look the skin, it just peels Wow! Isn't that incredible? – That's was great – Look at the magic of cooking, Lucas

– That's really cool – Look how cool that is! Not only that, now you can take it, and you can slice it into quarters And then look, you just take the core right out – Do it again – And now you have

What? There it is – Got it – There it is

– Are we making something? – Yeah, we're making sauce You now, pizza, sometimes has sauce on it? – I'm more of a lasagna guy – You told me that pizza is your favorite food – Really? – Yes (laughs) – Doesn't sound like me

– So, now we're gonna heat this pan up, right? – This is cold – We got our wine reducing, it's infusing with all these beautiful flavors of Oregano– – it doesn't look any different than it was before – Wow, Lucas – It's not reducing – What a beautiful gift

– It's reducing – Is that like when my dad reduces me, during the Christmas break? – What? – What are you doing with your career? Making props isn't something that can get money in Dad, stop yelling at me And then he throws the tomato at me – I don't know if you're– – I can't get the skin off

– I don't know if you're– I'm worried about your relationship with your parents – It's fine – Is it fine? It doesn't sound – They're– – You wouldn't be– – They're okay – Talking about it if it wasn't– – They're gonna watch this and be pissed – Fine Well, now I'm worried that I'm adding to this – Vickie and Kevin, what the hell Hey, the wine is burning (laughs) – I'm just gonna put some of that truffle oil in there Wow, look at this Smell how fragrant– – You literally don't know what you're doing

You're like, I'm just gonna put some truffle oil in it – No, just give me Now we're gonna take all the tomatoes– – Imagine, if I did my job like this

– And we're gonna put those in the oil – Whoa, what is that? – Which one? – Is that a tiny, little hatchet knife? – Yeah – All right Bill the Butcher, from that movie – Is that Gangs in New York? – I'm pretty certain it's not Gangs in New York

– I think it is, right? It's Gangs in New York? – Nah, I'm 100% certain – Okay, Ben said it's – It's – Gangs in New York – Bill the Butcher

– "I drink your milkshake" He says that, in Gangs in New York – No, no

He says that in Game of Thrones – Oh – Do you know that dragons are real? – What? – You know dinosaurs were real? And I'm gonna flip in a little fact here

There's a dinosaur called the Dreadnoughts, it was 50 to 80 tons A Boeing 737 is 30 I know a lot of stuff You wanna talk about Octopus'? – Yes, I do – Cool

– They're rad, man – If anyone cares anymore, we're adding tomatoes and garlic to the truffle oil in the pot – Are we still making a pizza? – We're still making a pizza, yeah Just it's slower than normal And then, we're gonna take a potato masher– – Oh, I could do this part

– But, now it's a tomato masher Okay, so we're keeping the tomatoes whole and then we're just using the potato masher to really break them up So, you're gonna get the juices, nice and caramelizing And so I'm just gonna come around here, I'm just gonna pour a bunch of wine into this All right, so this sauce is just gonna go ahead and reduce for about 10 to 15 more minutes

It's really gonna tighten up We're gonna mount it with butter and then that should be good to go on our pizza All right, great So, we're gonna go ahead and make our sausage – Cool

– So, we're doing two meats in here We got a prime bone-in Rib eye– – Awesome – We're gonna get a lot of great fat off that And then we're using Wild Boar, its a little bit leaner – I love the Boar part of this

– So, on this Supreme Stuffed Crust pizza, they don't even call it sausage anymore, they just call it seasoned pork and beef – Love it So, we gotta get this cubed up I'm just gonna grab a knife off the wall, cause I like doing this now – I'm gonna grab one, too

I'm still deciding, you do you – Okay, okay So, I'm gonna start by taking the bone off this Rib eye – I like this one cause it says a famous chef's name on it – What chef? – Ameril Laguarde

– (laughs) Are you thinking of famous chef, Emeril Lagasse? – I saw him one time, he bammed me in the face – What? – Why can't we just put this in it? And just, kind of – There's a couple reasons

So, you see, this big meat can't fit into that small hole – Now, slow down, Josh – (speaks very slow and deliberate) So, this big meat, can't fit in this small hole – Okay – But there's another reason, actually

So, what we're doing with this process, we're gonna take the meats, and we're gonna cover them in salt, and then we're gonna put them in the freezer There's a protein called Niacin, in meat, that when it's extra cold and you put a lot of force in the meat through grinding and then, kind of, whipping it, it stretches out the proteins and gives it that signature snap – Is a Boar a pig? – A Boar is a wild pig It's, like, a pig that goes to Fort Lauderdale, on spring break – What's a wild cow? – Uh, I don't know that we have a word for that

– Stumped ya – We're gonna go ahead and we're gonna dust all this with a lot of salt Great That's, actually, truffle salt So, we're gonna infuse some of that more truffle aroma in there

Okay, go ahead and just pop it right in the freezer over there That way – Okay, all right Josh, what are you saying? – You're doing great, buddy Just pop it in the freezer, and then that's gonna freeze up

– Which one's the freezer? – He keeps talking about dinosaurs I don't know how to connect with him – Did you wanna talk more about the dinosaurs? – Yeah, what's the most interesting dinosaur fact you know, buddy? – A Triceratops has 3 tops

– (laughs) That's right I don't care – Okay – So, I'm gonna turn on the grinder You're gonna put the meat into here, and then I'm gonna shove it through, and it's gonna grind into there

Are you ready? (electric machine motor) – I'm just really happy to be here – I'm happy you're here, too – Sometimes, I can be hard to work with Just cause I'm, generally, nervous, and I like to be around people – I get that

Sometimes, I mask my emotions with sarcasm – Sometimes, I put my fingers into my eyes – That's a SlipKnot lyric – I don't think so, Chuck – No, that's definitely a SlipKnot song

– All right, all right – I listen to SlipKnot in the car this morning So, now what we're gonna go ahead and do, we're gonna go ahead and put in our Fennel seed, that's really signature for Italian sausage – Hey, let me put it in – That's black pepper

– I'm gonna put the black pepper in, it's really important for our sausage – Yeah, do you know what? Keep going You just do all of them – I'm gonna put the red pepper in, it's really important, for our sausage – It's some Paprika, which is the Hungarian word for pepper

– I'm gonna put this white pepper in there – That's garlic which is– – It's real important for our sausage – The garlic is a very common ingredient And then, you didn't put the other things in there – The red pepper

– That is our Calabrian jellies – So, it is a pepper? – It is a pepper You're right I just, you know, I wanna be accurate All right, and then you're gonna go in there and smash it with your hands, and then we have to put that in a stand mixer

– What? – What were you thinking about when I was talking to you, that made you not listen? – Dinosaurs (laughs) – All right, Lucas, get your hands in there and mash it up – Cool, give

– Really give it to it hard Really, like, massage in there Like, you ever got a deep tissue massage? – Did we name the Boar? – No, we didn't name the Boar

I got it from just, like, a man who sells Boar – What did he name it? – Alfredo – Alfredo the Boar? – Alfredo the Boar was his name – That's ridiculous (laughs) – What's an appropriate name for a Boar, to you? – Barry

– Barry the Boar Oh, cause it's alliterative – No – Okay, so now, we're putting ice in there– – What is the ice's name? – Vanilla, is the ice's name – That was the correct answer – So, we're gonna put some ice chips in there That's gonna keep everything cold and you're, actually gonna emulsify little bit of water, into the fat – Emulsify? – When we turn this on, we're gonna whip it on high

– Whoa, can you imagine if you were in there? That would be a nightmare – That would suck – Sometimes I have these dreams where I am the actual food bing created and I'm being butchered and eaten by a chef – I have a lot of dreams about dinosaurs – Now, you see how it's different? It's, kind of, sticking together? You see those strands that have formed in the meat? – What are those? – That's our sausage

You're gonna get some Pam on your hands – You could've said that – you're gonna rub that together – Before you got the Pam

– And then you're gonna roll these into, like, very tiny balls – Really? – Yeah, little bitty baby– – This is where my fake degree really comes in handy – Little bitty baby Barry balls – I know all about balls So, what gives sausages, their, kind of, distinctive snap? – I don't wanna do this

I'm not playing your games anymore – Okay Now the tone of the show is really gonna change (laughs) My balls are much bigger than your balls – Smaller balls, small balls– – Nicole, can I eat this, raw? – No

– Can I wipe my hands, covered in raw meat, on the new mythical kitchen towel? – Absolutely not – What are you doing? – I'm making a man Those are gonna go ahead and bake off for about Those are gonna Those are gonna go ahead and I'm right here Skyler, those are gonna go ahead and bake off for about 10 minutes at 500 degrees, and then we're gonna be good to go to keep making our pizza

Lucas is making a sculpture out of meat – His name is, Josh – His name is Josh, is it? (laughs) Lucas, we got our truffle oil dough It's risen, it's proofed, now we need to roll it out, and we're gonna start, actually, making this pizza – Yeah! – Take the dough out, and we're gonna put it here

I'm just gonna go ahead and stretch the dough out – Do they do this at, like, pizzerias? When they're making pizzas? – This is exactly how they do it – Wow! This is really how the sausage is made, you know? – We, literally, made sausage earlier – That was how the sausage – This is how the pizza is made – Is made, too

I feel like I'm back in Nona's kitchen She's hitting me with a ladle – Idiota, idiota – Idiota – Yeah, I was there – But, my grandmother was Latvian and bitter

– Did she have different hopes, for you? – No, her hope was to, like, survive World War II, and after that, she clocked out She was good She also liked champagne, a lot, but we've talked about that – She seemed to take to the drink – Yeah, this is like a Rain Johnson film

– Ryan Johnson – That's not how you spell Ryan Right, Ryan? – [Ryan] Yep

– You're gonna take large chinks of Mozzarella, like this, and you're gonna place it– – Oh momma mia! – Flush against You see the fold, there? Here, I'll take half of this, you take the other half – After visiting the factory and just, kind of, like seeing how they make the sausage

– Mm-hmm, at the cheese factory – I just appreciate this a little bit more Plus, I ate so much of it that I'm, like, 80% Mozzarella – Yeah I'm scared of what happens when I go to the bathroom later – I can't

Probably for a few days – Yep So here, you see what's happening here? We're rolling the crust over? Please, for the love of God just stop eating the cheese – I had so– – You've had so much cheese today You've had too – It's such a part of me

much cheese today It's such good cheese, I agree Okay, we're gonna go ahead and roll this crust over

Look, are you ready to start building this pizza or what? – I thought we were – Oh, right So, now we're gonna take our sauce – Is that the sauce that we made earlier? – Yes So, this has been continuing to reduce for quite a while – With the wine, with the reduction – Yeah – Our old friend – Your old friend

(coughs) – Are you okay? You seem to be struggling over there – Something's happenin' – What we're gonna do, we're just gonna take nice, little dollops of cheese – Cool – Pop that all around – Oh, cool – You can do it if you want to – Yeah, I want to

– But, no, no, again don't – I wanna get my hands – Do anything you don't – on some more cheese want to do Big ole dollops of cheese in there – I don't think I've had enough cheese today – I think you should keep eating the cheese and see what happens

– One for the pizza, one for me-za It's making me sick – All right (laughs) Just give me the cheese – No, I want it, man – No, you don't want the cheese anymore

Come on baby – Here you get one – Just give me some more cheese – You get one, catch it in your mouth (laughs) – It's gonna be a rough, next few days

– All right So, now these are some Shishito peppers, – I love Shishsito peppers – That have been lightly blistered – This is really starting to look like a pizza – I think it's gonna be good

– I'm excited – And then we're gonna take a little bit of raw Shallots – I love Shallots

– Shallots are great – Shallots are, like, you know, if you know what you're doing, you get shallots – I agree with that, yeah – They're sweet– – And it packs in a bigger flavor punch than using normal onions – Packs a huge punch

– And then we're gonna take our Waygu Salami – Wagee Salamee – Wagee Salangee

– Wagee Salamgee Can I try one? – Yeah – One for the pizza One for Lucas – And now, we're gonna take some of that sausage – One for Lucas

Mmm, those are really good – That's really good sausage – You did a good job

– Thank you – You think I did a good job? – I think you do a great job – I think you do a great job – Sometimes, I put up a facade, being, kind of, like, cranky, generally, I appreciate you, and I like everything that you do – Yeah

No, I know It's how you communicate your feelings – If I let anybody in, they can hurt me – Yeah – You know how that goes

– Keep 'em at arms' length – Talk about dinosaurs so they don't come inside And now, we are gonna take our truffle oil and brush the dough – You got more cheese? – No Lucas, look at this beautiful pizza! Are you ready to put it in the oven? – I assume that's what you gotta do next

– Yep, it sure is – Cool – We're gonna do it – Do it – We're ready to take the pizza out of the oven

– Let's finish it off – Look at that Lucas, she's glowing All right, now we have to do one more, last touch on this – Wait, is it fancy? – Oh, Lucas, does this smell fancy? – I assume that's

Yeah, I don't know – Smells like gasoline We're gonna put this – Smells like gasoline? – Fresh shaved, White Alba Truffle, on there

– Shave it freshly What is this tool called, again? – This is a Mandolin – No, that's an instrument

So, we're gonna take these thin, white truffle shavings– – Here, let me do one Looks fancy, so I wanna do some – Artfully, drape these across – Artfully? – Artfully – You're speaking my language

Boom Wait One for the pizza, one for my mouth? – Get one in your mouth – I don't know that I like that (laughs) – Yeah, I don't know that I do, either

– I'm really not sure that I enjoyed that – It's one of those things that they tell you that it's fancy, so you're like, "I guess it is, but it kind of tastes like dirt" – For the sake of the show, we're gonna keep putting it on there – Yeah, let's keep talking in this tone of voice We'll just keep going there

– We can pick 'em off, if we want to (mumbles in high pitched voice) – I had made a mention of not loving the taste of the other one Now, you, kind of, doubled down on that by just getting a different kind, to do it again One for the pizza, one for Lucas – Do you like that? – I really don't like that

(laughs) Is it fancy? – Oh, it's the fanciest – Then let's do it – Oh, it's the fanciest – My god – Now, this is a pizza

You ready to cut into it? – That is a taste Yeah, lets cut it That is a cheesy crust

– Sure is This looks pretty good, though I'm not gonna lie – That's a spicy pizza – It looks pretty good

That's a spice Okay, so now we gotta taste the original, Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust – Whoa! – We're just gonna

Get outta here truffles The pizzas look a little bit different – They look very similar

– We got a little more color on ours They're all the same ingredients, just ours are ramped up to a hundred – So, now we're gonna try this and then we're gonna try that? I mean, yeah – It's Pizza Hut – Just like we had earlier, in the car But we're not in a car

– It tastes better in a car – Everything tastes better in a car – Tastes better in a car I think I know what slice I want – I wanted that one but, okay

– Here, I'll give it to you That's a nice wetta pizza pie – There's gonna be a video of me eating this on the internet, huh? – Okay, look

Look, look, look Oh there's some cheese in the crust – It's a soppin' wetta pizza – Look at that, it's so wet Oh my god, there's so much, wet

We got such a good cheese pull – Suck it down – I'm doing it – Okay (music) – That's really good

– That was really good, and fancy, oh Pinkies out, that was another one of my grandma's thing, pinkies out I'm gonna hit that truffle sitch

– The sauce is, actually, really complex Like you get a lot of that wine– – I still don't like that – Feed me your truffles – I don't think I'm ever gonna like that – Feed me your truffles then

– Here you go – Give 'em – It tastes more expensive than this So, you know, how much did we spend on this? The price comparison must be, like, what? $20? – (laughs) It's a little it more expensive than that It's $420

17 (cha-ching) Yeah, the truffles, that you hate, they're quite expensive – This looks like peasant food, frankly This right here– – Get it outta here – Get it outta here

– You know what I, kind of, like doing? I like sopping the fancy juices with my peasant pizza – Wait, you're mixing peasant and fancy? – We're one world – I'm making a fancy, non-fancy sandwich? – It's a Calzone, baby We (mumbles with mouth full) I hope you had a good time I had a great time

– I had a really good time – I love working with you – This is a great day of work I think we should do this more – I think we're gonna continue to do it

We got new recipes coming at ya at Mythical Kitchen, next week, and then we're doing another episode of Fancy Fast Food on Tuesday I'll see you next time – Eat! (laughs) Eat! Do you have a catch phrase that you say or is it – Eat – Get as messy as you want in your kitchen when you have the Mythical Kitchen Towel Available now at Mythicalcom

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