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– Finger the beef, just put it, just– – Don't tie my finger, don't my finger, don't tie my– – On three, pull your finger out One, no, dude, (bleep), David! (squeaks) (cash register chimes) (funky guitar music) All right, can I get two Meat Mountains, please? – [Worker] You said Arby's sauce and Horsey sauce, right? – Yeah, that'd be great

– And the meats – The meats were assumed, David, the meats are assumed – I need more meats! (laughing) – So, the Meat Mountain's like all the meats they have, so you got this fried chicken breast, you got their barbecue brisket, you got their turkey, you got their ham, you got the roast beef, you got bacon, you got two different colors of cheese on there, you got cheddar and Swiss Dig in (chomping) – Mm! – Look at that! – I like that! – I ate some of the paper

– Oh, a little – That's cool, man, that's part of the Meat Mountain, I'm serious Like, you get the smoke from the brisket, you get like all that pepperyness from the bacon, you get just the salty ham water rushing down your throat – Mm, this is a good late night, you just left the club, you just left the bar– – I'll just spend my Saturday nights at Arby's, just to cut out the middle man So we gotta figure out how to make this fancy

So we gotta keep the fried chicken, but then we have a lot to play with in that beef realm, right? I'm gonna go to Standing's, best butcher in LA, in my humble opinion – Nice – And we're just gonna play with it, man – Oh yeah – I don't even know what we're gonna do

But we're just gonna play with our meat in the kitchen – Why am I here? – I don't know if you know this, but your nickname in the office is actually Meat Mountain – Is it kinda like a Game of Thrones reference? – It's for a much weirder reason that we'll tell you about later when you're older (laughing) (funky rhythmic music) Thank you for having us, you meats look supple as ever And your meats look supple as ever

– Aww – Of course All right, man, so tell me a little bit about the shop How long you guys been here and what do you do? – Just now, as of like two weeks ago, it's been two years – Mazeltov

– Ahh, nice – We get in the whole animals, all from, all pasture-raised from farms here in California We just do cool meat (bleep), like stuff that I think is fun – We're here because we have to make the fanciest version possible of Arby's Meat Mountain, are you familiar with the sandwich? – I am not – It's basically like everything they got, there's like roast beef, there's pastrami, there's ham, there's a fried chicken breast

But we really wanna focus on the beef – Yeah – And we really wanna see what kind of like monstrous creation we can make Maybe like wrappin' different parts of the cow around itself to create like a self-sustaining Meat Mountain within our Meat Mountain, does that make sense? – I just want you to say Meat Mountain a lot more times – Meat Mountain, I can really hit the Meat Mountain

– I mean, we can go, we go big on this – Yeah? – Oh, we can get, I got some beef right now – I think so – Yeah – Let's do it

– Cool Yeah! – We got the meats! (slapping) Whoo! All right, Jered, what's first up? – [Jered] Flip this guy around – Just grab it by the sharp? – Just where we're gonna do, all right, here, we're gonna take these chuck short ribs off – Dig deep – (laughs) He's Coach David! – Deeper cut! – Thanks, Coach Meat Mountain! – Get it, get it good, yes! – Nice

– God, I feel so powerful! – Oh, you're a natural, actually I think the first time people like do that, they get a lot more, like, jump than like focus – Oh yeah, slow your heart rate, tighten your core, squeeze your b-hole – There's a natural seam that I'm finding – Oh yeah, like right there? – Yeah

All right, so that's the short ribs out of the way – It looks like a shield – Oh yeah, yeah – Game of Thrones shield for a barbarian Can the Meat Mountain take a hack? – We wanna do a butcher's grip, so imagine– – Assassin

– Sometimes hold, sometimes hold hands Stop bobbing and weaving– – I like the energy No, this is good, this is good (laughing) – It's like at the beginning of a game – Get in there

– Selection screen here – Yeah, so there's a– – Ch, ch, ch, goin' down the mountain now Disconnection complete! Fatality! – That's your, that's your brisket This is a hundred percent grass-fed beef I like to let these guys get older, typically commercial beef is slaughtered around 10, 12 months ago

But we go over 30 months for these guys to build up a lot of complexity and give 'em time to put on fat Vintage beef, (laughs) what this is called I know – So, you don't use any power tools in here, you have a hacksaw for everything – Yeah

– Why is that? – Yeah, we do everything by hand, part of this is a show, people come in, they do this here, so that it's in front of everyone If you do it by hand, it looks cooler The other thing is, there was a lot of like time and care taken into raising these I like to take just as much time and care and not just like push stuff through van saw and pump it out This whole area is a collection of lots of different muscles, it's referred to the chuck roll

I think the only other thing, there's probably a USDA stamp here that we don't wanna eat It's edible, but no one likes blue food? I realize who I'm saying that to, though (laughing) – I looked to see that, and I was like, is that Sour Patch beef jerky? – Yeah, exactly, like– (laughs) Another common cut is a Denver steak We'll get that and some stew meats And those short ribs

And that chuck eye and a pot roast and a beef neck, and then I'm thinkin' we'll shove some brisket and some short rib meat in there too So we got at least like six, seven cuts in one – It's like forming the Beefatron Du-nu-nu-nu-nu, da-da-dada-da-da, (growls)! (slaps) – Beef neck – Oh my God

– Ooh – Goin' into, gettin' tucked into that beef's shoulder We're gonna do some thin cut chuck steaks Bring some nice fat into the party in the middle and I think that's gonna keep this all, like, lubricated in here Sorry, everybody who comes into the shop this weekend, I don't, I'm out of everything

– Tell 'em it was for a good cause! We need to make a $500 Arby's sandwich – We do it for the content! – [Jered] So this is your, this is your Meat Mountain, though – This right here, this is the Standing's Meat Mountain – Yeah – This is showmanship, baby

– I could do it I can't wait to see how much this weighs – If we guess correctly, do we get it for free? 14 pounds and 975 ounces – Ooh

(laughs) – I'm, yeah, I'm thinking more like 21 or something – Really? – In the twos, it's 23, 23 – All right, I'm gonna see what a Meat Mountain weighs Officially, this is around– – 23, 24, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! – [Jered] 16 and a half – Oh yeah, man, we'll take it

– Great (slaps) (paper crackling) – Wow – Yes! Meat Mountain! (slaps) (growling) All right, so we have our giant Meat Mountain roll that we got from Standing's butchery We got brisket, we got this from Slab Barbecue, they do the best barbecue in LA Ditto with pastrami we got from Langer's, and then we got some nice black pepper Kurobuta pork bacon

And then we got this American wagyu from Mishima Reserve There's turkey on this sandwich, how do you make turkey fancy? My idea was to take it and add this transglutaminase powder, this is also known as meat glue, fuse multiple breasts together to try and create a giant round that we can shave off – A lot more protein – You need protein – Oh yeah

– You work out? – Yeah – Why haven't we ever worked out together? – 'Cause I don't do crossfit 'cause it's a cult – (laughs) We have chicken, there's fried chicken on the sandwich So we're gonna go ahead and take that chicken and we're gonna bread it in this Iberico ham-flavored chips – Ooh, okay

– Speaking of Iberico ham, David, we have actual Iberico ham that we're gonna wrap the chicken breast in, bread it in the Iberico ham chips– – Oh – And then fry it and put it on the sandwich We're about to be with Doc in the back, sippin' 'nac, 'cause we got this D'usse VSOP cognac that stands for very special old pale, that means it's aged for at least four years And then we got some cheese goin' there, we got this nice aged and smoked cheddar that's really gonna give you a lot of extra flavor And then we got this Gruyere imported from Switzerland

Then we got this black lava salt from Hawaii, you ever been to Hawaii? – No, but I wanna go to a luau – I don't know what I'm doin', (warm Hawaiian music) but you're movin', so I'm movin' I feel comfortable here Are you ready? Do you know the plan? – We're cuttin' up some stuff, right? – Like, that's kinda part of all cooking, okay So what we need to do, we're gonna make like a spice and herb paste, and then we're gonna rub that through all the layers

Here, take this knife, and Jered said he wrapped this up super loose so we can unroll it and then reroll it back ourselves So you're gonna cut off the twine and then just splay the beef out God, you have the hands of a surgeon Just flap it over, who cares? – Onto the counter? – Yeah, yeah, yeah David, this is an incredibly unsanitary place, you gotta be cool with that, okay? You can't narc on us

Just like Vin Diesel in "Fast and Furious," he never narced on nobody Can you go ahead and dump like six olives? We got black garlic, so this is garlic that has been fermented – I got some of the cloves– – Yeah, dude, you know, cooking's an imperfect science No one's gonna notice there's a little garlic skin in there, you know? – Oh no – Oh hey, you know what's great for sopping up raw meat juices? – [David] What is? – Our new Mythical Kitchen towel is available Mythical

com What you can do is you can just take it and then just soak it in your raw beef juices Ain't it cool? – [Stevie] This is horrible – Yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely It's gonna strain in a bunch of oil

– Yeah, do a swirl, swirl it up, swirl it up! – Do you wanna swirl it? David, you swirl it – Whoo! – You swirl it You have exceptional technique I like the way that you're sitting back in your haunches and gyrating your hips Put this on

(buzzing) All right, stop, stop! Thank you – It's like a big puzzle of different meats – And this is the grossest puzzle of all time Yeah, start rubbin' that paste all over that – Oh, weird– – There you go

Get it all over that way or– – This is good food fight quality – This is good Have you ever been in an actual food fight? – Yep – Was it a food fight to the death? – Not tot he death, it was private school, so only a limited, (laughing) so we had the uniforms, so, you could only do so much – Tuck all these in here

And now we need to roll it up I need you to support me, though, as I roll it, I need you to stuff– – Oh (bleep) – It in there, it's like a burrito We got some fallin' out, don't worry, don't worry! David, it's gonna be fine, it's gonna be okay! You're freakin' out, man! We're gonna lay these, yeah, yeah, like, shift that over, shift that over Just slide it, just slide it– – I'm tryin' – No, no, not yet, not yet, not yet, wait a minute, just shift it over that way, shift it over that way

– Just like a real live bull, like (purring) – Yeah, yeah, that what sound a bull makes to you? (purring) Pick it up – I'm waiting a minute! – Pick it up and put it down on this bed Just get your fingers under– – I want David to pick me up! Pick me up, David! (laughing) We got it – So we're gonna tie this off

I think I'm gonna start in the middle I need you to put your finger, finger the beef, just put it, just– – Don't tie my finger, don't tie my finger, don't tie my– – All right, on three, pull your finger out, one, no! Dude, (bleep), David! One, two, three! (groaning) Oh my God, did I get you? – No, you didn't, yeah, you did (laughs) – So we haven't had an accident here since she and us – [David] Wait, let me do that a little bit – [Josh] So you do that, here, you drip it over

– [David] Yeah – I'm just gonna rub it in I need you to grab me that – Yeah – Oh no, with the rack on it

– (bleep) (laughing) – [Josh] Hold it Just brace your core – [David] I got it – Just brace your core

And we're gonna throw it in the oven, but I don't wanna touch it with– – Just let me know! – No, we're fine Work it out, we got it, we got this! – [David] I can't do it, I'm doin' this – And we're gonna go ahead and throw that in the oven at 500 degrees for about the first 40 minutes David, just squat that in the oven That is one of the silliest things I've ever seen in my life

– Aw, leg day, leg day, aww! (laughing) – Okay, so what I need you to is take off the skin on this, so you're just gonna lift the skin up like that and then run your knife along– – Slice and dice – Yeah (laughing) Just remove the skin How does this go on? Yeah, you're doin' good, pull the skin back – Get a little bit of meat, why do you have the mask? – Just a precaution, it's just a precaution, you're fine

– And you got gloves It's like a evil villain – I was born into it! Molded by it Yeah, so the things about transmutaninates, they sell it in this really cutesy packaging from a company called Moo Glue But it's actually a pretty powerful enzyme, so if you inhale it, it glues proteins together, right? And what's inside your nose? – Ohh

– I was playin' with it yesterday and I forgot to put on a mask and I inhaled some, and then I freaked out out and I started snorting water over the by sink and trying to make myself throw up It was very painful! – Oh, painful indeed! – (laughing) You can't laugh in this 'cause then it chokes off the air So there's a formula for how much meat we were supposed to use – Yeah? – Per pound of meat – How much is that? – Oh, I don't know

We're just gonna dump all these chemicals on here Camera, people in the cameras, just don't breathe, you're fine So we're gluing this together, we're trying to make a nice, big ol' roll-up like that And then just take that Cajun seasoning and dust all over the top, just like that Do a little like step back on 'em

– Hey-yo! – All right, now we're gonna put it in the vacuum sealer Turnin' it on,, vacuum sealed We look like we're running a super lame sting operation That's seal's looking all right – It's sealed enough, it's sealed enough

– It's sealed, all right, we're just gonna go ahead and throw this in the sous-vide machine David, you wanna list that for me? I gotta sneeze inside the mask, I don't know what to do It was a false alarm, okay So we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna sous-vide this And And then it should come up to temperature, I gotta sneeze

That wasn't it All right, so we're gonna sous-vide this for 160 degrees 'til it comes to the temperature – 160 – And then we're gonna cool it down and we're gonna shave it down on the, I keep thinking I've gotta sneeze So we're doin' our fried chicken, so first things first, you also wanna pound out your chicken breast before you fry it

'Cause that way you get a nice, even cook on it Can you feed me a chip? – Yeah (laughing) (crunches) – Those are Iberico ham-flavored chips And on this chicken breast, we're gonna wrap it in prosciutto, and we're gonna bread it in ham-flavored chips And we're gonna put some flour in there to cut it

I can't figure this out Wait – Locked it? – Hold on, no, no, I feel like– Is that a? (clicking) – A little bit, hmm? – There it goes, okay! (buzzing) Wait, wait, wait, what song is this? (buzzing) – "Everybody in the Club Gets Tipsy?" – No, but wait, it was the "Beverly Hills Cop" theme song – Oh, okay, yeah, you're right – Doo doo, doodoodoo– (elevator music) – Ooh

– So I'm usin' our black wine salt – Where is it? – Pick up some of that pepper right there It's gonna have a nice little pinch (laughing) You're like, you got all the pepper in only one area of the chicken – Dammit

– Let's start tryin' to get as many whole slices of prosciutto off as possible, and then wrap it from the other side This should work I've never done this before, you ever done this before? – No, no (blows) – Nice potato chip coverage, this is goin' right in the fryer – I like how that turned out, ohh yeah

– [Josh] Yeah, there we go (sizzling) Aww, that bad girl's lookin' done You see the ham peekin' through a little bit? – [David] Glistenin', glistenin'! – And then I forgot to grab a place to like put it, can you just hold this for a second? – Yep – I'm just runnin' out to get a pack of Gushers (sizzling) It's really important that you dry off your steaks because that way, what happens? – Better for burning up? – That's actually pretty true! – Yay, that's right! (claps) – You'll get a nice, hard sear on it in the pan, (sizzling) gonna push that in there

So we're doin' a little nice pan sauce – All right – Then we're gonna burn up some cognac And so we're gonna take the mushrooms– – All right – [Josh] This is a nice wild mushroom from Japan

– [David] Nice, all right – And just gonna go ahead and flip that steak While that's searing on that side, I'm gonna put– – A bunch of butter? Nice – And then can you take that rosemary and just throw it right in the butter? – Whew! (laughing) – Yeah, that's nice And so we're searin' the steak off and then we're gonna get our shallots in there and our mushrooms

The butter's nice and browned – Yes, meat! – Oh dang, that does smell good Throw in the shallots – [David] I'm a little boom – There we go

Now we're gonna get these mushrooms in there Perfect, perfect – Flava – Did you grow up watchin' a lot of like, Food Network and stuff? – A little bit, yeah – Who was your favorite Food Network chef? – You can't go wrong with bang, oh, bang! Emeril, you can't go wrong with Emeril

– Did you say bang? – Yeah, he goes bang – It was bam! Open that up, take a shot of it, pour some in there! Wait, actually, lemme try this, how is it? (claps) – It's delicious! – Oh, that is good, all right – Fire it up, whoa! – There we go! All right, that wasn't as dramatic as I thought it would be – Put the cream in there, yeah We're in LA, guy, yeah, mix it up, stir it up

– There it goes, so now we're gonna take it off the heat Put yourself on the D'usse train! – Oh yeah! – I know we are! It's, it's five o'clock somewhere All right, let's what this Meat Mountain looks like – [David] Ooh! – [Josh] Oh, look at that! – [Josh] Oho, work of art! – Ooh, that's funky fresh, smell that I feel like a proud father right now

– Mmph – Though I can't have children of my own I just always kind of assume that I'm impotent, is that a weird thing? – Yeah (laughing) – You ever have that feeling? So, we're gonna get this sliced in there – Oh yeah

(humming) That's a fine meat Yeah! – Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait You wanna get it in the sauce I only touched your lips a little bit Oh, and I gotta drain this turkey, so we've just got a big ol' wet bag of turkey

What is that? – Ooh! – There's like, there's a pink goo comin' out of out wet turkey sack – Oh no, man! – Don't know what that is – Oh no! – All right, there's probably enough turkey We got enough turkey, we got enough beef But as you see, I've just sprayed meat juice within a five-foot radius

It's become a true splash zone of disease So I think I should probably clean this up And then we can build the sandwich all those meats 'Cause cleaning is fun! (claps) David, you ready to build this sandwich? – Oh, yeah! (clapping) – Let's go, baby, let's light it up! – Do it! – [Josh] Stack this Park your cheese train there

– Beep, beep, beep, beep – Ooh, that sounded dirty We're gonna put all this roast beef on there, I think, right? – Just everything, yeah – Some roast beef on there? Sometimes you just gotta, you gotta go for volume David, start layerin' pastrami down

– Like a roof? – Yeah, like shingle it Braised steak with the cognac cream sauce – [David] This, oh yeah – That's gonna go right on top of there Does anyone have a Mythical kitchen towel? Right here? And you can wash it

That's my favorite part about it Let's see what kinda slices of brisket we can get We add some bacon on – [David] Bacon burger, burger! – A chicken breast – Yeah, chicken

Yeah, there we go! There we go! – You know what? I wanna hollow out the bread to give the chicken a place to live It's a little something for the audience (laughing) All right David, it's a little unstable, can you hold this? Just put a finger right there? – Got it Boom

– I'm happy with that, are you happy with that? – I'm content – I'm happy with that Let's eat it! – 'Til I eat it, oh yeah, I'll be very happy after that – All right, but first, we gotta eat the original Meat Mountain We gotta see how this measures up

From the first looks, like, this is one of the biggest sandwiches that fast food has to offer And I know that this show isn't about makin' the biggest sandwich, but we kinda made it about that today – I'm quite pleased with what we did, too – Grab half of this So that's a large sandwich

That's a big one Pales in comparison a little bit It's salty A little dry – Okay then

(carving) Show the goodies! – Wow! – Look at that, look at this, yes! – How are we gonna eat this, man? It's really good! It's good, you take a bite (muffled squealing) It's a mouthful, man! (squeals) It is a mouthful, my whole face is covered in beef fat – How much was the the sandwich? – $36421 (cash register chimes) – No way! – We spent a little bit of money on it

Like, the roast beef is really good You get like all that funk from the black garlic, the olives, they kinda pork it in there Here's the problem, though I haven't even gotten to the chicken layer – Oh man

– I haven't gotten to the brisket, I haven't gotten to the bacon The Arby's sandwich is still big, but you still get everything in one bite – This is a planet – This is way too much food to eat for one person We need to start just giving this out on the street

– You get some meat, you get some meat! – I love meat! – Yo! – Thanks for watchin', check back next week for another recipe of the Mythical recipe (laughing) – [Stevie] Why do you talk like that? – I don't know! Thanks for watching and check back next week, we got another recipe comin' your way And then we got another episode of Fancy Fast Food on Tuesday I'll see you next time I'm gonna try and fit my jaw around this again

– Whew, man – It's a workout at this point, dude – And massive, (groans)! – [Josh] Get as messy as you want in your kitchen when you have the Mythical kitchen towel, available now at Mythicalcom

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