3 Homemade Breads Easier Than Sourdough

– Trevor, let me knead it – Josh, you don't need to knead it

– Trevor, it's bread, you gotta knead it buddy – What, stop – I wanna touch it – Josh your hands aren't even in my kitchen – What, waht? (lively music) Welcome to Mythical Kitchen where dreams don't know what day it is anymore

What is is Ferns Day right now, who knows? – Today, Josh, Trevor and I are gonna show you to make bread in three easy ways Yeastless, flourless and traditional – If you're following along at home, you can find the time codes right there and all the written recipes down in the description below – All right, so we've all seen these people on Instagram right they got their sourdough starter that they're treating like their pets or children and they're baking these beautiful loaves of sourdough bread which is very cool but sourdough can be incredibly incredibly difficult and often does involve food waste So today we're gonna teach you to make three different kinds of bread that are a lot easier than sourdough

Some of these you don't even need yeast We're really gonna try and make bread making as easy and accessible as possible I love bread! I've never seen an episode of Oprah, does she say that? I just know that people say that she says that (lively music) All right so we're making beer bead today A lot of people say beer is bread in a can or (laughs) maybe it's just people that have a problem that say that, a lot of people say that there's yeast in beer, people don't say it, it's just a fact, there's yeast in beer and you can use that to actually get a rise out of bread, it's not like entirely true because most beer the yeast is filtered out

However, the carbonation in the beer is actually gonna help this rise in the oven and it's gonna be just like a loaf of bread I'm a sandwich guy, like 80% of the meals that I eat are sandwhiches And so this makes like a beautiful, kind of fluffy, spongy, sandwich loaf and it's perfect for stuff like grilled cheese, which I'll show ya later! All right so I'm using bread flour because I stole it from the office on the last day we were there and we happened to have it But, you can totally use all purpose flour for this So baking soda is what's gonna give our bread rise instead of yeast, when you work with yeast you have to worry about like proofing your bread and resting it and all that, let someone professional like Trevor teach you about it, but with baking soda you're gonna get a rise almost instantly

There's two kinds of bread, you have like yeasted bread and then you have quick breads that's things like biscuits or you think about like banana bread or zucchini bread, stuff like that This is essentially a savory quick bread I have teaspoons right there, but I'm just gonna measure it out with my hand A teaspoon and a half of salt and then black pepper, black peppers gonna give you that little kind of fruity spiciness We're gonna add some black pepper to there

A lot of people think that alcohol completely cooks out when you cook it, a lot of people think that alcohol really cooks out, God! My brains just firing, it's like dah dah dah, I was watching Jack Ryan earlier and when you're out in the field like that, man you can't afford to wait, 'cause suleiman is out there (soft music) So a lot of people think that alcohol completely cooks out when you heat it which is not entirely true, especially when you're using a beer like this Black Plague IPA which oh my God I'm so sorry that I'm using a pandemic-themed beer for this But it kind of feels fitting right now, and it's really delicious What I'm saying is, you're still gonna get a lot of that actual beer flavor so use a beer that you would enjoy drinking if you want like a nice dark, molassesy bread use a stout or a porter, if you're just someone who loves the taste of bud light, one of four people on earth, bud light please sponsor us, I take that back, then use that but the more neutral beer you use, the more neutral your bread is going to taste

I kinda like the flavor of beer so I'm gonna go with something heavy like this IPA But first, Nicole, shotgun this – Uch, I did it! I wanna throw up Almost throw up, fully (laughs) I have to burp but it's not coming

No, uch, how do you make yourself burp? (laughs) Can't do it (laughs) Wait wait wait it's coming, it's coming (laughs) I'm sorry – Oh my God, Nicole You have never done that before, have you? Trevor, show her how it's done! (light music) – Frick! (light music) It's not even a beer! – Exactly, because you are underage, and underage drinking is a crime

All right, so you have all your dry ingredients mixed up and now you're just gonna use a fork to do this, I'm using a fork instead of a whisk because I like to eat spaghetti with my whisk and whisk things with a fork I'm quirky! So we're gonna go 12 ounces that is one standard beer, and then we're gonna do about a third of the other beer Doesn't have to be super super exact, about a third of it Uch, God it is really good So we're gonna add in six tablespoons of melted butter

There's a trick to not getting your honey stick to your measuring cup and that is you grease it down with olive oil, I did not do that so what I'm gonna do is I am just gonna finger all the honey out of there, mmm! So your breads gonna kind of be somewhere in between a dough and a batter, I call it a datter The fork is actually kind of the perfect tool to do this 'cause if you use a whisk then you're just gonna get a bunch of bread, dough, stuck in between it Oh no, fallen soldier, Jack Ryan, don't leave 'em behind Whoa, if you can see it's like a little bit too wet to fully pick up with your hands, but it's not a fully runny batter and that's what you're looking for in this beer bread, when you break it, when you break it off, when you bake it down and break it off, all the moisture is gonna not be See, here's the thing, bread is not wet, soup is wet

So you have a couple options to bake this in, you could use a loaf pan but that's not gonna get you like super big slices of bread to use for a sandwich and I'm a big slice of bread guy So what I'm actually gonna use is this sauce pot that I have it's oven safe up to 425 degrees, even though it has the silicone on it You may have the same thing so I have some oil in a bowl right here, you could use a pastry brush if you have it, you could after your hands are washed, just dip your fingers in it, then you're gonna lube up the side of your pan Lube has such a negative connotation to it, and I don't think it should, it's nothing dirty Okay, so now you're gonna take all your bread dough and you're just gonna use something to scoop that all out, there we go, all right so I'm just gonna put this in my oven It's at 350 so, freakin' broiler on, okay

Great, so it's in the oven and now it's just gonna bake for (laughs) I'm a classically trained mime from the French school of miming So this is gonna stay in the oven at 350 degrees for about an hour and then we're gonna take it, we're gonna slice it up, we're gonna make a grilled cheese I'm probably gonna drink the rest of that beer First, Nicole's gonna show you how to make cloud bagels which are novelty bagels themed from the movie Cloud Atlas (lively music) – So we're gonna make something really really cool which is flourless bread, flourless bagels to be exact Also I'm pretty sure I have beer all over

So the first thing we're gonna do is we're going to take our oven and pre-hit it, pre (laughs) that beer already hit me, to 300 and I'm gonna take three eggs and I'm gonna separate them in two different bowls Put my yolk in there, throw it in the garbage And repeat, come on There we go Really important, if you end up getting any sort of yolk in your whites, it actually won't let it fluff up because the fat content helps keeps the eggs nice and flat which is what you don't want

You want them to be really really fluffy and really really big So once I get like a little bit of foam, I'm going to add my cream of tartar This is going to help with the structural integrity of our egg whites! This is also going to aid in the structural integrity of our whites And then I'm going to continue my whisking This is gonna take you maybe, if you're doing it by hand, like eight minutes

And I'm not gonna lie to you, it's gonna be a process But it really helps when you do this with someone you love Even if it's someone on FaceTime Okay, after an arduous workout, we have stiff peaks! This is a great way to tell when you have stiff peaks when it stands up on its own and it flops over just a little bit, another way to test it, and also to test your confidence with cooking, is you just take the bowl like so, and you flip it over your own head, still lookin' fly! Josh, do you wanna try this? – Yeah sure! Is it gonna work? – Good job, buddy! – You serious? – So now that we have our egg whites beautifully floofed up, we're going to move on to our yolks and I have room temperature cream cheese If I could open it

And I'm just going to combine my cream cheese with my yolks until I get a perfectly smooth texture, I'm looking for something with no lumps and no clumps Also, if you have a mixer or if you have one of those handheld little gadgets, use them! I'm just trying to show you how to do it with the most basic of tools, but if you have it, please use it, 'cause I'm sweating under this turtleneck I'm gonna take a tablespoon I'm gonna take a tablespoon of Parmigiano Regiano (laughs) I swear, I'm kinda drunk, looks good! Now I'm gonna take a spoon, and I'm going to slowly fold my yolks into my whites You don't wanna just dump it in, you kind of want to let it sit on the top like this, in order to not deflate the whites

In a sweeping motion I'm going to go under and fold my whites over the top like this And you wanna do that until your whites and your yolks are fully combined, but again look how fluffy it's staying It's 'cause I'm being very very gentle with my motions Imagine being gentle with your emotions, can't relate Now, we're gonna take our sheet pan that we have lined with parchment pla-pay

(laughs) Plarchment play-pa Its this parchment paper or wax paper? Parchment paper, then I'm gonna take a little bit of oil which I already did ad I'm just lightly going to spray it on This I gonna make three large bagels Also great idea to do this with a piping bag if you have one or one of those plastic bags you can just cut off the tip Works exactly the same Can you see that? Can you see that? Can you see that? Can you see that? You wanna make a larger hole than you think because the eggs are actually gonna rise up and curve inside, so you want your hole to be large

That's gonna be a meme isn't it? I'm gonna put them in the oven and while I do that, I'm gonna teach you guys to make bagel seasoning (lively music) Everything bagel seasoning pretty much has sesame seeds, poppy seeds, minced onion, minced garlic, salt, but even if you have some things that don't exactly mix, you can totally make your everything bagel seasoning The first thing I'm gonna start with is chia seeds, three teaspoons, and then I'm gonna add three teaspoons of my sesame seeds This is a really good seasoning by the way, you can put this on chicken, fish, a flipflop, a wig, do whatever you want girl Two teaspoons of minced onion

Two teaspoons of minced garlic I found flax seeds and some caraway seeds, just because Teaspoon of flaky salt, you can use any sort of like coarse ground salt, you can use kosher salt, you can use sea salt, whatever you got That's everything bagel seasoning These have been in here for about like five minutes

Use a heavy hand with this and I'm just gonna sprinkle my bagels Okay, those are thoroughly seasoned, back in the oven they go for another 15 minutes (timer ringing) Do I have any seeds in my teeth? Look how brown they got! I'm so excited guys, I made bagels without bread! Flour, what? You know what I mean So these have cooled down, bon apple teeth! (soft music) That's good It's almost like a flatbread that has a little bit of yeast in it because in your mouth it kind of like coats your mouth in a very very interesting way

Oh my parents, good morning! – Morning – Hi Dad! – Hi – How are you? I've never had anything like this before and it tastes really really good, that seasoning is amazing Next step, Trevors gonna show you how to make a no-knead white bread, what is that? That's crazy! (lively music) – Bread, four simple ingredients Flour, water, salt, yeast

All you need, you don't even need knead You don't need to knead it I already have three cups of flour in my bowl because I'm using the spoon and sweep method Just wanna spoon it on till there's a little mound on top and then take the flat edge of the spoon and sweep it off You can use instant yeast or active dry

Either one is fine but it's gonna be a tablespoon of whichever yeast you have access to and then a half tablespoon of salt Water time, room temperature water, it's very important If the waters too cold, the bread will not rise the way it's supposed to, if your waters too warm, it will rise too much and you'll get tearing and it is gonna be a cup, okay Didn't think this one through Use the half cup to fill the whole cup, oh yeah, this is how the professionals do it

One cup of room temperature water into the bowl and then use the whole cup to fill the half cup One and a half cups of water into the bowl, and you wanna stir it up until there's no loose flour left on the bottom of the bowl, so got a nice shaggy, shaggy rough dough ball and then I'm gonna take this beautiful Mythical Kitchen towel and I'm actually gonna wet it, you don't want it to be damp, just wet and that's so that when I ring it, not any waters coming out but it's got water and then I'm gonna drape that over the ball And this bad boy is gonna rest outside of the fridge for two hours and then after two hours it is gonna rest inside the fridge for two hours So I'm gonna go play video games for two hours, with the dough resting next to my computer Then, I'm gonna take the dough, I'm gonna put it in the fridge, still covered and then I'm gonna watch 21 Jumpstreet, then I'll come back and bake some bread

(timer ringing) Let's get to work! I'm just gonna take a little bit of flour, sprinkle it on top of the dough, I'm just gonna take kind of a fist size, kind of a softball size, little bit less than, sprinkle a little bit of flour on my work surface My favorite I'm gonna make a ball of bool it, you bool, that's what they told me in culinary school is you bool your dough and the way that you do that is just by cupping your hands, pushing them underneath the dough and spinning, so you're just gonna spin that and that's gonna draw all the dough, you can even do it with the fingers, kind of pinch it down towards the center, and if it gets too sticky, you just flour it up a little bit flour your hands, and then whatever you're gonna bake it on you just pop it in there I'm just drape that moist Mythical Kitchen towel over the top of it, I'm gonna let it rest for one hour (timer ringing) The dough has risen for about an hour, our oven is at 450, I think she's ready to bake – Trevor, let me knead it

– Josh, you don't need to knead it – Trevor, it's bread, you gotta knead it buddy – What, stop! – I wanna touch it – Josh, your hands aren't even in my kitchen – What, what? – All right, well this is goin' in the oven

Oh she's beautiful That's a lot of hot air in my face, wow (timer ringing) The bread is ready It's bready I'm hilarious

It's beautiful, there's a little bit of tearing there on the side, that's okay, every loaf is perfect in its own way I'm just gonna give it a nice little, oh it's so hot Oh she's beautiful, it's so spongey and tender, it's also still steaming Oh that's nice! That's a super tasty loaf of bread It's spongey, it's soft, it's flavorful, it's got nice crunch on the outside

Uch, it's so warm Now let's check back in with Josh to see how that grilled cheese is doing (lively music) – You got your beer bread straight out of the oven, it's not straight out of the oven Ahhh, look at that, it's like a nice circular shape, it's dense which is totally fine, that means nutrients are going into your body You may get some cracking into your loaf but like don't worry about that you're gonna be completely fine at least you're not doused in water and hooked up to electricity

Just gonna slice this open Look at that! Is it in the frame, I don't know if you can look at that Look at that, oh but it smells like beer and molasses, this is gonna be fantastic in a grilled cheese Is that too thin? Yeah, I want thicker boys These are massive slices of bread

Grilled cheese, the key to grilled cheese for me is super low and slow, so many times you get the bread that's burnt and then the cheese isn't actually melted on the inside which to me is like the biggest travesty I'm just gonna take some butter and I'm gonna add it directly to my pan, a lot of people will take it and they'll shmear it directly on the bread, which I'm not a fan of doing, I like having a big old pool of butter in there We got some butter heating over low and then we're gonna start building this grilled cheese shandwich Since this is beer bread, beer and mustard is such an incredible combination, I'm just gonna add a little bit of mustard just to one side of the bread Now the most important part of a grilled cheese obviously is the love you put into it and the care with which you share it to the world

No, the most important part is cheese The most important cheese in all of it to me is American because American gives you that like super super meltiness So I'm just gonna lay down a base of American in there Another cheese, Munster, Munster doesn't have a super pronounced flavor but it does have a really excellent texture, you're gonna get that like stretchiness So we got the creaminess, we got the stretchiness, and now we need the flavoriness, so I got the sharpest sharp cheddar that I could find

And then you're gonna shandwich your shandwich Give it a good press And since beer bread is pretty dense you're like really gonna need to babysit this low and slow it might take you a solid 10, 12 minutes but it's gonna be totally worth it So we're just gonna let that sit there and then I'm just gonna inexplicably not dry myself off (timer ringing) All right so it looks like it's about done on one side

Oh you dirty, dirty boy I'm gonna take that out and then I'm gonna put more butter directly in the pan and we're gonna pop it right back down in the pan, take something heavy, throw that on top, all it's gonna do is ensure that all of the surface area of the bread is touching the pan it's gonna just forcefully mash all the butter into the bread All right so we've left the grilled cheese completely untouched on the other side, it just sat in there God this is (slurring speech) This has absorbed like three tablespoons of butter which is fantastic, you can actually see the oils from the cheese starting to seep out Oh yeah, that is fully melted through

Patience is the key here and I'm like the least patient cook in the world We're gonna sit here Nah, we're not gonna wait, it's done I'm pullin' it, the bread is crusty, the cheese is just so molten, look at that, that is, what! What, we're goin' for a record here, folks! Mmm, oh so hot Honestly I would much rather have this awesome grilled cheese on beer bread as opposed to sour dough

You get such a beautiful like spongy texture to it, but also, what a better combination than like beer, cheese and mustard, it just gives off this like you know drinkin' at your local gym and beagatten and it's just abso-friggen-lutely fantastic God dangit, that is too good! Thanks for stopping by the Mythical Kitchen, we got new videos comin' out every Tuesday and Thursday Shut up, oven! Shut up, one more time I swear to God! – Thank you for joining us in the Mythical Kitchen! – Let us know in the comments what mythical dishes you wanna learn how to make next and hit us up on IG @MythicalKitchen showin' us all the pics of the cool food you've made with the #DreamsBecomeFood – Also A Hot Dog Is A Sandwich is back wherever you get your podcast, we had a new episode released yesterday, go la-le-les-go, go, just go I'm sorry Josh, I think I missed you

Did you say your podcast A Hot Dog is A Sandwich is back? Yes, Josh, I said my podcast A Hot Dog Is A Sandwich is back Did you say to listen now wherever you get your podcasts? Well yes, that is correct, listen now wherever you get your podcasts

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