3 Easy Quarantine Rice Hacks

– And then Samantha's like, "Ooh, I think we all need some fresh, cracked pepper," then Charlotte's like, "Samantha, stop!" (melodic upbeat music) – Welcome to "Mythical Kitchen," where dreams are slowly turning into nightmares We're fine, we're fine

Alright, so we are still under quarantine, don't leave the house and today we're gonna figure out a couple of of ways to use a bag of rice This is what I've been training for the whole time, this is like the "Red Dawn" of cooking, Wolverine, baby, we're gonna transform this into some tasty and probably pretty edible, nutritious dishes So we're gonna do three different dishes today and the time codes for all of them are right there Let's rice it up! (melodic upbeat music) In quarantine times, we huddle over the boiling pot of water for warmth So basic rice cookery, I think a lot of new cooks especially are freaked out about cooking rice, I know I screw up steamed rice all the time, that's not the only way to cook rice

The easiest way to cook rice, check this out, it's a really, really complex process You've got a pot of boiling water and you've got some rice and you go (blowing raspberry) and that's gonna turn into rice in 10 to 15 minutes You can treat rice literally like any pasta, you just boil it, you strain it and then you have a bunch of cooked rice, that you can use for whatever It's fun, rice is fun, rice is the opportunity of food and opportunity is the success of trying and milk is just cows'– (mellow melodic music) Yes, when you're making steamed rice, you have to worry about the proportions of water to rice, some go one to one, some are half to one, with this, just make sure you have a ton of water and as much rice, if you have a giant stockpot, Ryan doesn't have a giant stockpot, thanks, Ryan, really just cooking for one, you lonely or what? – [Ryan] I have a stockpot – Anyway so when you're just boiling rice like this, you don't really need to worry about the proportions, it's the same thing as pasta, right, you just fill the pot up with a bunch of water, pour some of the grains in there and you then strain it off

I'm doing it, we're carbing up, we're carbing up for the apocalypse, let's do it – [Ryan] Let's not call it the apocalypse – Yeah, no, it's not the apocalypse, it's the, like a, what's a good word? It's like a temp-pocalypse, you know, it's an apocalypse, but only for a little bit and then things are gonna get better Taste the rice, you can tell if it's cooked or not, that rice is definitely cooked, just a little bit al dente, which in Italian means the rice is ready You know what's funny, I actually took a quarter of Italian in college, I remember nothing

Okay, so you've got to drain your rice, so you're just gonna take some cold water and just spray it over your rice, it's gonna stop the cooking process, it's also gonna seperate the grains a little bit and then you can use the rice for whatever and we plan on using the rice for whatever, because we're almost out of groceries And then first up, we're gonna do a cheesy rice casserole, I'm gonna eat a lot of cheese during this quarantine, I am not worried about the lack of toilet paper, because that stops me right up, it's like how a bear when it hibernates, it'll take little twigs and stuff and it'll shove it in its– (mellow melodic music) That's what I'm gonna do with this big old brick of cheddar cheese (melodic music) We're starting kind of like the basis of a mac and cheese, I'm not gonna make a roux or anything, because we found a really amazing product, what an incredible find at the grocery store, we got Kraft Deli Deluxe, every piece of Kraft American Singles was out of the grocery store, except for the Deli Deluxe, good thing about that is you can melt it directly in the milk, because there's so many stabilizers in it We're also gonna make some cheesy rice muffins, 'cause like screw it, why not? We're here and also we got a little casserole dish, so you can do it like multiple ways, you know, you are the kingdom of your own rice domain and you're also the king of your house, 'cause you can't leave it Alright, so I've got the milk melting, the milk melting, oh, words! I'm just gonna start winging slices of American cheese into that, whisky business! We're gonna crack a couple of eggs into this bowl and then you take some rice, kind of dump some of that in there, there's no measuring here, we'll try and do our best in the description to come up with an actual recipe, but just try and follow what we're doing

You know you want egg and rice in there, it doesn't really matter the proportions I'll have some more rice though, Ryan, we got to cook more rice, dude, I'm sorry – That's okay – Yeah, let's make it all, and then this is almost like tempering an egg like you would for a custard, except not like that at all, I think I added too much milk Yeah, way too much milk, we're gonna be eating rice and cheese for days

I'm just gonna throw all the American cheese in there, that's happening now If you ever make too much, you can always freeze it, this is something that you don't have to worry about anything wilting, because it's literally just carbs and a bunch of processed cheese in there, so honestly this will stay literally forever in your freezer I'm gonna take some cheese, I'm gonna add it directly to the rice and egg Ryan, I think we're gonna run out of real estate, I'm not worried about it though Alright, what have we got? Pepper

There's a scene in "Sex and the City," where they're like, "How big is it?" And then there's a waiter just like cracking pepper and Carrie just looks at the pepper grinder and is like and then Samantha's like, "Ooh, I think we all need some fresh, cracked pepper" Then Charlotte's like, "Samantha, stop!" Ow! Oh, not used to cooking with gas anymore So your hands are a little burned, you can't go to the hospital, you're fine and we're just gonna take this and we're gonna pour it into our rice, cheese and egg This is about what we want and then it's gonna gurgle and burp a little bit, it's like the way when you make sauerkraut, if you watch Bradley in his videos, he talks about burping the sauerkraut, you wanna burp your rice cheese Alright, so now we're gonna take this and we're just gonna pour it into pur casserole dish and then let's make some muffins, just see what happens

Ryan, I don't know what's gonna happen to this This is non-stick, right? – Hope so – Hell, yeah If there's ever a mistake, that you make in the kitchen, just top it with a lot of cheese, it's a great fail safe, it's like guessing C on a standardized test, also I dropped out of college, so don't trust me on that You wanna press some of the cheese on the edges to get it nice and crispy, don't touch the burning pot, 'cause that hurts, it'll take years to clean this thing after we're done, man, there's gonna be burnt cheese everywhere, I'm sorry, dude

– [Ryan] I got time – You taking up any cool hobbies during the quarantine? – [Ryan] Doing a little writing – Sounds boring We did it, what were you expecting, something different? No, we did this Whoa oh! There it goes! So we're gonna let that bake for about, what, like 34, 34 minutes? We're gonna let that bake for exactly 34 minutes at 400 degrees till the cheese is nice and crispy, a lot of the liquid's soaked up to be able to slice into some bars, we got our beautiful, crustless, low carb rice quiche, except for all the carbs and the rice

(alarm ringing) We got to take the cheesy rice casserole out of the oven, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo! In my head I was like, yeah, do you think you've got a Big Bird impression up there? Yeah, probably and then found out, no, I don't Oh, yeah, the cheese is nice and brown on those little rice muffins and then let's take out the big boy! That is super crusty, this is like struggle lasagna, like you've got your delicious corner pieces there But I wanna see if I can lift one of these muffins right out of the tin, just give it a taste The cheese is stuck a little bit, but this dislodges pretty clean, look at that, that's just a cheesy ricey muffin, I wanna eat this, it really did form almost like a quiche, you got all the cheese, all the rice in there It really almost tastes like you're eating quiche, but has all the flavors of mac and cheese in there, this is incredible, this is like super kid-friendly and I'm basically like a giant, baby adult

Oh man, I wanna dip this in ketchup, you got ketchup? Yep, this is the ticket What can I say? This is great, they're good in the freezer, you can just pop it right back in the oven to warm it up Alright, I'm all full of rice and cheese, on to the next one (mellow melodic music) We're making rice porridge If you would eat oatmeal for breakfast, then like why not a rice meal, right? So that's what we're doing today, we're gonna cook a bunch of rice in milk and then we're gonna thicken it up with peanut butter and bananas, because we've got bananas and they're going pretty old

So we're gonna get a lot of whole milk boiling in that pot, then we're gonna add our rice directly to that and you don't wanna add too much rice, 'cause rice is really gonna cook down and all the starch is gonna thicken up the milk, so it's gonna become like a congee, if you think of like a Chinese rice porridge, a lot of Filipino rice porridges out there, we're doing that, but sweet and breakfasty So we're just gonna scoop some rice in there, I'm gonna put my bananas right into that pot To me though, this is like the perfect ripeness of a banana, whenever we get bananas in the office back when you used to go into an office, everyone would take the prematurely ripe ones, but I would stash some away and hide them in a deep, dark corner, until they become like this color and I always eat the delicious, half-rotten ones Take the bananas, ow, that's hot, dude, you gotta do it up high, so the fire doesn't burn you But then the milk splash is gonna burn you

Just use a knife, you're just gonna slice up the bananas This is like such a Grandma method of cutting things, that I don't ever do, you'll brace with your thumb and kind of press the knife against your finger, a great way to not clean a cutting board, ah, fire You got bananas in there, we got our rice, we're also gonna dump in some raisins – Your hand's blocking the– – Your hand's blocking the pot! Reset So you're just gonna go ahead and take some raisins, just claw them out of the bag, this bag's probably about a year old, so it's just like kind of like a brick and then just continue to whisk and the rice is eventually gonna tighten up that milk

We're gonna add some peanut butter at the end, you don't wanna add the peanut butter too early, because then it can risk kind of breaking and seizing a little bit, you can throw it in your fridge, it'll last for a long time, if you throw a bunch of sugar in it and then you can even freeze it and then just pop it in the microwave, it's like your own little instant oatmeal, except it's instant porridge I think the porridge industry is gonna be booming after all this, man, 'cause people are gonna come out of this and be like yo, I've been eating porridge for three weeks and I am fitter and leaner than ever Alright, bring it up to a boil, now we wait Ryan, there's a lot of waiting in the rice episode – I've noticed

– You wanna watch "Sex and the City?" – Which one? – We could do the movie – I've never seen the movie – Me neither, date night Alright, so you can see the porridge, it's been simmering away for maybe 15 minutes, it's gotten nice and thick, we're gonna thicken it up a little bit more, so we're gonna add a little bit of sugar in there, add however much you want, however much sugar you feel comfortable eating and to thicken it up even more, I love bananas and peanut butter, it is my favorite combo in the entire world A lot of times for a meal, I'll take a banana and a schmear of peanut butter all over it and then just rub that all over my face

Peanut butter, anytime you add it to any sauce or something like this, it's just gonna thicken it up in such an awesome way, I think people need to add peanut butter to more sauces and stews and soups, throw some peanut butter in your Campbell's tomato soup At this point, you're running through all the Netflix shows, you gotta start on peanut butter and soup for entertainment, see what happens, you might like it Alright, so that is a beautiful porridge consistency and we're gonna do one more thing, we're gonna make a little topping for our porridge So we're gonna take some frozen blueberries, I like to have frozen fruit on hand at all times, it's just a great thing, if you're too lazy to go out there and buy fruit during normal times or too afraid of the hordes in these times Hold on, I don't have dextrous fingers

So all you've got to do is dump some blueberries in the pot, add a little spoonful of sugar, this is gonna melt down and create a nice little, blueberry sauce topping If you have any cinnamon you wanna throw in, do that, you know, do whatever you want A little bit of lemon zest, ooh, that would so good You can also freeze lemon zest, you know that? The only things I can think of that wouldn't freeze would be things like, you know, lettuces and stuff So we're gonna ladle up some of this porridge, yeah, look at that, that's a good porridge, if I've ever seen one

Yeah, get yourself a nice, hefty serving, awesome, look at that and then once this is done, we're just gonna top it with some of that blueberry sauce, it's gonna be nice and beautiful Smash those bluebs up, smashing bluebs, that sounds like a punk band, you got like the Dropkick Murphys and Smashing Bluebs You see "Green Room?" – Yeah – What a movie, man Almost done, almost done, I just want the sauce to tighten up a little bit more, right now it's still a little bit runny, but with the sugar in there, it's gonna kind of turn into a little bit like a blueb caramel, a blueb caramel in French, le blueb, smasha the bluebs

Alright, the blueberry sauce is nice and tightened up, so I'm just gonna take a little bit of this, I'm gonna put this over here, gonna put that over there So we're just gonna take some blueberries, a little bit of that sauce and ladle it right on top of the porridge There is your banana and peanut butter breakfast porridge, a little bit of blueberry compote on top That's super delicious, what a nice way to start your day, you know, you open up the news, it's nice, cheery news out there and then you've got a steaming bowl of porridge to enjoy Alright, let's give this a taste

Oh, yeah, the texture on the porridge is awesome, the rice is like broken down, this literally tastes like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in soup/porridge form, which I am absolutely in love with, 'cause I love all those flavors completely I like that the blueberries aren't mixed in, 'cause then you get like a little contrast The peanut butter and banana, the blueberries on top, that's fantastic, what a great way to start your day, I'm literally gonna be eating this for the next week and a half every morning and I've never been more excited about a porridge in my life and I've been excited about a lot of porridges (melodic upbeat music) Alright, so we're making freezer scrap fried rice, technically we're making freezer scrap almost everything here, this is a great way to get random vegetables into yourself and your loved ones, get vegetables into your loved ones This is just a non-stick skillet and we're just gonna pour a fair amount of oil right in there, we want the oil to get screaming hot, the goal here and it's inevitably gonna happen is that your vegetables are gonna start to steam a little bit and that's gonna reduce some crispness, but just keep cranking the heat, cooking the rice down, you're gonna get a little bit of crisp on it and it's gonna soak up the oil

Typically you wouldn't want take oil to what's called the smoke point, but you're making fried rice, let it smoke a little bit Vegetables we're working with right now, you can use literally anything, take stuff from your freezer that's frozen, vegetable medleys are great and is typically used in a Chinese takeout fried rice, but we don't have one of those and we couldn't find them, so we're using onion, purple cabbage and green beans, if you've been following along with the whole series, you might say, wow, Josh, that's the same vegetables you used for other things, yeah, that's all I could find at the store, so that's what we're working with, but use literally anything you got These are just straight up frozen, you can add them into there, don't worry about microwaving it beforehand Alright, so we're gonna add our cabbage to that oil, that'll start frying up all nice like We're gonna add our onions and then since there's a little bit of moisture in the green beans, it might just flare up a little bit, but we're fine

Just stir that around, keep cranking the heat, your heat can never be too hot for fried rice, that's probably a lie, anything can be too hot for anything So the order that you put things in the fried rice, I always like to go vegetables first into the oil, that kind of gets all the flavor infused into there and the rice is already cooked, so the vegetables you want to actually soften before you put the rice in there, that way when you add the rice, you can just kind of worry about getting that crisped up So you add in your sauces after the rice, we're just gonna use soy sauce, a little bit of honey for sweetness and then the dregs of Ryan's Sriracha sauce, sorry, dude, I'm using all your Sriracha – [Ryan] It's okay – Ooh, and then we're gonna add an egg after, you'll see, just watch the tape, watch the game film and you'll see what the real story is

Remember game film, remember sports, that was crazy, dude Alright, so this has heated back up, you can see everything's fried up really nicely, you've got a little bit of browning on it and we're just gonna add our rice and now you just start mixing around, you wanna coat all the rice in the oil, so give it like one quick little coat and then you're gonna try and spread it out evenly across the pan to let as much rice touch the pan as possible and then we're not gonna touch it for a second, we're just gonna leave that, occupy yourself for like 20 seconds You know what I was thinking? It's a pity that Guy Fieri is too good at his job, because now on every Food Network show, he's the host of it, 'cause he's the kingpin, he's the biggest draw, but that means he can't be a competitor, so on Food Network's "Tournament of Champions," right, Guy Fieri's the host, they got all the lesser chop judges out, Maneet Chauhan, Marc Murphy, Rocco DiSpirito, but I wanna see Guy, I wanna see Guy throw off the freaking gloves, go in there and cook, 'cause he can actually cook He's bullish, man, he's a competitor, he gotta be Having a non-stick skillet really helps, you don't need a wok, you can almost treat this like a wok as long as you don't overcrowd it

Guy Fieri's restaurant, well, he's not a Fieri anymore, Tex Wasabi's Rocking Sushi and Barbecue, dude, really good, they make barbecue sushi, where they take the soy paper and they wrap up pulled pork and avocado and Chipotle Also I know cruise ships have been in the news, I don't know what for, but Guy's Burger Grill on Carnival Cruise Line, they make a mean burger Tickets are real cheap right now I'm gonna go ahead and push this to the side, this is a really important step in my opinion, I don't like to mix the egg completely into the rice, I like to crack the egg in there, half scramble it, then incorporate it, so we're gonna crack the egg If some of it gets mixed in the rice, totally, totally cool, but I just like to keep it a little bit seperate, so you get those big egg chunks, 'cause I'm thinking Panda Express style fried rice here, we've got some solid chunkage

Alright, so it's kind of half scrambled and then you're gonna fold it in there, then give it another toss and you'll see we've got some nice chunks of egg, it's gonna add a little bit of textural difference The only thing left to do is season this, so we're gonna do a fair amount of soy sauce in there, it's gonna be your main flavor component, then a little bit of honey just for sweetness, just a tiny bit and then Sriracha, 'cause like spice of life, right, it'll get you going It's starting to look like fried rice So we're just gonna plate this up There is your vegetable scrap fried rice, great way to use up literally anything you have, if you have some meat scraps thrown in there, some bacon, you wanna fry the rice in bacon fat, do whatever you want, hopefully you'll learn something from this technique

I wish we had meat Alright, there you have it, you got breakfast, lunch and dinner all from one bag of rice and whatever you have laying around If you guys make any of these, hit me up at Mythical Kitchen on Instagram with #DreamsBecomeFood, hopefully you can cook these for yourself, friends, loved ones, whomever If you have any questions about how to cook using random scraps that you can find, because I'd like to think I'm pretty good at that, hit me up @Mythical Chef on Twitter, I'll answer any questions you guys have I'll see you next time

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