3 Easy Instant Ramen Quarantine Hacks

– I used Ryan's bidet for the first time Wow, what a shocking feeling that is, but I like it

Tushy Bidets, slide into our DMs, just the way you water jet slid into my b-hole! (upbeat music) Have you guys been watching the news? Welcome to the Mythical Kitchen, where no matter how many times you re-watch The Office on your couch, dreams are still food And this isn't like our normal show where we take the wackiest ingredients possible and try and make the coolest stuff we can We wanna give you guys something that you can actually use in a really trying time A lot of people seek food for comfort I know the best part of my day in the last couple hasn't been watching Sex and the City on Amazon Prime, though it is a great show

It's just been making very simple dinners for myself, it gives me a sense of control and I hope you guys can have that as a creative outlet as well So, you may have noticed a change of setting, we're in producer Ryan's house Up top to Ryan for sanitizing everything Right now, basic cooking skills, it's an all time necessity and so I'm going to teach you how to take some simple things, using simple ingredients, simple techniques, I keep saying simple Today we are launching a three part series the first of which is how to hack instant ramen because I hope you guys stocked up on some noodles

If you can, squirrel away to a 7/11, grab some there If you wanna follow along, and I hope you do, we got the time-codes right there for all the recipes Just cause you're locked at home doesn't mean you can't have fun in the kitchen, right Ryan? – [Ryan] Right – Find yourself a co-quarantine buddy, it makes things more bearable (upbeat music) All right, first step to the recipe

Very important, wash your freaking hands, man ♪ Happy happy birthday, happy happy birthday ♪ ♪ Happy happy birthday, happy day to you, hey ♪ ♪ Happy happy birthday, happy happy birthday ♪ ♪ Happy happy birthday, happy day to you, hey ♪ They always get you so riled up at the TGI Fridays, they're family friendly and fun And their new triple dripper appetizer combo is now canceled cause you can't go out All right, scrub down like a you're a surgeon about to, what's the term for when a baby gets like flipped upside down, turned? Like you're about to flip a turned baby from a porpoise's womb (upbeat music) French onion soup ramen

So you have your typical ramen packet maybe you've been eating noodles for a while, you're a little bit bored with the same old same old, you wanna spice things up in the kitchen a little bit, I know I sure do Onions, I watched Holes, I know that these can sustain you for a long time Shout out to author Louis Sachar Onions are also very nutrient dense and the best thing about them is they last for a long time They're what's called a cellar vegetable

It's a root, so you can keep it in your fridge for like a month Tuck your fingers, because you do not wanna go to the hospital right now! Let's do two onions per pack of ramen This is a great way to just smash a ton of nutrients into there instead of just salt If there were ever a time to slow down your showoff-ey chopping skills, it would be now So you're gonna take about two tablespoons of butter

We're gonna get that melted and then we are actually going to add our ramen seasoning packet to the onions, because that's going to create a kind of stock If you, like me, did not pick up chicken sock at the store, ramen seasoning packets baby, they're here to save us (upbeat music) All right, butter's getting hot I'm gonna take all these onions Hey yo Ryan, I'm probably gonna drop a bunch of onions on your floor dude, I'm sorry

– [Ryan] It's okay – Maruchan chicken flavor ramen This stuff is gonna be an absolute life saver, super calorie dense, got a lot of salt in there All right, so what we're gonna do, I'm gonna take the chicken flavor packet and we're just gonna add that right to the onions So this gonna act as our seasoning for the whole thing, it is going to help the onions release some of that moisture, get them caramelizing, and we're just gonna stir that up

Yo Ryan, you and I have the same silicone spatula – [Ryan] Cool! – It is cool! And you're just gonna get that work in These are gonna need to caramelize for about 20, 25 minutes This is gonna take the exact amount of time that it takes to re-watch the basketball episode of The Office Freaking Stanley, man, he couldn't hoop

(upbeat music) All right, so as you see the onions have caramelized There's some nice darkness on them, and now we see all this flavor developing in the bottom of the pot That flavor is good, you want that flavor Typically you would add like a shot of brandy or something, I'm gonna raid Ryan's liquor cabinet, Ryan gimme a sec So, liquor might be important in your life to stock up on, if you want to, you know, use a shot of this it's gonna add some nice complexity

I'm doing it because it's Ryan's and not mine I want some of that liquor to take up some of the stuff from the bottom of the pan, and like, wow, what a great combination during quarantine, ramen and liquor It's like your college days, when you, like me, may have peaked Crank it on high! Ain't got time, you gotta get back to staring out a window longingly It's also a great time to get your at home workout game on

You can curl some gallons of milk If you don't have milk, you can fill it up with water If you don't have water you can just, I guess that it's probably time to panic, I'm not gonna lie, like right now we're calm, everyone's calm, we're having a good time, we're cooking, but once the water goes, then what are you gonna curl? Alexa turn on the sink Thank you Alexa Gonna add some water to that

So typically in french onion soup you would use beef stock and that's gonna get you all that darkness, but here we just caramelize the onions so so so much, that, wow, it looks like french onion soup! Remember food? That was crazy All right so we're gonna let this go for a couple seconds, take a tasting spoon Where's your spoons? Nicole, Nicole, Nicole, is self quarantining voluntarily Hey, Nicole! Oh, ooh, oh that's nice, it actually needs a little bit of salt, which is shocking, because you'd think that this flavor packet has all the salt you could ever handle, but Add all the season and taste as you go with cooking

All right and add a little bit of black pepper In two weeks black pepper will be currency Ryan, I'm gonna dirty all your spoons 'cause I'm actually gonna practice very safe hygiene in the kitchen and not just taste it and put it back in – [Ryan] That's fine – Thanks man

All right, and now we have to add our ramen noodles So the ramen is actually gonna cook in this broth and it's gonna absorb all that awesome flavor So the starch from the ramen noodles is actually gonna help tighten this All right so we got just a raft of noodles in there, eventually its gonna cook We're gonna pop a lid on there

– [Ryan] Behind you, by your, – I got it Ryan! You're not the boss of me You're gonna pop a lid on top of your pan This is my kitchen now, look at me, I am the captain now So you're gonna pop the lid off of that Noodles are getting there, starting to break up a little bit

Look at that, look at how cool that looks Just a bunch of caramelized onions and ramen, this is gonna be really delicious Especially after we melt some cheese on there, I hope you got some cheese When I went to the store all like the name brand cheese was sold out It's really funny going to the picked-over grocery stores 'cause you realize like what people are and aren't buying these days

Really hard to get like beans and pasta, really easy to get frozen chimichangas All right, so we're gonna take it off the heat, give this one last toss And then, what we're gonna do, take an oven safe bowl What we're gonna do, we're gonna put the bowl on a sheet pan, and then we're gonna take some ramen noodles Even though it's only pack of ramen it should make about two servings

Ow We're gonna take some of that broth Pour it right over This would be delicious as it is, but like, I don't know about you, I always have random bricks of cheese and they can get moldy and stuff Use them up when you can

Ryan, gimme a sec, I'm over here We'd normally have like more than one camera and stuff, but now we gotta, – [Ryan] We got two – We got two (beep) You got cheese all over the top, and then we're gonna broil this and see if this bowl is oven safe Just broil that for about four or five minutes and then the cheese is gonna get nice and toasty

And then you can kinda slurp that ramen Wait, do I look at that camera? – [Ryan] No – That one? – [Ryan] I'm just on this one – Okay, cool, that one? – [Ryan] Yeah, you can look at either one – Oh that's great

So we just look at either camera when I'm saying stuff (bell rings) We're gonna go ahead and pull that soup, we got some awesome, nice browning and crustage on it Boom, garnish, look at that All right so this looks awesome, the cheese is super broiled on top It is honestly shocking, even to me how much it looks like french onion soup

Let it fog up your glasses a little bit Even though it was mostly seasoned with a ramen chicken packet, all the caramelized onions, they just, it makes it read as french onion soup, like it tastes like you're eating a bowl of french onion soup at your favorite, Quaint French, Quaitin Frenchentino, watch all of his movies during this It tastes like you're just eating a bowl of bistro french onion soup This is really awesome, it's so so simple Also this is the point in the episode where I would normally go spork someone with the spork camera and talk about how the best part of cooking is feeding your friends

Sometimes the best part about cooking, it's about feeding yourself and feeding your own soul, because we don't want to share food with anyone, and share germs, so this is your bowl, you're gonna sit here and you're gonna enjoy it the entire time like I am – [Ryan] You can make me one – Ryan get your own food (upbeat music) All right, cacio e pepe is a very simple Italian dish The only ingredients are butter, some sort of Parmesan cheese, black pepper, pasta, and then a little bit of the water

Literally they were sold out of all pasta, especially strained noodles at the store I went to, so, boom, ramen cacio e pepe, it is what's happening now whether you like it or not Hopefully you like it, please like it, please like me So we have our water boiling right here What we're gonna do is simply add our raft of ramen noodles to that, and then we actually wanna save a little bit of that pasta water after this is cooked to add to our pan Hey, speaking of that pan, get a lot of butter going in there

So what's going to happen, the butter's gonna melt and then you're going to use some of the pasta water that has the starch in it to emulsify into the butter, then the cheese is gonna melt into that and it's gonna create a super creamy delicious sauce that's gonna like set with that little punch of black pepper Also, this stuff lasts freaking forever So that's awesome You should always have this in your fridge, even if it's like the green bottled Kraft stuff Now is not the time to picky or elitist about your parm

Oh but, I went to Whole Foods for this (laughs) Ramen noodles are cooking in there These go super quick, about two minutes And you can actually see the water getting kinda milky, which is great because it is that starch, that flour runoff that we're gonna add to our butter that's gonna help emulsify it into a sauce So we got our butter melting in there, the ramen is almost finished cooking, and so what we're gonna do is add a splash of our pasta water to the butter

Spill most of it on the stove, it's not your stove, you don't have to clean it, and then you can see the starch actually working with the butter to create a kind of creamy sauce And then we're gonna take those ramen noodles and we're gonna add that directly to the pan If you see it being a little bit too dry you want a little bit of excess sauce Add some more of that water Now is about the time, Ryan you want me to switch these so we can see more better? – [Ryan] Yeah, that'd be cool

– Let's do it! So we see that starting to come together Ramen packet? Why not? Throw some ramen packet in there These are valuable nutrients, you don't wanna waste it, but don't oversalt it, because you got a lot of cheese coming in Looks like a bit of a sauce right now and then the cheese is gonna thicken that right up So you're gonna crack a lot of pepper in there, pepper is one of the dominant flavors in this

You want a lot of pepper and then a good handful of that Parmesan cheese, really let it come together You want to keep a fair amount of sauce in there, so you don't wanna like cook this until it's dry Oh, look at that lovely yellow color that comes from the ramen packet All right, so we see everything's thickened up That almost looks like something like an Alfredo sauce

But it's not, it's a cacio e pepe Now we're gonna take it off the heat Just gonna let it run around a little bit more We got that, pasta is nice and saucy Try and give it a little swirly swirl

I like to plate things fancy for myself, even though I like, eat it standing over the garbage can in my kitchen Give it a little twist like that, and one more It's hard to do it with ramen noodles Perfect, there's ramen cacio e pepe All you wanna do, additional sprinkle of parm, and then some more black pepper

Boom! That is ramen cacio e pepe All of that Parmesan and butter, this is just like an absolute calorie comfort bomb for you This is gonna be stupid stupid delicious, I'm a grab a fork and eat it All right this looks awesome, super super cheesy Super creamy

The sauce is still running a little bit on the plate There it is, give it a nice toss, and then you just do the most violent slurp you've ever done Mm! I wasn't even planning on adding the seasoning packet at first and I was like "Screw it, we're here, do it" And then it just like brings in all those delicious flavor chemicals right into there So it tastes like the best bowl of instant ramen you ever had, with this little Italian classic twist to it

The black pepper, super bright comes through, wow Hot dang, that's good! All right, we got one more ramen recipe to show you It's gonna get a little funky Let's do it, let's get down to it (upbeat music) Pop quiz, what's the first item to go off shelves during quarantine? Wrong, salad dressing

Not really, but anyways you should know how to make a simple vinaigrette at home So we're gonna do that right now for our ramen salad I should probably explain what a ramen salad is, let's make a vinaigrette first, why not? So you're gonna a little bit of mustard I'm using like, a kinda spicy brown mustard, why? That's what I had in my fridge, and that's the game we're playing today and then you're going to add a little bit of vin

And then typically there might be something like shallots or other flavoring agents in there You always want a season of salt and pepper What are we gonna season it with today? Freaking ramen packet, let's go It's gonna give you a nice yellowy vinaigrette Is there turmeric in ramen seasoning? What's going on? You're gonna whisk the mustard with your vinegar and what you're gonna is you're gonna slowly stream in oil and you're gonna keep whisking

There we go, whisk faster! This is your new home workout 'cause all the gyms are closed Great safe way to taste things You take your whisk and you go right on your hand That is looking nice and mixed together I think the ramen seasoning packet actually helped emulsify it

So that's a simple French mustard vinaigrette What we're gonna do, we're gonna make a ramen salad I think this is like a total Midwestern invention But it's really delicious You're gonna take the crispy ramen noodles and you're simply going to dice them

Yeah, you wanna leave some chunks in there, as I obliterate the entire ramen brick What I like to do is I like to start building my vinaigrette in the actual salad bowl and then I just add all my stuff to it and toss it, and then like, you gotta trust that the ratio of dressing to salad is right But when it doubt like, put more dressing on there The salad is a vehicle for the dressing in my opinion All right, so we're gonna add our ramen noodles to that

Now vegetables, I have no idea what you have What I have, I got this big old head of purple cabbage 'Cause everyone took the green cabbage, no one took the purple cabbage I feel insane, I feel like the person sitting up here just like "Purple cabbage! "No one took the purple cabbage, "now we got the purple cabbage!" So we're gonna use it All right so the cabbage is gonna be your main base, which is great, it's crunchy, it also holds really well in the fridge

Anyone who's eaten day old KFC coleslaw knows what I'm talking about That's like one of my biggest pleasures Some people get off on caviar and foie gras, nah nah nah, gimme some day old, ice cold KFC coleslaw And we're gonna pop it right into that bowl Now, other things you can add to salads that may not, – [Ryan] That one

– Other things you can add to salads that may not be vegetables Apples, this is great, especially if your apple's a little bit old Take it, dice it, put it in a salad Cabbage and apple is like a really great, kind of full combination I'm gonna slice it into little batons

Got them apples sliced, we're just gonna stack them up like that, cut them into nice little, stringy batons like that Toss your apples in there What have we got? Our good old friend Mr Onion and his nine other friends Mr Onions

So we're just gonna take some thin slices of onion and pop that in there Gonna give you some crunch to go along with all the other literally only crunchy things in there I can't stress this enough, use literally whatever you have, any frozen vegetable, like right now, we're gonna use some frozen peas All you have to do is let this sit in water and then they just come up They're super delicious, and also I had a friend in elementary school who used to just eat frozen peas out of the bag But he was also the kid, that we were hanging out in his back yard once and he just peed his pants for no reason

Like he didn't even have to go, he just peed his pants And so I don't know, take from that story what you will Anyways, we're gonna go ahead and toss this salad All right so now we got a nice big party salad, to bring to your virtual party potluck Is that a thing people are doing? I guess it kinda defeats the point of a potluck 'cause you're just eating, like a giant tray of whatever you brought

Someone only brought napkins, they're like "I only brought napkins" Idiot And this is a nice simple and easy lunch Mm, honey crisp apples, why would you buy any other kind of apple? They're the perfect apple You ever eat a Red Delicious in like adulthood just to remember what it taste like when you were a kid? – [Ryan] It's grainy

– Terrible – [Ryan] Yeah – Okay, so we're back and we have our ramen salad What, who eats salad with a spoon? What am I doing, man? All right Mm, it's actually really good

The ramen noodles almost act like croutons in there It's like half crouton, half main part of like a macaroni salad The vinaigrette makes the apples all savory Ties in with the sweetness The peas and the crunchiness of the cabbage

This is really good, like if you're sick of just slurping down ramen noodles Might as well do this It all ends up in the same place Oh, also buy a bidet I used Ryan's bidet for the first time

Wow, what a shocking feeling that is, but I like it #Not a sponsor But maybe, TUSHY Bidets, slide into our DMs just like your water jet slid into my b-hole That better make the edit I quit if that doesn't make the edit Wow! What a journey it's been

Three packets of ramen and three dishes that hopefully you can at least take inspiration from at home while you're all cooped up Thank you guys so much for watching, subscribing to Mythical Kitchen We're gonna have some more videos coming out on how to cook during this quarantine And hit us up at @mythicalkitchen on Instagram with #dreamsbecomefood Show us any dishes that you make during the quarantine Hit me up at Instagram and Twitter

It's @mythicalchef on Twitter, @mythicalchefjosh on Instagram Hit up Nicole, Trevor, literally anyone We can give you some sort of advice, or like, at least make you laugh in the process, maybe Thanks again for stopping by and keep a lookout, we have some more quarantine special cooking videos coming out soon See you guys, stay safe!

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