3 Easy Frozen Meat Quarantine Hacks

– Now we're gonna eat these meatballs (splat) God

Ugh (upbeat techno music) Welcome to Mythical Kitchen where dreams become food, even if those dreams have to stay in the house most of the time Today is volume two of our quarantine cooking special 'cause we're still locked down in the house Today is all about taking those random meat scraps that you find in the back of your freezer So I know I'll always have a random chicken breast, piece of fish, obscure ground meat back there

Take those, transform them into something absolutely delicious If you want the follow along at home, we got the timecodes right there, we're breaking it down into three easy dishes that will feed a ton of people, be super nutritious and are only using the pantry items that I got from a super picked over grocery store I didn't breathe on anyone there An old guy breathed on me, but I think I'm fine (upbeat techno music) Hand washing! They say to do it for 20 seconds, which is about the time it takes to sing "Happy Birthday," I don't know that so I'm gonna recite the speech from "Coach Carter" that he gives to Timo Cruz

Mr Cruz! What is your greatest fear? My greatest fear is not that we're inadequate If that were a power beyond measure, is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us And when we let that inner light shine, we subconsciously allow others to do the same We gotta do it one time

Mr Cruz what is your greatest fear? Our greatest fear is not that we're inadequate, it's to have a power beyond measure It's our light, not our darkness, all right (upbeat music) Now that our hands are all washed, what we have here is frozen chicken It is not even fully defrosted, which is good honestly because if you're just making some enchiladas or something, which we are, just cook with a frozen, just slice the frozen, throw it in a pot, you're gonna be baking it like twice with a bunch of cheese on it so why not

That's not a knife! Actually this is a knife, this is my knife So we're gonna take frozen chicken, and we're gonna slice it up very very thinly, and actually when it's frozen, you can slice it very thinly, it's really nice, and we're eventually going to get this in a pan with whatever spices you got on deck and we're gonna put some beans in that, and we're gonna roll it up in some tortillas You don't need to think about meals as just like here's a starch, here's a vegetable, here's a meat, that way a lot of people over-consume meat If you're trying to, ration sounds dramatic, but if you're trying to ration meat out, I mean honestly, it's a great way to make big, composed dish That should be enough for enchiladas and we're just gonna run a knife through it one more time

Dude, it feels so good to cut through frozen meat Also, if you go to like shabu shabu or Korean barbecue, their meat's all frozen They'll be hopefully just about never cook in frozen meat, never get out of here So we're gonna take that and we're just gonna toss it in a pan, get it cooked up, add some beans to it All right, we got our saute pan heating and we got our meat scraps right there

Meat scraps, that was my nickname in high school All right, so we got our oil hot in the pan, and now we're gonna take out chicken and we're simply gonna dump it Oh listen to that sizzle! It's gonna break it up, make sure it cooks nice and evenly Oh it's about to get loud! Oh we're in Producer Ryan's house, safely distancing from each other That's why we're not in the normal Mythical Kitchen

So we're simply gonna season the chicken with salt, and then take like anything you got in your spice cabinet You probably got a bunch of chili powder that you haven't used in a while, dump that in there, why not? And then some oregano, and then we're gonna add my new favorite, ranch style beans, you maybe asking, "Josh, why do you have ranch style beans?" Well I'm glad you asked because they were the only beans left in the whole freaking store, I wasn't gonna pour it in yet (grunts) The idea is you're making a nutrient dense chicken and bean mash This is like good down home cooking food This is the stuff that I grew up on from like a single parent who was just trying their best and didn't really know how to cook

We're gonna add our can of ranch style beans, leave the lid in, the lid is gonna add great texture The kind of ranch style beans, they're suspiciously orange Now if we analyze the beans, what I like about this is it looks like there's a fair amount of fat in there, and so all that fat in there, it's gonna kind of combine well, it's gonna tighten up, and then we're actually gonna mash the beans down and on those tortillas, you're gonna roll them up, you want some bean mash to stick in there Another nickname from high school Hey bean mash! That just smells like straight up cumin, which honestly like that's a huge flavor in Tex Mex food

Ranch style beans, coming through in the clutch So we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna start mashing some beans There's a lot of liquid in there, so we're gonna cook down a lot of that liquid 'cause we don't want a soupy filling That said, there's gonna be a bunch of sauce and cheese to make up for any mistakes Anytime you're cooking a dish like this, especially in the circumstances that we are like, there's no wrong move

All right, we're just gonna let the liquid cook out of this Actually had a comment from an old video that was like, "Josh, my ketchup isn't thick enough, "how do I thicken it? "I'm gonna add more whatever, I'm gonna add more whatever" Don't add, reduce 'cause every time you see steam coming out, that's literally just your mixture getting thicker over time Just like Timo Cruz from "Coach Carter" said, "Our deepest fear is not that we're inadequate, "it's that we're powerful beyond measure "It's our light, not our darkness that frightens us

"When we let our inner light shine, "we subconsciously allow others to do the same" We're gonna start building our enchilada sauce now (upbeat music) You maybe didn't get a can of enchilada sauce, which is pretty reasonable, so we're gonna teach you how to build a super janky, albeit a very delicious one yourself If you know what enchilada sauce is, typically it's a lot of dried chisel, blended with a little bit of tomato, then some sort of acid in there So if you take dried chilis and you powder them up, you get chili powder

So you can just use this in relatively large quantities to replicate what would typically be a blended a dried chili All right, so drop a bunch of butter in your pot Canned beans typically have a lot of sodium so I think this is probably gonna be pretty well seasoned Oh, that's hot though Oh no, oh yeah

Oh yeah That really does taste like childhood to me We're just gonna get our butter melted down Tomato paste is a great thing to have on hand A lot of people think you can only add it to, say like stews or something as a little ingredient

Honestly, tomato paste, you thin it out with water, it just becomes tomato sauce We're just gonna add a whole flappy flap, and then we're gonna whisk it up All right, so we're actually gonna add a fair amount of chili powder to this in the butter, into that tomato paste, and so the chili powder is actually gonna toast in the pan, there should be like a little bit more aromatic I say "should" because I ain't never done this It smells super fragrant, which is good

Anytime you're cooking, use all your senses, mostly use your sense of love, which is the sixth sense and also the fifth element The fifth element was love, right? – [Ryan] Yes – But she says, "Fifth element" – [Ryan] She is the fifth element, but she is the embodiment of love – Of love, the first one is love here

So we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna add some water to the sauce, you see it starting to thin out, it was so very thick Keep adding some water until it looks like a sauce All right so you see this? It's really starting to look like enchilada sauce We're gonna season it, we're gonna taste it, we're gonna add some more stuff so we have the appropriate quantities Salt is very important

Anytime you have tomato, chili, butter, those are all things that really love salt Oh, ooh, it's not as intense as I thought That is getting there You need a little bit more chili powder And then we're gonna throw some more butter in there

So any time you add butter, you're essentially giving it a bigger vehicle for other flavors So if you have more fat in a dish, that means it can handle more acid and spice and salt and other things, and also like I don't know, I always have like two pounds butter in my fridge, I never know what to do with it I'm just gonna keep adding butter, 'cause this seems good You want a little bit of acid I always have a bottle of vinegar based hot sauce, Crystal is my usual go to

♪ Don't use the same tasting spoon twice ♪ I need to sing songs to remind myself of proper hygiene Little splash of water and we're good to go And remember that we're gonna bake this off, I don't know if I told you that, what do you mean remember? We're gonna bake this off and so whenever you're adding a sauce to something that's baking, you want it a little bit looser, that way it's gonna evaporate in the oven Didn't turn on the oven, dude That's my bad

We're getting one final season of salt And look at that, that's enchilada sauce if I ever seen it We're gonna go ahead and pour Ow Dude, it's been so long since I cooked on gas, this feels so good, but I forgot the flame like heats up parts of the pan

Just gonna go ahead and add some of that to the bottom of the pan, and then tortillas Typically, enchiladas would be made with corn, but flour tortillas, you don't have to heat to roll 'cause they got glutens in them, and so look at that, boom, don't gotta heat it So you're gonna take a thin layer of our beany chickeny mixture and then we're simply gonna roll that up nice and tightly and we're gonna try and nestle them in there Oh, I overfilled the first Someone's gonna be unhappy with their rations today

You wanna nestle these as much as possible They have a little bit of sauce on the bottom, and then we're just gonna pour some more right over the top Some people dip the tortillas into the sauce before you do it, I like to leave a little bit of uncovered tortilla Very important, you gotta take the pan, you gotta go Boom, so glad that I snagged this five pound brick of cheddar and really glad that Ryan has this thing

I hate this Why did I come here? Just Sucks All right, you're gonna keep mashing your cheese with your Ikea ass box grater I can't tell you how much I hate this tool

You should be able to hold it here and then go down There we go, well now it's sliding Here we go – [Ryan] But it catches all the cheese – Cutting like anything catches the cheese, whatever the cheese falls on catches the cheese

This is my natural position with this machine You can't even see how much cheese you got All right, so we grated all of our cheese Now we're just gonna blanket a lot of that on top You want a lot of cheese, cheese is nutrient dense

This is gonna sustain ya So you got the oven at 400 degrees, these are ready to go We're just gonna slap in there, the sauce should tighten up a little bit, and then the cheese is gonna melt and we're get a big ol stretchy cheese pull and then like honestly, this is food for two days, this is great (alarm clock dings) Ooh our enchiladas are bubblin! Oh yeah that's great This is what I want, just like the tiniest bit of browning on the cheese

You see a little bit of browning and crispiness on that tortilla, that is what I'm going for, and then we're gonna try and plate these so they look all nice All right on three One, two, go Ow, I burnt myself but only a little bit That's the thing that I enjoy

All right (laughs) Just a factual statement These are your chicken and bean cheesy enchiladas Super calorie dense, delicious, down home cooking comfort food Look at there

Look at there! (grunts) Let's dig into this See the butter separated a little bit from the sauce, way to combat that, sop it up with some tortilla, but there's still some texture on that That is awesome This is like a complete flavor bomb in your mouth, it's so freakin comforting and dense and delicious Oh, it's so hot, you're oh (beep)

I messed up Just sip air into your mouth (upbeat music) We're making sloppy joes now We found a bag of mystery ground animal parts in the freezer I'm pretty sure this is turkey 'cause at the time I was like, "Ooh, I wanna be healthy

" Boy, now I wish it was beef We're gonna start with oil, 'cause we're gonna get our vegetable goin Another really awesome thing about sloppy joes, is that it's a great way to stretch your meat There's no bad way to stretch your meat As long as you're stretching your meat, you're fine

You don't wanna pull your meat So you got eight ounces of vegetables and eight ounces of ground meat in there It feels like you're eating a pound of food and I know I'm talking about this like we're in the Great Depression, but it's not, it's like little sensible things that you can get your vegetables in without almost even feeling like it And if you have kids, they're not eating green beans you know? They're eating sloppy joes It's delicious, it's gonna be covered in sauce, and we're not serving it in bun 'cause we only have tortillas

A lot of people don't really know what makes sloppy joe sauce sloppy joe sauce It's a combination of tomato paste, vinegar, whoo, smaller place than I'm used to working with Ryan, why isn't your house bigger? The main things though are tomato paste, sugar and vinegar, which is the same ingredients in ketchup and I don't have any ketchup here, and we're gonna add whatever spices we found in the spice rack right to that I did the thing where I forgot which one's salt and which one's sugar, it makes me feel like I'm back in the Mythical Kitchen – [Ryan] Aww

– Aww, so always salt your veg when you're sauteing it Give it a nice toss Okay so Carrie right now, so she's dating this player from the New York Yankees, and he has a big package Canned vegetables, people are out there and they are hoarding up a bunch of canned vegetables If you just want some vegetables on hand that aren't gonna spoil, frozen for me is the way to go because they really act like fresh vegetables

They're not mushy, you can really cook with em, so there's a lot of value there All right, so the onions are translucent, now is the time to grab your bag meat and there's a very specific technique to putting your bag meat in the pan You gotta scoot all this to the side Bag meat So your stuff might start steaming together, which typically I'd say don't do, but like at this point, you're makin sloppy joes, it's gonna be covered in a bunch of sauce and stuff

Just break it up as much as possible, fold the vegetables in there Got a turkey in there, that's not salt I feel like as a kid, I never developed object permanence Like I got the salt from there not two minutes ago, but in my mind it wasn't there If someone plays peek-a-boo with me, and they do this, I assume they've died

So sloppy joes, you want the smallest curds possible You can take out a little bit of aggression, frustration at like I don't know, the lack of cohesive response to a pandemic All right, this about a good size for sloppy joes We're seeing the vegetables starting to cook down, the onions are like almost non existent in there, and we're gonna give it basically a second cook So we're gonna season it with our stuff

Empty out your spice pantry Whatever you got I think as long as you add a bunch of spices to this stuff, it almost doesn't matter what they are, and so I'm gonna add a bunch of chili powder, why not? Everyone has a thing of chili powder in their fridge and they never quite know what to do with it, same as paprika, Ryan you're out of paprika All right, don't use paprika, screw paprika All right, we're gonna add herb du provance because Ryan has that in his cabinet

Ryan you're our of herb du provance (cheerful music) The camera dead All right, so camera may or may not be working right now Welcome back to the Mythical Kitchen, our camera battery died If it's not working, I'm just gonna keep doing this

I put tomato paste, sugar and vinegar in there Those are kind of all the key components of ketchup And so now that's combined a little bit, I'm just gonna splash it in some water Just kind of go like Then you casually fly it back

That's gonna combine with the tomato paste, sugar and vinegar and all that turkey liquid that you've now released, there you see it's starting to look a little bit like sloppy joes now Let's give it a quick taste I'm just here 'cause I'm tired Always taste different spots in the cooking process Ooh, that is tasting a lot like sloppy joes

Another thing you can add to your sloppy joes, totally optional, I do a little dollop of soy sauce And that much Just gonna give it some nice, caramel color And then it's gonna add some salt, and not only salt, but a little bit of depth 'cause the soy sauce is fermented so it's got some umami in there All right, we're just gonna let that reduce down for a little bit and then we're gonna start building our tacos, why? Cause that's all we have

Cause that's all we have! That's all we have Give it a little flip Ryan, switch to the special slow-mo shot – [Ryan] We don't, okay – Yeah, yeah, Ryan, just do it for the love of God

Ryan, I'm hanging on by a thread Just get the special slow mo Did you get it? – [Ryan] Uh yeah – That's done, I'm calling it You want a little bit of liquid, still kind of nestling in there, but you don't want it runny because we're gonna throw it in a taco

(upbeat jazz instrumental) One thing I will never give up in life is grittled tortillas To me like, a raw flour tortilla, especially corn actually, it's just like terrible, it doesn't fold right, and just kind of feels mealy in your mouth You gotta throw it in a hot pan You're gonna toss a tortilla in there Press it down, make sure it's fully flushing it's pan

My back's sweaty, is your back sweaty? All right, tortilla's done We're gonna get all sloppy with it Put some of that joe in there And for the love of God, if you make sloppy joe tacos, please do not call it the sloppy Jose So now we're just gonna stuff a little bit of purple cabbage, which I picked out because I love the color of purple cabbage, and I also love that no one else was hoarding it but me

And a little bit of shredded cheddar cheese as we've seen before And then just get some hot sauce in there Hot sauce is both gonna make it taste delicious, and lube up the cabbage All right, those are your sloppy joe tacos I'm proud of this one, this is nice

All right, let's eat em (applauds) It tastes exactly like canned Manwhich, which is really awesome because that's what I was going for Especially the flour tortilla, like it might as well be unleavened bread 'cause that's what it is and the cabbage like really stands up to all the heat from that sloppy joe kind of permeating It's like you want all that heat, that suppleness, with all that crunch from the cabbage and then a bunch of shredded yellow cheese on there That's absolutely fantastic

Super comforting, great way to trick people into eating vegetables Old and young alike, and tricking people is the first rule of cooking Let's make some meatballs (upbeat jazz music) I know what you're saying, "Josh, you got so much meat in your bag left "What're you gonna do with it all?" What we're gonna do is we're gonna make some meatballs

They're super simple and you can add literally whatever you want to em, but I'm gonna show you with just three ingredients, I feel like a Shamwow salesmen With only three ingredients, you can make bag meat meatballs One egg per one pound of meat, and then salt, I guess it's four ingredients if you add salt Probably about a teaspoon of nice kosher salt, and then about a quarter cup of bread crumbs That's all you need, you mix this together, you bake it, if you have a jar of Newman's own, save us Paul Newman, save us! Is he alive? – [Ryan] No

– Dang it So if you add bread crumb, egg and meat in there, you roll it into a ball, you put any sort of sauce on it, even if it's freaking ketchup and butter, which is actually Honey Booboo's favorite spaghetti sauce So we're just gonna mix this up And again, we're all about stretching out our meat Not just for fun, but for economic sake

If you're stretching your meat for fun, you'll go blind All right, basil, oregano, nice little Italian spices, I've been picking my fingernails out of nervousness And then we're gonna get a little bit of that Parmesan cheese again, the green stuff in the Kraft bottle, you probably have it chilling in your fridge somewhere, and we're just gonna mix this with a fork Gonna roll it into some balls, you're gonna get it on a pan, and we're just gonna roast that off I don't like browning my meatballs on a stove top because they tend to get irregular and some irregular shapen balls

I have like two just roll them in my hand til they're perfect circular, and then pop them in the oven and I always lube up my hands We're just gonna get a nice little clump of that Give it a good roll and then plop that down I have this problem when I'm rolling meatballs that every successive meatball gets bigger because I just like wanna be done with it I also get anxiety when I get to the end of the bowl

I've rolled out an entire tray of meatballs and then I just had like a little half meatball left and I freaking started all of them over 'cause I was just like, can't do that Not having these little golem balls, golem, not Gollum Gollum is "Lord of the Rings," and then a golem is the creature from Jewish lore It's like made from clay What? What the hell are you talkin about? So you're gonna go ahead and you're gonna get all your meatballs in the pan, and we're one short of a full 12, so I'm gonna put these back here, mash them all together and start again

No, I'm gonna wash my hands Mr Cruz! What is your greatest fear? All right, we're gonna throw these meatballs in the oven at 400 degrees, you wanna go on a high heat so you're gonna get good browning and prevent steamage from happening Roast you fools! (alarm dings) We have balls of meat We had our bag meat and now we have ball meat

Now what we're gonna do, if you're lucky enough to own one of the last jars of marinara sauce in the entire planet, dump some of that If you don't have marinara sauce, throw it in a pan with some brown sugar and soy cause Make yourself some teriyaki meatballs I'm just gonna get sauce in there, we're gonna flash it back in the broiler for just like three minutes to warm the sauce and we're gonna top it with a little Parmesan cheese and we're probably gonna make a taco out of it, I'm not gonna like 'cause that's all we got It's taco week in the quarantine kitchen

We're gonna have to fight a cat for the last tortilla Hello, cat You can't see there's a little cat here, he's adorable, his name is Lucky? – [Ryan] Lucky, yeah – Lucky, you want some meatballs? Oh, I love you too Mr

Cruz, what is your greatest fear? All right, let's pull the balls from the oven Nice and steamy, see some of the turkey liquid has released Just gonna get a little bit of Parmesan cheese meltage right on top, and just gonna dust it a little bit Those are your turkey meatballs, we gotta plate em up, I'm gonna try em I really want to let em cool because I burnt my mouth on so many things today, and I can't handle another one, it's too much, it's too much, it's too much! Just gonna go ahead lovingly ladle some of these balls on the plate

Make a nice little meatball pyramid there, do like a little splash of sauce Now we're gonna eat these meatballs (splat) God (moans) I'll tell you what They're tender, they're meaty, they're cheesy and Paul Newman knows how to make a marinara sauce

I'm going back in this entire tray of meatballs is mine, we don't need to worry about cross contamination, 'cause I'm already quarantined so I'm just locked up in here with me No, no, I'm not locked up in here with me, me is locked up in here with me God, I'm going crazy, these are really good meatballs though More importantly, they'll last you for a long time, they're super comforting and hearty, like there's nothing wrong with some mystery bag meat turkey meatballs (moans) There you have it, that's how you take your freezer meat scraps and turn it into three delicious, distinct dishes

If you have any questions about how to use up your own pantry items, hit me up on Twitter @MythicalChef and if you make any of these dishes, hit us up on Instagram @MythicalKitchen with #DreamsBecomeFood Stay safe out there, thanks so much for watching We'll see you again soon I'm gonna make some tacos You can cook up your own feast while wearing the Mythical Kitchen apron, available now at mythical


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