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– Oh, ooh – Oh, my God

I am so sorry Aw, Ben, this is why I can't have nice things (knives swooshing) (cash register dinging) (funky base music) – [Josh] Yeah, two Mexican pizzas, please – Okay – You don't wanna beverage? – Do you want a beverage? – Okay, it's gonna be 10

05 – Well, I mean, what, are we gonna just eat some dry ass pizza? – Well, I'm sorry, wait, wait, wait, hold on one second, one second, what? Can we go ahead and do one Blue Raspberry Freeze – [Taco Bell Employee] A Blue Raspberry Freeze – [Josh] Yeah, and then can we do one Electric Blue Raspberry Freeze? – Yes – Okay, so these can go one of two ways when you open 'em, they could be perfectly formed, or everything could be just completely slid off and stuck to the side of the box

– Ooh, kid of slide-y – Not bad – [Emily] They were like, "No tomatoes on this side, please" – My favorite thing, the color of Taco Bell's tomatoes, it's like a millennial pink, they're not red, they're never quite ripe ever I don't know where they get 'em from, so

– You want me to fire sauce 'em? – Yeah, yeah, just give me a liberal squirt over the top Yeah, that's nice Okay, so you've never had one of these, right? – I have not – Which is shocking because you are self-professed garbage aficionado – Yes, yes

– Yeah It was a tostada shell on the bottom, then there's just a schmear of bean paste and then a schmear of meat paste – So no cheese on the inside, only cheese on the top? – Correct and then the top, they literally just call it Mexican Pizza Sauce, that is its own sauce that has existed since 1988, which is when they debuted this, so this is the OG innovative menu item from Taco Bell, before the Crunchwrap, before the Double-Decker, Gorditas, all that – My mouth is so wet right now – I've been wet since we pulled through that drive-through, girl

– (laughing) – So yeah, and then there's – Oh, wow – Oh, God If you weren't wet before, okay – Ready? – Yeah, dig in

– Oh, God dang Gave you a nice little sauce mustache there The first thing I'm getting into is the cheese, that is a lot of cheese on the top – It almost tastes nostalgic because Taco Bell doesn't have a lot of things that still taste like this Now, the funny thing about this, what Mexican food item is this supposed to be? 'Cause a taco's a taco, a burrito's a burrito, gordita is a real regional Mexican food item, but this, they're just calling a Mexican Pizza

So I have this theory that the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza is actually based off of the Oaxacan tlayuda – Did my face look like I knew what Oaxacan was when you said it? 'Cause I was trying really hard I was like, "Ooh, yeah, definitely "know what that is" – You gave some active listening cues, so I kind of thought you did It's a state in Mexico and they've kept a lot of pre-Hispanic, pre-colonized traditions

– Oh, cool – Yeah – So I'm assuming you're gonna know how to make this fancy What are you gonna do to it, you think? – I mean, first step's first, we should probably just put some liquor in those slushees – (laughing) – Second step's second

I'm just saying what we're all thinking, right? – Yeah – Second step's second, we're actually gonna go to my favorite Oaxacan restaurant in Los Angeles, it's called Guelaguetza And we're gonna hang out with Bricia Lopez She actually just wrote a cookbook all about Oaxacan food And so we're gonna try and recreate this, but using legit ingredients from Oaxaca

We're gonna get some tlayuda tortillas from them And if I had to guess, I know they serve a lotta mezcal there, so we can probably make that happen (upbeat music) – [Josh] How you doing, I'm Josh – Hi Josh, great to meet you – What have we got for lunch, today? – No, I don't know

– Javier, what up, dude? – What's up, man – I'm Emily – I'm Bricia, nice to meet you guys – So can you tell me a little about Oaxacan food for people who aren't familiar? – It's got the oldest remnants of corn, of tomato, of a lotta different herbs, wild herbs that only grow in Oaxaca, chilies that only grow in Oaxaca, a lotta spices that are only found there – It's maintained its indigenous flavors more than other states

– One of our reasons for being here is also because Taco Bell It's a lot of people's first kind of taste of what Mexican food is in America You said you visited every state in Mexico, right? – Almost every state, yeah – Almost, you'll get there one day, man But Taco Bell's original hard shell taco, it's basically a taco dorado, right? And then Taco Bell also uses the terms gordita and chalupa, which are both regional dishes

And so I have this theory that the Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell is based off of a tlayuda Have you ever had a Mexican pizza? – I'm gonna out myself Listen, when I came into this country, I was 10 years old and I loved me some Taco Bell – We'd love to learn how to make a tlayuda or something – Well, you're definitely in the right place if you wanna make a legit Mexican pizza

– Well, we're gonna try and add like $300 worth of other ingredients to one (laughing) – Let's do it – So it's gonna get a little weird We have a little tradition on this show where we like to drink hard liquor We may have to get to some mezcal, later

– Oh, I will 100% drink mezcal with you – Aye – Oh, that'd be fantastic – Mezcal, especially when you're in Oaxaca, you do drink it all day, everyday – Don't worry, I'm from Nashville, drinking all day is acceptable

(laughing) And congratulations on your book and everything – Right, so that's what you not wanna do I said we wouldn't take shots – Oh, I really misunderstood that, you should probably line it back up – Totally fine

– Yeah – Right now, we're gonna go, like we'd just have this with us and we can just drink it throughout walking after this – Yeah, that sounds doable – Fire This is tortilla tlayuda

This one is made in Oaxaca and we ship it – The Chamapagne of tortillas, interesting – Correct, exactly, exactly – What makes it different, the way that you make it? – So the way, if you touch it, this is corn and a lotta people get tripped out at the fact that you have such a huge corn tortilla – Yeah

– This is called asiento It's basically a pork fat reduction if you wanna be fancy about it – That was nickname in high school (laughing) – Okay, so now, we're moving onto the bean paste We do have this recipe in the book, you guys are gonna love it

You're never gonna wanna have regular beans ever again Then after this, it just becomes toppings A traditional tlayuda will have some cabbage – Okay – That's very traditional in the streets of Oaxaca

Then we move to our favorite thing here at the restaurant, our Oaxaca cheese, our Oaxaca string cheese So if you can see, this has been already stringed – [Josh] Can we just grab some of that? – It's so stringy – [Josh] We didn't eat – This is what's gonna melt, it's gonna be crispy and fatty and the flavor of the beans, the beans also take us a very long time to make 'cause we make everything from scratch

We'll put chorizo on top of this one because I just love our chorizo – That is my favorite – The chorizo looks like Wilma's necklace from The Flintstones – Totally And now, I wanna wear it

– [Bricia] These are just chile de arbol – (gasping) – That is gorgeous – That's not the way, but this is the way that I would make my own – Pretty – [Brecia] Uh, do you wanna go sit down? – [Josh] Yeah, can we? Ben, do you want us to eat it here? – What? – Oh

(screaming) – Oh, my God I am so sorry – (laughing) – Aw, Ben, this is why I can't have nice things – [Emily] Let's eat that part, look that one's good – Can I just, uh

– You guys are cut off, you guys are cut off from mezcal – We should have more mezcal though, right? – [Josh] Brecia, thank you so much for the hospitality We can't apologize enough We'll pay for damages, Ben has the credit card, just hit him up – Before you leave, I wanted to send these for you

Please be careful, don't drop these – Maybe give 'em to her, at this point – Don't drop them – Thank you, I appreciate this honor – Handle with care

I don't want you to break 'em, this is gonna be the base for your perfect Oaxacan pizza – Can I still come back for brunch or am I banned? – I don't know, let me think about that, okay? I mean, ugh – Time heals all wounds All right, so we have all the ingredients laid out for our fancy Mexican pizza We got the two that survive tlayuda tortillas that we got from Guelaguetza

– That survived – That survived And then here is gonna be the meat portion, right? So we're actually do a play on the barbacoa that they make at Guelaguetza We have the recipe from the cookbook that we're gonna play with, fancify a little bit So we got wagyu oxtails here

– Okay – And then we got some wagyu Korean cut short ribs there – Do you ever wanna just spank the meat? – You can spank the meat (thudding) – Ow, none of them are spankable, they're hard – Spank the hard meat, so we got beans, right here

That's gonna be for our bean paste It's a really big thing Wagyu to black bean paste, so we got three different heirloom black beans, but the next thing, pizza sauce We're actually gonna be making a mole negro that's from the Oaxacan cookbook as well, but again, we're gonna fancify it a little bit So that's why we got all these chilies here

Another big thing in Oaxacan cooking are hojas de aguacate, or dried avocado leaves I already ate some – You just ate leaves? – Yeah, why not? – What are you, a dinosaur? – 'Cause we're in the kitchen We have this unprocessed Oaxacan chocolate – Whoa

– There's actually no dairy in it, whatsoever That's really tasty, that's awesome, that's going with those chilies – That looks cool – And then we are putting some Oaxacan string cheese on top If you see it, you pick it up

Get it, get it, get it in your mouth, get it, just get it – Okay, I can't tell if I was impersonating a fish or a cat – I thought it was a duck And then we have to make the asiento, which if you remember, Brecia was talking about, you schmear the lard paste on top of the tortilla – Right, I remember that

– So what we're gonna do is, we're gonna take some of the trimmings from our oxtail, then we're gonna render that down with beef tallow and duck fat Oh, we have one more surprise Of course, we gotta get some mezcal going mezcal was a big part of our experience – Huge part

– Undeniable It's on camera – It's very important to the pizza – I got it 'cause it's got a whole scorpion in the bottom – I bet you're gonna make us eat that

– So as we learn in the Oaxacan tradition, it's very important not to shoot mezcal, but rather to sip it So I figured we could just pour it right in our Taco Bell Freezes – Yes, problem is solved – Let's play with some fire – Okay

I was just wondering if doing this, can I touch my eyes? – Yeah, you're gonna wanna touch your eyes Gets you all rilled up, goes well with the mezcal – I feel like you're being sarcastic – Start burning a little bit – And I really need you to tell me the truth, right now

– No, don't touch your eyes after you've touched the peppers – Okay, thank you – And then you're now gonna pour – I almost touched my eyes, oh, my God – Let's say seven shots of mezcal in there

You're gonna soak the chilies in mezcal, get 'em all infused and we're gonna blend that into our marinade, so we should get some of that smokiness from the mezcal – Seven standard shots or seven our version of a shot? Seven shots of mezcal (mezcal trickling) – [Josh] This isn't in the cookbook – Okay – But this is a common technique in barbacoa where you'll actually layer oranges on the bottom and then the oranges are gonna perfume all the meat at the base

– Wow, that's really pretty – While those are softening, we're gonna get our other ingredients for the spice mixture that's gonna marinate the meat into there So we got some onions, we got garlic, we got black peppercorn, we got cumin, we got this – What is that? – Uh, it's oregano, it's what they sell you at your school – Oh, oh

– In bags – (laughing) – All right, so we're gonna put some avocado leaves in there and then some bay leaves and then this is all gonna get blended up with those chilies – Cool, what are you gonna do with all the boiled mezcal? Will it soup? – And I'm gonna take some of this mezcal right there – Ooh, okay – And then pour it in there

And this is actually gonna create the base of our sauce – This looks like what they bottle and sell for $50 at PureOne – So we're gonna go ahead and blend that up – Can you turn that off? – What? No, yeah, oh, yeah, yeah, definitely turn that off – Okay, how do I do it? – Uh, there's a button

– I don't know – Oh, yeah, it's a new stove – This is a new age technology stove – In the new Mythical Kitchen We don't know where anything in here is, we don't know how to work anything

– Oh – You hit the button that says, "Off" – Oh – Yeah Just gotta put your raw hands

Your raw hands, your bare hands Put your raw hands on the bare meat, get the bare meat in the pot (clapping) Let's go – What did you just say? – I don't know, I don't know, but I'll do everything around here – Everyone's gonna think you have bear meat now

– Yeah, give like a good liberal showering of salt all over that – [Emily] Uh – [Josh] Uh, more liberal Like eight times as liberal – (laughing) I feel like the opposite of Salt Bae, or am I just Salt Dave? I put the salt on the beef

– Uh, and then we're gonna go ahead and take that spice mixture over there and then – Toss it with the tongs? – You know my instinct is to go in there with my own hands – Toss with the tongs, the tongs, the tongs – That was Kid Rock's Bawitdaba? – But toss with the tongs – [Josh] With toss with the tongs

That's really good, are we gonna get demonetized for that? ♪ Toss with the tongs, the tongs, the tongs, diggy ♪ (pleasant lounge music) – All right, that's looking nice and tossed – Okay – And then, we're gonna seal this up and then we are going to put this in the oven at 350 for about three hours, until it's just all nice and tender and it's ready So I'm gonna go ahead and take this duck fat and I'm just gonna get a big scoop of it, for my beans, going

I'm gonna give 'em some fat And then you're gonna start making asiento, which is that unrefined pork lard paste, except we're gonna be using duck fat, tallow and then some that wagyu beef fat While you're doing that, garlic, that's gonna play with the beans side plate (sizzling) Oh, yeah, oh, it's gonna splutter out, yeah, yeah – Oh, no

– Wait, you know what's good for hot sputtering duck fat, is the new Mythical Kitchen Towel, you're burning a little bit – Oh, thank you – Available on mythicalstore, boom, merch – Ah

– (laughing) – [Emily] (screaming) – Oh, no, okay, well, sometimes, you start talking about Kid Rock and you get your pan really hot and then you forget that it's hot I'm taking some onions that are quartered and then those are gonna stay in there, they're gonna stay whole, so it's just gonna perfume all the beans – I opened a jar – I'm so proud of you – Thank you

– You're practically an Iron Chef – (laughing) I hate you – Then we're taking epazote leaves Here, smell that, it smells nice and medicinal, kinda bitter – I only smell onion hands

– Yeah, I got a lotta duck fat that's burning in my face So that's what I'm smelling All right, so we have all our onions, chipotles, garlic, epazote, avocado leaves and duck fat in there And then, now, we're gonna add all of our beans – (grunting) – [Josh] And we're just gonna guesstimate, we want about a pound, let's put 'em back on the heap, see what happens

– I know what's gonna happen – Well, just have an open mind We're gonna put the wagyu fat in there I don't like to add salt to beans until the end We need to put water in that and we're just gonna shut the lid

Wait, wait, wait Which one of us is good with lids? – I'm usually unable to open them, you're unable to close them – Where's the towel, Where's the towel? – There's some ridges, there's ridges, there's a ridge (lid clanking) (lid shunting) (electronic beeping) – It makes a little noise All right, we gotta blend up some fat

This seems dangerous Yeah, great, uh, ah, that's normal – Are we gonna eat plastic? – Uh, yeah, so now, we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna take our chicharrones and we're gonna crumble 'em up in there Now, we're doing it this way – (laughing) So then, yeah, you're gonna go ahead and you're gonna boil your Vitamix with hot oil and hopefully it doesn't burn you

– Wait, wait, wait – No, no, Emily, we gotta commit Okay, oh, God, oh, God – The lid doesn't look totally on there – It's fine, just chill

(blender grinding) And none of us are burnt (slapping) Boom – Uh, I need a drink – Yours was – That's yours

– Oh, what, okay (flames hissing) – So Brecia said that fire is super endemic to Oaxacan cooking, right? She would probably use a wooden burning grill, as they would in Oaxacan, we don't have that in here But I do got this blowtorch that I stole from Mike, the art director, so we're gonna use that to make some sauces (flames hissing) So I'm just gonna go ahead and char these – Whoa, they look so cool

So do I push this button? – Yeah, push the button, point the fire at the vegetables (flames hissing) Hot, we're gonna go ahead and take this and pop it in the oven We're just gonna let that rest for about 10 mins and then, in the meantime (slurping) We got all this mezcal chili liquor in there I wanna put some of this in the salsa, I don't why

– Okay – [Josh] Just like – (yelling) (laughing) – That should be really good So I'm gonna go ahead and put some salt into this and then I'm also going to use some of this Oaxacan cinnamon scented chocolate This is actually really good, try it? – Yeah

– Gonna stream in some vinegar for some acid and then we're gonna blend this up, see how this tastes, then get onto that (blender grinding) Uh, Nicole, spoon me – Ah, did you catch it? – That was sweet Oh, that's getting there Need a little water

Uh, Emily Hold it down? – What All right, my dog and my little sister were on the front porch and there was a peeping Tom in the neighborhood No one could catch him And then my dog, who never barks, started barking and there we he was

He was in our front yard and my little sister was on the front porch And he barked and then he ran away He was a good dog – I'm back, did ya' talk about anything weird or just normal cooking stuff? – Normal cooking stuff I wanna lipstick in that color

– That's gonna burn, I've done this before as a bit, like 20 minutes later, it just keeps burning – Is it a good color though? (lips smacking) Ooh, no, it's not too hot Yeah, it's good – It's spicy, right? – It is spicy – So we get the smoke in the mezcal, so now, we're just gonna put a stick blender in there

(blender grinding) – Ooh, that's a pretty color – Yeah, it's kind of unnerving It's actually really nice A lot of good acid, a little touch of sweetness, you get the onion in there So this gonna go into our mole negro, which we're gonna serve as our Mexican pizza sauce

So we're gonna fry the chilies, that is really going to start expressing all of the flavor inside them So piloncillo is boiled cane juice that has been unrefined So it's essentially just like a brick of sugar So we're gonna take that and we're actually just gonna scrape – I bet a horse would really like that

– Yeah? – Yeah – All right, take that chocolate, crumble it up, put it in the chicken sauce, so just let that soften – Crumble it up? – So we've got a lot to get through – Have you seen Chocolat? – No, I've never seen Chocolat, is it good? I've heard good thing? – It's good, it's about a lady who puts a lotta chocolate in a lotta different types of foods – Is that actually what the movie's about? – Dame Judi Dench is in it and then she has diabetes and then they have this big meal for her and then she dies the next day

– Cool – It's really sad – So we have clove, we have allspice berries, we have a lotta sesame seeds and then we have dried thyme Ooh, here we go, little bit of ground oregano and then these are gonna get all fragrant So the chilies are frying, this is gonna get fragrant, we have the chocolate softening

Tomatoes, we're gonna take half of these tomatoes and we're gonna get 'em softening in the water with the chilies, right? – What are the raisins for? – (raspberry blowing) Beats me, man No, we're doing fine, pour this into that – This into what? – We have abused this Vitamix today – The chocolate, put it in the chocolate? – [Josh] Yeah, yeah, yeah Those are nice and toasty, we're taking this off

Wait, keep that open, keep that open, clear your hands – Lord – Beautiful All right (screaming) And then we're gonna go ahead and turn that all the way up, Emily, stay calm

And then we're gonna go ahead and we're just gonna start toasting some raisins I think we should just start blending, right? – Okay, in the same blender, add the sesame seeds – Oh – The ground herbs and spices, onion, garlic, almonds, pineapples I was in the military

– I exchange letters with my husband – I have very heavy breasts – Do you wanna start putting some chilies and tomatoes in there? – Okay, yeah – Right? – That seems right, seems right – Yeah, oh, I love it

Looks like a bunch of orc insides from Lord of the Rings (blender grinding) – Aw, smell that though, it smells so cool – Ooh, that does smell really good – I know you think of me as a culinary bad boy – (sniggering) Is that what I think of you? – Yeah, I mean, I'm kinda the bad boy of the culinary world

You know I got all – I think you're a bad boy – And then you're gonna poor all your mole into the pot – [Emily] Ew – No, it's all gonna combine together

Get some salt in there – Wow, that's really good – Flavor bomb – It is – Flavor bomb

All right, we're gonna let this cook down and then, afterwards, wipe this off in the Mythical Kitchen Towel You can actually get yours pre-stained Okay, so we have our barbacoa that's been in the oven and it looks freaking gorgeous You have all from all that wagyu beef fat has risen to the top, it's tainted red with chilies And so I need you to go in there and shred all the meat by hand and put it into that bowl

Yeah, it's nice and shreddy – [Emily] Ooh, that's fun – I'm gonna do something really important Wanna taste this? (screaming) – No – [Josh] I'm gonna trim the claws

– [Emily] I think it'll be fine You're trimming the claws? – I'm just gonna trim the claws a little bit Well – All right – Oh, I forgot to do a step

So we're gonna go ahead and take the tlayudas and we're gonna toast them in the oven at 300 degrees – That's right, Josh, distract them – For about five minutes We're just gonna go ahead and take this shot of the scorpion Down the hatch

– No, you gotta tap it on the thing or it doesn't count Eye contact It's so sticky, it's stuck to my teeth Why are you still chewing? (grunting) – That helps – Ooh

– All right, well keep breaking that down, we got the (stammering) tortilla toasted, (stammering) – (laughing) (stammering) – Those are coming out We're gonna put that down there That's gonna be our bottom and then this is gonna be our top Smear the lard, put a big old dollop in there, be gentle so you don't break it – Should I do it in the middle and smear it outwards? – Yeah, I'd say do that Should just start melting into there really nicely

– Wow – [Josh] Just get a nice little lube-y quality Lube-y Quality, that was my That wasn't my nickname in high school – In high school

(laughing) – We were focused on sports These are the beans we made and we just kinda pureed 'em And just take a bite of that – No – Okay, well, you don't have to if you don't want to

– There's things about just eating it straight up that I'm like, "Nah, I don't wanna do that" – I ate a lotta beans, Nicole can attest to that It's a problem sometimes – It's a big problem all the time – So now, we're just gonna dump a lotta this in there

Just, I don't even know why – Oh, wow, that's beautiful – [Josh] This is exciting for me, I like what's happening here – I'll eat that from a fork, why didn't you offer me that? Oh, man, where's the towel – Mythical Kitchen Towel, where are you? – Mythical Kitchen Towel

Oh, there it is – Okay, then you're gonna go up like that and then we gotta do the mole All right, now, you just blanket all that Oaxacan string cheese over the top Yeah, I'll say, get a little more there, perfect Hop in there, let the cheese melt

It's gonna come out, we're gonna put tomatoes on it – It's beautiful – Wow, that's very instilling, we did it – (wooing) – All right So we got the cheese melting in the oven, we're gonna take it out, wow

It's nice and crispy, you smell the toasted corn, you smell all the ingredients in the mole So all we're gonna do is now just take the tomatoes, this is traditional both on a Mexican pizza and on a tlayuda – I think you nailed it, maybe that little hole there, ah – [Josh] This is a good Oaxacan Mexican Pizza right now, but Taco Bell's not Taco Bell without the sauce, so we're just gonna – [Emily] Ooh, that's gorgeous

– Now, that is a Oaxacan Taco Bell fancy Mexican Pizza – (imitates choir singing) – Should we eat this? – Yeah – I'd like to do that – I would like that, too – [Josh] I'd like to do that

Aw, that's a lovely crackle (crackling) – Ooh Are we gonna do it in four pieces? – We're gonna do it four, just like Taco Bell – It's too big, Josh – [Josh] It's not too big

That worked shockingly well – It's beautiful – It really is – And colorful – But before we dig into the, I'm memorized by it, look at it, it's like a hypno-wheel with all the sauces

Oh, my God – [Emily] I love it – All right, so we need to taste Taco Bell's to remind ourselves, it's like going back and seeing your high school friends and you're like, "Oh, you aged terribly" Ours is a little bit bigger – Uh-huh, yeah, just a little

– But that's not what counts, what counts is how fancy it is, but we gotta take a bite of this (funky music) I mean, you know – [Emily] It's still pretty great – It's still pretty great Now, should we pick this up and eat it? – Oh, God

– Emily, we gotta do it – [Emily] Don't fold it – [Josh] Support from the bottom, holy crap Do we dink it? – Yeah – All right

(crunching) Symphony of flavors, oh, my God – Wow – This is a thinking man's Mexican pizza – (laughing) – Because there are layers in there – 'Cause you gotta thin about what you've done in your life to get this moment

– It is really, really good – That is freaking insane, it's held up, too So you actually still get the corn part of your flavor, the beef is so quality, but you taste a lot of the orange You taste the pineapple, you taste the raisin This is freaking incredible, the mole is so complex

And you're just chowing down, you're going in – I'm gonna be real, there is a hair It's Nicole, Nicole (laughing) – [Nicole] Sorry – It's fine, it's really not, I don't know why people stress so much about hair in their food

It's just hair, chill, Carol – You wanna ask me a specific question to the show? – Give me the towel, man Let me dignify myself before I ask this important question that this entire segment hinges on – What's that? – How much this be? – You're asking me how much this fancy Mexican pizza costs? – Yeah – That we made with the best quality ingredients

– I wanna know, Josh, tell me – $29864 (laughing) (cash register dinging) – I like how specific you went with the change You didn't wanna round up – We do math

– It's about the specifics – Oh, my God, you know we switched drinks like three times throughout the episode? – Yep, you told me you were sick earlier today – I am – Oh, well – It's probably contagious

All right, thank you guys so much for stopping by Mythical Kitchen See you next Tuesday Nope, that's an acronym for a bad word (beeping) – Thank you guys so much for watching and stay tuned, next week, for a new recipe video on Mythical Kitchen and then next Tuesday, we got a brand new Fancy Fast Food coming at ya' See ya' next time

(slurping) Get as messy as you want in your kitchen when you have the Mythical Kitchen Towel Available now at mythicalcom

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