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– And then we get to glaze our donuts? – Yeah! – And then we get to eat our donuts? – We have to decorate them and then we get to – And then we get to go to Chuck

E Cheese even though we're two adults and we're not accompanying children? – Yeah! – And then they watch us real close? – Yeah (upbeat music) – Hey, can I get two Boston Kreme donuts? – Oh, there's like no papers – Oh, they just shoved them in a bag? – Yeah, they just shoved two in a bag – [Josh] Well just, stick your hand in there

– Okay – This the Boston Kreme donut So this is filled with custard, topped with chocolate glaze Which to me, is like the ideal donut – Yes

– I'm gonna rip mine in half – Yeah, okay, cool – That's satisfying, though – Wow! – I am excited, okay Did you tongue out the middle? – Yeah I tongued out the middle, I always do

– So we have to make this fancy We're gonna do it all by hand – Mhm – Dunkin', they're all automated, they have machines doing it We also have to like, really, lean into the artisanal donut making process

– Agreed – I'm excited about it! – Uh-huh! – 'Cause this is the first time I've ever done this show with someone who actually knows how to cook – I know, I'm so excited! – That's gonna be exciting! What if we step on each others toes, and it causes a fight? – I'm okay with fighting with you sometimes (laughing) – I don't like conflict, I'm afraid of it – That's not true

– I run away from it (laughing) – That is not true, you do not run away from conflict, you face it head on Which is a very adult thing to do – Thank you – You're welcome

– Therapist – You're welcome! – Nicole, what's the most important ingredient? – Like in, donut making, in general? – Yeah – Oh for sure like, really good flour – False! Knowledge And we need to go acquire some knowledge So we need to actually go learn the handmade donut process with someone whose been doing it like, their entire life

They've devoted themselves to it – Awesome – We're gonna go to Donut Friends, downtown – Oh my God – They do everything by hand

We're gonna learn from them So we're not actually getting any ingredients and taking it back, but we're gonna go with mind ingredients, take them back, (laughing) put them into our kitchen – I'm so excited! I've never been to Donut Friend, but I've always wanted to try it, so – I love learning new things! – Oh my gosh, me too! – I love hanging out with my friends! – I'm your friend? (stuttering) – Eh, co-work, like a work friend – Yeah

– It's different – Yeah (upbeat music) – So could you tell us a little bit about Donut Friend, what sets you guys apart from the other donut shops? – We have been around for a little over six years we just had our sixth birthday, which is amazing – Mazel Tov! – Happy Birthday – Thank you! – I didn't get you a gift, I'm sorry

– Didn't start as a vegan company, but very easy to be vegan So I think that, and the fact that we make everything by hand, there's no machines back there, our bakers are our machines – Nice – That's very cool – Nicole's my machine

(laughing) That's her nickname, machine – What percentage of your things are plant based though? Is it like, 100%? – It's 100% – Oh my gosh, that's amazing – Whoa – I didn't know it was 100%! – It's 100%

Didn't start that way, it is now – We were hoping we could get back there and learn how to make donuts by hand – We'd love to have you back there – Let's do it – Wanna come on back? – Of course, let's go! (upbeat music) – So, Esteban, one of our bakers, is actually making our Bismarks right now

They're all masters, they do this amazing thing where they can like flip it while – [Josh] I see that! – You don't even know they're doing it! – I just wanna look at the flick of the wrist! (laughing) That's incredible Okay, do you have any tips? – You're just really picking it up from one side This side, you want to flip it over – [Josh] I messed it up – Oh! – Oh! It's a direct, okay

– Yeah – Okay, my turn! I wanna do it! (laughing) That was not a good entry (laughing) Okay – What are you doing, Nicole, don't mess up the dough! – I'm testing the dough, to see how it feels, okay? Hold on, last one, last one! Nope! Sorry – But you were like, expecting it to come up like three feet? – Can't do it

– One of the most important things of a Boston Kreme donut is the chocolate glaze – [Nicole] Agreed – But one of the things we also add, is we add a little coffee In the past, I've added bourbon – Mhm! – Just things that go well with it, to really highlight that chocolate flavor because if you don't do that, chocolate can be really one note

I have a little water in the bottom – Does it – It's mainly to help the powdered sugar We don't have time to sift 50 pounds of powdered sugar – Yeah – Nobody does

– No, so we gotta do things to, ya know, help it along – What if hypothetically you had an assistant named Trevor, who could sift 50 pounds of sugar? – He should sift it three times (laughing) – We'll have him get on it, we'll have him get on it – I'll let him know – Yeah

– So am I just putting all this chocolate in there? – [Mariah] Yep, put it all in – Alrighty – Scrape the bowl, Josh – I know, and I can't lick the sill spat – So this is some fudge

Really nice and chocolatey and thick, and not that sweet – Okay Can I just fist it? – [Mariah] Yeah! – All right Fudge fister, that was my nickname in high school (laughing) – And then we'll close this up

I would not try that – Sorry Oh look at that, you can see it coming together – Yeah, you can So now, we're gonna thin it out with some water

– Okay, cool – Okay – I used my dirty whisk and like cleaned it in the water, so I didn't lose any of that chocolate – [Josh And Nicole] Oh, nice! – Yeah, yeah, yes – So, just a splash? – [Mariah] Yeah, just add a splash so that we have a little, wow, a little bit of lubricant

(laughing) – So at some point, you could just like substitute a shot of bourbon for the water that's going in – Yeah – That's what I do in my daily life, too (laughing) Any time I think about drinking a bottle of water, I just take a shot of bourbon – I think Estaban's ready to fry some donuts, if you wanna watch that

– Yeah, let's do it – Oh my gosh, let's go – Can I wash my hands? – No – So Esteban is frying our bismarks They take a minute a side

So he's flipping – [Josh] Speed, hand speed – Oh my gosh – That was quick, what's your record? Do you ever time yourself and just try to beat it? – No, I haven't – [Nicole] We've tried to beat some world records before

– [Josh] We have – [Nicole] Yeah – What was it? – It was the most baby food eaten in one minute Esteban, don't act like you're not impressed (laughing) It's a lot of baby food

Wait, am I good to go? – Straight in – All right (upbeat intense music) – [Nicole] Wow Come on, you got it, you got one more, one more, last one, last one, last one! – Ugh, I screwed up, I screwed up, time! – Sorry, time – Time

– 22 seconds – Hey! – I'll take that 22 seconds, not bad for the first try I can shave at least five off by holding my breath next time (laughing) – Oh no! (Josh laughing) – Okay, and I just gently drop it

– Straight down, yep – Straight down Okay, and my timer, is now (upbeat intense music) No, no! Oh my God, okay – [Mariah] 35 seconds

– Oh my gosh! – Boom! – I'm leaving – [Nicole] So, who cooked them better? – I think you both did a really good job – [Together] Awe! – That's not a real answer! – That means we both sucked (laughing) – Let's move on, shall we? – Let's do it Is there a technical name for this donut stabbing device? – Kind of have a donut stick

Put it in, and then I like to kinda, move it back and forth to make a nice space 'cause you want a lot of filling I fill and then dip And then I move this around a little bit, so I'm filling it in So I'm gonna pull up, gonna shake some of it off – Wow! – You must have like, the strongest, most agile wrists in here

'Cause its so much (laughing) The cutting, the flipping, the dipping – Wow – That looks incredible All right, can we try one? Give yourself a little bit of room

– [Nicole] Wow! – Wow, all right – You did it! – Do a little swirly swirl Oh, I got a little nipple, I got a, there's a more pronounced nipple, (laughing) and I know something about pronounced nipples (laughing) – I'm gonna try it now, I'm really excited And then, kinda pick it up

Do a little dance – You're a little short on the – I'm a little short – I'm a little long, you did perfectly, might I say I don't know if you know this, you're very good at this – [Mariah] I've never done it before

(laughing) – Thank you, Mariah – Mariah, thank you so much Thank you so much for showing the ropes – Thanks, Mariah – My pleasure! – We had so much fun

– My pleasure, I'm so glad – Thank you – We're gonna get a dozen to go, too We got a long car ride – Sounds good

– So we got all our ingredients to make the donuts, right? We're starting with Mary's Duck Eggs, these are all organically farmed – Cool – And what is a duck but a fancy chicken that went to grad school? Our cultured butter from Normandy This is Beurre de Baratte, really lovely product We have Saffron, which is more expensive than cocaine

More child friendly reference (beep) More expensive than pizza! (laughing) And then for our cream, we have Straus organic cream This is a heavy whipping cream that's gonna go into our custard We have three kinds of chocolate here – Yeah

– So we have Amedei chocolate from Tuscany, we have three kinds We have Porcelana, we have Chuao, and then we have whatever nine in Italian is – Non (Italian accent) – Nonne – Nien

– Niet (laughing) Neit, we have neit! – Then we got some finishing salts Salt and chocolate pair really well together, so we're gonna put Saffron salt We got his Hawaiian Red Salt, and then sal gris or gray sea salt is gonna go on top (Italian accent) We have Donaria Chocolataria, D

Barbero via (gibberish) And then we have Ruby chocolate This is like the Instagram thirst trap It is actually a naturally occurring chocolate bean And then we got Pink Peppercorns

We're gonna use that to spice things up So, Mariah mentioned that bourbon would go really well in the chocolate So we're actually using a Rye Bourbon, that's gonna be like, a little bit funkier, a little bit of sour and spice notes to it – Awesome – This is 105 proof

– Okay – Gonna light you up a little bit! And then we have our Neilsen Massey Bourbon Vanilla Paste – Awesome – So pretty well with that – And then we have Ugandan Vanilla Beans that we're actually gonna scrape

– Oh, fancy! – Right? Rose petals, this isn't just for decoration We're gonna be making a nice, beautiful rose jam – Can you just like, eat this? – Yeah, eat it Uh oh You wanna do it? I'm joining you

(spitting noises) And then finally, we got a little bit of 24K Gold Leaf, 'cause these are fancy, delicious pastries Yeah, I feel the poison now – Yeah – It's drying my mouth out like bleach – Yeah, it was instantaneous for me, but like

– Nicole, this is a first in Fancy Fast Food history This is the first time I haven't had a lovable doof next to me (laughing) who doesn't know how to cook – Great – Also, you told me that you worked in like a fancy chocolate shop before – I did! – You actually ground actual pearls into chocolate

– Mhm – This seems very much your wheelhouse Like, you should be teaching me about some of this – Okay, what does that mean? – This is what it means – I'm so excited to wear this! – I like having friends in the kitchen

– I know! – Do I act like the co-host now? Like, what other people normally do? – Yeah So the first thing you're gonna do, is you're gonna go ahead and take your mixer – Is this sand, can I eat it? – No, it's yeast! While I'm gonna do this, – [Josh] Yes – You can go ahead and crack our eggs And we're just gonna reserve the yolks

The whites are not gonna be good – Yes, chef! Call me an idiot sandwich, chef! – You're an idiot sandwich! This is bread flour, that we're gonna pour – I actually wasn't listening, we just want the whites? – I just want the yolks – You just want the yolks, okay – And then we're gonna add our sugar, and our instant yeast

And we're gonna give that a little mix to start How's it goin'? – It's goin' great – Great I got the yolk in my hand, but I put the white in the bowl and now I don't know what to do with it I just have it in my hand

– You can throw it in there – Yeah? – Uh-huh, one at a time, great – Okay – I'm going to stream in my warm milk – Why is the milk warm? – It's to activate our yeast

– Ah – Which is very important We're doing a yeasted donut instead of like, a cake donut – I don't believe that cake donuts are real donuts – I disagree

– [Josh] Hmm (exclaims) – No, we're fine! This is a technique They do it in France You just gotta, you get it on the table, and then you just go (cracking noise) – What did you call your co-host, a doofus? – A lovable doof (laughing) – Lovable doof

– And today, I'm the lovable doof – [Nicole] Okay Then we're gonna add our wonderful butter in there, it's a little soft, that's okay – [Josh] Wow – And then, you know what you can use to clean up your mess, A Mythical Kitchen towel! – I'm the mess

Baby need wipey (laughing) – And now, I'm gonna add some of our vanilla paste I want it to be really, really vanilla-y – [Josh] So, we're infusing vanilla into all the doughs – Exactly, yeah

And then I'm just gonna add a spoonful of my gray salt as well – Oh! Actually, that's really nice – Is it yummy? – Oh my God, try it! – That's some good good right there – That's some good good! – Let's just go ahead and scrape the sides a little bit, so it doesn't get – I got it What's this, do I drink it? – No, Josh! Do you wanna go ahead and oil that bowl for us? – I sure do

– Great So, go ahead – Do you want me to use my hands to rub it in? – Sure, you can use your hands – Yeah! – Are your hands clean? – Uh – Just finish what you started – Okay – We're gonna put our dough in there and we're gonna let it proof for about an hour or so And I'm gonna put the Mythical Kitchen towel, available at Mythicalcom, over the bowl and let it proof next to a warm place, probably next to the oven for a little bit

Okay, Joshy I can call you Joshy now, 'cause I'm wearing the chefs coat – Yes chef! – So, what – I will not disappoint you, chef! – You spit on my hand – I will not spit on you again, chef! I'm so sorry (laughing) – So lets go ahead, and flour this surface down

This is our beautiful dough Feels nice, right? – Oh, feels like the fatty part of a baby's arm – Yeah! – Little pinchy – Yeah! – Someone has baby fever, am I right? – Yeah, we talk about this all the time I tell Josh

– Yeah, our kids are gonna have play dates – Yeah, I tell Josh that I wanna be a parent like, tomorrow And he's like you need to chill out, you have work to do – Legally, I did not say that I said we have a great parental leave policy and Nicole, live your truth

– He tells me, put your head down, go back to work, we don't have time for this baby conversation – I said I'll be the godfather I said I'll love the child as my own – So, with my dough, I kinda like to press with my hands instead of using a rolling pin And the reason I do that, is so I can control the thickness

– You would say you are down with the thickness – I am down with the thickness (singing) – How was that? Trevor, he's my musical consultant – [Trevor] Very good – I need to improve

– So, we're gonna punch out six donuts out of this And I want you to do the first one Remember what Mariah taught us? We have to, do one of those – It's a big deal, bunch and flip But there's no turning

– But you gotta move your head with it, ya know? Yeah So just go ahead and punch out six of those – Sorry, I'm nervous I'm nervous, I'm nervous, Nicole! – It's 'cause you're not wearing your Mythical Chefs coat – It's true

That's like the shoes in Like Mike With lil' Bow Wow and Jonathon Lipnicki What's he doing these days? – It's confidence Cooking is 50% confidence! – [Together] Ah! Ah! – Josh! – Ah! I'm trying! I am a world record holder Almost ratified by Guinness! – [Nicole] Hell yeah! – We got within three and a half seconds of shoving oranges in each others mouths! – That one didn't work out, but that doesn't matter! – That was a bad day, frankly! – Yeah, it was! – I had too many oranges

– Yeah, you had to go home and poop (laughing) – I did God! Come on, man! I'm sorry, wait, I can grab a knife and try to trim around I really tried – Just like, ya know? – Oh, maybe you should just do it

– Yeah, maybe I should – [Josh] Gingerly, like a small, beautiful child What are you going to name your first child? – Balthamos? – I, Balthamos is my name! She can't have Balthamos – I took Balthamos – My kids gonna be named Balthamos – So I'm gonna take our other Mythical Kitchen towel, and I'm gonna rest that over there and then for 15 minutes, this is gonna proof again, in the warm nice spot

– So, I stick my hand in it? – Yeah – Okay – So, we're gonna take our beautiful raised donuts, let's wake them up You wanna wake them up? – Yeah, I wanna wake 'em up Good morning star shine, the earth says hello

– Aw, they look so good! – [Josh] Awe, they really do! – Some of the were a little eh, but you know what? I love all of my children – You can love them all, but still have a favorite – So, – My favorite is gonna be whoever is best at sports Okay, so I technically won the competition on donut speed flipping As a natural athlete whose dreams that were deferred, will live on through his beautiful sons

– Yes – Or daughter – [Nicole] Wow! – [Josh] That looks good – [Nicole] Joshy! – These are thick boys – Yeah

– I like me some thick boys – That's how I like 'em Josh, you are so good at frying things These are gorgeous! – [Josh] Thank you! – Ya know, I don't think Mariah would like any of them, but for us I think you did a really, really good job – We would have gotten fired so long ago

– I'm really proud of you You did such an awesome job – I would have gotten fired because I don't wash my hands – Yes, that's true You really don't wash your hands as much as you should

I think it's like this weird psychological thing where you think like it builds up your immune system, but you're just gross Are you kidding me? Is that a cake donut? – [Josh] It's pretty good, actually – It's so good – All right, what else are we doin'? – Okay – That's for later? – Yeah

Now we're making pastry cream Have you ever made pastry cream before? – I actually have So we're gonna cream the sugar with our eggs, and we're gonna heat up our liquid – Mhm – And then we are, that pan's smoking, that's good (laughing) And then we're gonna stream the hot liquid gradually into the eggs while whisking, keeping agitated

– Cool! That was very, very good And you didn't go to culinary school? You're kidding me – I also didn't graduate from college – Same Go ahead and split that Ugandan vanilla bean, 'cause that's gonna be the really, really important flavor component in this pastry cream, and then we're gonna infuse saffron and rose jam in here

So, I'm just gonna take my organic roses Really important, don't get like, roses from the street Get them from a reputable source So I'm gonna take some sugar, and then I'm gonna zest my Meyer lemon, and I'm gonna massage it so it can release all of it's natural perfume-y oils So I'm gonna take water and sugar, I'm gonna let that come to a boil

I'm not really making a jam, per se, I'm making more of like a, like a rosy syrup – I'm making more salmonella on the counter (laughing) – I'm so proud of you – All right, so we're gonna go ahead and dump our corn starch into the sugar and eggs and get that creamin' together Can you also use that as an exfoliating mask? – Absolutely

Ya know, I'm a big skin care lady (laughing) I'm a big skin care bitch – I'm just a bitch (laughing) Oh I forgot to put the vanilla beans in – [Nicole] Oh my God

– [Josh] We're gonna put that into there as well – You can also actually put the pod in too, so it can diffuse even more – Oh! Smart, smart, smart – Yeah, that's what I always do That's like $20 worth of vanilla, Josh

(groaning) – All right, so I'm gonna go ahead and gradually stream this in – Make sure you don't make scrambled eggs there, son – I'm not! – Look at that, is that a curdle I see? What is that? – [Josh] Tossed salad (laughing) All right, so we're just gonna try to like, gradually bring the heat back up on this So, it's all infused with the milk

So the eggs aren't gonna scramble – Mhm – But even if they do, we're gonna run it through a strainer, right? – Yep, yep – I've done this before, I'm cookin, we're cookin now! – Yeah! – Psych! Don't touch me Ten seconds chef, call me an idiot sandwich chef! – You're an idiot sandwich

– Berate me like that guy on FOX TV does! – Yay! Josh, it's absolutely horrible! (laughing) Josh, keep whiskin' it You can do a lot better! (laughing) – You're like a Charles Dickens orphan Please sir, keep whiskin' the custard (laughing) Uh-oh There it goes! That's how you know it's done, when it hits Nicole in the face

Trevor, strainer I can no longer yell at Nicole, and I'm panicking now Thanks, buddy All right, so we're gonna strain the custard through this guy What do you call this device? – A tamis

– [Josh] A tamis – Stunning Wow, Josh! This looks great – [Josh] Look at that! – Look, barely any lumps! Eh, there's some lumps, but whatever – [Josh] There's some lumps

– That's okay – I'm a lumpy boy sometimes – Yeah, same! I'm a lumpy boy sometimes, too (chuckles) That looks so good! Wow! – And now, so this is just gonna help this cool down faster so we can – Start infusing it – Do more things

– Okay, Ishua What flavor? – Cool Ranch, you want one? – Okay – What are we doin'? – We're infusing stuff So I have a little bit of hot water here If you wanna take like a healthy pinch of this

– Ah, so you're making like a saffron tea – Exactly – Okay – So, take about a third of this, and put it into this bowl, I have some spoons for you over there – Gotcha

– So, you can infuse whichever one you like I'm gonna take my actual rose jam Can I see something really quick? – Oh – You're a hot tamale – Yes! (yelling) Look, look, look! – Let me see! – [Nicole] Oh my gosh

– That's what you do to cool yourself down in the kitchen, you ice your nipple – [Nicole] Get me outta here! – Gotta ice your nipples down if you wanna stay cool in the kitchen – I hate this job – You put corn starch down your pants, and you ice your nips – Ugh

Infuse the saffron, dog – [Josh] I will infuse the saffron – And then we also have saffron salt, too You can strain it, or, I kinda like to see the threads going through, personally – [Josh] Can you leave the threads? – [Nicole] Yeah, sure, absolutely

– [Josh] Can I just take this whole bite of like $100 of saffron? – No, no, no, no, no! No! – Ugh, she no, no, no'd (laughing) Wow, look through there! Look at it! (yelling) – Larry the Cable guy

(laughing) Oh, that's lovely! Yeah, you get that little pop of spice right off the bat – Yeah, I love the threads going through it – But still vanilla forward – Mhm – Lovely, we're good at our jobs

– I feel very fancy right now, I must say – I need a monocle – Kay, let's make some glazes! – This one's for Ben No! Monocle! (laughing) I'm excited for this, because I am a total chocoholic I'm addicted to chocohol

(laughing) Okay, I really wanna try this Ruby chocolate – Yeah, open it up! – Because neither of us have ever had it – [Together] Wow! – It is, it almost has, what do they call them, coffee cherries? – Mhm! – It's making the back of my throat itch I think I'm allergic to it – So, I'm just gonna break this up Do you wanna open the Amedei Porcelana? (laughing) Do you wanna open the – I immediately thought you were gonna say do you wanna open the liquor? – No, I mean, you can! – Okay, it's got like, a tie

I left boy scouts after three weeks – Dog – 'Cause I wanted to play sports Yeah, it hits ya right in the – Oh my god, ugh – Right in the eyeballs! – It smells like isopropyl alcohol Is it gonna hurt? – No, it's not

(whimpering) Just act like it's college, there's a bunch of people screaming at you and peer pressuring you – Ugh, I hate that so much! (coughing) – I love it! Let's put it on donuts – Oh my God, I hate it so much Let me just warm my cream up – We can save it and not even put it in the glaze and then just soak our donuts in it, like a tres leches cake

– Oh! – We'll just have the donuts floating in a pool of liquor – On its own, it tastes like jet fuel Like, I can't I can't do that Can't do that

(laughing) Nope Okay, phenomenal Phenomenal – Phenomenal Nope

Copyright? I don't know if it's copyrighted anymore – What's phenomenal? What's that from? – What? – What? Do you wanna pour corn syrup in each one of these, too? – I sure do – Go for it – Is the corn syrup just to give it a glossier finish? – Yeah, it's to make it really shiny so our donuts look like beautiful, you can see them from like, Mars and (bleep) (chuckling) Why'd you use your finger? – 'Cause it wasn't coming all out of the bowl, yet

I washed my hands, you just saw me wash my hands – He did not wash his hands – If you yell that someone insisted they saw you wash your hands, then they think you did – Gorgeous So now I'm just gonna take some hot cream

The heat is going to help melt it down Okay Kay, do you wanna move over there or somethin' – No, you whisk, you just, you get No, bourbon and chocolate is an awesome combination

So is bourbon and anything – Okay, so we're just gonna keep whisking these until they're beautiful and shiny and melted – And then we get to glaze our donuts? – Yeah! – And then we get to eat our donuts? – We have to decorate them, and then we can eat – And then we get to go to Chuck E

Cheese, even though we're two adults and we're not accompanying children? – Yeah! – And then they watch us real close? – Yeah Ready to fill stuff? – Yeah, lets fill us some donuts, let's fill donuts up – Okay, cool You can snip – We're both Jewish, there's so many Mohel jokes to make

Hold this in there – I'm gonna make some room in my donut Comin' in with guns blazin', huh? – Well, I thought (laughing) All right, so we're just gonna cut the tips off And then, I have nowhere to put them without them spilling, so I'm gonna – You're doing such a good job – Put them in my pockets

I got, this is uncomfortable for me – You can take this one, and you can fill it with whichever one you want (laughing) You know what, just keep it there and just squeeze it from there – Okay Wait, I need a bigger hole

(laughing) – [Nicole] Okay – Okay, so we're gonna shove the tip in there – [Nicole] Mhm – And then she said you can feel it (yelling) Aw, look at that yellow color – Eh

(groaning) Oh no! – [Josh] I'm sorry! – You over did it, you over did it! That's really good – There's a lotta filling in there We just need to press this guys out (retching noises) – It's like cooking with a seven year old I'm gonna fill two flavors in one 'cause – I did the thing again

– Josh! You literally went to a donut shop And she explained to you word for word Whose gonna clean that up? – I kept thinking, Trevor (laughing) I kept thinking what we were gonna eat for lunch she'll be like, "you're gonna fry the donuts and turn them with these sticks" And I'd be like "you're telling me you're frying those donuts and turning them with the sticks?" but complete autopilot

I was just like, well we know that burrito place – Is it still dripping? – Yeah a little bit – Oh my God! – [Josh] We got a dark chocolate here, that's got all that lovely Rye Bourbon flavors and we're gonna do the ol' swirl and schlink – No nipple! – Yeah, no nipples! I was born without nipples, is what we're referring to – Josh, while that's still wet, you should probably like design it a little bit – Oh! Design it! – Yeah! – What should we do? Oh wait, my apron came untied

Also, I don't think I can cook when I'm not wearing that jacket – I know, it's like all of your powers have been harvested, and I am holding them – [Josh] And to the ruby chocolate – This is fun – [Josh] Oh, look at this, this is so donut-y! – Oh my gosh! I'm gonna put pink peppercorns on this guy

– Dang, honestly these are so, so, so cool looking Oh! That's our saffron, should we go with the saffron salt? – Yeah, put some saffron salt – [Josh] I love me salt and chocolate – [Nicole] Me too – Wait, could we put some fresh saffron threads on top of this? – Absolutely, that sounds like a great idea

– Trevor, saffron thread me (yelling) Whoa, that's an expensive toss! It's like uh, what you see on the toilet seat in a 7/11 bathroom Nicole, what is the most important part of a donut? – Uh, probably the actual like yeasted – It's the box! And these are our fancy donuts (gasping) Look at these! We got the American Beauty rose petals all over it – [Nicole] Ugh, they're beautiful

– That was a weird movie – [Nicole] Yeah – All right, before we eat the fancy stuff, – Okay – We gotta eat the original Dunkin' Donuts – Awe, I remember what these taste like and I feel like I'm not gonna like it

I don't have any cream in mine! – I've got no cream in mine! (slurping) – Why do you insist on making eye contact with me when you do that? – It makes us closer as a team That's pretty good – Yeah – It's got some fake chocolate taste to it – Uh-huh

– All right, so lets try the original one My hands are just covered in chocolate and dirt – Do you want a bite of this one? – Well, I was gonna get my own Touch it Gotta get my cream on yours

All right – Bro! – Yo! – Wow! – Holy crap, look at that There's just ten times more flavor in this than there is in that The dough is also chewier, which I really like – Mmm

– It gives you more attempts to mash your teeth into the flavor – Yeah This is amaze-balls – Also, it's a really well architectured donut – Agreed

– Like, there's cream in every single bite, the bourbon and the chocolate comes through Oh my God, that's good – This is amazing – Wanna try the other ones? – Yeah – All right, can I rip it open? – Yeah, of course

– Oh no, I'm sorry! – Josh! – I don't know what I did – Ugh, but look at that yellow color This is really phenomenal – The salt, the saffron salt – [Nicole] I was gonna say – Okay so, can you pick up the next donut? 'Cause I'm a little – Yeah, you are? Oh, what a coincidence – Screw it, we're just doin' it Actually, that looks really good though (exclaims) – [Nicole] Look at that! – [Josh] This is the rose, the pink peppercorn

– I think this one might be my favorite – Mmm I'm not gonna wash this hand, ever – Josh, how much does all of this cost? – $21871

– You're kidding me – It's well spent! – That's crazy Josh, this was so fun Thanks for lending me your jacket and your superpowers as a chef, to do this with you – And thank you for letting me raise your sons as my own

(laughing) Thank you for watching this season of Fancy Fast Food, but don't worry, we got more content comin' at ya next week So, stay tuned, like, comment, subscribe I'll see ya next time Oh God, I got dirt on the box Ugh! Get as messy as you want in your kitchen, when you have the Mythical Kitchen Towel

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